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United with our allies, Consistent with our values, Operating in Italy and in the world to ensure Dignity and rights to the most vulnerable people Engaged to fight against Poverty and injustice

Only by joining our efforts can we build a better world...

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Dominican Republic Calle Prof. A. Regalado, 5 Salcedo

Bolivia Calle Simeón Roncal nº 74 Barrio obrero, Sucre

Calle 2da, 20 esq. A. Mirò Las Malvinas - Neyba

Bosnia and Herzegovina Ulica Josipa Vancasa, 32 71000 Sarajevo Ulica Gojka Vukovica, 2 88000 Mostar Cameroon P.O. BOX 384 Bafang

A world where women and children are listened to and actively contribute to building their own lives.

Calle Neyba, 9 esq. Jimanì Bonao Ecuador C/ Garcia Moreno s/n Cotacachi, Imbabura C/Guayas 22-46 y Venezuela Lago Agrio, Province of Sucumbios

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Ulica Raiko Zinzifov 49/a 1000 Skopje Lebanon Evangelical School St. Farran Bldg. 4th floor Tyre, South Lebanon Hazmiyeh/Mar Takla 63, Rue Theresa Obaid Bldg. 146 Beirut

Palestine P.O. BOX 489 91004 Jerusalem

Foto: Alberto Conti/Ucodep ©

Albania Via Skanderbeg C.P. 385 Lezhe

c/o Development Station di PLDC Tubas SouthAfrica P.BAG X 1028 Lusikiski ERF 1147 Ext.15 Lusikisiki, East Cape Province


Vietnam No. 18, 31/46 Xuan Dieu Tay Ho District, Hanoi No. 098 Tran Hung Dao Bat Xat District, Lao Cai

Italy Via Concino Concini, 19 52100 Arezzo

A world where citizens and governments work together to benefit their communities and leave a healthy, clean planet to their children.

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20 07

We envision a world where schools, hospitals and water pipelines work and are accessible to all.

A world where people can express their potential and follow their dreams with dignity.





MANAGED RESOURCES Income statement

Spain Portugal Malta Haiti Dominican Republic

Vietnam Lebanon



Ecuador Perù



Sri Lanka

Congo Tanzania Brasil

Chile Argentina

South Africa

Countries where Ucodep’s European partners have headquarters

Sanja Radulović Ucodep Project Manager - Sarajevo Office - Bosnia Herzegovina

JANUARY Ecuador - In the Natural Reserve of Cuyabeno, activities are underway in support of local communities and the enviroment. In 2007 865 medical checkups were carried out, enviromental education camps for more than 300 children were organized, and systems to manage waste and recycling were established.

FEBBRAIO Italy - A cultural and linguistic mediation service is still active in various medical pratices in the Provinces of Arezzo, Florence and Empoli. In 2007 14.000 foreign citizens benefited from the service and 6.000 members of the health personnel were trained.

MARCH Palestine - After 3 months of training partially carried out in Italy, the Palestinian technicians of the sheep and goat sector’s Development Station started producing and selling typical Italian and Palestianian cheese under the new brand Golden Sheep.

Ucodep has succeeded in establishing the basis for a network capable of promoting fair trade without monopolizing the network. It has also succeeded in promoting the diversity of all the parties involved, while allowing them to achieve a very concrete result.

The European Commission should seriously consider the possibility of promoting projects which, with a relatively small budget, manage to bring real improvement and have an important impact on people’s lives.

Adriano Scarpelli Equal Project Coordinator Promotion of Social Enterprise in Southern Tuscany - EurobicToscana Sud

APRIL Bosnia Herzegovina - Thanks to The Golden Street project, about 200 small producers in the honey sector received technical assistance and tools for the production of honey, and local authorities have been provided with equipment for quality product checks.

MAY Italy - The work of Conectando Mundos, a NGO and teacher network coming together to promote education and global citizenship, continues. 600 teachers and 14,000 students of different continents were connected through a multilingual e-learning platform.

JUNE Africa - A new decentralised cooperation project with local authorities takes off in South Africa, two years after Ucodep started working in rural areas. Health and water management projects also start in Cameroon.

Vasileios Panoutsopoulos Official of the European Commission Technical Assistance Office for project monitoring in Palestine

JULY Vietnam - During the four year duration of the project, 52 brick houses have been built to replace houses made of mud and straw, as well as 4,204 latrines, 476 wells and 177 water tanks in the Phu Tho District in North Vietnam.

AUGUST Europe - The Oxfam International and Ucodep Campaign Office opens with the aim to sensitise public opinion and put political pressure on the issues of global poverty and injustice.

SEPTEMBER Dominican Republic - 3,000 children can go back to school in newly rebuilt classrooms, adequately set up so as to facilitate their learning. About 300 teachers have also benefitted from training courses, specifically suited to improve teaching activities.

4,582,763 1,273,891

5,622,112 1,138,180



2. Fund raising and promotional activities



Fund raising from citizens Promotional activities 3. Additional activities

38,529 129,832 -

23,100 63,073 -

Fund raising from citizens Promotional activities 3. Additional activities

207,167 130,353 6,150

284,051 66,758 8,700

4. Financial and property costs



4. Financial and property costs









5. Extra expenses 6. General support expenses 7. Other expenses Total expenses before tax





Taxes Total expenses after tax





Economic result after tax


Total balance


5. Extra expenses

7. Other expenses



Total income



Total balance



767 7,152,144

Compared to 2006 revenues dropped by 15% due to the end of a major decentralised cooperation project. However, the 2008 budget forecast of Euro 8 million confirms Ucodep’s overall growing trend.

No profit organisations projects’s share

0,50% Other

General support

0,53% Other

te va

International organisations

WELL ABOVE THE benchmark

2,70% Fund raising and promotion

Individual donors

Private organisations

We allocate 87.2% of our revenues to our projects’ activities, which are internationally certified by Iso 9001:2000 (quality management system certification) to guarantee maximum transparency and effectiveness. We allocate the remaining 12.8% of our revenues to cover the costs of logistics, finance, communications, fundraising, internal training, quality control and the publication of our social report.

Fund management

Fund source



9,57% 29% European Union



Institutional activities projects General support Fund raising and promotion


Other public organisations Province of Arezzo


9% 10% 3% Tuscany Region

In two years I have been able to meet many people and experiment with new ways of working. Thanks to the excellent relationship with the local partners, our results have far exceeded our expectations; and the most beautiful thing is that the good relationships with our partners last far longer than project’s length.


87,20 <10% 9,57% <15% 2,70%

In Italy and in the South, we have chosen to improve the living conditions of thousands of people by: • working as a network, through lasting relationships based on trust, listening and mutual cooperation; • following an integrated approach that unites our constant commitment to promoting change in politics, ideas, and behaviours with our daily work on development projects.



Countries where Ucodep works

In 2007 we managed more than 80 projects, 76% of which were carried out in Southern countries, the remaining 24% in Italy and Europe. 90,000 people have directly benefited from our activities.


1. Institutional activities: projects From Public bodies From Private bodies

2. Fund raising and promotional activities

Pr i










1. Institutional activities: projects

United Kingdom



Our vision is inspired by values of justice, human dignity and democracy. Our mission aims to build a world in which such values can be attained. Our actions are consistent with the values of solidarity, sobriety and commitment.


Bosnia and Montenegro Herzegovina Kosovo Serbia


Italian Minister of foreign affairs

Pubblic ,5%

Our actions aim to build a world in which every person, without discrimination, is guaranteed the right to food, to a dignified life, to essential services, to human security in times of humanitarian crisis and the right to be heard and included in decisions affecting their lives.


• Local development projects in the Northern and Southern hemispheres • Advocacy, awareness raising and mobilization campaigns • Humanitarian activities • Solidarity economy


• Economic justice • Education, health and water • Support for populations hit by humanitarian emergencies • Active and responsible citizenship • The right to diversity

We are women and men working together with our allies on both national and international level to eradicate injustice and poverty. We strive to build a world where every person, without discrimination, is able to fully benefit from their rights and create their future with dignity and with the support of their society.

Other 87,20% Institutional activities - projects

<5% 0,53%

Un-Guru’s no profit Benchmark il Sole 24 ore


Ucodep’s work has been important not just because it built roads and infrastructure, but above all because staff have really paid attention to the human side of the project. They worked to develop the social and economic fabric of the community, particularly of the poor and the marginalised.

Murad Salim Mayor of Aytaroun - Lebanon

OCTOBER Bolivia - A new project begins to improve the social and economic conditions of migrant women. By working at a textile production centre and attending health and hygiene education classes, these women will be able to be independent and contribute to improving the living conditions of their own community.

NOVEMBER Lebanon - The first Earth Market is opened at Tripoli el-Mina. This represents a new opportunity for a territory which, due to the war, has undergone a freeze to its local development process. It is an opportunity not only to sell, but also to socialize and to promote the territory’s identity through local food.

DECEMBER Italy - Every year the Tuscan Region sponsors the Human Rights Meeting. For 2007 the theme was religious freedom and Ucodep was responsible for its overall coordination and management. 8,200 students and 690 Tuscan teachers attended the event.

Annual Report 2007 Ucodep - ING  

United with our allies, Consistent with our values, Operating in Italy and in the world to ensure Dignity and rights to the most vulnerable...