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Dear Parents, It is always astonishing when the first week of April arrives – an indication of how far we have come in the school year! As Ms. Deepa and I have visited classrooms these past several weeks, the progression in students has been amazing to see! We have had the opportunity to see how far students have developed as readers and writers, their aptitude to work with simple and complex math problems, and their ideas as scientists and engineers as they explore new concepts and solve problems! We also continue to see progress in their social-emotional skills and their ability to use these skills in many different environments. Recently I had participated in the International ‘Shadow a Student’ programme, where I spent an entire school day being attached as a shadow to a student of Year 5. It was an amazing experience! I lived the life of a student and the challenges they face daily certainly startled me. Looking through the students’ eyes taught me a lot of things and gave me many significant points to ponder with regards to school improvement. What amazed me most was that students so ably adapt to different teaching styles, expectations and a variety of tasks with great enthusiasm. They are energetic even until home time whereas I was totally exhausted. In general, they show respect, make good decisions, and solve problems collaboratively. I’m most impressed by the way they show empathy and concern towards their peers especially students with determination. It also brought about very sharply in focus the fact that better student engagement led to improved progress and teachers need to ensure that through effectively planning.

I look forward to repeating this exercise in distinct phases of the school to get a clearer idea about various student experiences and using the feedback for further school improvement actions.

FS 2 CONCERT It was amazing to see how our little children performed on the story of Thumbelina. They all spoke so confidently; our main narrator from FS 2F did a wonderful job. Getting so much from such little children can be challenging but at Oxford, we emphasise on promoting children’s holistic development, and as such we take every measure to see that they are exposed to a holistic approach.

Each class complimented their performance with a song and a dance at different intervals within meaningful context. Children were dressed in their beautiful and colourful costumes. They looked awesome. It was a great event and children and parents both enjoyed it thoroughly.

• • • •

MATHS PROJECT WORK CHILDREN MADE THEIR OWN SAVINGS BOX Children worked in groups…TEAM work was evident It was a ‘Partnership Class Project’ They learnt about money….value…exchange etc. They decided to make their own savings box


Children could identify symbols and representations on coins and bills. They practiced counting coin and bill combinations.

✓ ✓

They learnt to apply the value of money when making a purchase. Class discussion: Children discussed what they want to become when they grow up’ and brainstormed ways to get money. We all achieved our learning goals through our activities.


We identified different kinds of insects We observed the physical characteristics of insects We identified parts of insects We did ART and Craft by creating different types of insect using given materials

COMMUNITY HELPERS Our theme about Community Helpers was well-liked by all the students. Discussions and role-plays were evident. ▪ ▪ ▪

We identified different/common community helpers We discussed the role of a doctor/nurse in the community and identified the instruments they use We discussed about bakers/chefs and most of us love cooking!

We interviewed several community helpers within our school; these are… ❖The Doctor at the school clinic ❖The Accountant ❖Some Admin staff ❖The Librarian ❖Some support staff who are indeed very important people in our lives ❖The Security Guard who has a very responsible role

YEAR 1 CONCERT The much-awaited concert of Year 1 held with the theme of Habitat (of Penguins) on Wednesday in MP hall. As our kids have already learnt about different habitats, we tried to inculcate the same through our concert. The storyline of the concert was that the penguins were looking for appropriate habitat for them to live; hence they were visiting different countries. Each class was representing one country, convincing the penguins to stay there. But as they live in the Southern Hemisphere, they chose to stay in Antarctica. Here is the list of the classes with the respective countries: • Year 1A – Korea • Year 1E – Spain • Year 1B – Hawaii • Year 1F- Welcome song • Year 1C – Africa • Year 1G – UAE • Year 1D- Antarctica • Year 1H - Germany The concert started with a short welcome song and a speech followed by Quran recitation and translation and UAE National Anthem. The guest of the event was Ms. Aisha Ansari, Principal. She welcomed the parents and motivated the kids for their performances. After that, the class wise performances started. Kids were looking so beautiful in their colorful attires. They danced very gracefully. Parents have really enjoyed the concert and appreciated the efforts and hard work of the teachers and students. Finally, the event was finished and brought a happy smile on everyone’s face.


The journey began when the children were ushered to the airport check-in counter where they were given a security bracelet, issued their boarding pass, a city map and cash to avail services and goods that are offered in the city. Children were so thrilled about this and ran around to familiarise the city and to get started immediately.

They tried different tasks and were enjoying doing them notably the ice cream making, theatre and dancing, firefighting, being paramedics, postman, etc. In every role they took plus wearing a uniform were amazing for them. They were very eager to perform the task as best as they could. There were giggles and laughs, sharing of stories all throughout because they were so engrossed at each activity. In a retrospect, they enjoyed the field trip immensely.


“ It’s not about ideas.. It’s about making ideas happen.” Year 2B make their own inventions through design and technology projects. Students of 2B presented the concept of light and dark with the use of models.

Students had an activity on testing conductors and insulators through simple circuit. Students made their own torch.

Students explored the school area and observe different types of rocks. The little scientists in actions. Students applied their knowledge and displayed their creativity in doing their performance tasks. These activities aim to develop the potentials in each of the students to enhance the scientific skills to become globally competitive and lifelong learners.

THE ROYAL SPELLING BEE COMPETITION The Royal spelling bee competition has evangelized on the spelling creed to the students who have been benefitted tremendously. On 21st April, they conducted Emirates level competition where shortlisted students from schools in Dubai, Students from lower primary (Year 1 and 2) Amna muntazir, Aiden Sharjah and Northern Emirates competed against each other to score top Christian, Iman Rehmat , Hafeez (2A), Adithya (2D) represented The Oxford School positions to qualify for the Nationals. Iman Rehmat secured 8th place and Aiden Christiano from year 2 secured 11th place and were qualified for the next round. They will represent Oxford School and Dubai emirates in the Nationals.

ASSEMBLY ON INTERNET SAFETY Students of year 2 conducted an assembly on 19th April’18, Thursday. The theme for the assembly was “Be Safe on Internet”. The assembly started with Holy Quran recitation, followed by its translation. The students then performed a short skit which emphasized on SMART rules to be followed for being safe while using internet. After the skit student show flashcards of SMART and explain what each letter stands for. The assembly was concluded by the Vice Principal Ms. Deepa’s short speech. “Every child is a flower of its own kind and all together they make this world a beautiful garden”.

Theme : Tolerance


The first school week after Spring Break, primary students gathered together for the first assembly in Third Term. The topic was about Tolerance, led by Ms. Tehmina’s Class 4A. The students performed various skits that showed different situations where Tolerance could be applied to. The students learned how they are going to show tolerance to the people around them, not only in school but also at their home. At the end of the program, the students sang a song that promotes Tolerance.

Theme : Anti -Bullying The Oxford school conducted National Anti-Bullying week from 22.04.2018 to 26.04.2018. As a part of it, the Year 3 and Year 4 student conducted the school assembly on Anti – Bullying. Student through a short act explained what are the different types of bullying. After they shared with their peer the message be the buddy and not the bully. At last student gave the tips to their classmates what to do if you are bullied and whom to share and report for the same. At the end Vice Principal Ms. Deepa Vinod, concluded assembly with her motivational words.

FIELD TRIP TO KIDZANIA YEAR 4 It’s a simple fact that cannot be overlooked that a 21st century learner needs a variety of teaching learning environments in order to enhance an all round development in the students. That’s exactly what The Oxford School aims at when it comes to catering and imparting the best to the learners. To give a ‘ hands-on’ experience to the learners on the realities of life, the learners of Year 3 and 4 were taken on a field trip to Kidzania where the little hands and feet were seen exploring the different fields of professions with curiosity and great enthusiasm. Students found themselves transported to an altogether different world of - Fire fighters, Police men, House keepers, Ambulance service men, Bakers, etc- to name a few. A commendable experience at the UAE Heritage where learners got themselves familiar with the rich culture of the land. A little after 1 pm, the learners returned back to the school, tired but surely happy to have had a touch with the professional world of the adults. Beyond doubt they will cherish this experience for many years to come and perhaps dream of one day in future, to reach to their goals in life.



The Computing and IT department at The Oxford School celebrated ICT month in the month of April. The objective of the event is to allow students to explore ICT and learn to use it confidently with purpose to achieve specific outcomes through the arrangement of some techno-competitions. Students used ICT to develop their ideas and record their creative work.


POSTER MAKING Life before and after technology


Theme : Tolerance


Peace Begins with Tolerance and Respect for Everyone Year 5B2 has performed assembly on 18 April 2018. Assembly was started at 7:35 am sharp followed by Quranic Recitation. Students of Year 5 B2 performed a voice-over tableau on Tolerance which highlighted the following values : -Accepting that all people have differences. -Being polite at all times- even when someone/ thing has made you angry. -Being patient. -Respecting other people ideas that are different to yours. The assembly concluded with Ms. Deepa's words on Tolerance.

Theme : Cyber -Bullying The Oxford school conducted National Anti-Bullying week from 22.04.2018 to 26.04.2018. As a part of it, the Year 5 and Year 6 students conducted the school assembly on Cyber – bullying. The theme of the assembly was Whether we are doing justice to our selves and technology ? Student through a short act explained how social media can be used and misused. They also explained how people can cyber- bully through social media. After finishing the act they gave tips to their peer on how can one keep oneself safe from cyber- bullying and if one is bullied then who are the people with whom the concern can be shared and how one can safeguard oneself. In the end, school Vice Principal Ms. Deepa Vinod, concluded assembly with her motivational and guiding words based on the theme of the assembly.

FUN TRIP KIDZANIA - YEAR 5 The Oxford School, Dubai organized a fun trip for the year 5 students to Kidzania, Dubai Mall on Thursday, 19th April, 2018.The aim was to enhance students with fun activities combined with different career opportunities. The students left the school at 8:30am and reached the destination by 9:15 am. On entering the play area students were introduced to the crew and they further led them to the different sections where they could play, explore and earn for participating in the activities.

The students participated and gained practical knowledge of the importance and working of the different jobs/careers such as Firefighting, Chefs, Doctors, Banking, Dubai Police, Dubai Customs etc.

There were small stalls where students could eat and quench their thirst with mouth watering snacks and drinks. Students were also allowed to buy small gift articles for their family and friends.

The students used the time provided fruitfully to gain hands on experience on the various career opportunities available in a fun-loving manner. After spending one and half hour at the venue the students returned back to school with a lot of experience and a desire for a similar trip in the future.

CIRCLE TIME ACTIVITY ICT MONTH- YEAR 5 and 6 With a view of promoting digital concepts into teaching and imparting 21st century teaching learning to students all over UAE, The Oxford School, Dubai -Years 5 and 6 organised an ICT Week from 15th April to 19th April, 2018. On 15th and 16th April, all learners were engaged in a Book Mark designing competition where the topics given to choose were: *Earth Day * Year of Zayed *Reading * Water Conservation. Most learners came out with a lot of creativity in their book mark design. On 17th and 18th all learners were deeply engrossed in a Poster Designing Competition, where the topic given to them was: ‘Life before and after technology’. Learners browsed the internet and came out with varied designs for their poster. On 19th all learners were given a paragraph and were asked to get started in a ‘Speed Typing Competition’ where each was expected to type out the contents without an error. Every learner was given a pat on the back for their enthusiasm and high levels of interest shown on all 5 days of the competition.

INTERNATIONAL CYBER OLYMPIAD Ijlal Zeeshan of 6B1 Secured 3rd National Rank and Bronze Model all over UAE in 2nd round of International Olympiad Qualifier for Cyber Exam held in February 2018.



"I would rather be a little nobody, than to be an evil somebody." In line with the National Anti-Bullying Campaign week, circle time activity was conducted on April 23, 2018. Students of year 5 and 6 got together in groups and created an Anti-bullying poster. The objective of the activity was to share an anti-bullying message across the whole section, that encourage all members of the school to act with tolerance, courtesy and consideration to others at all times and that focuses on different aspects of bullying. The students collaborated and created impressive anti-bullying posters. Through the activity they learnt about the different types of bullying and the impact that it has on others. By the end of the activity students promised themselves that they would raise their voice against bullying and would always remember to be respectful towards one another.



As they sign their names in the pledge board, they promised to be a hero and defender of peace and respect.

Bullying can negatively impact educational performance, erode self-esteem and self-worth, cause anxiety and depression, and may lead to thoughts of self-harm. Students of Year 5 and 6 watched a video and then had a class discussion about “What is bullying? How can one handle it? The students actively watched the video and came up with some important strategies to prevent bullying in their school and as well as classroom. They also discussed about the impact of bullying in one’s life. Students came up with the conclusion to act with tolerance, courtesy and consideration to others at all times and that focuses on different aspects of bullying. The main purpose of conducting the activity is to make a difference for themselves, their peers by raising awareness on bullying prevention and to foster a supportive, caring and safe school environment.

ZERO PERIOD ACTIVITY YEAR 5 and 6 In line with the National week activity of anti-bullying the year 5 and 6 created digital posters on Cyberbullying – Do’s and Don’ts. Day : April 25th,2018 Wednesday Time : 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets. Raising awareness and preventing cyberbullying is one of the greatest challenges of modern day child-rearing. Students searched for information on Cyberbullying and used suitable application to make digital posters. They actively participated in the activity and displayed their creativity.

th 7


The Oxford School Dubai conducted their 7th Interschool Under-18 Boys Football Tournament 2018 from 10/4/18 to 12/4/18. There were eight teams from seven schools which participated in the tournament; the schools are as follows: 1.The Oxford School, Dubai 2.Cambridge International, Dubai 3.GEMS Westminster, Dubai 4.Crescent English High School , Dubai 5.NIMS, Dubai 6.Dubai Scholars Private School 7.Pristine Private School The tournament was a 7-a-side game in wherein more than 80 students participated. The tournament began by welcoming all the teams with Quranic Recitation and National Anthem followed by Ms. Aisha Ansari who formally opened the ceremony. Ms. Deepa then wished all the players luck for the first match between The Oxford School and Crescent English High School, where The Oxford School triumphed with the score of 4-2. The tournament further proceeded with the second match which was won by Pristine Private School over Cambridge International by 1-0. NIMS then succeeded over Westminster B with the score of 2-1, and the victory was secured by Westminster A in the last match against Dubai Scholars with a big margin of 9-1. On the first day, four teams were out of the league as it was on knock-out bases. The semifinals were held on the next day with the first match between The Oxford and NIMS. NIMS won by a score of 4-2 and made its way to the finals. On the second one, Westminster prevailed comfortably against Pristine by 6-1 and reached the finals. On the last day, both teams came with their plans and strategies as they wanted to take the prestigious trophy. NIMS and Westminster displayed a good show of skills, coordination, and team work. Westminster looked dominant from the beginning and won the finals lifting the trophy by a score of 5-0 leaving NIMS Dubai as runners-up. The event ended with prize distribution by the principal and vice-principal; winners and runners-up were awarded with trophies, medals, and certificates. The best goalkeeper award was given to Rizwan of NIMS Dubai, and the best player was bagged by Hassan of Westminster. All the other team members were given participation certificates. Evidently, all the participants and coaches were very happy and satisfied with the arrangements and hospitality by the organisers. The P.E teachers with the help of the section heads, teachers, medical staff and management contributed a lot to make this event a success.



Urdu Assembly - Tolerance 15TH APRIL, 2018 On 15th April, Urdu assembly was conducted by students of year 9 to acknowledge the role of women and to accentuate the fact that a tolerant human being contributes to the wellbeing of the society. The enactment on gender inequality, highlighted that, not discrimination but acceptance and tolerance will create a progressive society. Adeesha,9G2 recited her inspiring poem with great feeling to emphasize the same.

Urdu Assembly -Tolerance 16TH APRIL, 2018

The assembly was conducted with an aim to make the students aware of the importance of tolerance in the social life. An inspiring conversation was presented about the connection between tolerance and social relationship by Abia and Sonia. A beautiful poem was recited by Wania and followed translation by Zahra in order to show the importance of tolerance in our daily life. A skit on the theme “how to be patient” impressed the audience. It was a significant and meaningful assembly.

ICT Assembly -Tolerance 22ND APRIL, 2018 The Senior School ICT assembly conducted in April 2018 was organized by Computing and IT Department, with a conscious focus on using technology with a proper purpose. Students of Years 9 and 10 performed a small skit on how to use technology for a good purpose. Following this, as it was the DHA Anti - Bullying week, the students of Year 10 shared their views on this topic. They informed the audience about the Dos and Don’ts of Internet Usage and how to be safe while using the Internet.


ICT Assembly – NOT JUST ENTERTAINMENT, WITH FOCUS ON CYBER BULLYING 23RD APRIL, 2018 Assembly was conducted by the students of 7G2 on 23rd April 2018.A role play was presented on how to utilize ICT to educate viewers through YouTube. Students also focused on the issue of cyber bullying. The students were able to spread the message “Stop and tell”. They added the fact that cyber bullying usually happens through social media or instant messaging. Also the importance of reporting the matter to an elder person was emphasised. DEPARTMENT OF COUNSELLING AND SPECIAL EDUCATION AUTISM AWARENESS AND TOLERANCE 29TH APRIL, 2018

"Tolerance is giving every other human being the same right , you claim for yourself" - Robert Green In recognition of, National Autism Awareness month - April, assembly was conducted by the students to promote autism awareness, inclusion and self-determination for all, and assure that each person with ASD is provided inclusive environment and the opportunity to achieve the highest possible quality of life, by providing support in educational, medical, social, recreational, family and employment needs. Inclusion Champions, Alex and Arwa of year 10 mini inspiring TED talk on “Role of students in promoting an inclusive society”. In recognition of the efforts of the students who had volunteered and compered Graduation Ceremony were, given certificate of appreciation and the finalists of the DIDI Competition and the teacher mentors were felicitated.

DEPARTMENT OF COUNSELLING AND SPECIAL EDUCATION AUTISM AWARENESS AND TOLERANCE 30TH APRIL, 2018 A talk show was presented by group of students of year 7 and 8-represnting a role of an expert/professional in educating the community and spreading the message that to accept people with differences in various areas of life and to be tolerant towards their grievances. Vice Principal, Ms.Deepa Vinod inspired students with a message that “Every member of the community is responsible in respecting and compassionate towards people with determined ones” Message: Let us make a difference and accept as we come across……………

CIRCLE TIME ACTIVITY YEAR 7 and 8 Month: ICT, and Autism Awareness

Theme of the Month: Tolerance April was the month of ICT and Autism Awareness, along with the trait Tolerance, Anti-bullying Several activities were carried out to spark the sense of Tolerance and awareness among the students. ICT month activities included Website Designing. The students designed their own website for their future business. There was also a Video Presentation created by the ICT students regarding Career Opportunities in the field of Computing and ICT that was shown to the students. Some selected students visited each class as Speakers and talked about the careers in the said field. In the last week the school conducted activities that would promote anti – bullying ideas also among students. The activities conducted where: • • •

Making digital Posters Designing Mascots Having Discussions where scenarios where given to students.

The students actively participated in the activities and could develop a clear understanding on the importance of discouraging bullying of fellow children.

CIRCLE TIME ACTIVITY YEAR 9 and 10 Month: ICT, and Autism Awareness

Theme of the Month: Tolerance Spreading awareness of the diverse career opportunities related to the field of ICT

Web Designing

National Anti- Bullying Week(22nd – 26th April)

Poster making/ Digital : Anti-Bullying campaign/ Impact of Bullying What do you do if you or someone you know is being cyberbullied and how to protect oneself on the Internet specifically using social networking sites a discussion followed by summarizing the point on a chart some of the point discussed were 1. Never respond to harassing or rude comments. 2. Tell a trusted adult. 3. Save or print the evidence. 4. Report the problem to your school or local law enforcement if you feel threatened in any way. 5. Walk away from the situation. 6. Do not get down to their level and say mean or threatening things back. 7. Change your passwords often. 8. Use privacy settings to block unwanted messages or screen names. 9. Think before posting or sending photos; they could be used to hurt you. 10. Contact the site administrator if someone creates a social networking page in your name. 11. Block any communication with the cyberbully. 12. Delete any messages from the cyberbully without reading them. Anti-bullying pledge: Students pledge to end bullying :– Group activity; Create a pledge

Bullying can negatively impact educational performance, erode self-esteem and self-worth, cause anxiety and depression, and lead to thoughts of self-harm. Students of The Oxford School to make a difference for themselves , their peers , parents and educators by raising awareness on Bullying prevention.

BEYOND COP 21 – WHAT IS THE FUTURE? YEAR 7 and 8 Selected students of Years 7 and 8 had the opportunity to represent Oxford School at a symposium titled “Beyond COP 21”, organised by Target4Green at American University of Sharjah (AUS) on the 24th of April, 2018. Global climate change is one of the defining global challenges of this era. Part of the vision of AUS’ founder, His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, UAE Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, is for AUS to reshape the minds of the youth in order for them to address social challenges using the scientific method. The Beyond COP21 Symposium was an excellent example of how his vision works in practice: by being a place where the entire community can be inspired through workshops and education series. The students enjoyed a day full of discussions, group activities, and an exhibition covering food waste, recycling, solar energy, sustainable cities, plastic reduction as well as Eco-Schools. They also saw models of solar cooker, composting plant, and other exhibitors. Later in the day, the students had the chance to share their ideas with their peers from other schools through workshops and discussion forums. Ayesha from 7 G2 represented the school as she spoke about SDG goals.

GRADUATION The Oxford School Dubai organised an auspicious Graduation Ceremony on 19th April, 2018 at Crowne Plaza Deira, Dubai to commend the outgoing batches of IGCSE and A level students for the hard miles they have conquered. The event commenced with Recitation of Qur’an and translation followed by the UAE National Anthem; then the most awaited grand procession of graduating students. The Principal, Ms. Aisha Ansari extended a warm welcome to the chief guests: Dr. Ibrahim Sidawi, the campus director of Abu Dhabi university – Dubai Campus and Dr. David Tully, Head of media department in Middlesex University, Dubai, and wished the graduates a glorious future. Moreover, Ms. Aisha Ansari handed out the plaques, certificates, and attributes to Year A2 students.

Next, clad in graduation gowns and tasselled caps, the beaming Head Boy and Head Girl presented their graduation speeches, sharing treasured memories of the school and expressing heartfelt gratitude to their parents and teachers. Subsequently, the guest of honour, Dr.Ibrahim Sidawi gave an inspirational speech to the graduates, and he also distributed the certificates and attributes among the Year 11 girls. Following right after was a motivational speech from our guest of honour, Dr.David Tully, who also gave the certificates and attributes to Year 11 boys. Once the proud students received accolades, a video on ‘Down the Memory Lane” was shown as well as warm wishes from the teachers. The function came to an end with the Candle Light Ceremony, symbolizing the knowledge and experience passed on from the teachers to their students. Later, the students had a great photo session followed by a sumptuous dinner amid a warm and congenial atmosphere which concluded the graduation finale.

ICT TECHNO DEBATE The Department of Computing and ICT conducted Techno debate on 12th April, 2018. Students of Years 9 and 10 took part in the competition. The topics given to students were: Year 9: Robots- Friends or Enemies Year 10: Cryptocurrency- Boon or Bane Mehak Khanani of 10G1 and Asma of 10G2 hosted the competition. The Head of English Department Ms. Vibha and FS2 Supervisor Ms. Shahena were honourable judges for the event. The competition between Year 9 students was won by the Boys’ team whereas the competition between Year 10 students was won by the Girls’ team. Mohammed Wajdaan of 9B3 and Nahla Mostafa of 10G1 bagged the prizes for Best Speakers. The winners were awarded with Gold medals and Certificates of Excellence. The audience and judges highly appreciated the competition.

TOS FIRST ANNUAL ICT FAIR On 30th April, 2018, IT and Computing Department organized their very first Annual ICT Fair. The fair served a bright purpose of the future of the ever developing technology. Students from Years 8 to 10 had to set up stalls related to their interests in ICT. There were total 13 stalls like VR, 3D designing, Robotics, Photo booths, Holograms, Research on case studies, Technology Museum, Xbox, PS4 etc.

Students from Years 6 to 10 were given opportunity to attend this fair. There were time slots in which they could come and enjoy their favourite game or capture their fun moments with their friends. Ms. Aisha Ansari, the honoured Principal of The Oxford School, Dubai inaugurated this event and visited all our stalls. Ms. Deepa, the respected Vice-Principal was appreciating all the hard work and effort that was put up in this event by the ICT department and students. All students enjoyed the fair and this event was a success. The ICT department will surely organize such events in the upcoming years on much larger scales.


Manipal University of Dubai organised “Polemics Debate Competition� for secondary students on the 26th of April, 2018. The history of the University was presented along with their accreditations. They also provided the information related to the courses being offered at their Dubai Campus. The event started with an opening speech by the owner of the university encouraging students to start analysing the market needs to choose their majors wisely. Then, the students were divided into two categories; senior and junior. Both categories were in two different venues. For the Junior category; the topic of the debate was given already, and the students practiced holding debates from different perspectives. Although most of the participants decided to have helping material with them on the stage, Oxford students chose to go through the debate without any material relying on their debating skills that they had practiced on for a week before the competition day. Some of our students referred to their own personal experiences to provide evidence to their arguments, and others built their arguments on other students’ defences. They also gained from this opportunity since they were competing against numerous other schools from Dubai and Sharjah. In the senior category; it was a bit challenging, as the topics were a lot and too general. Every group of students was assigned one general topic to talk about for two minutes after preparing it in one minute. That was the first stage of the competition; afterwards the judges picked a limited number of students to go for the second stage which was about rounding the general topics off to specific points of arguments. The debate started at 10.00 am for both stages and ended at 2.30 pm. The participants including teachers received certificates of appreciation.


The Oxford School was given an opportunity to participate in the public speaking competition organised by Emirates Environment Group at Dubai Knowledge Park on Monday, 23rd April. Three of the students: Omar Mohammed Farooqi, Joshua Shevon Ryan Ferriera, and Shamir Shuaib Baig participated in it. The topic they presented was “Agriculture: Is it a viable solution for the region?�, they spoke about how citizens can develop sustainable agriculture in UAE with the help of hydroponics and aeroponics. Moreover, the students wrote an Earth day pledge together with all the other participants. Over 50 schools participated in the competition which was aimed at developing the vision of sustainability among the students who will become future citizens. It was an amazing experience for the students as they interacted and shared their ideas with their peers from other schools.


On 18th April 2018, a visit was conducted at The Sustainable City situated on the Al Qudra Road which is considered as the first net zero energy development in the Emirate of Dubai. Four students from Grade 7 and 8 of our school participated; many students from other schools were also there. Initially, a brief introduction of the city was given along with the basis on which the city is developed i.e. sustainability and its three pillars. After a brief presentation, students were shown the model of the city. All the main features of the city as well as the upcoming projects were discussed. Students were then taken to show one of the main features of the sustainable city: The BioDome. It is a form of controlled, self-sufficient eco-system that closely replicates a natural outdoor environment. Students were shown how aqua-ponics and hydroponics are applied in the bio dome to grow various plants. They planted sunflower seeds in their own pots and brought them to school as well. Different fruits and vegetables which were grown in the bio dome were also tasted by the participants. The second part of visit comprised of a tour of the first cluster of villas. Students explored how they integrated sustainability into infrastructure by implementing solar energy in the entire city to reduce the cost of the electricity and carbon footprint. Students were also shown the bioreactor from outside where they treat wastewater and use it for watering the plants throughout the city. Lastly, a discussion on use of 4Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) was done to encourage everyone to implement them in their lives so that there could be less waste production. Overall, students learned a lot about sustainability and how it can be implemented in real life.


Juweriya Salim, Tehzeeb Khalid from 7G1 and Sonia Azhar from 8G2 conducted a workshop for students of Year 7 G1 and 7G2 on the topic: How to be a Sustainable Leader. It was conducted in the Senior Library on 25th April, 2018 during the zero period. The workshop started with an icebreaker where students were divided into different groups. Each group had to assign a leader who would take charge of the activities. Then, they had to come up with definitions of sustainability and write each on a small post-it and place it on the chart provided. The students then discussed about Earth Charter and what it means to the people. There was also a short explanation of the characteristics of a sustainable leader and how it is different from a traditional one. The workshop ended with an activity where each group had to draw or express their idea of sustainability.

WORKSHOP ON VEDIC MATHS On the 29th of April 2018, The Oxford School, Dubai had organised a workshop on “VEDIC MATH” by Dhaval Bhatia, a writer of famous books like “Vedic Math Made Easy” and “Memory Power”. The workshop started with the memory game where 20 words were memorised by using them in a story. The students learnt the words with excitement. Mr. Dhaval then taught students how to multiply a 2digit number by another 2- digit number using the ixi method. The students enthusiastically used it and calculated the answers. Subsequently, Mr. Dhaval shared how to figure out the birthdate of a person by following certain steps. The students followed them and were amazed when their birthdates and month were shared. The audience was also surprised and happy to learn the tricks. Lastly, Mr. Dhaval briefed the audience on the CDs of Memory Power and Math tricks.

WER 2018 On Saturday 28th April, 2018, students from year 7-10 attended the World Education Robotics Competition. It was a great experience for the students to be a part of such an event. The competition was based on the theme: Information Era. The robot tasks were based on concepts like Cloud Computing, GPS, Data Download, Recycling e-waste, Online shopping, and so on. There were 3 rounds: Ability tasks, Presentation, and Interview. The performance of the students was commendable in all the rounds. They had a wonderful exposure to real time coding environment.

WORKSHOP FOR PARENTS Department of Special Education and Counseling Participants: Parents of FS-year 9 Date and Time: 26-04-2018 and 1:00-2:00. p.m. Guest Speaker: Ms.Meera Ramani, MS BCBATopic for the session: Social and Emotional Teaching strategies for parents Objectives: To provide specific strategies for dealing with social and emotional wellbeing of students This workshop focused on introducing various teaching techniques to be followed at home by parents. Main highlights of the session: Participants were encouraged to 1.

Focus more on socialization and communication with children frequently.


Establish specific rules and procedures at home.


Provide appropriate reinforcements with respect to the desirable and appropriate behavior.


Use a positive behavior intervention system to understand the antecedent, behavior, and consequence (ABC)


Teach alternative behavior rather than using punishment techniques.


Insist more on Family quality time

Feedback from parents: *Majority of parents were pleased to attend this workshop. *Most of the parents requested for more frequent sessions to learn.

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April newsletter