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From The Principal’s Desk Dear Parents, Wishing you all a happy New Year! The students came back invigorated and geared up to learn after the long winter break. All students are engaged with lessons and tasks strategically designed to challenge and enrich student learning while the preparations for Annual Sports Days for Years 3 to 13 is also underway for separate planned days. It’s rather difficult to believe that the first term is completed, and we were engrossed in an array of events here at School. December too, was no exception even with majority of the students, Years 4 to 13 were busy with the first term and Mock Examinations. Read on for all the wonderful details. At Oxford, student health and safety are a key priority of all stakeholders and you as parents play a significant role. All parents who come to pick and drop their children, please support us in making your child’s safety the highest priority by driving observantly and carefully around the school and in the parking lot area. Kindly ensure that you park your car at proper allocated spaces, so that students crossing the road are not at risk and the other parents are not inconvenienced nor is the road blocked. Thank you in advance for adhering to these safety policies. With every New Year, new resolves are formulated to promote improvement in all areas of our current practices. Let us join to ensure that our children are safe and protected always. Let us provide them with means and tactics to safe guard themselves against strangers not only in real life but also in cyberspace. Let us support them in dealing capably and competently with all challenging situations within or in real world and be successful global citizens.

Let us be strongly committed to our school motto, ‘Knowledge Empowers’! Aisha Ansari Principal

SPORTS DAY The FS children were well groomed in their sports uniforms of different colours and were all ready to take part in their sports events. Students first danced with confidence to the tune of “Tufa – Tafa” and “Baby Shark”. After which they had sprints and relays. Parents and the assistant teachers also participated in a relay organised for parents; the first three were awarded with medals. It was a wonderful day! Students had a lot of fun. Every child received a gift as a participation award.



INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT PLANTS We learnt interesting facts about plants. We talked about parts of plants, friends of plants, uses of plants and how important plants are to people. We grew plants in the class and learnt about needs of plants…we kept one plant in the dark and the other by the window where it could get sunlight…we observed the differences…and hence realized that sunlight is a very essential for plants to grow well. We planted vegetables like brinjals, chilies, tomatoes and coriander in our FS garden. We are observing the growth regularly and are looking forward to harvesting them soon.



The UAE Assembly was held last January 28,2018 to give information to the children about what the government plans and program for them to be aware. Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan has said that 2018 is “Year of Zayed “will means all about “tolerance”.

The UAE’s uniqueness lay in it’s ability to welcome different races, religious and cultures without abandoning it’s social and cultural identity. The principles in which the late ruler believed, and strived for, were aimed in creating a world of coexistence and peace.


Students learnt that 2018 is declared as Year of Zayed because 2018 mark 100 years since the birth of Sheikh Zayed. Each class made a collage later all were attached together and placed on a big UAE flag. Students wrote a thankyou letter to show their love towards Sheikh Zayed.

KS 1 PARENT TEACHER MEETING It is the end of Term 1 and the parents were very eager to see the class teachers and get feedback of their child’s progress and discuss the term 1 report.

The agenda of this PTM focused on the Student’s Performance for the First Term which includes Academic and Behaviour performance and give guidelines and set targets for the next term. Parents were informed on their child’s academic results. Most of the children have shown progress in academics while others are trying their best in their own ways. The support given by the parents is evident in the child’s progress. The behaviour of the children was also discussed and the attitude of the child towards studies. Lastly, the guidelines of parental involvement were also discussed, and parents were asked to work together with the school to help the child excel in this work. Today was also the time when 2 of our teachers bid goodbye to the school , the parents were introduced to the new class teachers. The parents were assured that their children will still be taken care of and will be guided accordingly by their new class teacher. To sum it all, it was a successful PTM and the parents went home satisfied with their child’s progress.


The all-round development of a child can be achieved ONLY when parents and teachers work in close collaboration with each other. Keeping this in mind, The Oxford School, created a platform for close interaction between parents and teachers at the PTM held on January 13th, 2018. It was a day surely most awaited for by parents and teachers alike.

Parents were not only anxious to know the performance of their child, both, in and outside the classroom but more importantly, the teacher herself, was keen in keeping the parents updated of how best they can together cater to the growing needs of a 21st century learner. Suggestions and discussions were held with each individual parent to focus on how best to provide the learner with facilities and opportunities to nurture the best out of him/her. The teacher dealt with about 30 parents from 8:00 am to 1:45 pm. It was indeed a fruitful day with very health interactions and surely, with something to bear in mind make fresh amendments and new beginnings all with JUST one focus in mind‌THE LEARNER. Parents expressed their gratitude for the tireless efforts of all the teachers.


Jan 30th 2018 is a day that will go down The memory lane for all young Oxfordians of YEAR 3 and 4.It was a proud moment when The "Year of Zayed " was officially inaugurated at the TOS by our very own Principal Mrs. Aisha Ansari. The Mosque area in the school premises was buzzing with activities when learners of year 3 and 4 came together to exhibit their artistic talents. Year 3 got busy with a mosaic portrait of Sheikh Zayed whole year 4 displayed a pointillism portrait of Sheikh Zayed. The end result was indeed very commendable and surely paved way for our budding artists who got a platform to zoom up to greater heights in the years to come.

INNOVATION FROM WASTE Students of Year 6 were representing the INNOVATION FROM WASTE-ART FROM WASTE project led by DULSCO/Dubai Municipality. In order to create a green house plastic used water bottle sustainable plant shade and water dripper,students organized a bottle collection campaign to collect used water bottles from the school premises. NAME: From Soil to Space- The vision out of waste. Keeping sustainability at its heart, the project was brainstormed by students of Year 6. We came up with the idea of recycling used plastic water bottles.

IMPORTANT POINTS 1) Sustainability- The quality of not being harmful to the environment. 2) Plastic water bottle collection drive was organized throughout the school for the project. 3) The highlight of the project is the Drip method of watering the plants. There will be 4 bottles with pre- made holes placed on the canopy of the bottle stand. Once filled with water, they drip water on the plants placed below.

The benefit of this method are : -It saves the hassles of watering your plants every day. - Over usage of water can be avoided with this controlled watering. Overall this canopy and the surrounding acts as a greenhouse effect to the plants kept within. Once filled with water, these bottles maintain the temperature keeping the plants safe and fresh in the long run. Presentation Day : 25th Jan, 2018 Venue : Falcon Centre Organised by : Dubai Municipality /Dulsco Waste Management

In The Making Pictures

Small Herbs and Salads were planted in recycled foam plates and egg cases

BRAIN GYM The Oxford School, Dubai conducted a brain gym session for the KS2 students. Brain Gym is a system that uses simple movements to stimulate brain functions. These movements work so well, they often bring about dramatic improvements in areas such as: • Concentration and Focus •


Academics: reading, writing, math, test taking

Physical coordination

Organization skills

The students were shown a video and guided to repeat the exercises. They were informed about the importance of Brain Gym and were encouraged to watch the video and practise these exercises on a regular basis.

CIRCLE TIME ACTIVITY - RESILIENCE To inculcate the positive ethical and moral values in the students, circle time activities are conducted at the oxford school across all levels. In line with the circle time activities, students of year 5 and 6 were given the topic of resilience. They discussed their understanding of the word, narrated some examples and real life experiences and made cards and posters to illustrate their approach.

RESILIENCE ASSEMBLY Are you emotionally, physically and mentally resilient? is a question we asked the students in assembly. Are you resilient? How can you develop your ability to deal with stress and adversity? What is resilience and how can it inspire us as learners. Assembly presented by Year 6B2 embedded a role play and video to compliment the theme. Also has a strong link to growth mindset. This is an assembly which reminded the pupils that we all find things hard and that we should keep on trying. Pupils love to learn through stories and it is a great way to model some key messages from the resilience evidence base and help pupils to reflect. The focus is not on innate abilities or factors which some pupils do not have such as being of superior intelligence, or having supportive, close family. It’s about things that helped you to help you.

SPORTS DAY “All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy�. The Oxford School Dubai held its Annual Sports Day last January 24th (for boys) & January 25th (for girls). The ceremony was started by the marching of the four houses (Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz). To officially start the game, The Principal Ms. Aisha Ansari gave a short speech highlighting the importance of sports in our life and words of encouragement to the students to do their best and to play with all their hearts.

Students participated in various competing sports activities. The various sporting activities include 100 meter race, 200 meter race,400 meter race three-legged race, relay, tug of war, etc. The participating students displayed their ability through these sports. The winner of these games got a sense of proud. Prizes are awarded to the winners by the Principal, Supervisors, Respective Heads, and other honoured invitees. After this, the announcement for the close of the programs for the day was announced. Life is also just like a game. Sometimes, you win, and sometimes you lose. Participating in various games and sports develop a feeling of sporting spirit. In sports, the participating candidate may win or lose. The student learns to accept both victories and defeats with grace.

CIRCLE TIME ACTIVITY January was the month of Commerce and Sports, along with the trait Resilience. Several activities were carried out to spark the sense of resilience among the students. Commerce month activities included comparing various aspects of E-Commerce websites and presenting their findings. The students also created Thank you card, to mark the world thanks giving day. As a part of sports, the students created posters on healthy tips for healthy life, attended activity for endurance and strength and did BMI calculation.



CIRCLE TIME ACTIVITY Bulletin board competition

Students took charge of posting their best work to this bulletin board and it was set as a competition to enhance their skills.

Comparing internet shopping sites Students were asked to prepare the popular internet shopping sites where they had to consider the prices, credit card credibility and the VAT charges. Brain Gym During the circle time students were asked to search for “Healthy Tips For Healthy Life" for sports wall and they have to pen down the best one according to them. All the write-ups were collected by the PE teachers and best ones will were displayed on the sports wall.

Body Analysis Students were asked to calculate their body mass index and they prepared write ups.

Strength and Endurance Challenge Boys were taken to the turf area and girls to the basketball ground for various activities to evaluate their strength.

ASSEMBLY REPORT Commerce and Sports Activity, Positive Trait- Resilience Theme:- Resilience “Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient” Year 2018, commenced with an assembly organized by the senior students, with a conscious focus on being resilient, in all aspects of life. Students shared the activities lined up through the month, informative speeches delivered built up the curiosity among the audience, flying off the balloons foreshadowed the exciting activities, that the students will endure in the month of January’2018. Commerce students of year 11-13 organized the assembly to enlighten, economic development of UAE and its resilient policies. progressive. ” The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places”- Ernest Hemingway ,clearly indicates the fact that the success comes to the ones who are strong enough to overcome the hardships and makes one develop a positive bent of mind. Students informed the audience the newly introduced Value Added Tax-VAT its significance in the progressive growth of UAE and stated the facts and cleared the misconceptions of VAT. Two very talented students vocalized a song on resilience, that reverberated the strength of resilience. The energetic students of year 9-13 conducted the assembly to showcase resilience or mental toughness, which is a key, psychological aspect of a sport personality. The ability to bounce back from a poor performance or a detrimental mistake is crucial to an athlete’s success. Videos of famous football players that were shown, clearly indicated that an athlete must face and conquer adversity to successfully cope with it in the future and boosts self-confidence, and leads to greater performance.

ASSEMBLY REPORT Students of year 7-8 conducted Sports Assembly based on the theme of Resilience. Through the assembly showed their knowledge about sports by guessing answers to the questions asked regarding various sports personalities. Students also displayed their talent and strength by performing various skills and competition on stage. A motivational video was shown that how a resilient sports person succeeded in his life.

Students also displayed their talent and strength by performing various skills and competition on stage. A motivational video was shown that how a resilient sports person succeeded in his life.

Annual Sports day of the senior school was on 24th and 25th of January, 2018, the theme was Resilience – that is the ability to respond positively to setbacks, obstacles and failures, that is essential for a successful athlete. This trait was evident among the students on the Annual Sport Day. An assembly was led by the student council members to share the significance of sports and the achievements of the resilient athletes of the school. Students of each house received trophies and accolades for their success.

FIRE DRILL A mock fire drill was held on Monday, 15thof January 2018. All SMT members as well as the administration team were informed a day prior to it. On the day itself, the alarm went off sharply at 9:00 AM, and with the help of the Fire Marshalls and the Fire Captains, the evacuation was completed from all the buildings (Zone A- Block A & B and Zone BBlock C, D & E) in exactly 3 minutes as required. Immediately at this point, the local fire department, upon being alerted by the public fire alarm, reached the school. Once the fire alarm went off, each class had already proceeded to the predetermined point outside the buildings and remained there while an inspection was made to see that all are accounted for, leaving only when a recall signal is given to return to the building, or when dismissed. Respective class teachers held a green sign card that reads: ALL CLEAR so that the Fire Marshalls, Fire Captains, and the Fire Department were aware that class teachers have already gathered their students. There was also a mock situation of a student being injured to show other students how serious they should be taking this matter especially when an actual emergency takes place for them to be aware of their surroundings. This Fire Drill has helped to keep extra surveillance to ensure that exit paths are maintained and are clear of obstruction, to ensure that all students and staff understand what they need to do if there is fire, and to improve certain aspects of our fire provisions.

MARKET DAY The Market Day is an annual event organized at The Oxford School to encourage students to set up their own business and sell goods and services to their peers. As it is customary, this year's theme for Market Day 2018 is "Types of Business Organization". This spectacular occasion is participated by students of grade 11, AS and A2 based on their ability to organize resources efficiently and their knowledge according to the type of business they have set up on that day. Each team of students are given their own stalls to decorate and sell their commodities by utilizing their personal talents and skills to achieve the highest sales. This exciting event lasted for three and a half hours starting from nine in the morning. The Market Day provides a rare opportunity for the young entrepreneurs of our school to operate and manage a stall; hence, allowing them to have a small glimpse of the working society they would enter eventually. Our students sell a variety of commodities such as pastas, sandwiches, baked good like cupcakes and pastries, as well as, services like henna, face paint and photo-booths. This wide variety of stalls creates healthy competition amongst our entrepreneurs and offers a substantial number of purchasing choices for students of all levels. In addition, this function engages students to act for the benefit of society as the profit earned through the Market Day are donated to the students in our school who need financial support with their studies. Our school created an empowering environment for students to understand the importance of social entrepreneurs as well as community service. Indeed, a single action could create a major change.

POETIC HEART On February 4th of January 2018. the Poetic Heart program started at 9 am in the Emirates Institute Of Fine Arts & Financial studies in the Academic City. There was a live musical performance by a choir. At 9:35 the poetry recitation by students of different schools and universities started. There was an outstanding musical performance in various world languages by Sucheta Satish, a 7th-grade student of The Indian High School, Dubai, who is a Guinness world record holder. From The Oxford School Devagayathri also got to represent and recite her poem. A stunning performance by the determined ones from a few organisations, followed. There was poetry recitation in various languages by eminent poets of different nationalities which was a great experience to the budding poets. The program in the forenoon session concluded with the performance by a musical band. Certificates and trophies were awarded to the participants.

A Wake Up Call All should build bridges Instead we build walls Bridges act like hinges Preventing a great fall We build with bricks of ignorance Trapping ourselves within, Often sacrificing innocents Ignoring our conscience crying with chagrin What do you gain from ignoring Things that happen around us? Are you too busy snoring! Or do you not want to cause a fuss? It is the prejudice that we should eradicate Bigoted thoughts we should lock up A wonderful future awaits It is time to wake up It is the prejudice that we should eradicate Bigoted thoughts we should lock up A wonderful future awaits It is time to wake up

BUSINESS QUIZ The Business Quiz or “Biz Quiz� was conducted on the 22nd of January, 2018. It was the main highlight of the commerce month. The quiz did not only challenge the factual knowledge of the participants, but also motivated them to think beyond simple facts and figures with its advertisement and logo identification rounds. Round 1 was called 'Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy' which consisted of simple questions meant to be answered in a time span of 40 seconds. Next, the

'Money Plant' and 'Eat Meet Rave Repeat' rounds aimed at business personalities, acquisitions, and luxury meet and greet places in and around Dubai. The quiz ended with two interesting rounds: 'Make or Fake' and 'Surprise'. Teams were expected to identify the product a company does not manufacture in the former and identify an advertisement only by listening to its jingle in the latter. The audience was also involved because of several questions and other interactive rounds. Team Facebook emerged victorious, followed by Team Snapchat, Team Instagram and Team Google. All in all, the event was a success for it allowed students to gain knowledge, develop thinking strategies, and instigate camaraderie while having fun.

ANNUAL CAREER FAIR ‘There is no wealth like knowledge’ On Wednesday the 31st January 2018, The Oxford School, Dubai hosted its Annual Career Fair in the school’s MP Hall from 9:00am – 2:00pm. This aimed to strive to provide students with meaningful experiences that will enhance their College and Career readiness by providing them with the tools and pathways for their future. It had over 27 representatives of different Universities such as The British University, American University of Dubai, Herriot Watt University, and The University of Wollongong who directly responded to students’ questions, and offered them individual advice on the required training as well as promoted their educational mission. The students were very much excited to visit the Career Fair and get all the details of different courses being offered in the UAE and other countries. The Fair primarily focused on our students who could engage and seek more information about the courses they were interested in as well as internship opportunities that serve as avenues for them to learn, grow and encourage the process of preparing for what they plan to do next. This has also helped demonstrate the relationship between education and career options. During the discussions, different Universities distributed their brochures and obtained students’ contact information for them to be able to disseminate information regarding the application process and acceptance. Education and Visa issues have also been a concern, so the fair had different consultants whom students could seek support and information from and ask assistance to speed up the process of going abroad and pursuing available options. At the end of the Fair, representatives from various colleges expressed a high level of satisfaction and were glad that they were part of the event. Our students were provided with the opportunity to develop greater awareness of what is available to them along with what will help them overcome barriers when they get confused about their possible options.

PROTOTYPE WORKSHOP Students of The Oxford School were invited for a workshop on Prototyping at DIDI on Saturday, 20th January 2018 at 11 o’clock. The students were accompanied by their teachers Ms. Zareen Zeeshan and Ms. Naslin. It was a very informative session conducted by the professors of DIDI on how to create a prototype for their PDS projects, which they are expected to submit on the 3rd of February, 2018. As part of the workshop, a challenge to design a prototype for a wallet was given to all participating schools. Our students designed a prototype with the given materials: A4 papers and sticky notes. The design showed the prototype of a smart wallet packed with technology like GPS, tracking system, finger scanning, and many other facilities. The students of our school presented it to other students and received a good appreciation feedback from the faculty of DIDI and from the whole audience as well. It was indeed a worthy experience for all students and teachers.

PUPPET SHOW Shadow puppetry is a form of storytelling using puppets behind a lit screen in a rather dark room, and here in Oxford, our senior students have brought this form of art into life. They performed it for FS, Year 1 and 2, charging AED 3 per person of which the final sum was granted for a good cause. The show was performed on Monday the 29th and Tuesday the 30th January, 2018 in the junior library. The venue was prepared ahead of time to ensure it was as dark and as comfortable as possible; furthermore, the performers were all pumped up for the show. They had been preparing for this day for weeks, making sure the story line was appealing and appropriate, the puppets sketched and cut out properly, and most importantly, the movement of puppets synced with the narration. At the end of the day, all the hard work paid off and it was indeed a job well done when the show ended with a loud cheer from the audience. It was a fun and inspiring moment for both our performers and audience. The show concluded with a few questions from the host who made sure the audience could further ponder over the characters and the moral of the story.

It is hoped that the audience was inspired to have their own shadow puppet show and learn how sometimes the best stories shine the brightest in the darkest of places. A puppet show is great for every aspect of child development; it is also a substantial way to engage the attention and imagination of children, where simple gestures with hands bring life to the inert puppets while animating a story.

EDUCATIONAL TRIP SHARJAH ISLAMIC MUSEUM OF CIVILIZATION On Sunday the 28th of January 2018, students of Year 9 (Girls) went for an educational trip to Sharjah Islamic Museum of civilization. Prior to it, they were given integrated questionnaire which increased their interest and helped them keep focus on the purpose behind the trip. Upon reaching there, the tour guide told students about the history of the Museum. The first gallery, Abu Bakr Gallery of Islamic Faith, was all about the introduction of Islam. They were amazed to get a close look at the Kiswah which was gifted to the ruler of Sharjah. The art gallery was divided into four (4) parts based on different centuries. In all the four galleries, students were able to know about the ancient life of people including art works, metalwork, weaponry, etc. They were also guided towards the Ibn Al-Haytham Gallery of Science and Technology where they were given information of the early inventions and theories developed by the Muslim scholars in different fields. Lastly, the students went to have a look at the early Islamic coins which includes a large number of Umayyad and Abbasid dinars and dirhams.

GLOBAL VILLAGE VICTORY PROJECT Victory Project is a community engagement initiative by Global Village aiming to enhance the creativity of students and celebrate UAE’s 46th National Day. 15,000 students from 115 public and private schools participated in the project wherein they carefully designed and painted 3,000 sculptures specially moulded in the shape of UAE’s iconic Victory Salute Sign indicating Win Victory and Love for the Nation. The Oxford School-Dubai brought another recognition this year through the sculptures designed by students from year 9G2: Safiya Saif, Shaanza Haniya, and Ifra Syed. Their work was included in the top 10 list and each of them received vouchers from the sponsors of the event.

ANNUAL SPORTS DAY The crisp and cool weather was a great start for The Oxford School’s Annual Sports Day, just as soon as the parents took their seats outside the field. The enthusiastic students gathered up inside the venue all ready to bring out the best out of the event. The participants lined up according to their respective houses: all the four houses paraded around the field in an orderly demeanor called the ‘March Past’, led by School Head Boy followed by Sports Coordinator, then the House Captains and the vice captains. The Sports Coordinator administered the solemn oath to the house captains and the participants in which everyone pledged to participate in the Sports Day with maximum effort and true sportsmanship.

Boys 5-13 Date : 24th Jan’18

Furthermore, the short distance races started wherein students displayed their speed. Perfect combination of team work was also shown through the 4 x 100 relay race. In addition, students proved their high endurance through long distance 400m, 800m, and 1200m races. All these were followed by fun races like ‘pulling the sack’ in which students showed their energy and enthusiasm accompanied by screams and hoots. Winners were then honored with medals and certificates. Overall champion Emerald took the lead, followed by Sapphire, Ruby, and Topaz House respectively. The event came to an end successfully with the vote of thanks. Not everyone can win, but this does not mean we lose hope. A sports person never gives up, and that is what the students of The Oxford School did. They supported each other till the very end. Everyone did not walk away only with medals or trophies, but also with memories which will stay with them for years to come.

ANNUAL SPORTS DAY The crisp and cool weather was a great start for The Oxford School’s Annual Sports Day, just as soon as the parents took their seats outside the field. The enthusiastic students gathered up inside the venue all ready to bring out the best out of the event.

Girls 5-13Date : 25th Jan’18

The participants lined up according to their respective houses: all the four houses paraded around the field in an orderly demeanor called the ‘March Past’, led by School Head Girl followed by Deputy Head Girl, then the House Captains and the vice captains. After March Past, all the participants took oath where students pledged to participate in the Sports Day with maximum effort and true sportsmanship. Furthermore, the short distance races started in which students displayed their speed. Perfect combination of team work was also shown through 4 x 100 relay races. In addition, students proved their high endurance through the long distance 1200m race. All these were followed by fun races like ‘pulling the sack’ and the ‘3 legged race’. Also, the tug of war was held wherein students showed their energy and enthusiasm followed by screams and hoots. Towards the end, winners were honored with medals and certificates. By noon, this memorable day came to an end. Prizes were distributed to all the winners: Sapphire took the lead, followed by Topaz, Emerald and Ruby House respectively. Not everyone can win, but this does not mean that people lose hope. A sports person never gives up, and that is what the students of The Oxford School did. They supported each other till the very end. Everyone did not walk away only with medals or trophies, but also with memories that will stay with them for years to come.

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