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From The Principal’s Desk Dear Parents,

Although KHDA has not changed our rating overall but as you must have read the report and noted that there are a large number of indicators that have improved this academic year. There is a very strong consolidation of ‘Good’ through improvement of ‘Very Good’ in some features. In fact, we were very close to an overall Good and will surely achieve it in the coming year with all your support. The team of inspectors were very sure about it too. This achievement would not have been possible without the amazing students, dedicated staff, visionary leaders and committed parents. This is success of our partnership and we would continue to strengthen it further. One of the core values of our school is leadership and I feel that it can be summarised as to know one’s strengths and use them to the best of one’s ability to influence others to act in a similar capacity in order to bring about change. Famous educationist Michael Fullan said, ‘Effective leadership is based upon ideas; however, unless they are not communicated to others in a way that engages them it would not serve any purpose. This could create a forum for common learning, critique, collegial sharing and the development

of a powerful culture of mutual sharing’. To develop this kind of leadership in our young students, we provide an enabling environment, careful nurturing, and a spring board for meaningful blossoming, honing and effective use of unbound talents, showcasing the diversity of minds, thoughts and creativity unleashing their unparalleled innovative ideas. We also place high priority on ensuring that our students are sensitive to the needs of the community and inculcate values like integrity, fortitude and tolerance of individual differences. The most critical aspect of leadership is motivating oneself and others in any organization providing complete guidance and support. In order to achieve the best possible outcome, it is imperative that there should be high expectations and challenges all around working collaboratively towards continuous improvement. We develop strong teacher leaders in our school based on these principles. Truly effective leaders always continuously evaluate themselves, seeking to improve through reflection and viewing others as central to success. Sharing leadership is the key to nurture and develop future leaders

through sustained and regulated mentoring. This way the next generation of leaders are prepared by unlocking the leadership potential of everyone else. Th Oxford School is a perfect example of a community based on sharing of ideas, experience and good practices, which we are proud to be part of. Looking forward to an even more rewarding year in 2017-2018 in terms of learning, success and achievement, Ramadan Kareem!


Annual Concert The students of FS2 F were practicing almost month long for their Annual Concert. Finally the day arrived that students and the excited parents along with the teachers were waiting for!!

Students of all classes were eagerly waiting with their colourful costumes to dance away to the tunes of their class music. As their turn approached‌. Each class performed elegantly and gracefully. Children amazed their teachers and parents alike with their grand performances. There were thundering claps from parents for their children. The girls looked so pretty and beautiful with their colour coordinated dress, make up and accessories, so did the boys as they matched the girls with their handsome and smart look. They truly rocked the stage. Little legs were tired indeed after a long day. But happily they went home with snacks and fruit drinks. They felt so thrilled and pleased with their performance and indeed they deserved all the applause. Well done Foundation stage students

Brain Gym & Yoga Exercise Brain Gym is an innovative new approach to learning that was drawn from a wide body of research from developmental specialists focused on the role that physical movements

played in enhancing learning abilities for both excellent learners as well as those who find learning a challenge. It also increases flexibility, focus and coordination of our body. In the Foundation Stage Department, it is our practice that every Tuesday we gather and do our Brain Gym incorporating a Yoga session with our Yoga specialist. According to our Yoga master, yoga helps the children in many ways. Some of the benefits that children can get from yoga are the following; it helps them to develop self – awareness, self - confidence and builds concentration. With these practices that we have, we inculcate the importance of good health habits to our students at an early age which may help them to become better especially for those who have learning disabilities or difficulties and health issues.

End Of The Year Class Party

The children of FS enjoyed the end of the year class party. They were dressed in beautiful colours. Right from the beginning of the day they were swaying and all set to dance. After a session of work, children shared their snack items with their classmates. They had a gala time singing and dancing their favourite moves. It was a fun-filled day.

FS Graduation 2017 One of the most important events in The Oxford School calendar was the Graduation, held on May 20, 2017. After a year of close association with our FS students, we are now bidding farewell; we shall see them

leaving the FS section and getting ready to move to Year 1. This past year has been an enjoyable and unforgettable experience interacting with kids who have become a part and parcel of our lives. Parting, after building close relationships with loveable kids is not easy to endure but when we think

of the thrill the kids displayed when wearing the graduation cloak and hat it brings about a feeling of immeasurable joy that they are moving forward from one class to another. And for sure that the bond that exists between student and teacher will grow stronger in the years to come. In conclusion. We thank our Principal for presenting the students with a framed certificate which will be a source of inspiration in their journey through Oxford and that every single student who has been so precious to us will prosper in their new class!

‘ICING A CAKE’ ACTIVITY FS 2B’s little Angels enjoyed the clas party in a different way… student Siraj Javed’s mother prepared a surprise class activity for FS 2B. She brought homemade cup-cakes,whipped cream,food colour and icing designs. Every child had the opportunity to ice/decorate their own little cup-cake.

Children were very excited to mix different food colours like green,blue and red.They created their own designs using cream on the cup-cakes. Siraj brought one small pack of oreo cookies which we scrambled in small pieces to give a final touch t our cup-cakes. And guess what!! Mouth-watering cup-cakes…YUMMY… immediately found their way to everyone’s TUMMY!!

What’s The Time…? When we were learning about TIME; we had an activity whereby children made their own clocks

in class. They used paper plates and paints. Everyone designed their own clock and we then fixed moveable hands on our clocks. The children then chose their peers and sat with them. We had a kind of peer-assessment game; one child says a time and other shows them, and the first child then has to confirm whether its correct or not. It was driven totally by the peers….It went so well that by end of the lesson all students were able to tell TIME to

the hour.

Literacy Activities As we approach end of term 3, our students seem very excited; they’re looking forward to the summer holidays and of course that they will be moving up to Year 1 soon. We continue to practice the different skills; reading and writing, oral communication and listening etc. Students have been practicing writing in their journals and making class books. We are continuing to learn more tricky words through fun activities and much



Exploring how pizza is made and investigating how things are done at the pizza hut was a good experience for our little FS explorers during the visit to Pizza hut. They were counting the days for this exciting trip. They learnt how to make pizza in the correct way, adding the required ingredients and the perfect toppings needed to make it yummy and delicious. They participated in the making

process as well. Finally each one got a taste of the hot piping pizza; completely relished with a fruit drink. It was a beautiful day indeed.

Learning In FS2 There is always a new learning happening in classrooms. The children of FS2 are meaningfully engaged in activities. They have made tremendous progress in their writing work. Many can independently form sentences using their imagination. Take a sneak peek of their work in class. They are reading, making halves and whole, making words with "oo" diagraph‌etc. They thoroughly enjoy their work in a fun and constructive way.

Transition Day – We are ready for Year 1!! Students of FS2 went to visit the Year 1 so as to get the feel of their new

class for next academic year. When FS Students were asked by year 1 teachers “Why are you here" pat came a reply from a little boy "to check the class”.

The children of Year 1 were assigned a partner from the visiting class of FS 2; they took huge responsibility on all sense to help their assigned partner to finish the given work. Each child was given a beautiful handmade card which

was quite welcoming for the little ones. They enjoyed a colouring it as well. The teachers explained about what new exciting things they have in store for them.

Transition day went off smoothly and towards the end the partners also taught them a beautiful action song before they left for their respective classes.

Concert –Year 2 The much-awaited concert of Year 2 held with the theme of ‘The Jungle Book’ on Sunday in MP hall. The concert started with a short motivational speech on happiness by the supervisor followed by Quranic recitation and translation. The guests of the event were Ms. Aisha Ansari(principal) and

Ms. Zaakiya (Head of primary). The principal welcomed the parents and motivated and encouraged the kids for their performances. A few students of Year 2 were narrating and enacting the story and sequentially each class was performing. One of the class had dressed as monkey, hence did a monkey dance, whereas few dressed up as plants, snakes, wolves, villagers and fire as well. The performances were based on the part of the story. It was mesmerizing to see them dancing in sync and

coordination. Their performances were outstanding. They were looking beautiful in their colorful attires. Parents have really enjoyed the concert and appreciated the efforts and hard work of the teachers and students. Finally, the event was finished and brought a happy smile on everyone’s face.

French Assembly “Sauver la Terre” “J’aime la terre c’est pourquoi je m’en occuperai” means “I love the earth that’s why I will take care of it.” This was the exact message that the students of Year 2 conveyed to everybody during the French Assembly with their teacher Ms.Dhia.

The students together with their class teachers where gathered at the Basketball Area at 7:45 and witnessed the said assembly. Each class were represented to tell everyone that we have to take care of our Mother Earth and the things to do in order to take care of it. The students were reminded of some important things about nature: 

Économiser l’eau


Save water

Planter des arbres


Plant trees


Jeter les ordures correctement -


Recycle Throw the garbage properly

With the success of the said assembly, it only shows that the Year 2 students embraced the language and learned it by heart.

“Je sauverai la terre.” I will save the earth.

Year 2 Transition Assembly As we have almost reached the end of this academic year, the teachers of Year 2 have planned a transition assembly for the kids where they can meet their new supervisor, subject coordinators and subject teachers of Year 3. The assembly started with Quranic recitation followed by its translation and National Anthem. The MC of the assembly was a Year 2C girl who invited Ms. Ciriaca (Year 1 & 2 supervisor) to speak a few words. She

explained the meaning of this assembly to kids and its importance. She also appreciated the efforts and hard work of all teachers and students that they have put in this year. Later, Ms. Ayesha Khan (Year 3 to 6 supervisor) was called to introduce herself and describe the rules and regulations of Year 3 and the teaching methods. Ms. Zaakiya (Head of Primary) also motivated the kids and introduced the subject heads.

Later, a child from each class gave lovely heart touching messages to their class teachers and class teachers also showed their love towards the kids by sharing the experience and good moments with the students. At last, a song was sung by all the students of Year 2 and students were sent back to their classes.

The Journey Is ON.. According to Robert Collier, “Success is the sum of all efforts, repeated day in and out.” The day came wherein we have to put an end to good things in order to embrace greater beginnings.

The Year 2 students together with their class teachers, heads and supervisors were gathered for the last assembly of the year which is the Transition Assembly. The time when the Year 2 students were ready to move up to the next level of their learning; in transition from one level to another. The program started with a Quran Recitation and Translation led by the selected students from each classes then followed by a motivational message from Miss Ciriaca, Supervisor of Year 1 and 2. She reminded the students to remain humble and respectful though many changes will take place for them for the next school year. Then a warm welcome was given by Miss Aisha, Supervisor of Year 5

and 6. She had reminded as well the students on how to behave themselves once they will be in year 3. Then Miss Zaakiya, the Primary Head had introduced the Subject Coordinators and expressed her excitement for the students will now be facing a new chapter of their lives. After the overwhelming messages from the heads, one by one representatives from each class with their class teachers were called for their short messages. Teachers gave their heartfelt messages to their classes and some were even tearful as they get to recall the shared memories and victoriously survived the year. Each and every child has talents and skills wherein sometimes only teachers would see and know. Oftentimes, they are confused and even have doubts within them but teachers would push them beyond their limits. A song number was presented by the students with their class teachers which is entitled, “True Colors.” The song gave an assurance to the students that no matter how difficult life may be, they will

just smile for someone will always be there for them.

Another song number were presented by the year 2 students which is entitled, “We Could Be Heroes.� Yes, they could be heroes in their own special ways. The Transition Assembly went smoothly and it was a success. This is not the end, but the beginning for the journey goes on. They may be sad to leave the year 2 life but I know that they are all excited for the new challenges to come.

May 30, 2017 As part two of the Transition Assembly, the Year 2 students with their class teachers and Supervisor, Miss Ciriaca visited the classrooms of the Year 3 students. They were able to see the new building wherein they will be having their classes same as well their classrooms. Miss Aisha and other Year 3 teachers were there to welcome them. As part of the transition, all students were given a Passport. Yes, a passport; not to travel but to allow them to move up to the next level. They were tasked to complete it and to answer the questions provided and to be submitted to their new class teachers.

Transition FS to Year 1 The most awaited time for our young FS students was held on 30th May as a transition when they all were warmly welcomed to year 1s.  Introduction was done by the class teacher along with the classroom rules.  There was also an activity of “Boat Making” in which the grade 1s students were helping FS students.  Welcome cards prepared by every grade 1s teachers were given to all FS children. Different coloring activities were there inside the cards for our little one to enjoy.  Grade 1 students took pride to share their experiences with the upcoming grade 1s.  All the teachers and assistant teachers were engaged in making the FS students comfortable.  Finally, the smooth transition was ensured with a song sung by the FS and Year 1 students which brought a smile on each child’s face.

IKEA And Dubai Municipality Healthy Food Workshop The Oxford School, Dubai participated in the Healthy food workshop organized by IKEA Restaurant along with Dubai Municipality. Importance of the healthy breakfast along with various activities for students to enlighten their knowledge about healthy food, nutrition facts and food hygiene have been conducted.

The students from grade 4, 5 and 6 enjoyed the yummy breakfast and learnt some interesting and basic facts about the digestive system, amount of food required for a healthy life style and most importantly the harmful effects of fizzy drinks. The students enjoyed this fulfilled session as it was carried out in the forms of games with rewards.

International Book Fair Assembly World Book Day is a celebration! It’s a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading. In celebration of the World Book Day, The Oxford School had an awesome Book Fair that was held last May 9th. With alignment to this, each grade level had an assigned project that contributed for the said event. For Grade 3 students, they made and designed their own comic books; for Grade 4, they made their own version of English dictionary where they wrote a maximum of 50 words with their meanings, what part of speech they belong to and sample sentences out of the word that they have chosen; for Grade 5 students, they made their own ATLAS – a collection of maps, wherein they drew the maps of

different countries and wrote something about the origin, customs and traditions, education, food, the way of living, etc.; and for Grade 6 students, they made creative books out of recycled materials. The different books were showcased in the corridors of 1st and 2nd floor. The students were very glad to see their projects and artworks. Aside from that, the Top 3 Myon readers from different sections in all Grade Levels were also being awarded. That day was really a success! Each student was given a chance to showcase their hidden talents in art and their love for books of different sizes and of different genres.

Assembly On Allama Iqbal The Primary school students at The Oxford School, Dubai conducted an assembly on Allama Iqbal. The assembly was held on May 16, 2017 and was headed by the students of Year 5 & 6. The assembly was conducted with an aim to make the students aware of the Iqbal’s message for children. Iqbal’s message is a powerful source of inspiration for students.

We find great ideas and philosophies implanted in the chains of the words in the form of his everlasting poetry. He is not only the national poet of Pakistan rather he is the poet of east. The themes of his poetry were of great importance and still they are regarded as a great source of inspiration. His concept of self realization integrates all the known facts of the universe into single unity, and this single unity is the concept of Allah. The students also presented a beautiful role play on one of his poems.

Assembly Reports Theme: Beauty of French language The Special Assembly on Importance of learning French Language was conducted by Year 7 and 8 on 1st May 2017. A group of students from Year 8 showcased their communication in French by interviewing their fellow mates. Students ended the assembly with a beautiful French song which portrayed learning French is the pleasure of learning a beautiful, rich, melodious language, often called the language of love. French is also an analytical language

that structures thought and develops critical thinking, which is a valuable skill for discussions and negotiations. Assembly was appreciated by Ms Deepa Vinod, Head of the Senior School. Theme: Embodiment of Art and Design

Students of year 9 and 10 conducted an assembly, under the guidance of Ms.Mona, to enlighten the audience about being

artistic and creative and to clear out


misconception. Art is not simply about drawing, and colouring, it is a way for people to express themselves in various ways, from Fine art, Visual art, Decorative art, and Applied art. People express themselves, in order to let other people know what they think, as well as to make a living. Art is how one views the world. It encompasses values, ideas, and helps to correlate to each other what the imagination is capable of, without minimizing thought or the power of creation. Art is the fabric of being human. It is essential for society.

Theme: Importance Of Giving How beautiful a day can be , when kindness touches it ! “ The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.� Indeed true. Students shared their views on importance of charity. The word 'charity' means generosity in giving something to the needy out of loving kindness towards them. They tried to spread the message by quoting some qualities of how it makes you feel when you help a needy. A

charitable person loves his fellow-beings and likes to help them in distress. They expressed their feelings through a small skit in order to depict the message of how the rich and even people who are reasonably well-off contribute something in terms of money, food, clothes or even empathy, then the world would definitely be better off. Assembly was appreciated by Ms Smriti Kulkarni, Section Head of Years 7 and 8. Theme:- Transition Assembly As the Academic Year 2016-17 is coming to an end, students of Year 7 and 8 conducted a TRANSITION ASSEMBLY for Year 6 students who will be coming to Year 7 in the next academic Year 2017- 18 to make them understand the required expectations of Secondary section with respect to discipline and behavior, Curriculum and Academics, various Opportunities and Events. Some of the secondary students from present Year 7 shared their experiences of how they coped up with a successful transition and how much confident , enthusiastic and responsible they feel about. Further to it Ms Deepa Vinod, Head of the Senior School, introduced secondary leaders to the students and also emphasized on students need to be held more responsible for their learning, about strategies for learning on their own, and to be provided with a more challenging curriculum, with clear goals of academic achievement.

Theme:- “The greatest failure is failure to concentrate�

Students start panicking because of competition among classmates, fear and pressure from parents, friends and for getting good marks. Exam stress usually occurs during the revision period before

exams and immediately before the exams themselves. The objective of the said assembly is to help students handle their feeling of depression and anxiety in upcoming exams. To achieve the objective, students gave precise and important details need to know and remember by the students before exam weeks such as cause and effect of exam stress and how to cope up exam stress. They also demonstrated some simple but effective brain gym steps because this will help students in concentrating and in stimulating their brain. In addition, everyone participated in the commitment or

promise to themselves that they are the ones responsible in their exam, study, career and life. The assembly was very much appreciated by Ms Deepa Vinod, Head of the Senior School

Charity Awareness Month “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” ― Maya Angelou The students of Oxford School Dubai took a thoughtful

initiative and observed May as the Charity Awareness Month. The students ran the charity collection drive for Clothes, Stationery and Toys. The campaign started from 08th May till 22nd of May. The senior students visited all the classes on daily basis till the campaign ended, to collect the donation from the students and amassed to a place which was assigned for the donation.

Students and parents supported this drive whole heartedly and a large number of

clothes, toys and

stationery were collected. All the collection was then separated, packed and labelled in box cartons. The clothes were than donated to Bait Al Kher Society, Dubai and all the stationery and toys were donated Mr. Venkatraman, “The Pencil Man of UAE”. As 2017 is declared as an “Year of Giving”, students understood the core value that ‘Sharing is caring’ and one has to be sensitive to the needs of others, they are learning to be ‘Global Citizens’, willing to make a difference in whatever way possible.

Emirates Environmental Drawing Competition Oxford school participated in a drawing competition by the emirates environmental group. Fathima Imani of 9G2 was one of the participants among the top ten finalists, under the age group 14 - 16 and the topic: sustainable city and community.

On 17th May 2017, the emirates environmental group held a prize giving ceremony for the winners at the Ismaili center, Dubai. The event that began at 10 am was followed by the inspirational speech of Mrs. Habiba Al Marashi , the chairperson of the Emirates Environmental group not only that many more encouraging voices of the sponsors of the event , to save our

home was heard during the ceremony. The long-awaited moment finally approached, Fathima

Imani was announced as the 1st runner up from the age group 14 – 16. Fathima thanked her Art teacher Ms. Mona for her unconditional support and encouragement.

Trip To Alliance Francaise On May 9th and May 10th, The Oxford School took its Year8, 9 and 10 French students for an educational trip to Alliance Francais. The trip’s main aim was to put their language skills to the test and further expand them with this delightful experience. The trip started off with a tour of the place and their huge French-themed library, which consisted of a huge variety of French books. Its shelves were filled with book genres to fit all readers, from famous comics to well-known classics, the library had it all, they were also given some details about membership and various ways they could become a part of learning offered at the alliance. Following the tour, they were also taken to the lounge area, where some very entertaining French activities

along with

French movie was projected.. The main idea revolved around people from the past visiting the present and it was filled with great humour that the students enjoyed. Finally, the students

were awarded with a mouth-watering French meal, with a variety of options, accompanied by delicious desserts and refreshments.

Overall, the trip to “Alliance Francaise” was a great learning experience for the students and a great way for them to utilise the French language, they've been learning for years at school.

Innovations From Waste Competition

Passionate Leadership “Counselors Meet and Greet” Modul University of Dubai had organised their “First Annual School Educators Networking Event” for all the Counselors on 18 May 2017. The history of Modul

University was presented, along with their accreditations. They also provided the information related to the courses being offered at their Dubai Campus to all counselors.

To make this evening more meaningful, a session was arranged on “Passionate Leadership” by Mustafa Hamwi, famous as the Passionate Guy. He gave a very motivational speech and explained the true meaning of being passionate., According to him, consistently doing what you love, what you are good at, and what is of value to the world is passion. He also

shared his journey of life from a discontent business person to how he became a motivational speaker.

All the educators present at the session enjoyed and gave

him an ovation at the end. The program ended with bunch of people who were strangers at the beginning but later became familiar to each other due to this networking session and enjoyed the dinner together.

Orientation Session For Year 8 The orientation for Year 8 took place at Oxford School on 18 May 2017. The purpose of the orientation was to inform parents and students about the different optional subjects they could choose from for their IGCSE in Year 9.

The presentation was conducted by Ms. Komal Aftab (Career Counselor) and Ms. Deepa Vinod, Head of Senior School. The orientation was attended by Supervisor Ms. Aisha Tasneem, Ms. Smriti Kulkarni along with all the subject head.

Parents participated along with their children and appreciated the timely information provided to them regarding the choice of optional subjects for their wards. The presentation ended with a Q & A session of parents with all subject heads.

Teacher Briefing Session On World Skills Abu Dhabi 2017 On 8th May 2017, KHDA hosted an informal briefing session on the massive international event which will take place during October 14th – 19th 2017 at ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre,


Dhabi. The session was conducted at the Academic City, Dubai. This event will be one of the biggest international vocational competition that will provide young people from more than 70 member countries and regions the opportunity to compete in more than 50 skill

competitions. The session provided a detailed insight on how the school can take part in joining the 80,000 students who will be sharing and demonstrating their skills on an international platform.

The following aspects of the event were shared: 

The registration of schools and its representation by VisitCoordinator.

Formation of school groups and sub-groups by the VisitCoordinator.

Categories of Skills that will be demonstrated.

Activities at the venue for the students of the visiting schools.

Pre- Categorization process of visiting students to spectate the competitions.

Travel logistics and Area Map.

The session ended with the a showcase of the official website of the event; its social media footprints and refreshments.

World Bird Migratory Day On 11th may, five students accompanied by Ms. Komal set their destination to UAE's Falconry Heritage center to celebrate the worlds bird migratory day. It started with a presentation, that was prepared to enhance the students’ general information on the birds present in UAE. The presentation threw light upon several factors that leads to migration of birds and the different areas they migrate. After the informative

presentation, a workshop was presented to engage the students and evaluate their understanding, so they could share their ideas and suggestions for enhancing birds’ superior lifestyles. They researched about the birds’ migration and discussed their ideas with their peers and received guidance from the professionals.

These types of trips, help improve the students’ knowledge regarding the environment and lifestyles, because their future effects our future

Teacher’s Appreciation Day In the words of William Butler Yeats, "Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire." Teachers don't impact for a year, but for a lifetime. Teachers play the role of a parent, providing encouragement, inspiration, and invaluable guidance. We must credit our teachers who ignite the fire of learning in the mind that is yearning for knowledge and supporting us in every impossible thing.

So, on teacher’s appreciation day, 2nd May 2017, a small thanksgiving assembly was conducted by year 10 students which was carried out with the help of Ms. Deepa Vinod, Head of Senior School, who guided us throughout and helped us with our choices to express our gratitude and appreciation for the hard working teachers of secondary section.

Thanking is too less compared to what they do for us as they are the more important in our life just like our parents. They enlighten our path with wisdom, not only in education but every aspect of life. They give moral support and encourages us to live equally in this society

and treat everyone equally. Therefore, we tried our best to appreciate their effort to make our lives meaningful and to show that their efforts are not neglected and are always considered.

Career Talk “Career guidance is like a small lamp in a dark forest…. It does not show everything at once. But it gives enough light for the next step to be safe” In today’s competitive world, choosing a right career option is a paramount task for both students and parents as well. Considering the significance of the situation, counselors provided a “career talk – exploring the various job opportunities across the field of studies”, for Year 8 students during the last week of May 2017. Counselors addressed the respective class and oriented the students about different career options available across the varied field of studies. Students were enlightened with the career options as per their

interest of study and were given a clear guidance of criteria for selecting a career.

Students were replenished with subject

options available in the school for IGCSE and careers related to the corresponding options. The sessions were interactive as students enthusiastically participated and clarified their doubts. The session was focused on the jobs opportunities available both in science stream and commerce stream. Jobs like Lab technician, anesthetist, Forensic science in science stream and job opportunities in the field of media, Travel and Tourism were conferred, respectively. Queries regarding university requirements and eligibility criteria were addressed by the

counselors. The 40- minute session paved a way for decision making in students and many students scheduled individual sessions with the counselors for personalized guidance.

Every student has a talent and the task of professionals is help students realize their talents. Career talk is one such initiative to equip students with the decision-making skill and be responsible for their own career choice. To conclude, the session has set an array for our career guidance - “It's not about making the right choice. It's about making a choice and making it right.�

Exam Anxiety Do you feel like your mind ‘goes blank’ during exams? Do you find yourself thinking ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘I’m stupid’? Does your heart race or do you find it difficult to breath during exams? If this sounds familiar then keep reading. Anxiety is a normal reaction – apprehension, tension, or uneasiness – to any perceived threat or anticipation of danger. If we believe something important to us is being threatened, and we overestimate the threat, underestimate our ability to cope with it, or underestimate the resources we have available to cope with it, then we’ll feel anxious. A certain degree of tension is necessary to fuel motivation

and enhance performance. Try to face and accept anxiety as a legitimate part of your student experience. But too much anxiety can interfere with exam performance by blocking our recall or thinking abilities, by fostering negative frames of mind, or even by promoting panic reactions. Highly anxious students can receive lower

scores on exams than do less anxious students, even when ability and preparation are the same.

Symptoms of test Anxiety Physical symptoms Headaches, racing heart, shortness of breath, sweating, tense muscles, stomach upset, feeling tired Behavioural symptoms Restlessness, “cramming”, making errors when material is well known, procrastinating, missing exams, performing below potential Emotional symptoms feeling fearful of exams, feeling nervous, worried, panicky, overwhelmed Cognitive symptoms difficulty concentrating/organizing thoughts, racing thoughts, poor memory/difficulty recalling key words and concepts, “blanking”, thoughts of failing or of being criticized, thoughts of being embarrassed or viewed as stupid, focusing on how friends or others are doing, remembering exam answers after the exam is over Coping with test Anxiety Avoid panic. It's natural to feel some exam nerves prior to starting the exam, but getting excessively nervous is counterproductive as you will not be able to think as clearly. The quickest and most effective way to eliminate feelings of stress and panic is to close your eyes and take several long, slow deep breaths. Breathing in this way calms your whole nervous system. Simultaneously you could give yourself some mental pep-talk by mentally repeating "I am calm and relaxed" or "I know I will do fine". If your mind goes blank, don't panic! It will just make it harder to recall information. Instead, focus on slow, deep breathing for about one minute. If you still can't remember the information then move on to another question and return to this question later.

Take a small bottle of water into the exam with you. Have a drink of water. If you are really stuck, you might consider getting up and taking a short walk outside the room to compose yourself or going to the toilet. Ask the invigilator for assistance. When you are able, get back to work - remember that it is better to put something down rather than nothing. Reducing test Anxiety *Being well prepared for the test is the best way to reduce test taking anxiety. * Space out your studying over a few days or weeks, and continually review class material, don't wait until the night before and try to learn everything the night before. *Try to maintain a positive attitude while preparing for the test and during the test. * Exercising for a few days before the test will help reduce stress. *Get a good night's sleep before the test. *Show up to class early so you won't have to worry about being late. *Skim through the test so that you have a good idea how to pace yourself. *Write down important formulas, facts, definitions and/or keywords in the margin first so you won't worry about forgetting them. *Do the simple questions first to help build up your confidence for the harder questions. *Don't worry about how fast other people finish their test; just concentrate on your own test. *If you don't know a question skip it for the time being (come back to it later if you have time), and remember that you

don't have to always get every question right to do well on the test.

*Focus on the question at hand; don't let your mind wander on other things.

My final recommendation for students is to avoid post exam discussions. Standing around and joining in with others' delight or dismay is almost always discouraging. Whatever you do, don't spend endless time criticizing yourself for where you think you went wrong. Often our own self-assessment is far too harsh. Congratulate yourself for the things you did right, learn from the bits where you know you could have done better, and then move on.

Orientation In service training # 1 Participants: All shadow teachers - TOS (FS-year6) Date and Time: 17-05-2017 /2:30-3:30.p.m. Presenter: Ms.Lakshmi-Special Educator-Department of Counseling and Special Education Objectives: To orient and educate shadow teachers in terms of Special Education Needs. Brief report: [

 Session started with an introduction and all the participants shared their experiences as a brief note.  Special educator defined specific terms such as ‘Special Education’  Special Education services as team approach- different professionals involved in assessing, planning, designing an individual education plan which is required to meet the individual needs.  Insisted







consistency with regular planning and training student with special needs.  Special educator insisted with thematic and collaborative approach to practice inclusion in classroom settings.

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