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The Oxford Center

January 2013



Your help is truly making a difference! Contributing to the our youth project has never been easier. By visiting our page you can make a contribution of any amount with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you would like to become a sustaining donor and sign up for regular contributions that option is there for you. Every penny makes a difference for these children who without your help would not be the shining stars that they are. Make your contribution by following the link below today!     Click HERE to visit the webpage. Email us at:

Highlights 2012 Ivania, finished 9th grade with an 86% average. ¨My

Ivania needs a sponsor for studying 10th Grade this year.

dream is to become a doctor. I want to help other children

Her budget for the year is approximately $1200 to

like my little brother. He has

include all her materials,

Down Syndrome and a heart problem. It has been very

uniforms, books, and transport and school supplies.

difficult for my family. But with God´s help I know I will

Thanks for the continuing support from Rick and George

be able to reach my dreams.´

who have steadfastly helped this program

Tel: +504-3390-1998

SOCCER SENSATIONS Here are Dunia and Sulma at a soccer game. Their team scored 4 to 0! Congratulations!

A SHINING STAR Zamantha with her mother on her 15th birthday. Zamantha finished her first year of High School in Tourism with shining grades.

FIRST GRADUATION Dunia, the first to graduate from High School!! Congratulations and many thanks to her sponsors all these years!

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First Student to Graduate



(Translation from Spanish) “Finally my graduation day has arrived!” Says Dunia, “I still can´t believe it. I am with Andrea and Nabil in this picture because my real sponsors, Deedee and Jeff could not come from the United States. I love them very much and thank them for their support all these years. Thanks to them I have achieved my dream”. “My senior year social work was helping build a health assistance room at the local Health Center in Siguatepeque.”

sponsors. Now my aim is to continue studying. I want to

Dunia´s budget for her first year of University is approximately

become an Agro-Industrial Engineer. I want to help my

$1300 including books, materials, transport and group

country produce better food. I

work costs.

hope I can find some part-time work, although here the “Here I am with my Mom and my High School Diploma. She says she is very proud of me and very thankful to God and to my

businesses do not like their employees to study. I will try my best to be a good student. Deedee and Jeff, you are my angels! Thank you. “

SULMA: WE BELIEVED YOU COULD DO IT “I want to have my own Greenhouse and grow flowers and organic vegetables. “ Sulma, who started out as a malnourished and challenged student, finished 9th grade with an 82% average and also as an outstanding soccer player. She has won a scholarship that covers tuition, and room and board to study agriculture in a Technical School this year. She will need uniforms, boots and working shoes, personal effects, sneakers and some basic school supplies in order to go. Her budget including transport is approximately $400.

We want to help them too

This year  the  Oxford   Center  has  received   several  dona5ons   towards  helping  one   assistant  teacher  with  a   s5pend  at  the  Special   School,  Carita  de  Angel   (Face  of  an  Angel).   Previously  this  teacher   was  working  as  a   volunteer  as  funds  had   not  been  available.

HEIDY MEZA COULD NOT GO TO SCHOOL THIS YEAR BECAUSE OF LACK OF FINANCIAL MEANS. For her to study 4th grade this year she has a budget of $600 for the year approximately, to include uniforms, sports uniform, shoes, materials, school supplies and other expenses the school

Here we  see  him  and   another  teacher  working   in  the  classroom.  He  says,   “I  feel  much  beHer  now   as  I  can  cover  my  bus  fare   and  expenses,  also  I  feel   like  I  am  part  of  the  staff   now.  I  am  on  the  payroll!”   Many  thanks  to  the   generous  sponsors  for   their  assistance.

asks for, such as monthly payment for the English and computer classes, security and purchasing a desk.

“Most important of all is the education of girl children, for these girls will one day be mothers, and the mother is the first teacher of the child.”

Ángela, a  single  mother,  bravely  completed  her  second  year  of  High   School  in  Business  Administra5on  during  her  pregnancy,  making  up   her  exams  immediately  aOer  giving  birth  to  her  son.  She  says,  “It  is   more  difficult  for  me  now,  but  I  will  con5nue  to  study.  I  want  my  son   to  have  a  beHer  life  than  I  had.  I  will  do  everything  possible  to  become   a  professional.”  If  God  will´s  I  will  graduate  this  year  in  Business   Administra5on”.  Her  budget  is  approximately  $1200  for  the  year.

Buenavista Newsletter - Jan 2013  

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