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“The experience was a great eye-opener for children who may have never considered going to university.” Jason Francis, Garsington Primary School

Oxford is actively leading outreach programmes to raise the confidence and aspirations of all young people to see higher education as an achievable goal. The University of Oxford will run over 2,200 outreach programmes for school-aged students in 2013–14

The Oxford experience is one that we hope you fondly remember. With support from our community of alumni we can encourage talented students to apply to the University, and support them when they get here. You are an important part of our community of Oxford Thinkers.

Please help support tomorrow’s scholars on the path to ideas that change our world.

Tyler Alabanza-Behard, pictured top left, is an Oxford Opportunity Bursary Recipient.

Gifts from alumni are a vital source of funding for outreach programmes.

“ For some children, particularly those from state schools, an Oxford education can seem unobtainable. Your workshops really helped to show what higher education can hold for those who are willing and able.” Jason Francis, Garsington Primary School

“It is important to let children know that university is a viable route in life, especially as we constantly hear that many youngsters don’t feel university is an option for them.” Keith Sullivan, Halton Combined School


per month

or a single donation of


Fund a group of 20 young carers on a residential stay by donating £3,500

Increasingly, we need to reach out to young people with the talent to study at Oxford and help them to fulfil their potential.

“UNIQ confirmed my interest in Theology, but more poignant was its influence on my future aspirations. The week showed how Russell Group universities are reachable goals, and it gave useful information that has helped with my application. Regardless of whether I am accepted, UNIQ has given me a new confidence in my academic ability.’’ Travis Alabanza-Behard UNIQ student, 2013

Together 14 alumni would pay for 30 GCSE students to spend a day learning at Oxford, and allow them to take home their revision books:


per month

or a single donation of


Fully fund a class of GCSE students with a donation of £1,700

*A young carer is a child or young person whose life is affected by looking after someone in their family with a disability or long-term illness.

Just seven donors are needed to fund 20 young carers * to experience University life on a two-day residential stay at Oxford:

Oxford’s Widening Participation initiative provides curriculum enrichment opportunities for local state school children aged from 9 to 16 years. Large numbers of whom come from families with no prior family history in higher education. Our national Widening Access programme encourages Year 12 students from non-traditional backgrounds to apply to the University of Oxford. Our UNIQ programme of academically-focused, residential summer schools gives these students a real taste of undergraduate study.

Oxford continues to attract the brightest and best students in the world. Through our Widening Access programme, combined with a strong bursary scheme, we are striving to support the most academically able to come to Oxford, regardless of their financial background. We ask our alumni to support these important programmes to ensure that Oxford is accessible to every bright, young person, and to provide them with the financial support they need after they arrive here at Oxford.

We want to be able to encourage every capable student to aspire to a place at Oxford, and to provide them the opportunity of study free from financial constraints.

Every donation helps Oxford’s community grow to develop world changing ideas. Please join us in supporting developing minds today. University of Oxford Development Office University Offices, Wellington Square Oxford OX1 2JD T: +44 (0)1865 611529 E:

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Annual Appeal - Outreach brochure  
Annual Appeal - Outreach brochure