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March Edition

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Outdoor Learning Area

Germinating Seeds & Watching Our Plants Grow

Measurement and Capacity



Sand Play

Science Experiment To understand how plants absorb water

Our Weekly Story Sessions

PI Day

Activity – Year 1 Rhyming Words Game

Best Out Of Waste Role Play of “The Tiger Child” Circle Time With Parents

Food From All Over The World

Mathematics Activity

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Science Activity

Celebration Of Reading Month MARCH IS A READING MONTH BOOK SWAP!


Celebration Of Reading Month Awarding of Certificates and Badges for Top 5 MYON Readers

Celebration Of Reading Month

Reading Hat


Celebration Of Reading Month

Resilience & Positivity “

Anti-Bullying Squad – Orientation Session

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Assembly Reports Theme: - Positivity

“Train your mind to be positive in every situation�

Theme:- National agenda

Theme: Myths and Facts‌about Psychology

Theme :- Traits of Positivity and Tolerance

Author Visit Maria Conceicao

Field Based Learning Trip of Travel & Tourism

Circle Time Activity Brain Gym

World Water Day UAE Brochure

Create Mnemonic for Digits of Pi

Poetry Day


CPD – Child Protection Policy

CPD – Health & Safety

Math For A Cause “The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.�

World Scholars Cup Day 1

Day 2

Islamic Assembly - The Year Of Giving

March newsletter  
March newsletter