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CABINETRY CABINET MAKING is the practice of utilizing many woodworking skills to create cabinets, shelving and furniture. Our experts at Oxford Aviation master these skills to the highest level to produce outstanding aircraft cabinetry. All components are designed and built to standards that exceed FAA requirements. We focus on the latest advances in materials and fabrication methods to make our products more durable, lightweight, and cost-effective. In addition to exotic hardwoods and veneers, we work with state-of-the-art materials to create world-class cabinetry. At Oxford Aviation, we have the expertise and experience of well over 4000 refurbished aircraft at our facility. We are often quoted as being “obsessed” about quality— our fleet of satisfied customers will agree. Maine traditional craftsmanship meets latest aeronautical technology — this truly unique symbiosis defines our work at Oxford Aviation. We apply this combination to all our processes. Our interior department is especially proud to employ master craftsmen of their kind. THE PROCESS At Oxford Aviation, we take pride in the production, installation and repair of custom aircraft cabinetry and furniture. Our custom cabinet makers have a creative nature with an extremely good eye for detail, which enables them to design and produce finished projects of beauty and fine detail using high quality veneers and hardwoods. Our cabinet makers are able to create projects from existing cabinetry or from custom designs. They can also create new pieces to suit the needs and desires of individual customers. To make you familiar with our cabinet making process and the elusive craftsmanship involved, here are some insights: EDGE JOINING Edge joinery relies mostly on adhesive strength, although there are exceptions. Some edge joints do have reinforcing, like biscuits, dowels, or even a tongue and groove. These types of reinforcement are used as much for alignment as for strength. What edge joinery depends on is two good mating edges cut straight and true and bonded together with a good adhesive.



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