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CHATTERBOX XBI2FF – Universal kit


The XBi2 is our latest bike-to-bike wireless intercom that comes equipped with Bluetooth® technology. In addition the XBi2 allows you to communicate simultaneously with 3 riders at up to 500 meters of range [1,640 ft] in optimum conditions. The XBi2 will allow you to stream audio signal from any source that already comes equipped with Bluetooth® A2DP such as mobile telephones, MP3, GPS, radar detector and even an iPod when hooked up to a Bluetooth® adapter such as our BTA or BTD. After all the whole point of Bluetooth® is to eliminate that pesky cable that most intercoms are dependent on for receiving audio signals


XBI2H – IS-Max kit


Helmet Specific ChatterBox! re-designed its award winning bike-to-bike wireless Bluetooth® intercom, the XBi2 to be incorporated into the HJC IS-MAX BT helmet. The IS-MAX BT helmet has a built-in recess to readily install the XBi2-H. The unit fits nice and flush into the helmet for less wind resistance and ergonomic design. Even though the XBi2-H was designed specifically for the HJC IS-MAX BT helmet, it is also backwards compatible with the current ChatterBox! XBi2 model. This will allow you to communicate with your friends that already own the previous XBi2 Models. The XBi2-H allows you to communicate between 3 riders in full duplex via CDMA Bluetooth® technology up to 500 meters (1,640 ft.) in optimum conditions. With the XBi2-H installed in the IS-MAX BT helmet, riders can stream audio from any source equipped with Bluetooth® A2DP such as mobile telephones, MP3 players, GPS devices and radar detectors. Other features includes a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery with a true 6-8 hour run time, 1 hour express charge, dynamic noise-suppression microphone, Hi-Fidelity speakers, all in a compact waterproof design. Each kit comes with eveything you need for 1 helmet.