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The Oxford School

From the Principal’s Desk Dear Parents, Let me share the good news with you first. In November, students from Year 4 to 10 had appeared in International Benchmark Test conducted by ACER. I am very proud to announce that most of the Oxford students have done exceedingly well in all the three core subjects of English, Math and Science and have outperformed students in the Middle East and Internationally in most Year groups. I congratulate all students, teachers and parents on this tremendous achievement. Many students have earned High distinction and distinction certificates as well. Regular school attendance, a positive attitude and being engaged in learning are significant in achieving academic success. The Oxford teachers aim to hold high expectations for themselves and their students. They believe that all students want to learn and can be successful so the focus is on 21st Century pedagogy. Learning high order critical thinking skills is important for all students today.I request your help as parents in encouraging our students to take an active role in their future. Talk with your child about the importance of participating in the activities in class. It is observed that mostly only a few students dominate the class discussion while others listen quietly. Encourage your child to volunteer in all activities and take full advantage of the opportunities to get the knowledge he/she needs to improve.

Engage them in conversation about what they did in school on a daily basis. Hold them accountable for their daily work by being aware of the expectations the school has of them as well as their effort. We should also aim to be good role models for our children. Make sure your child is at school and on time every day. Show them the importance of preparation and punctuality. Insist on promptness around the house establishing this valuable life skill. Aisha Ansari Principal

READING IN FS 2 Look teacher I can READ


Foundation stage 2 have brain gym on every Tuesday and Thursday. Children of FS2 assemble together and have a brain gym session together. They start off with the Quran recitation followed by the National Anthem of UAE. Little ones dance on Tufa Tafa, One little finger, Follow the leader and other songs. After which they all disperse in order to their respective classes. This makes them fit and active through out the day , only enhancing their body, mind and spirit .

Brain Gym Physical fitness improves the intellect of a child


Children absolutely enjoyed the reading week with parents. Parents had trained their children to read stories to the classmates. For some children it was the first experience. It was a delightful week. Children look forward to more programs like this.

Reading with Parents The ability to comprehend and communicate through reading begins at early stage. On the road to becoming readers and writers, young children need many opportunities to hear and understand. They also need to learn about print letters and words seen in the books. The Oxford School has opened the doors to the parents of young ones to participate, encourage and instill good reading habits. Reading enhances knowledge and knowledge enhances learning.

Today’s Readers are Leaders of Tomorrow.

FS2 Orange

Parents play an important role on how well children do in school. Encouraging this ideology ,the school organized a reading week for the parents in which the parents of our class actively participated and shared a story, talk about important story elements. Encouraged children to retell or summarize the reading. It was an amazing learning experience for the kids.

FS 2 Blue

Readthon- FS2 A reading competition was hosted by the Readeth-on organization in the month week of February 2016 in which Students from the FS Section were given a chance to read as many books as they could with their parents at home. After a week, the children who had read the most number of books were awarded with certificates and gifts by the Readeth–on committee. Students from FS2 Pink, FS2 Green and FS2 Indigo had read the maximum number of books. Students were very excited to receive their awards.

The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you will go.”

Reading with Parents

The Oxford School has expanded their wings to the parents of our young children to share their good reading habits. It was very exciting for our children; they showed a lot of enthusiasm and enjoyed the reading sessions. FS2 Indigo



Educational Trip to Desert Park Year 2 Located About 26 Kilometers FromSharjah, Sharjah Desert Park, Is A One Square Kilometer Area Featuring Four Action Packed Venues Arabia’s Wildlife Center, Sharjah Natural History Museum, Botanical Museum And Children’s Farm. The Oxfordians had a convincing trip to visit the desert park. The young learners were so impressed with the visit as they had lot to learn and investigate at the premises

The children had an integrated learning especially with science, as they were learning about rocks. They had a very good opportunity to learn the sources of rocks and different types of rocks at the Desert Park.Enjoyed watching few wild animals around the park.

Sharjah Natural History and Botanical Museum Enjoyed a Day Of Discovery At The Sharjah Natural History And Botanical Museum. Checked Out The Amazing Exhibits Of TheRegion’s Marine And Desert Ecosystems and Took a trip back In time and explored the Dinosaur Models, Meteorites, Erupting Volcanoes And Prehistoric Fossils.

Arabia’s Wildlife Centre Arabia’s Wildlife Centre Is the only zoo in the region to display all of the animals from the Arabian peninsula, currently living and extinct. Located In Sharjah Desert Park, the facility is home of over 100 different species housed in their natural surroundings. Took a tour and get up close with the birds and look straight into the eyes of the Endangered Arabian Leopard.

Year 1 Pink Assembly The students of Year 1- Pink had an assembly about “Seasons”. The assembly started with Holy Quran recitation, followed by its translation and then the National Anthem of UAE. The children started the assembly representing each season. They explained about the each season and the months in each of the seasons. They were dressed up to represent each season was the cynosure of the event. ICT and Maths was incorporated along with this. The students gave examples of FACTS of 4 that related to Math and ICT.The National flower of UAE was the new information given to the students. There was “question time” in which most of the students showed enthusiasm in answering them. The assembly ended with a dance by the students on season’s song.

Year 1 Purple Assembly The theme for the month of February being Mathematics, based on this, Year 1 Purple got opportunity to show their talent on this theme. They gave an introduction and explanation on 2 D shapes – Square, Circle, Rectangle and Triangle and their properties. Students dressed up like shapes so as to emphasize their performance. Later on, they conducted an exercise on ‘Let’s get fit’ counting 1- 100 so as to make their body and mind fit. At last students were asked questions on the shapes. Students from the audience answered all the questions in enthusiasm. The Islamic Students were awarded with Certificates by Ms Sabeen for Model making.Our Head of Primary and Supervisor of Year 1 & 2 gave a short speech and appreciated the presentation of assembly.

Year 2 Blue Assembly

Students of 2- Blue got the opportunity to show their talent to their fellow students and being proud to represent their section. With the theme of Mathematics Year 2 Blue student prepared their dance with the music “Uptown Funk “ in which the lyrics are all about the Multiplication. They gave an introduction and some quotes for the students to learn. They were asked questions on the Multiplication. Students from the audience answered all the questions in enthusiasm.

YEAR 2 – RED ASSEMBLY Math is everywhere and Math is easy. These are the two things that the Year 2 Red class wanted to convey to everyone. It may be challenging to encourage the learners to love Math but we believe that it is full of fun once they will be taught to enjoy and learn at the same time.The pupils were given quotes to memorize and were translated in Arabic to be understood well. Some of the quotes talked about life’s arithmetic wherein we need to add love, respect and trust. Subtract all fears, divide your blessings with others, multiply good deeds which equals to a wonderful life. The said assembly focused on the theme of the month which is Math but the class didn’t talk about numbers, instead to encourage everyone that we also celebrate life and good relationships. The assembly ended with the song of Bruno Mars which is entitled, “Count on Me”, which highlighted the said presentation for it is an assurance that every problem has a solution as long as we have our loved ones.Indeed, it was a success and a memorable experience because everybody cooperated and did a great job and it also gave another color to the life of the learners.


Intelligence Collaborates With Creativity

Ms. Jocelyn Sanchez

DUBAI – A creative mind makes artistic hands. This is what the students in The Oxford School have proven this past few weeks as the contest for making the most innovative bulletin boards took place this February 28, 2016. To continuously unveil the students hidden talents, enhance their craftsmanship and develop their skill in Mathematics, the coordinator of Maths, Mr. Romee Nicker Capate thought of how the students get to feature their knowledge and skill with the use of the bulletin boards.

Showcasing the topics learnt and featuring their learning output in primary level, Year 1 to 6 competed in a bulletin board contest supervised by their respective Math teacher. Each class had shown their ingeniousness by decorating the bulletin boards with different objects and images especially created by their own hands and thought by their minds. Not to mention that they’ve shown their knowledge in Math subject by featuring what they’ve done in the subject this month of February. They’ve given all the best that they could not just to captivate the eyes Different topics were featured and hearts of the judges but also in their respective bulletin to challenge their minds. boards, Year 1 and Year 4 had “3D Shapes”, Year 2 and Year 3 had “Measurement” , Year 5 had “Unit Conversion”, while the Year 6 had “Area and Perimeter”. Students’ work should possess the following criteria: Visual Impact, Craftsmanship, Completeness, Creativity and lastly Originality. This grapple was judged by two of the Maths teachers in the Senior level, Mr. Reinel Macarilay and Ms. Camille De Torres.

Project on Living and Growing A place where a living thing lives is its habitat. It is a place where it can find food, shelter and protection. Hence students prepared the Habitats of different animals as part of their learning experience. Desert, Forest, ocean etc were made showing the different habitats. This project helped them to enhance their knowledge. The projects were judged according to their content and presentation. All the classes had an exhibition of all the projects.


“TODAY A READER TOMORROW A LEADER” based on this saying, The Oxford School had organized a Reading challenge for Year 1 &2 students. The guideline of the competition was that a child who reads the maximum Story books in 30 minutes will be awarded. Students were taken to the BB area and they sat according to their classes. They were informed already a day before to bring stories book from home. As the timer started they all started enthusiastically to read their books. The children who read for enjoyment every day not only perform better in reading tests than those who don’t, but also develop a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures. Reading enhances the following skills:

Academic excellence

Basic speaking skillsMastery of language Better communication skills

Oxfordians Dance Maths Away

Who says Mathematicians are only good in numbers? Students from year 5 and 6 prove it all wrong. The primary level students did the ever famous flash mob to open the Mathematics Month last 1st February, 2016. The students were in awe when the dancers suddenly stepped out. They encourage everyone to dance with them. Everybody enjoyed the activity even the teachers showed their dancing skills. The school was filled with laughter and giggles as they move to the beat of the music. The dance steps was choreographed by the Year 3 Maths teacher, Ms. Amelia Perez. She incorporated the Mathematical symbols in the said dance. The jaw dropping moves also served as a morning exercise on that day and at the same time, they are learning as they get to memorize the Maths symbols. It is just another proof that learning is fun.

Maths Whiz Kids Shine In Quiz Bee DUBAI – “Life is like a box of chocolate, you’ll never know what you’ll gonna get,” an excerpt from the movie Forest Gump. This line describes the finalists’ journey during the

As part of Maths Month celebration, quiz bee was one of the activities that took place last February. To qualify for the said competition, the students in the primary level went through an elimination round. They toothe test prepared by their respective teachers. The students with the highest score get to compete in the said event.

Mathematics Quiz Bee Competition cause they never know who’s going to make it in the end.

The students from Year 3 to 6 competed for the first place in this year’s much awaited event. Five participants from each year level contended at the Multi-Purpose Hall starting at 8:30 A. M. on the 16th of February 2016. It was spearheaded by the Maths Coordinator, Mr. Romee Nicker Capate, and supported by the Maths teachers in the Primary level.

The finalists took the Easy, Average and Difficult rounds which have 1 point, 3 points, and 5 points each question respectively. Each of them was given a whiteboard to inscribe their answer and once the time is up they need to raise their whiteboard. The finalist who garnered the most number of points at the end of the competition was declared the first placer.


Year 6. It was a colorful and fun filled event organized for year 6

students.. Each class made their own colorful piñata and named them with a theme of their respective class color.. 6 Blue - Oceana Piñata 6 Orange - Spooky pumpkin 6 Red - Delicious Apple 6 Green - Humpty dumpty piñata 6 Yellow – Sunshine piñata.. The students participation throughout the process of making piñata was completely awesome.. They enthusiastically participated in this group activity with full interest and they were really waiting for the piñata blast which refreshed their mind from regular school works and exam fear..

Safer Internet Day (SID) is organised by Insafe in February of each year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people across the world. The Supervisor Ayesha Khan spoke to student about the awareness of Safety on internet‌ This year's celebration took place on Tuesday, 9 February 2016 with a theme of 'Play your part for a better internet! Students were asked to make rules for themselves for Safer internet use and run a poster competition also.

ASSEMBLY REPORT (YEAR 4 – YELLOW) Students of Year 4 Yellow presented Assembly on Internet safety on 23rd February (ICT month). Students presented a role play regarding internet safety and its uses. It depicted the short story of two boys who met an unknown friend online and started chatting with him. The conversation went further and the stranger asked the boys to meet at the Park at the given time. The boys went to the park and got kidnapped. Consequences were shown as the parents and the family got worried about the boys and their future. Later the boy discovered that it was just a dream but that dream made a huge impact on him as it was time for him to realise on how to use the internet safely.The assembly was further led by dialogues, narration with the various scenes which included PowerPoint presentation along with hand out displays. Finally the students gave the message of the do’s and don’ts to be followed while using internet. At last students were informed that they must be careful and must not talk to strangers or display any personal information and pictures on internet.


Kidzania Brainiac competition was head on the 25th February 2016, at KidZania, Metropolitan Theatre. We started our journey from the school by 8:40am with 4 to 5 students from year 3, 4, 5 and 6. All were very excited and enthusiastic about the competition. As the competition started by 10 am our students did an amazing job, and won the level and qualified for the semi-final round. They were competing against Dubai GEMS. It was a historic victory, as all the students of Year 4 did an outstanding job.

Organic farm

Year - 4 Field Trip-Organic Farm The TOS, as always is constantly on the look out for ways and means to make the teaching -learning process into a fun learning activity, where each child gets ample room to explore his/her ability to learn more not only within the four walls of the classroom but to go beyond that –out into the world of nature. Little wonder then, that on 3rd February,2016 the students of Year 4 were lured into the open arms of Mother Nature when they were taken for a field trip to the ‘Organic Farm.’ On reaching the site, the whole of Year 4 was organised into two groups to enhance learning process. They were told in detail, of the innumerable benefits of organic farming. Soon the children were able to identify the hazards caused by chemical farming not only to health but more importantly to NATURE herself. After imparting clear instructions, the students were led out into vast acres of the farming area, where every child got a ‘See It Yourself ’ experience of how natural means are harnessed to grow crops and yield rich harvest of various kinds of vegetables. The trip came to an end where each child was given 3 different types of fruits, a mini packet of snacks, a juice and water to refresh themselves after a tiring but surely a rich experience of outdoor learning. The students returned back to school tired but surely enriched with fond educational memories of the trip.


Secondary Section

Cross Fire Debate Competition . On the 18th of February 2016,The Oxford School,Dubai took part in the Skyline University "Crossfire" Debate Competition. Four students naming Essam,Zahra,Malick and Ifasa were chosen as representatives for the debating competition. The team of four were then divided into two. Two for the affirmative side and two for the negative side. Essam and Zahra were for the affirmative side and Malick and Ifasa for the negative side. 32 schools took part in the debate competition in which only 12 succeeded to the final round. The students from both the affirmative and negative side made it through to the final round. The competitors were showing great confidence in conveying facts based on statistics which made it sound realistically convincing to the judges and the audience. The affirmative side for the Oxford School were using cut-clear definitions to describe terms such as water pollution,sustainabilty etc.

They put people's health concern above economic-related issues which is a sign of a true leader. The negative side were clearly not leaving any room for counter arguments, they got straight to the point and even stated real life examples while doing so .All the ompetitors respected one another's opinions and no one got offended. It was a friendly battle at the end of the day and everyone congratulating one anothers' speeches. Unfortuantely we didnt win,as the first position went out to our neighbouring school Philadelphia Private School. The students weren't so quick to get dishearten as they knew they gave it their all. The head judge personally gave us an appreciation message saying the markings were so close and was astonished by the fact the Oxfordians prepared so well on such short notice.

He gave us advice as well saying no one loses, we either win or learn. We were the only school that got to take a personal picture with the head judge which made us Oxfordians feel special. He could clearly see the fire in the eyes of the Oxfordians and granted us good luck for the future.It was an amazing experience for me as this was the first time I've ever witnessed a debating competition and I'm glad I didn't miss out on the opportunity given to me by the English teachers.

Morning assembly is the most important feature of school curriculum which helps each child to show case his or her talent and ensure a robust start of the day.

TOPIC: - Importance of Reading – in Arabic Students of year 7 and 8 conducted an Arabic assembly on 1st Feb 2016. Quran Recitation and Translation followed by National anthem. Students shared Arabic Poem. This Year 2016 has been declared as the YEAR OF READING. Students emphasized on the importance of reading

TOPIC :- CLEANLINESS AROUND THE SCHOOL. The students of year 8 G2 conducted an informative assembly on 8th of February on the topic Cleanliness around the school. The students introduced the topic with a video which clearly showed the importance of keeping school clean and tidy followed by the importance of personal hygiene and ways to keep our class rooms neat. Ms. Aisha Ansari declared 8 B1 as the cleanest class and awarded them the certificate of appreciation. She also gave trophy to ZohaAsim of year 8G2 who was the winner of PSS development tennis Championship. She congratulated all students and teacher for meticulously planning and flawless execution of the assembly.


In view of the Maths and ICT Month, class 7B3 was assigned to do an assembly on the topic -Maths in Nature on 15th February 2016. They spread the message that Maths is everywhere in nature whether it is construction of buildings or playing football in the field or distribution of things and many other such examples were shown. They presented a short story about some practical applications of Maths. The assembly was ended with a short quiz.

Hajebi and Alaa reading the news

Abdullah and Abdul Rahman sharing some hadith

7B3 in their costumes performing their short skit

Ms Sokhna assisting a student during the quiz part

7B3 with their class teacher on stage after the assembly

TOPIC: - ICT – PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE As part of ICT Month, 7G1 conducted an assembly on the topic ICT – Past Present and Future on 22nd February, 2016. The assembly commenced with the students shedding some light on the conditions of life before computers. The different generations of computers were presented and the technologies available at present were showcased. Although ICT has changed our life a lot nowadays, it is still developing. They highlighted on some developing technologies that may be available in the future like as IWatch, Wall – Format Display Glass, Smart Card, and Smart Newspaper. In this regard, the important people involved in the evolution of computers were also highlighted. Following this, the audience was asked questions related to ICT which made the program more interesting and the audience participated enthusiastically. Overall, it was a very well appreciated assembly.


Students of 7G2 was held an assembly on integration of Maths in real life on 29th of February 2016. The objective of the assembly is for students to have awareness that math is everywhere and part of our life.


On 7th Feb 2016, girls and the boys of years 9-11 had a math assembly to celebrate the annual Math Month. The event started with the Quranic recitation and followed by translation. The assembly started off by giving the students a glimpse on how exactly math is applied everywhere. Following that there was a brief introduction of how Math came into existence. It moved from counting stones to mass of bones in what seems like a couple of years. During the assembly, we were honored to have guests from the past. Students dressed up like their favorite Mathematicians and spoke their History. Isaac Newton, Leornade Euler, George Cantor, Maryam Mirzakhani, Ada Lovelace and Henry Poincare all joined us to talk about themselves to see how many students actually remember them.. Regardless of Pi being infinite, Beenish Iqbal from 7G2 was able to learn and recite 170 digits of Pi was a highlight of the assembly. The quiz conducted at the end was different than the traditional quizzes wherein arithmetical sums were placed under the chairs and then two correct answers were called out.

The students with the called out answers were then invited on the stage and asked a question and whoever answered first won the gift. Students enjoyed this innovative quiz a lot. To end with the assembly proceedings the principal Ms. Aisha Ansari followed by Ms. Deepa Vinod [HOD Senior Secondary] and Ms. Amina Ali [Secondary Section Head] were called to share a few words with us. The students with the called out answers were then invited on the stage and asked a question and whoever answered first won the gift. Students enjoyed this innovative quiz a lot.

TOPIC :- EVOLUTION OF ICT On Sunday 14th of Feb 2016, students of Year 10B2, Year 10G and Year 11 presented the morning assembly .The topic of the assembly was “Evolution of ICT”. A comparison of how Digital Graphics have changed over the years was shown. Through a video titled “Evolution of Games”, the audience was treated to a visual contrast of famous video games, all of which the audience could relate to. This segment was enjoyed by students and teachers alike and reiterated how technology has evolved in sophistication and seamless visual effects.

Following this, the students informed the audience of different interesting fields and occupations which come under the scope of ICT.There is no doubt that students at The Oxford School have abundance of talent and creativity. This talent was showcased in the next segment of the assembly “Visionary Oxfordians” where a wonderful video created on “The Importance of Coding” by Surraya, Hafsa and Tasnim of Year 10G2 was displayed. Another video on the topic ”Life before and after ICT” was presented by two students of Year 10B2, which was also appreciated by all

Muhammad Ahmed Sohail and Mustafa Arif of Year 10B2 were also honourably mentioned for their App Creation talents. Also, graphic designing artwork created by Pratiksha, Jewel Abbey of Year 10G2 and Safa Chawich of AS Level was also presented. The finale of the ICT Assembly was an entertaining skit prepared by two students of Year 11: Mohamed Essam and Abdullah Al Wahed, titled “Changing Times, the Footprints of ICT�. The assembly concluded with the host M. Maythem thanking the audience and requesting the Head of Senior School, Ms. Deepa Vinod on the stage to share her views on the assembly.Ms. Deepa highly appreciated the program and congratulated the students and the Teacher In Charge for their efforts.

GAME STALLS - Maths for a Cause As a part of Math month girls of Year 7 and 8, prepared exciting and educational Games as Treasure hunt in the sand, Fish for Maths and Sequence the M&M s ,Car racing, Math Puzzle, 7 and up – 1 Down ,Sand Pebbles, Can Ball, Dip the coin and Pick the pencil etc. All of these games were arranged in the Basketball court Area. Students bought coupons and played maths games and in return surprise gifts were given to the winners. Primary students applied their knowledge of Maths in these games to win and they thoroughly enjoyed it. All the games were very innovative and creative to develop different skills.

Cars are ready to race..students play in pair to compete each other…more fast in calculations the better chance to win…

Solve the chit and arrange answers in respective columns‌

Counting triangles in triangle puzzles.. happy to get the correct number‌‌.

ICT QUIZ On Wednesday 24th Feb 2016, the ICT Department conducted The ICT Quiz. On 10th February, 2016, a preliminary round was conducted across the Year 7 and 8 classes to select the finalists. The quiz comprised of 4 rounds: 1. Question Round 2. Visual Round 3. Buzzer Round 4. Quick Bytes .The questions which were not answered by the teams were passed to the audience who participated enthusiastically. At the end of the quiz, the team to emerge victorious was Team A, comprising of Abdullah Khan, Hania, Mehak Khanani (8G2) and Vladimir Laskin (8B1) .The Quiz went well and was very well received by the audience who felt that apart from being enjoyable, the quiz was informative and they all learnt new facts which they didn’t know before.

Mathematics Inter-House Quiz Competition February month was based on the monthly theme of Maths. One of the highlights of the Maths month is the Annual Mathematics Inter-House Quiz Competition which was held on 19th February 2016 in the MP hall. Teams were comprised of boys and girls. The 4 houses competed head-to-head to be declared this year’s champions. Each house battled strong with the 4 rounds of competition. The event started with Qur’an recitation. The quiz masters from upper secondary, Essam of 11B1 and Zainab of 9G2 welcomed everyone. Audience were given chance to participate in between each rounds . It was followed by the Visual round, the Buzzer round and the most exciting part, the Rapid Fire Round. In the end, Topaz house was declared the winner while Sapphire came as runners-up. The battle of the Maths wizards ended out well as everyone enjoyed and took part.

Introduction of the participants for each house The official scorer recording the points of each house

Awarding this year’s runners-up, House Sapphire are Ms Smriti (Year 7 &8 Section Head) and Mr Asif Khan (Head of Maths)

And this year’s champions, the Topaz House. From left to rightMr Asif Khan (Head of Maths, Ms Smriti (Section head), Angelica of 8G2, Khansa of 7G1, Wajdaan of 7B1 and Yousef of 8B3

Report on Cancer Awareness Campaign Under the patronage of H.H Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the American University in the Emirates (AUE) had proudly steered the largest Cancer Awareness Campaign within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) amongst other universities. It was an immense pleasure for our students to take part in this Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Included in the pioneering day were a large number of educational institutes, organizations and companies, one of which, Skydive, set off the event with a spectacular show of skydivers raising three flags, that of AUE, Cancer Awareness Campaign and the UAE.

Our students, cheered their efforts and raised the campaign flags up high. The support of Skydive was highly welcomed on the red carpet as they symbolized AUE’s continued determination to reach new heights to beat cancer in every possible way.

All our students took part in the Walkathon that involved circulating the University grounds showcasing a togetherness and a force much more powerful than any deadly disease. Along with horses and camels came the Ibda School for Girls dressed in their ballerina outfits, highlighting that cancer cannot even scare a child, even if it tries to come in its path. This group of ballerinas were the first at center stage performing dances to music dear to the culture of the UAE and following them were the Al Ahli Club’s Karate kids who also exhibited their powering moves of fearlessness.

Surrounding the lush gardens and waterfalls of the AUE were numerous stalls and kiosks promoting healthy lifestyles through diet and exercise, as well as a vital supporting mechanism of awareness, the health checkup kiosk, providing all attendees with general health checkups thus normalizing a culture conscious of their health priorities.

Our students felt proud to show that nothing is impossible and that together our actions will spark a global movement making cancer only an aspect of the past.

REPORT ON JMUN CONFERENCE JMUN Conference held in The Apple International School, Dubai on 3rd and 4th of Feb 2016 Students from The Oxford School,Dubai took part in JMUN Conference under the guidance of Ms Jemima Cherith. The Opening ceremony of JMUN at Apple International School on 3rd Feb 2016, was a remarkable event. It was exciting as well as a nerve wrecking event. They started off the program with students dancing, singing and doing mimes. The chief guest for the programme was Kehkashan Basu, an Ambassador of Youth for Earth and the Founder of Green Hope – UAE. She has been a part of many UN conferences for Global Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Resources. Her ideas inspired as well as surprised us because she achieved all this just at the age of 15. It was an honor and privilege to meet her.

Senior Inter House Math Quiz Competition. 2015-2016 The Inter House Senior Math Quiz was organized on 22nd February 2016 at The Oxford School. The contestants from year 9 to 10 participated in the quiz with full enthusiasm and zeal. Quizzes like these help to assess the mathematical skills, proficiency and aptitude of the students. Therefore they have become an integral part of our academic curriculum. The entire quiz was divided into five rounds. The first round was Preliminary Round followed Visual round. The third round was Buzzer Round and this was followed by the Media Round. The Rapid Fire Round was the last round which hogged the limelight of the show as it examined the contestants' in-depth knowledge and their I.Q. level. All the rounds were keenly contested. Then came the turn of the audience, students answered questions with enthusiasm, wisdom and confidence. The involvement of the audience was remarkable. The event was hosted by Tahir Ansari & Touqa Beltagui from AS level .The competition among the teams was very tough but in the end the most exciting, thrilling and evenly contested battle was won by Ruby House who bagged the first position with an outstanding performance. The second position was held by the Sapphire House whereas the third and fourth positions were grabbed by Emerald House and Topaz House respectively.

The Oxford School 6th Interschool Under-17 Football Tournament 2016

The Oxford school, Dubai conducted their 6th inter school under-17 boys football tournament 2016, from 7-2-16 to 8-2-16. There were eight schools which participated in this tournament

The tournament was a 5 a side, in which more than 80 students participated. Tournament started by welcoming all the teams with Quranic Recitation and National Anthem after which principal, Ms. Aisha Ansari declared the ceremony open. First match was a very close match as the winner was decided by penalty shoots, tournament further proceeded and on day one four teams were out of the league as it was on knock-out bases. On day two all four teams came with their plans and strategies as every one of them wanted to lift this prestigious trophy, after semifinals the two teams reached to finals were The Oxford and GEMS West Minister. Both the teams displayed a good show of skills, coordination and team work, having advantage of being host The Oxford School looked dominant from beginning and took a lead of 2-0. This time for the first time The Oxford School was winner of the tournament leaving GEMS West Minister, Dubai as runners-up. The event ended with prize distribution by the principal ma’am, winners and runners-up were awarded with trophies and medals, all the other teams were given participation certificates. All the participants and coaches were very happy and satisfied with the arrangements and hospitality by the organizers. All the P.E teachers with the help of section heads, teachers and management contributed a lot to make this event a success.

The Oxford Front _ February Edition  
The Oxford Front _ February Edition