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A cupful of history Sarah Rodrigues looks at the esteemed creators of this year’s Royal Ascot trophies was especially drawn to the classic, sleek designs of the 1930s.” In keeping with this aesthetic, 2018’s trophy designs, revealed at the beginning of June, are characterised by their elegantly clean lines. In addition to the Gold Cup, which was lifted this year by Frankie Dettori, the Queen’s Vase and Royal Hunt Cup, the collection included seven new trophies, in silver, which were created for the winners of other Group 1 races. These seven are the embodiment of a new tradition: as of this year, the winners of these trophies will keep them forever. Detailing is a key element of Garrard design; even before it was singled out for official royal attention in 1843, it had Garrard’s Head of Design, Claire Scott, had a rich archival history from which to draw inspiration been the silversmith of choice for clients he House of Garrard has long been In 1842, Royal Ascot’s first ever from the upper echelons of society, associated with royalty; established Gold Cup was created by Garrard. who sought the beautiful flourish by silversmith George Wickes in The trophies are kept by winners that Garrard would bring to such 1735, it had its first royal commission the in perpetuity, so each time practical items as inkstands and coffee pots in their they are redesigned, very next year. From these auspicious they must meet with beginnings, embodied in an ebony Haymarket workshop. In the approval of the teapot handle for Frederick, Prince of the trophies unveiled last Wales, the jewellery house became reigning monarch. This, in month, this minute focus Crown Jeweller in 1843. Today, examples itself, offers a fascinating is seen in, for example, the of its craftsmanship may be seen at insight into changing tastes Royal Ascot pattern of classic The Tower of London, as well as on the throughout history, and it was racing silk designs running left hand of the Duchess of Cambridge, on this rich archive that Garrard’s around their bases. Garrard’s flagship boutique Head of Design, Claire Scott, drew, in her sapphire engagement ring. The jeweller also has a significant history of in order to create 2018’s trophies. in Albemarle Street, Mayfair, trophy design, with pieces such as the “Looking back through the was built especially for the ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy and the House’s many Royal Ascot jeweller and it is from this America’s Cup to their credit; they also, trophies was a fascinating prestigious address that the throughout their 164 years as the Crown and exciting experience,” brand’s signature design, the Jeweller, supplied trophies to Royal she says. “The cups from Albemarle collection, takes its Ascot, a prestigious partnership that’s Queen Victoria’s time were This year’s Gold Cup was name. Looking back on the house’s extraordinary design extraordinarily ornate, but I been revived in recent years. won by Frankie Dettori heritage was a key element here, too - the collection is based on a tiara found in the Garrard’s archives. That said, the company is open to the prospect of entirely unprecedented creations, having once answered a request for a gold and diamond encrusted croquet set. “Garrard, like Royal Ascot, is a name steeped in history,” says Juliet Slot, Chief Commercial Officer of Royal Ascot. “We are delighted to continue to broaden our relationship with an organisation which shares so many of our values.”


The 2018 designs are sleek and elegant


House of Garrard 24 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4HT


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