OX1 Incubator Annual Report 2019-2020

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“Asia and the U.K.’s first Educational MMORPG” LevelUp is a personal development platform for ‘K-12’ students (aged 3 to 18) that enhances their academic and holistic development. LevelUp offers a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) experience where children can interact, collaborate and build on their interpersonal skills while learning from curriculum-aligned content developed in-house and sourced from publishers. LevelUp measures users’ interactions in a virtual world and generates both academic activities for children and holistic activities for parent-teacher bonding, based on advanced analytics. For parents and teachers, LevelUp features a companion application which tracks children’s psychometric profile (via the OCEAN Model) and academic profile, based on which it offers developmental activities.

THE TEAM Nicholas U Jin: BA Jurisprudence, University of Oxford. He was awarded the Young Changemaker Award by the National Youth Council, and he is part of the Kairos Talent Program for entrepreneurial-minded students. Pawit Kochakarn: MENg Engineering Science, University of Oxford. He has extensive experience in both software and hardware development, having developed a wide range of software for numerous start-ups and firms. Alessandro Bongioanni: Postdoctoral researcher in Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford. He is an expert in the cognitive neuroscience of decision-making, learning and motivation. He has a background in philosophy, psychology and neuroscience (ENS, Paris; UCL, London; Oxford).


The LevelUp team continued to work on their start-up after OX1 Incubator. LevelUp currently has 33 employees across 5 departments. Parallel to development, the team will focus on fundraising and securing partnerships to test the MVP. LevelUp is part of OUI Incubator in Oxford and it has secured non-equity funding from Singapore, Indonesia and the U.K. LevelUp has partnered with 69 users across 4 different organisations. LevelUp plans to secure 1000 users by the end of 2020 and to iterate a full immersive 3D experience by early 2021.

WINNER: Grand Prize 2020 (£10,000) WINNER: Magdalen College Trust Social Impact Prize 2020 (£1,250) 12

OX1 Incubator Cohort: 2019-20