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10. Fiberglass and plastic parts are refinished to “like new” appearance. Extensive repairs may require an additional charge. Irreparable components will be replaced. 11. Dupont Air & Space, Jet Glo or Acry Glo is applied as a final finish. Three full coats are applied rather than the common industry standard of two coats. This additional application results in a better appearance and a more long-lasting and durable finish. These are the premiere aircraft paints, giving a beautiful “wet look” and affording the maximum durability. We do not accelerate our finish coat, thus allowing better adhesion and long-term durability. 12. Color-striping is done by our own special technique, leaving crisp, clean lines. 13. Computer generated masks are used for N numbers, resulting in a superior appearance. Outlining and shadowing are available at a reasonable charge. 14. Licensed technicians check aircraft, and logbook entries are made. 15. All required placards will be installed. 16. Up to 3 hours labor for surface irregularities correction and corrosion repair, if required, is included as part of the base price. As dents and corrosion may be undetectable until aircraft is stripped, owners are advised of estimated additional charges. Additional repairs will be performed at current shop rates. 17. As a part 145 repair station, a final quality inspection is completed and the aircraft is certified airworthy and approved for return service. INCLUDED IN BASE PRICE • •

Wheel wells/landing gear repainted All stainless steel fasteners (except 1/4 turn cowl fasteners)

OPTIONS AVAILABLE • • • • • • • • • • •

Additional colors Custom designs priced depending upon complexity Custom color formulation other than standard Dupont, Jet Glo or Acry Glo Sample panels with colors and scheme design Colored wings Clear coat 1/4 turn cowl fasteners Door jambs and frames (no charge if done concurrently with interior) Second base coat color (split scheme) Speed fairings and gap seals Nose erosion boot



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Oxford Aviation  

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