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Expander Tankbag Stylish, multi-functional, magnetic tank bag with a whole host of innovative features. Suitable for most motorcycles with steel tanks Sacoche de réservoir magnétique et multifonctions superbement conçue et dotée de plusieurs caractéristiques innovateurs. Pour la plupart des motos à réservoir en acier Diese vielseitige, luxuriöse, magnetische Tanktasche ist mit allen Raffinessen ausgestattet. Passend fûr die meisten Motorräder mit Stahltanken Bolso de tanque magnético estlioso con varios usos y toda una gama de caraterísticas inovadoras Apropiado para la mayoría de motocicletas con tanques de acero. Borsa magnetica dal design multifunzionale ricca di innovativi particolari di finitura. Utilizzabile su tutte le motocon serbatoio metallico

2009 updates include: • Water-resistant zips all round • Fresh, new styling

Expandable main compartment

Super strong magnets

OL630 Black

OL631 Red

OL632 Blue

OL633 Platinum

Luggage Size (mm) Length : 450 Height : 170

Width : 320 Height Expanded : 330 approx.

40L luggage capacity

Detachable pocket converts to bumbag Rucksack conversion

Bum Bag Belt

Removable rear pocket converts to a useful bumbag

Expander Tankbag - Colours & Codes

Map holder in base and on top

Deluxe Tailpack - Colours & Codes

OL650 Black

OL651 Red

OL652 Blue

OL653 Platinum

Luggage Size (mm) Length : 420 Height : 170

Width : 490 Height Expanded : 330 approx.



luggage cap acity


The most sophisticated seat bag ever designed, the Deluxe Tailpack has even more useful features with a new, unique design for a totally exclusive look Le « Deluxe Tailpack », le sac de siège arrière le plus sophistiqué qui ait jamais été conçu, offre encore plus de fonctions utiles Die raffinierteste Sitztasche jemals entwurfen, die Deluxe Tailpack hat jetzt noch mehr nützliche Eigenschaften. El bolso de asiento más sofisticado que nunca, El Deluxe Tailpack tiene aun más características útiles Il Portabagagli di lusso è la più ricercata borsa per la sella che sia mai stata progettata, con molte altre utili funzionalità


Deluxe Tailpack

Exclusive to OXFORD

Showing detachable waist pack & rucksack conversion

All Bungies supplied with OXFORD luggage are TUV approved


Bungie hooks Velcro under-seat strap must be shown attached fitted tightly correctly to a solid anchor point


2009 updates include: • Water-resistant zips all round • Fresh, new styling



New shaped base flaps for extra ease-of-use 9


ack The Tailp attached e b s y a lw sing must a on seat u to the pilli ral seat-belt g the inte additional strap and supplied bungees

Tankbag/Tailpack Strap-on Tankbag base fitted OL522 with OL540 for non-ferrous Tanks

Magnetic Tankbag base fitted OL522 with OL530

1 base, 4 colour inserts to choose from! (included)

Magnetic Tankbag Base OL530

Humpback Tankbag/Tailpack body

OL520 Black

OL521 Red

OL522 Blue

OL523 Platinum

Tankbag & Tailpack bases OL530 OL540 OL550

Magnetic Tankbag base Strap-on Tankbag base Tailpack base

(Bases Sold Separately) Luggage Size (mm) Length : 395 Height : 185 Width : 300 approx.

28L luggage capacity

Black Black Black

1 BAG - 3 OPTIONS! OL540


Tailpack base fitted OL522 with OL550 Strap-on Tankbag Base

Weather resistant electrical outlet (headphone port)

Tailpack Base

Tankbag / Tailpack • A sculpted Tankbag / Tailpack to suit modern sports bikes and riders, aiding comfort while looking fantastic at the same time! • Sacoche de réservoir/arrière sculptée pour toutes les motos de sport modernes et leurs motards, offrant à la fois un meilleur confort et un look fantastique • Eine speziell geformte Tanktasche/Hecktasche für moderne Sportmaschinen und Fahrer: Komfort und phantastischer Look! • Mochila trasera o Tankbag de forma elegante, especial para motocicletas deportivas modernas y para sus pilotos - ¡cómodas y también espectaculares! • Borsa per serbatoio/borsa retrosella conformata per motociclette sportive moderne e motociclist all’avanguardia. Practicità ed eleganza insieme

Purchase bases separately to create... Magnetic Tankbag base fitted

Strap-on Tankbag base fitted For non-ferrous tanks


Magnetic Tankbag Base 1 base, 4 colour inserts to choose from!

Sprint Tankbag/Tailpack body

OL720 Black

OL721 Red

OL722 Blue

OL723 Platinum

Tankbag & Tailpack bases OL730 OL740 OL750

Magnetic Tankbag base Strap-on Tankbag base Tailpack base

Black Black Black

(Bases Sold Separately) Length : 340 Width : 240

Height : 200 Height Exp. : 300 approx.

25L luggage capacity

1 BAG - 3

Features Expandable Storage Base section expands

Bum Bag Feature Add/remove side pocket


Designed for water proof sat nav systems. Saves the need for ugly handlebar mounted brackets.


Top pocket For Sat-Nav / Maps*


Tailpack base fitted Strap-on Tankbag Base


Tailpack Base