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WASHING Mix 2 ounces of Aero Surface Wash per gallon of water. Start at the top of the aircraft and work down, washing small areas at a time and rinsing frequently. You will notice that Aero Surface Wash produces a rich lather, not foam bubbles. Almost all washes are just detergent and water, but our wash has several ingredients. Aero surface Wash gives a thick lather like shampoo, allowing for more product contact with the surface and reducing the likelihood of scratching. Wash aircraft in shaded area when possible in order to prevent streaking that occurs when applying components to hot metal. Never use rough bristle brushes or coarse rags. Soft bristles like the Oxo Brush or Sheepskin Mitt help prevent scratches. Rinse aircraft completely after washing, towel or chamois dry to prevent streaking. Remove any excess water with Water Blade. Wash aircraft as needed, but at least once a month regardless of aircraft use. For best results, remove bugs, grease, hydraulic oils and exhaust soot with Power Clean Gel before washing and after for any unmoved contaminates. Spray gel directly onto area and let absorb for approximately 30 seconds and wipe off. No water is needed. Power Clean Gel is composed of specific polymers that protect the finish after use. These polymers give a protective coating to the surface and make it easier to remove soot and bugs when they reappear. Apply as needed, but remember— removing exhaust soot on a regular basis is highly recommended and required for long-term durability of the painted surface. For removing tough stains that can damage your aircraft, such as acid rain, bird droppings, insect residue, exhaust stains, paint overspray, and other airborne particles; use Aero Clay Bar and Lubricant. Kneed clay in hand so it is comfortable. Spray lubricant to area and wipe with bar. DO NOT use clay on a dry area. Lubricant allows bar to slide across surface. The bar picks up contaminates with ease and little force from you. Kneed clay as necessary. For more effective use of bar, use Power Clean Gel in place of the lubricant. Four touch-ups in between washing, use Quick Clean or Quick Shine to remove dust, smudges, rain spots, and fresh bugs. Simply spray cleaner on area and wipe off. No water is needed. Use as necessary.



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