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T-Series Club of Australia Issue 02

T-Series Club of Australia Official Magazine


Jan 2021




Christmas Catchups

Member Profile: Shayne Taylor

Throwback to Nationals 2010

We hear from NSW, VIC and SA about their recent events to see out 2020.

We talk to club member Shayne about his love of cars, and his very rare TL50.

Tony takes us back to the first Nationals event in the Barossa Valley, SA.


2020 / 2021 TSCoA Nationals Update As mentioned elsewhere in the magazine, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the committee has had to make the difficult decision of postponing the 2020 Canberra nationals until May 2021.

The new dates are:

Tuesday 4th May – Arrival Friday 7th May – Final Dinner Saturday 8th May – Departure

A full itinerary of events will be released early 2021, however we are able to confirm the following details: Venue for the Nationals event is: Alivio Tourist Park Canberra 20 Kunzea Street, O’Connor Ph: 02 62475466 aliviogroup.com.au *10% discount in becoming an advantage club member Additional items: Event Shirt $75:00 Stubbie holder $10.00 Coaster $6.00 Additional Dinner Guests $38.00

Click here for more information

T-Series Club of Australia

UPCOMING EVENTS Be in the know of what is happening in your state; cruises, shows and club meetings. Click here to head straight to the full events calendar on the website.




Sat 30th Jan Peninsula Link Cruise / Meet & Greet More info See flyer on page 7 for more details.

27th Jan January Club Meeting More info Teleconference, 8–9pm



Sun 7th Feb Drive Day to Gosford More info See flyer on page 9 for more details. Sun 28th Feb Kinglake, Toolangi to Healesville Club Cruise More info See flyer on page 7 for more details.




Sat 27th Mar Old Skool N New Age Auto Show More info See flyer on page 7 for more details. Sun 28th Mar Burger Club Run More info See flyer on page 7 for more details. Sun 28th Mar Drive day to Surveyor General Inn More info See flyer on page 28 for more details.

31st March March Club Meeting Teleconference, 8–9pm

APRIL No events planned at the moment. Stay tuned.


4th–8th May 2021 Capital Country T-Series Nationals More info See flyer on left for more details.

Note: Make sure to check the website for the latest information about club events. These details are accurate as at 19/01/21, but are subject to change.

26th May May Club Meeting Teleconference, 8–9pm



Club Details

CLUB COMMITTEE Get to know the team that runs your club


Tony Elkins Vice President



Tim Mann Secretary

Andy Christie Treasurer, Membership & Merchandise



Alan Gresham Webmaster webmaster@tseriesclub.org

STATE EVENT REPS Karl Mould Tasmania Event Rep

Ron Duffield Victoria Event Rep



Mal Margetts South Australia Event Rep

Andrew Jakovich Western Australia Event Rep



Claude Paul Queensland Event Rep

Jason Buckley New South Wales Event Rep



Stuart Rohde Australian Capital Territory Event Rep act@tseriesclub.org

T-Series Club of Australia

MEMBERSHIP DETAILS ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS • The committee shall prescribe annual membership fee annually. • The fees are payable annually in advance on or before July 1st each year. • Any new member who joins on or after the 1st of January shall be required to pay a pro-rata membership fee as prescribed by the committee at the time. * • Failure to pay the annual membership fee by the 1st of September will mean loss of membership number and cancellation of club information until the fees have been paid in full. • Upon joining as a member, the annual fee ($70) and one-off joining fee ($50) are payable to the club. *Applications received after 1st January and before 1st April, need only remit 50% off the annual renewal fee. (ie Send $50 joining fee + $35 annual fee so a total of $85) Each new member receives a Welcome Pack consisting of; 1 x Membership card - numbered 1 x Baseball Cap, Custom Made 1 x Key Ring 1 x High quality vehicle sticker 4 x quarterly editions of the digital club magazine “Own The Road” And a quantity of Club recruitment cards to pass on to potential members. Additional quantities of the merchandise items are available for purchase - see www.tseriesclub.org for details. Click here to download a membership form with further details.

IMPORTANT LINKS T Series Club of Australia Website www.tseriesclub.org Facebook Public Group – T-Series Club of Australia https://www.facebook.com/groups/TSCoA/ Facebook Members Only Group – T-Series Club Members only group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1237843696388981/

COVER IMAGE This editions cover is an image of Brian Coffee's ex Mark Taylor T1 TS50 Build #001 from the Bathurst nationals in 2014, taken by Mal Margetts.

EDITOR’S WELCOME Hello all, and welcome back to the second edition of Own the Road–The Official Magazine of the T-Series Club of Australia. I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday period and got some time to wind down after the crazy 2020 we had. As always, please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or feedback about anything within this mag. This is your mag, so if you ever

have anything you want to share with your fellow club members and would like to see published; words, photos, ideas etc. please it send through to me!

Sam Ward Club Magazine Editor editor@tseriesclub.org



Committee Reports

President’s Report Welcome to another edition of "Own the Road", I trust you've all had a great Christmas, New Year as we all know 2020 was below average for plenty. There have been some new members jump on board and we thank you for that and the continued support from all of our amazing members, the runs have been attended but still there are some that can't make it so we are hoping that the 2021 May Canberra Nationals we will see around 40 cars attend and that will be a sight to behold. This year is the 21st Anniversary of the T-Series being released and it's hard to believe that time has gone so quick, I remember going to the Sydney Motor Show and being really impressed by the Venom T on display, took me nearly two

years but we bought our T2 TS50 and have never regretted it , they truly are a "drivers" car. So enjoy the magazine and your special cars and get them out on the club runs throughout Australia and lets see some great pics of them through our social media sites. Thanks again for your continued support of the great club

Martin Goff Club President

Secretary Report Hi all, and Happy New Year!! I hope that all of our members and your families had a wonderful Christmas and New Year period. Fingers crossed that 2021 will be a much better year for everyone. :) The only secretarial duties to report on since our last newsletter is that our documents from the AGM have been submitted to MYCAV (Vic Gov) and the club incorporation status has been renewed for the 2020/2021 financial year. I hope to be able to catch up with you all at the 2021 TSOCA Canberra Nationals on the 4th to 7th May 2021.

A reminder for the remaining club meeting dates for the 2021 financial year are as follows: Wednesday 27/01/2021 8PM AEDT Wednesday 31/03/2021 8PM AEDT Wednesday 26/05/2021 8PM AEST Chat online at our next meeting. Cheers,

Vice President’s Report Welcome to issue two of Own the Road magazine. The 2020 has certainly been an interesting year for the club particularly down here in Victoria without the ability to do much apart from be online and look for parts and clean things and shed. There’s been a great thing to see the club grow particularly in Queensland and New South Wales aware that been able to gather in groups and get out and about like the cars are meant to do. With things improving we are looking forward to a massive 2021 with a schedule of events in each of the states especially in Victoria, and of course the big one the T series nationals in in Canberra and surrounds in May 2021. If passed nationals are anything to go by, this should be a wonderful event. Now it’s a case of relaxing over the holidays and preparing for a safe, happy and prosperous 2021

Tim Mann Club Secretary

Did you know? The letters TE, TS and TL stand for Tickford Energy, Tickford Supreme and Tickford Luxury

Tony Elkins Club Vice President


Upcoming Victorian Events For 2021 we are seeking to have an active group as always. The year's events will be on the last Sunday of each month, wherever practical. That way it’s easy for you to keep a smoke-free new calendar.

30th January Peninsula Link Cruise / Meet & Greet Note: this will be a Saturday evening event, details TBC

28th February Kinglake, Toolangi to Healesville Club Cruise Details TBC

28th March Burger Club Run Short one, destination and details TBC

May T-Series Nationals See page 2 for more details

30th May Mount Macedon, Glenlyon, Daylesford Club Run Details TBC

June Pizza night Details TBC


Committee Reports

T-Series Club of Australia

Treasurer Report Hi Gang. The club bank account balance as of 14th December 2020, is $8214.29. PayPal balance is $613.69. For all merchandise, new memberships or membership renewals, and Nationals entry payment, please go online and use the club store, www.tseriesclub.org/shop. Payments can be made via EFT or PayPal. For members who prefer EFT payments the club bank details are:

Account name: T Series Club of Australia Inc. BSB : 083-668 Account: 94 677 1156

Take care and keep safe!. Andy

Andy Christie Treasurer

Thank goodness things have settled down, somewhat, here in Victoria, and we are somewhere close to normal. Hopefully all the borders will remain open next year and we can finally hold the ACT Nationals.

Membership Report Hi All. The club has had one membership renewal and one new member join since October. Currently we have 76 financial members across Australia and New Zealand. Welcome to: Member

#128 Derek Ward (NSW) (Associate Membership)

APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP (FULL MEMBER OR ASSOCIATE MEMBER) 1. Full Membership is open to any person owning genuine T Series vehicles made from 1999 – 2002, this includes TE50, TS50, TL50 and Pursuit 250 utes. 2. Persons who have previously owned one of the above-mentioned vehicles may also apply for Associate Membership. 3. Associate Membership is also open to current Full members who dispose of their vehicle, but still want to remain financial members of the club.

4. The committee may also appoint Associate Membership to patrons of the club who promote and/or endorse the club’s purpose. As a minimum, such Associate members must own a Ford vehicle, and must participate in at least two club events or meetings per year. 5. The total number of Associate members may not exceed 20 members at any one time. 6. Associate members do not have voting rights, but may participate in club events, such as cruises and social events and activities. 7. Associate members are not eligible to display their vehicles within a club display if the associated event has been nominated as an ‘Official Club Display’ by the Committee. 8. An Associate member who becomes an owner of one of the abovementioned vehicles will be deemed to be a Full member upon ownership. 9. A right, privilege or obligation of a person by reason of membership of the association a. Is not capable of being transferred or transmitted to another person, b. Terminates upon the cessation

of membership whether by death or resignation or otherwise If you have any queries regarding membership feel free to contact me. membership@tseriesclub.org

Andy Christie Membership Officer

And don't forget:


T-Series Club of Australia


To Modify or Restore The age-old question; 'To modify or to restore?'. As time goes by and our cars are getting older they invariably need repair and sometimes the original parts are unknown, impossible to find ,or possibly able to be easily replaced with improved or better parts. That leads me to the question; do you upgrade? Or do you restore? And then of course there is the inevitable personalisation that comes with car enthusiasts want to do one more thing make their car stand out from the crowd. It’s quite obvious in the higher end collectible cars, like GTs, which way people go: originality is key, unrestored originality is even better, but with later model cars like T series, FPV’s even HSV’s upgrades particularly with regard to horsepower or performance items are in fact the norm. Interestingly with the difficulty in obtaining unique parts like body kits badges and trim, mechanical items such as suspension and engine parts

are easier to do and easier to reverse if you choose to go down the restore path later on. And then of course there is the great question of what constitutes modification. It is a simple lowering of the suspension or does it need to be something much more. We have in our club several original cars, many very close to original, some modified with factory parts to add options, and others that have been heavily modified in suspension wheels headlights paint and interior trim. And of course everything in the middle. What are your thoughts? Perhaps jump on the club Facebook page and join the discussion to modify or not to modify.

Tony Elkins Club Vice President


Drive day to Gosford Rotary Park Sunday 7th February Address: Cnr Dane Dr & Vaughan Ave, Gosford. Meet at 9.45am at BP Cnr Pacific Highway & Jersey Street, Asquith. Stay on Pacific Highway (not the M1 motorway). Onto Old Pacific Highway at Calga then onto Central Coast Highway at Kariong. Arrive Gosford Rotary Park. For those wanting to meet at Gosford Rotary Park be there at 11.15am. More info


Committee Reports

Merchandise Update Hi all. I Hope you are all staying safe and having fun with your cars where you can. For me, personally, I made good use of the COVID lockdown, here in Victoria, continuing to give my TE some overdue TLC. As always, once you start on one thing it always leads to another. Mechanically, it started last year, when I fitted new Brembo rear callipers and replaced all the brake pads and rotors all round. The left front wheel bearing was not the best so I replace both front bearings and hubs. When doing the rear brakes I discovered the left CV join drive shaft boot was torn. At the same time I noticed the rear wheel bearing was on the way out too! Got the CV boot and bearing replaced at the same time. I figured I may as well replace the right rear wheel bearing, just to be on the safe side. On disassembling the right rear, the rubber boots covering the outer bushes for upper and lower arms,

disintegrated before my eyes. I’ve got the replacement bushes and they will be in by the time you read this. Cosmetically, #101 has had a freshen up too! My TE had a large gap between the hood and grille because the bar sagged in the middle. The paint was also very poor, having been painted at least three time previously, and was covered with stone chips. When I removed it I found the centre was not even attached to the lower member. The front bar was taken back to the plastic, repaired and resprayed. The plastic bumper reinforcement had also been butchered, which also contributed to the sagging problem, so a good second hand one has resolved that problem. I’m very happy with the result. I’ve always liked the T1 and T2 style bobtail rear spoiler, and after sourcing one a number of years ago, I finally decided to fit it to my T3 whilst the front bar was getting painted. It may not be


everybody’s cup of tea, but I am happy with the result. We have most items still available in our club shop, including the Tickford engine cover and Adaptive Shift decals with free postage. Our merchandise special for this edition of ‘Own The Road.’ is any club shirt purchase gets a free T key ring valued at $20. If there is something you would like to see for sale in our store, feel free to contact me, merchandise@ tseriesclub.org or any other member of the committee, and we will see what we can do. Clothing shouldn’t be too much of a hassle provided we can get enough interest in a particular item. Some of the other P250 and T Series unique items may be harder to source, but we will certainly investigate your requests. Cheers,

Andy Christie Merchandise Officer

T-Series Club of Australia


WHAT’S AVAILABLE Here is a quick rundown of some of the merchadise items available.

Click any image below to take you straight to the website.

If you do not find anything that you like, head to our SpreadShirt store and customise your own. We reinvest our funds into OEM quality badges and parts to sell for members.

Club Baseball Cap – $30.00

Club Number Plate Covers – $60.00

T-Series Key Ring (FTE style) – $20.00 to $32.00

Club Sticker – $5.00

Club Button-up Shirt – $75.00

T-Series Key Ring (FTE style) – $20.00 to $32.00



What was the womans name that designed the T1 interior?

3. 4.

How many TS50 in Series 1 were produced?

How many TL50 in series 1 were produced?

Answers: 1. 70mm 2. Aniavan Oxenburg 3. 54 4. 43


What size is the throttle body size on a T2?


Event Reports

T Series S.A. Christmas Cruise


The S.A. T series had a cruise on the 8th November 20. In attendance was Kevin & Janet, Barry, Mal & Deb. Kevin's TS50, Deb's P250 (although Mal drives it a lot more) and Barry's Audi. We meet at Big W Cumberland Park. After a chat and looking for the body in Kevin's boot we checked out Barrys new toy. We left at 10.30 cruised up the freeway through the tunnels and through the hills on our way to Victor Harbour. Lunch was at Victor Habour in the Encounter Bistro where we meet up with Janet. After lunch we headed to Kevin and Janet's house for a cuppa and a chat. The weather was fine and a good day out with fellow T members. We will see some of you at the T Nationals in Canberra next May.

2021 Events

• We will have a cruise in Feb, Apr, Jun, Jul and Nov. Details to follow. • We will also keep an eye out for the Coffee and Cruise with the intent to attend some of them. • Our first show is the Old Skool N New Age Auto Show, on Saturday the 27th March. Please note: if you paid for the 2020 show your 2021 entry is covered. • T Series Nationals in May in Canberra. • The SA AFD will probably be in September. Cheers Mal.

Mal & Deb South Australia Event Representatives

T-Series Club of Australia


A Merry Xmas to all the members and families of the T Series Club of Australia . Mal & Deb





Event Reports

Victorian Christmas Breakup Breakfast


Well after a year like no other, on 13th December Victorian T-Series members came together to end the year just how it begun, with the club Christmas Breakfast BBQ at Studley Park in Kew. There was an excellent turnout with some 13 cars with representation from series 1, 2 and 3 as well as a couple of p250’s thrown in for good measure. Nice to see Andy debut his new bobtail spoiler and Stew bring along his monster T1 with its angry 342. With its picturesque boathouse on the Yarra River near the city, Studley Park is always a popular and busy tourist spot and moreso in the weeks before Christmas. So, it was with much nervousness as the morning wore to see general public trying to park alongside us in amongst a line of gleaming T-Series cars. A huge thank you to Kim & Hords, well specifically Kim for organising breakfast for everybody and thank you to Mark and Andy for getting there early and organising space for us all to be parked together. Looking forward to doing more of this in 2021.

Tony Elkins Club Vice President

T-Series Club of Australia



Event Reports

ACT Event Rep Update Hello fellow members and enthusiasts. It is great to see some of the car clubs starting to get out and about again. The ACT members have been partaking in such club activities. Late in September last year, the ACT members joined our T Series NSW colleagues for a cruise from Sydney to Kiama. A great day was had, including a great lunch and some awesome cruising on some spectacular roads with some great friends. We also

Click to watch video

managed to take the opportunity to take a group photo shoot. A big thank you to my fellow NSW State Rep, Jason for organising it, and of course the ACT and NSW members for making it such a great day. A little video I put together of the day can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=RrYenpZKVDM

ACT I am looking forward to a bigger and better 2021, which will of course include our 2021 Capital Country T-Series Nationals in May. Stay safe all. Regards,

Stuart Rohde ACT Event Representative

T-Series Club of Australia



Event Reports

Queensland Event Rep Update


T-Series Club of Australia

The Queensland T Series community has been lapping up some fantastic weather in the previous couple of months, albeit a bit too warm at times. This, together with much more relaxed COVID19 rules, we were able to embark on a short cruise and lunch on Sunday 15 November 2020. The day commenced with an early-ish morning gathering of Brian, Kelly, Martin, Norman and myself at the BP Truckstop in Regents Park at 10am with Barnie, Stuart and Jason meeting us at the final destination, Tamborine Diner, at 10:45am. The cars in attendance were a 2 x T1 TL50’s, a T1 TE50, 3 x T3 TS50’s, a T3 TE50 and a Pursuit 250 XR8. The journey saw the convoy travel up the Mt Lindsay Highway southbound towards Mount Tamborine through the countryside and up the ever-changing scenery as we snaked up the mountain.

A quick squirt up the mountain from the highway saw the crew arrive at the Tamborine Diner (https:// tamborine-diner.business.site/?utm_ source=gmb&utm_medium=referral) for our 11:30am lunch reservation. After a big meal, plenty of conversation, lots of laughs and plenty of photos, the gang parted ways to continue their journey in their own way. A big thank you to the crew for making the time to come out and make this gathering a success for the Queensland chapter. For readers in the South-East Queensland region who haven’t experienced what Mount Tamborine has to offer, I highly recommend getting your family, friends or special someone and make a day of it. Information can be found in this link: https://www. visitbrisbane.com.au/information/ articles/destinations/things-to-domount-tamborine?sc_lang=en-au.


From here, I will be planning the much anticipated day cruise to Stanthorpe in the Granite Belt region in the coming months. With easing of COVID19 restrictions and intrastate tourism in full swing up here, I am hopeful there will be a good participation rate for this cruise which will see all that the Granite Belt region has to offer. In parting, and on behalf of all of us here in Queensland, I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year break and, at the time of writing this article, I’d like to wish our fellow crew from Sydney region all the best with coming through the recent COVID19 outbreak safely.

Claude Paul Queensland Event Representative


Event Reports

Grey Gum Cafe Club Run The date was Sunday 8th November and the weather gods blessed us with a perfect day for one of the great driving roads in Greater Sydney. We made it a late start at 9.30am with the meeting point at McGraths Hills in Sydney’s north west. The turnout was great with Martin, Andrew, Mango, Derek, Jaiden, Charles, Luke and myself attending. The cars in attendance were as special as the people. It was a very rare opportunity to see THREE PROTOTYPES on the drive. The prototypes were a T3 TE50 and two T3 TS50’s. In addition to these cars there was a P250, T3 TE50 and also an AU XR8 and an FG GT-E. We set out on Wilberforce road which took us through the turf farms of Windsor and then turned onto Putty Road which would take us all the way to Grey Gum Café. With a bit of everything starting from sweepers to tight switchbacks and no stop signs, Putty Road is exciting to drive as it stretches through bushland. After stretching the legs of our wonderful cars we arrived at the Grey Gum Café. Opened in 2010 the café is 200m from road frontage positioned on 27 acres on the Putty Road that is located exactly halfway between Windsor & Singleton in NSW. The perfect pit stop for travellers travelling between the Blue Mountains & Hunter Valley wine country. Grey Gum Cafe’s success to date has been largely due to word of mouth. If you get the chance I encourage you to visit. Before you knew it we had finished our lunch and killed plenty of time sharing stories about cars, people and life in general. I have to say it was an absolute pleasure to have the company of so many like minded people and I look forward to more people attending NSW events in the future. Keep an eye on the “UPCOMING EVENTS” page in the mag and website for more NSW events in 2021.

Jason Buckley NSW Event Representative


T-Series Club of Australia




Throwback to... 2010 Nationals Barossa Valley, SA It’s fair to say that the Barossa Valley club run was an exceptional event. Organised by Kevin Mal and Deb from South Australia, there was a great turnout with cars coming from all over. Indeed every state except WA was represented with JC winning the longdistance award bring the silver bullet down from Moranbah in Queensland about 2200 km away by the shortest route. But even those of us coming from relatively closer in Melbourne and Sydney were not without our challenges as nature laid on several billion locusts as we travelled through a meeting point of Mildura on the way to the Barossa. In a quirk of luck in the motel we

stayed at we had booked out all but one of the rooms and the owner came to us and asked us to potentially chip in rent that last room, and then we didn’t have to worry about noise and other restrictions. That was passed around and soon the room was booked for the couple of nights we were there. We toured wineries, backroads, car museums drank coffee, and of course talked everything T-Series for a fabulous three days.

Tony Elkins Club Vice President

T-Series Club of Australia



Member Profile



Thanks for taking part – You are a Charter Member. What led you to the club? I was one of many who were part of Australian Ford Forums which the club grew out of.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m 68 yrs of age and still working driving B Double tankers for 10 years now. Prior to that I had about 35 years in the finance industry. I re-married 7 years ago and have two step children as well as 3 adult children from my first marriage.

What led to your interest in cars? I have always had an interest in cars as my father was a mechanic and I helped him as a boy when he worked on cars passing tools to him before I could read. He taught me how to service my vehicles.

What was your first car and what else do you/have you owned? I got my license in a Triumph Herald but my first car was a Morris Major Elite. That’s right, the big block 1630cc. I have owned about 30 cars of mixed brands before I got my first Tickford, an AUII XR8 auto which I replaced with a T3 TE50 manual in 2004. Soon after I bought a T3 TS50 auto and in 2007 I bought a T3 TL50 with 90,000 on the odo. A few years later I got a Pursuit 250 manual ute. This made me the only person to own the “full stable” of T3 powered cars and I owned all 4 for a few years before I began to downsize. The TS50 went first, then the TE50 and then the P250. I still have the TL50

which has only done 23,000 klms since I bought it. It’s usually parked up and only goes to car shows and the club Nationals every 2 years. I also bought 2 other TE50’s that were wrecked which I parted out. I have owned a Fairlane Sportsman 5.0 L for 2 years which is my daily. This replaced an EL XR8 which I had for a few years.

What’s your favourite car, both what you have owned and “if you could”? The T3 TL50 would have to be my favourite because it’s a very special car as well as a fantastic cruiser. The TE50 I modified extensively to compete in time trial type motorsport events and saw track time at Bathurst, Wakefield Park, Eastern Creek and Symmons Plains circuits. If funds

T-Series Club of Australia


allowed I would like to own something like an Audi RS8 or anything with forced induction.

Tell us about your T-Series.

My TL50 is the rarest Ford built in Australia being 1 of 1 for a number of reasons, namely:• Its one of 3 TL50’s in T3 spec, but has a different Series and Model number to the other 2 cars • It’s the only LWB sedan (Fairlane & LTD included) that was plated AUIII • It’s the last performance enhanced LWB car built by Ford Australia • It’s the last T3 TL50 built making it the last of all the TL50’s • It was the only customer ordered T3 TL50 • No slouch for a limo, it ran 14.2 bog stock at WSID in drive.

Do you collect memorabilia?

Yes, I have a few display cabinets with 1:18 scale models of Fords.

Shayne Taylor Club Member


Event Reports

Tasmania Event Rep Update

On the 28th & 29th of November 2020, T-Series members Tim Mann, Karl Mould, Karen Mould, & Kohen Mould Had a weekend away with the FPV / Tickford & XR Club of Tasmania for their Christmas breakup. The trip included members from all around Tasmania and all participants met up at places along the way. Once all members had grouped up we made our way to Kettering south of Hobart where we caught the ferry over to Bruny Island ( This takes approximately 20 minutes ). When we docked on the island we had a leisurely drive to our accomodation with a few stops on the way for a couple of photos and walk up to the lookout.

After leaving the lookout it was a short sprint to our accomodation to settle in and have a well deserved drink and nibbles. The evening meal was held at the Hotel Bruny where we had approximately 40 members, after tea we all headed back to our accomodation and sat around the barbecue area and enjoyed a few more drinks and conversation. A great night was had by all and In the morning we regrouped back at Hotel Bruny. From there it was a short drive to Adventure Bay for some more photos It was hard to resist a stop on the way back for some chocolates at the chocolate shop yum yum.


With A short squirt back to the ferry we waited patiently for the it to return and pick us all up, upon arrival back at kettering we all wished every one a merry Christmas and made are own way home. With a year full of Covid-19 dramas it was nice to be able to have a weekend away with some great people and forget about the year that we have all had. Hopefully 2021 will bring some more great events and we can all travel about our country to attend some other great club outings and get togethers.

Karl Mould Tasmania Event Representative

T-Series Club of Australia




Drive day to Surveyor General Inn Sunday 28th March

26 Old Hume Highway, Berrima, NSW. More details soon. Follow facebook and the club website for updates.




e v i da y r D


che Est o R a




ay 20t

u J h

Cnr Broke Rd & McDonalds Rd, Pokolbin More details soon. Follow Facebook and the club website for updates.


T-Series Club of Australia

Join us with your pride and joy as we meet up for a ‘pre-meet’ and then cruise together to the ACE FORD CLUB ANNUAL TWILIGHT CRUISE Kicking off at the Point Fraser car park 2pm (beginning of Riverside Drive) departing 2:45pm. cruising to Curtin via Riverside Drive & Fwy South on to Manning Road. Hope to see you all there. See more details below.


Event Reports

NSW Christmas Party The annual NSW club Christmas party was held on Saturday 12th December at Fagan Park in Galston, north west of Sydney. The crown jewel of Hornsby Shire’s parks, Fagan Park covers 55 hectares that includes a range of attractions for everybody. Enjoy a picnic or barbecue, with a number of shelters and electric barbecues or explore the Gardens of Many Nations, which covers 10 hectares and has 11 themed gardens, including Japanese, Dutch, Chinese and Mediterranean. If your feeling active you can take in the local bushland along a short bushwalking trail, or jump on a

bike and explore the grounds along the bicycle paths. As a special treat to celebrate Christmas the club catered for the event and a lunchtime BBQ was put on for everyone.. Enjoying the catering were Mango, Nancy and Derek, Martin and Mauriza, myself and Alissa. Whilst it was a relatively small turnout we all enjoyed the food, drinks and conversation. A very special mention to the hand-baked “T-Series” iced red velvet cupcakes... (We all had more than one). I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy

NSW festive season and a prosperous and successful 2021. We look forward to a bigger and better 2021 for NSW including more members, more drive days, family events and even some overnight stays. Of course the year won’t be complete without the Nationals as well. Keep an eye on the “UPCOMING EVENTS” page in the mag and website for more NSW events in 2021.

Jason Buckley NSW Event Representative

T-Series Club of Australia


T-Series Club of Australia

OWN THE ROAD T-Series Club of Australia Official Magazine Head to our website for the latest events updates, photos and news. www.tseriesclub.org


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Own The Road January 2021 - T-Series Club Magazine  

Welcome back to the second edition of Own the Road — the official magazine of the T-Series Club of Australia. We check in on a few Christmas...

Own The Road January 2021 - T-Series Club Magazine  

Welcome back to the second edition of Own the Road — the official magazine of the T-Series Club of Australia. We check in on a few Christmas...