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THE PROPER AIRCRAFT PRODUCTS With over thirty years experience refinishing aircraft from around the world, we have acquired a unique understanding of what’s needed and safe for all aircraft quality appearance products. After working closely with our chemists and with extensive testing, we have developed a line of products that are technically correct, userfriendly, and durable. Cost of ingredients has never been a criterion. The Proper Aircraft products are the only care products used in our facility or approved for use on any of our award-winning aircraft. You “new” aircraft has a Dupont linear polyurethane finish that has an excellent high gloss appearance and is extremely durable. Though the finish is very durable, proper care and maintenance is important to ensure that the surface maintains its high gloss appearance and the life of the paint job is extended to its full long term potential. At the time you pick up your newly refinished aircraft, the paint will be 99.9% cured; however, it will take approximately thirty days for the paint to fully cure. It is recommended that your aircraft be cleaned only with Aero Surface Wash and a soft wash mitt. Aero Surface Wash neutralizes acid rain and cuts grease and oil without harming the finish. Rinse thoroughly with water and wash small sections at a time. Start at the top of the aircraft and work down. Rinse frequently and dry with a towel or chamois to avoid water spotting. After thirty days, you can continue to wash as above or you can begin to treat aircraft surface with liquid carnauba wax. We use only the highest grade, #1 yellow carnauba wax. Although #1 yellow is the most expensive wax, we never used cost as a benchmark for quality. We apply this product with an applicator pad using a firm circular motion. When haze appears, buff with a soft terry cloth. For hard to clean exhaust, oil, grease and insect stains, use Power Cleaning Gel. This product was specially formulated to remove stubborn leading edge debris from polyurethane finishes. It is safe, yet effective. This unique gel spray stays where it is sprayed. Simply spray on surface, let it soak for a short time, and wipe clean with a soft cloth. Never use paper towels. For those times when you need a little bit more aggressive polish and wax, we suggest Liquid Carnauba Wax Rejuvenating. It removes oxidation, stubborn stains, and is safe on all aircraft finishes. For your convenience, we have developed a customized, padded, ballistic nylon carrying case which includes one 16 oz. container each of Liquid Carnauba Wax, Aero Surface Wash, Windshield Gel, Power Clean Gel, wax applicator, and chamois cloth. The Appearance Kit is designed to travel with you in your aircraft or automobile. You will only get one chance to make the right decision about protecting your new investment. Remember these products are designed specifically for aircraft finishes. The Proper Aircraft products are not automotive quality. We strongly urge you to purchase the Appearance Kit before you leave. For more information on any of these products, please call 1-800-530-8404 and ask for a free copy of our new catalog, The Proper Aircraft.



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