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New restaurants, icewine creations and speciality diets

Supporting fair trade in Niagara

Loco for Cocoa




VOL.2  ISSUE 2  2019/2020


elcome to the winter edition of Reveal Niagara. I’ll be the first to admit, I complain about winter a lot. I absolutely hate the cold and if it was an acceptable thing to do, I’d probably barely leave my house between January and March. Alas, becoming one with my couch isn't the healthiest of choices. Neither is attempting to find the best hot chocolate in the Niagara Region, but...I did that anyway. Truthfully though, during winter in Niagara there are enough cool and fun sounding events to get me excited (mostly) about being outside. Appropriately dressed, I love winter hiking and snowshoeing—there are so many great paths to try out in Niagara. I kind of hate ice skating due to my complete lack of coordination and skill, but I enjoy watching other people glide on the ice while I sip a warm cocktail and stand by a fire pit. You can check out some of the best places for outdoor winter activities on page 34. If you're like me food is a great motivator for venturing out and I’ll happily brave the winter cold especially if a new restaurant beckons. My friend and I recently heard the calling at Oddbar. We had parked ridiculously far away due to the ever popular lure of the Ice Dogs and by the time we arrived at the restaurant, there were frozen tears marking our faces. So worth it. You'll find a list of some of the Region’s new restaurant offerings (page 13) along

letter from the


with some other foodie related goodness in our Amuse Bouche section (page 10). Warm up with tasty winter beers brewed right here in Niagara (page 20).

Just one way to have an active role in being a better human is to support fair trade efforts and there are a couple big players right here in Niagara (page 45).

With the dawn of a new decade upon us, a common global thread that seems to be popping up is that people are increasingly occupied with all sorts of ethical dilemnas both personal and global and wondering what this next decade will look like. Will we finally learn how to collectively be better humans? Time will tell I guess.

I truly hope you enjoy the magazine, and also find a way to embrace the chilly couple of months we have ahead of us and enjoy what winter in Niagara has to offer. And hey, if all else fails, just daydream about the patios we’ll be sitting on come springtime.

Megan Pasche 4

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020




Volume 2 • Issue 2

Creators & collaborators come together to showcase what we have to offer beyond the iconic Niagara Falls. We proudly call this region our home and invite you to explore with us.

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REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020



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AMUSE BOUCHE F oodie experiences in and around Niagara: 11 Dietary Considerations 12 Icy Goodness 13 Try Something New



Follow along on our quest as we try to find Niagara’s best hot chocolate.

20 25


A look at some of the best dark brews Niagara’s craft breweries have to offer.

WINTER SPICE: RECIPES 23 Velvety Winter Squash and Saffron Soup 24 Crispy Brussel Sprouts with Soy Glaze 25 Honey Apple Spice Cake 26 Bourbon Butterscotch


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020



The best place to ice skate, snowshoe and cross country ski around the Region.


Our best suggestions for how to make the most of your time in Niagara, whether you are staying 3, 5 or 7 days!


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well being

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A look at two businesses in Niagara that have adopted fair trade practices as part of their business philosophy.


Niagara is filled with existing state-of-theart facilities, and welcoming new additions that are being developed for Canada 2021 games and beyond.

54 59 61 66


A look at the history of Inuksuits and where you can find some around Niagara.


A look at some of our favourite podcasts and books!


An interview with one of Canada’s funniest women.


A look at what’s happening around the Region this season.


A look ahead at what’s coming up for our next issue in the Spring.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020


Amuse Bouche

Niagara is becoming well known for many different things, but chief among them? Food and drink. Culinary tourism only continues to grow and in this section, we cover some of our favourite things about Niagara’s ever growing food scene.


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

eat & drink

it's our specialty When you are gluten-free or vegan (or have other dietary restrictions), sometimes the hardest parts of traveling is finding food you can actually eat. We've rounded up some of Niagara's best options in the hopes that it makes your hunt for good food just a little bit easier. Edible Options 300 Fourth Ave, St Catharines

A gluten free bakery that also has vegan, egg-free, dairy-free, corn-free,soy-free or cane sugar-free options.

De Healthy Baker 3848 Main St., Niagara Falls

Gluten free bakery that specializes in breads, cakes, pies, muffins, cookies and pizza dough.

Flavour Fuel 145 Carlton St., St. Catharines

Not entirely gluten free or vegan, but offers some great options for people with dietary restrictions, including a full keto-friendly menu every day.

Suzie's Gluten Free Bakery 7 Ontario St., Grimsby

Specializes in savoury breads, loafs, pies, stuffing, bagels, pizza dough an a whole wide range of delicious sweet treats!

Rise Above 120 St. Paul St., St. Catharines

An all vegan restaurant specializing in vegan comfort food. Food is fresh and delicious. Reservations are highly recommended especially on weekends.

Beechwood Donuts 165 St. Paul St., St. Catharines

One of St. Catharines’ claims to fame, this popular donut shop is all vegan, and is always debuting new and inventive flavours.

Moksha Indian Bistro 5993 Stanley Ave., Niagara Falls

Although this restaurant isn’t completely gluten free or vegan, there is a separate menu available for those that are. This place is a contemporary take on Indian cuisine. >>

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020



love Icewine is one of Niagara’s best winter exports, but did you know you can find it in more than just a bottle? These are some of Niagara’s sweetest Icewine mashups: Icewine Jelly available at Kurtz Niagara, Niagara on the Lake Icewine Vinegar, available at Niagara Vinegar, St. Catharines Icewine Slushies, available at The Ice House Winery Niagara on the Lake Icewine Tea, available at Victoria Teas, Niagara on the Lake. Icewine Truffles, available at Chocolate FX, Niagara on the Lake.


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

try Something NEW One of the most exciting things about the constantly growing food culture in Niagara is that new restaurants are constantly popping up! It’s hard to get to them all, but we sure try. Some of our fave (newish) ones:

Taco Embassy,

Heraki Grill

22 Academy St., St. Catharines

71 King St., St. Catharines

The newest place to get authentic Mexican cuisine. The ambiance is wonderful and the walls are full of hand-painted murals done by a Mexican artist. The restaurant is bright and colourful and the family that owns it are delightful.

Oddbar, 12 King St., St. Catharines

From the owners of the always popular and innovative Oddbird, comes a new endeavour, this time serving the always popular combo: pizza and beer.

A great selection of authentic Middle Eastern Food, great for lunch or dinner. Everything is fresh, full of flavour and the owners are wonderful.

Patio Andaluz 5 Lock St., St. Catharines

A welcoming restaurant that celebrates the authentic culinary stylings of Spain and Mexico. This family owned restaurant cooks up their own family recipes for us all to enjoy.

Pharmacii Snackbar 22 King St., St. Catharines

Serving all kinds of creative food and cocktails, this is a great place to stop for a late night snack or a full meal. The great ambiance make for a cozy place to hang out while enjoying delicious eats.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020



REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020


the search for Niagara’s best hot chocolate.


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

Loco for

Cocoa By: Megan Pasche


f you are looking for a place to visit this winter to enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa (and believe me, I’ve come to realize this is quite a feat), look no further than this list. While compiling it was a fun and tasty task, there were also lots of disappointing showings (which obviously aren’t on the list). Now, when I go out for hot chocolate, I don’t want some powdered carnation drink that I could easily make myself at home (and not pay $5 for)…I want delicious, creamy, non watered down, preferably real chocolate…hot chocolate. We all know the hot chocolate at Tim Horton’s or Starbucks is good…but for this article, we tried to strive for something a little less mainstream. And while it’s a hard job attempting to try all the best hot chocolate Niagara has to offer, someone has to do it! I mean, I may never want hot chocolate again (or at least for a couple weeks), but I think I (and some friends who I brought (dragged?) along with me in this endeavour) managed to suss out some hot chocolates we think might please your palates this winter.

Fine Grind Cafe

37 James St., St. Catharines This place has the perfect vibe for sitting and reading/working by yourself, or to stop by for a quiet date. The hot chocolate is made with real melted chocolate, which makes this drink extra decadent. Books and board games are available, and it’s a great place to just hang out.

Cafe Gatti

3 Race St., St. Catharines I’ve driven past this place so many times and thought “I need to go in there”. And I’m glad I finally did. The hot chocolate was incredibly good, and their selection of pastries and other goodies is extensive. >>

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020


The Brazen Cafe

Brazen Cafe

19 King St., St. Catharines This relatively new addition to downtown is awesome. The decor is beautiful, there is a large menu of coffee and cocktails, the owner is lovely, and the hot chocolate was yummy. Sweet but not overwhelming, and it was pretty looking. Also! This place has live music (I could have listened for hours to the crooner that was there, but alas, we had more hot chocolate to drink) every Friday, as well as regular Burlesque shows.

Cafe 54

Cafe Fifty-Four

3643 Portage Rd, Unit 16, Niagara Falls I’m kind of obsessed with this place. It’s adorable, beautifully decorated, and I want to hang out there all the time. The hot chocolate was so. good. It was creamy, chocolatey, and came topped with delicious toasted marshmallows.

52 St. Paul Street, St. Catharines I love this board game cafe in downtown St. Catharines. The steampunk decor is definitely up my alley, there are hundreds of games to choose from and the drink and food menu are pretty extensive. The hot chocolate comes in a giant mug and makes the perfect pairing for a game from the 90s you forgot existed (oh hey 13 Dead End Drive). Get your hot chocolate with a shot of toasted marshmallow syrup (trust me).


Chocolates Etc

100 Welland Ave, St. Catharines This little family run cafe is adorable. They have gelato, chocolate, coffee, cake and pastries. And one of the best hot chocolates I’ve ever tasted. I believe my unofficial review was “holy sh*t, this is so good”. It’s thick, it’s rich, it’s made of a couple of different kinds of actual melted chocolate. If you come here to get this, the hot chocolate itself can serve as a dessert, as this plus a cake or pastry might be too much for some people (but who am I to judge, live it up if you want to!).

Paris Crepes Cafe



Chocolates Etc.

Paris Crepes Cafe

4613 Queen St, Niagara Falls If you want to feel like you are sitting in a small cafe in Europe (France specifically), this is the place to go! The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, the decor is gorgeous, and the hot chocolate is creamy, but not overwhelming, comes in a generous size mug, and has delicious notes of marshmallow. The crepes are pretty great too, and pair surprisingly well with the hot chocolate.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

The Pie Plate

The Pie Plate

1516 Niagara Stone Rd, Virgil This cute little restaurant/bakery/cafe has great homemade hot chocolate, and it’s good because it’s not overly sweet. Which means you can pair it with one of the many yummy desserts and not feel completely ill afterwards. Warning…we went for hot chocolate, and ending up getting pie, and then a delicious pizza. Just saying, it smells good in there, and you’ve been warned.

Make It At Home... When all else fails and you just don’t feel like going outside in the cold, here are some hot chocolate recipes for you to try at home:

cold cozy nights, a hot chocolate and a warm blan-

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Healthier Hot Chocolate

What you need: • 2 cups of milk • 3 tablespoons of Nutella • cocoa powder • whatever garnishes you’d like

What You Need: • 2 1/2 cups of unsweetened almond milk • 2 1/2 tbsps of cocoa powder • 1 tbsp of honey or maple syrup (more if you want it a bit sweeter) • 1/4 tsp of pure vanilla extract

What you do: In a saucepan, add milk, Nutella and cocoa powder. Heat on low and stir until everything dissolves together. Pour into mugs, garnish and enjoy!

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate What you need: • 2 cups of milk chocolate chips • 2 cups of heavy cream • 2 cups of milk • 1/4 cup caramel sauce • 1/2 tsp of sea salt What you do: Place all ingredients in a saucepan and heat on medium low, until everything beings to melt. Use whisk to combine everything together, and when it reaches the desired temperature, pour in mug, garnish as you wish, and serve!

What you do: Combine all the ingredients in a saucepan, heat on medium low, and stir until everything is combined. Pour into mugs and serve!

White Hot Chocolate What You Need: • 3 cups of milk • 1 cup heavy cream • 1 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla extract • 8 ounces of white chocolate chips • Pinch of salt What You Do: Combine all the ingredients in a saucepan, heat on medium low, and stir until everything is combined. Pour into mugs and serve!

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020



REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

Winter Brews Niagara’s

Stout 101

STOUT | 5.5% ALC | 30 IBU A light coffee aroma, with flavours of dark chocolate and roasted grains, followed by a creaminess coming from flaked barley for a well-balanced smooth tasting ale. Niagara College Teaching Brewery, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Strong Ale 101

ALE | 7.5% ALC | IBU UNKNOWN Amber to brown in colour – providing malty, toffee & caramel flavours with light bitterness from the hops, and a warm and smooth finish. Niagara College Teaching Brewery, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Midnight Mass

STOUT | 6.6% ALC | 35 IBU Espresso and chocolate notes, with a perfectly tasting creamy flavour from the oats leaving you with a pleasingly dry finish. Brimstone Brewing Company, Ridgeway >>

REVEALREVEAL Niagara Niagara LeisureLeisure Magazine Magazine • Volume • Volume 2 Issue2 2Issue • 2019/2020 1 • 2019


Righteous Red

ALE | 5.25% ALC | IBU UNKNOWN Beautifully deep auburn in colour, light chocolate aromas deliver a subtle smokiness and notes of caramel, finishing very light, clean and dry. Kame and Kettle, Fonthill

Schwarzbier Black Ale

ALE | 6.0% ALC | 32 IBU This black beer has hints of coffee, and is made from roasted malt. Kame and Kettle, Fonthill

The Black Lager

SCHWARZBIER| 5% ALC | 10 IBU Pours coffee black in colour with notes of roasted malts, nuttiness, a little chocolate and honey finishing slightly dry and sweet. Silversmith Brewing, Virgil

Dark’Ass Ale

ALE | 7.9% ALC | 28 IBU Aged in freshly emptied local Cabernet Franc French Oak barrels, this opaque beer is full of big malt flavour with a red wine resemblance and a nice rustic finish. Oast House Brewers, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Pitchfork Porter

PORTER| 5.3% ALC | 20 IBU This is a traditional dry English-style Porter, with notes of coffee, dark chocolate, raw cocoa bean and toasted nuts. Oast House Brewers, Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Eisbock w/ Icewine Grapes

BOCK | 10.1% ALC | 25 IBU An intense dark fruit malt character with warm mouthfeel comes to the forefront, however it is softened by the sweetness and flavour of the icewine skins. The tannins from the grape’s seeds, stems and skins also add an interesting component and structure to the beer. Oast House Brewers, Niagara-on-the-Lake


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020


PORTER | 5.3% ALC | 39 IBU This robust porter features roasted UK malts, Chilean caramel malts and East Kent Golding hops. Exchange Brewery, NOTL


STOUT | 7.5% ALC | 52 IBU Big and complex maltiness with hints of molasses back with hefty bitterness and light fruit from UK Pilgrim hops. Exchange Brewery, NOTL


SOUR ALE | 6.3 % ALC | 9 IBU This dark sour on Twenty Valley Cab Franc Skins has notes of dark fruit, chocolate and coffee. Bench Brewing, Beamsville

Folklore on Cherries

DARK SOUR ALE | 6.5% ALC | 9 IBU This dark sour is finished with Niagara Montmorency cherries right from Cherry Lane. With aromas of tart cherry and graham cracker, this dark sour has a tangy acidity blanched by soft, raisin malt sweetness. Bench Brewing, Beamsville

Beer + Food Pairings

Our ever-evolving beer landscape makes your food pairing choices a real adventure. If you’re out enjoying a delicious craft brew, don’t be shy in asking the brewery what they would recommend as they’d happily direct you through a palate-pleasing experience.


Buy Local, Buy Fresh! f


Roasted or cured meats, shellfish, chocolate desserts

Dark Lager:

Hearty stews, pizza, burgers

Amber Ale:

Fried food, smoked pork, pizza

Brown Ale:

Sushi, fish, sausage, pork

St. Catharines Farmers Market Market Square 91 King St., St. Catharines Open Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays 6am to 2pm year round


Gamey meats, seafood, coffee-flavored desserts


Spicy foods, grilled meats, Asian and Thai dishes

Light Lagers:

Grilled meat, pizza, burgers

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 1 • 2019


Family-friendly Irish pub serving modern & traditional Irish fare. • Live Music • • Whiskey Flights •

Voted Top 10 Irish Pub & Best Pub Chef North America

2017 • 2018 • 2019 6400 Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls 905-374-0021 •

r e t n Wi spice

Featuring exciting comfort-food recipes from Chef Cory Linkson Executive Chef at AG Inspired Cuisine.>>

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020



20oz brussels, cleaned and cut in half 1 bunch green onions, sliced thin Sesame Soy Glaze *See recipe Your favorite store brand hummus Glaze: ¼ cup dark soy sauce ¼ cup rice vinegar 1/8 cup sesame oil 1 tsp garlic chili paste 2 drops Sriracha 2 Tbsp honey




Preheat your deep fryer to 350’


Deep fry the brussels until lightly golden and crispy


Pour the brussels onto paper towels to dry the excess oil


Toss the brussels in a bowl with the sesame dressing


Serve the hot brussels topped with the sliced green onions and your favorite hummus for dipping.

For Glaze:


Combine all ingredients in a jar with lid


Shake vigorously for 30 seconds to bring the flavors together. Re-shake as needed


Makes about 1 cup in volume

You can pan roast in a little vegetable oil at high temperature in your oven as an alternative to frying.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

HONEY APPLE SPICE CAKE 2 ½ cups all-purpose flour 1 Tbsp ground cinnamon ¼ tsp ground allspice 2 tsp baking powder ½ tsp baking soda ½ tsp salt


Preheat oven to 350’


Spray with cooking spray and flour the 5, 3” x 5” molds


Whisk together the first 5 ingredients


Separately, whisk together the second 5 ingredients


Whisk the dry into the wet ingredients in 3 even batches


Fold in diced apples

8oz butter, unsalted and melted 1 ½ cups brown sugar 4 eggs, room temperature ¼ Niagara honey ¼ cup unsweet apple sauce


Fill the molds and bake for 25 minutes


Rotate the cakes and cook for another 25 minutes


Test with a toothpick. If it does not come out clean continue to bake a few minutes longer until it comes out clean

10. Cool to room temperature 11. Slice in thick slices

2 Granny Smith apples, peeled and diced small


Butter and pan fry the slices of apple cake in a non-stick pan as if you were making grilled cheese. Decorate and serve while hot with the bourbon butterscotch (see following page).

Garnish this dessert with toasted and spiced nuts for a contrasting crunch

Can be made a day ahead and kept wrapped in the cooler. Bring to room temperature before frying or serving. >> REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020



4oz butter, unsalted 1 cup brown sugar ½ tsp vanilla extract 3oz 35% cream 1 ½ tbsp bourbon Pinch of salt




Bring butter, sugar and vanilla to a light simmer for three to five minutes whisking regularly


Add the cream, bourbon and salt


Simmer for another 3 minutes while whisking

Serve warm or at room temperature depending on the thickness you desire

This recipe will thicken as it cools

Can hold in the cooler for three to four days. Bring to room temperature before serving.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020


2oz butter, unsalted 1 small onion, diced 1 rib celery, diced 4 stems fresh thyme 1 clove garlic 4 oz russet potato, peeled/diced 2 ½ lbs peeled squash, diced 5 cups chicken broth ½ cup 35% cream 1 tsp Saffron, good quality Salt/ Pepper 1 Niagara Bartlett Pear ½ Tbsp ground cinnamon 1 Tbsp Niagara Maple syrup


In a high sided pot, over medium heat, melt the butter and then sauté the onion, celery, garlic, potato and thyme. Continue for several minutes until the onion is translucent


At this point add the squash and sauté for another 2 minutes


Pour in your chicken broth, cream and saffron


Simmer low, slightly covered until the vegetables and potatoes are soft


Puree a batch at a time in a jug blender until all soup is smooth and return to the pot


Season to taste with salt and pepper. Correct the consistency with cream or stock if needed.


Serve in a soup bowl garnished with a couple of the maple pears

(procedure below) 8.

Maple Cinnamon Pears


Wash and slice the pears into 8 wedges and coat with the cinnamon

10. Heat some oil in a non-stick pan 11. Brown the pears over medium heat, turning until golden and cooked 12. Pour in the maple, toss and remove from the heat 13. Garnish your squash soup with a wedge or two while warm

This soup can be held, covered in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

For a super silky texture, pass through a fine mesh chinois after blending

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020



REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020


NIAGARA’ S PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE A PLACE TO LEARN Often thought of as a place

of sadness, cemeteries are quite the opposite. They not only offer a place to mourn, but also a peaceful retreat to reflect, to learn about our history and to enjoy some of the most beautiful trails and greenspace amongst our urban communities. Since the dawn of time, we as people have attempted to better ourselves through the experiences, lessons and wisdom of our ancestors. By recording our stories from the very beginning, whether through pictures, symbols or written word, our intention was to pass information forward from generation to generation. Each cemetery is home to so many of these stories, providing a deep historical connection to the local community. By understanding our past, we provide insights into how people once lived, giving us guidance and direction on how we can improve our future. Our cemeteries offer an open invitation to learn about our past, and while graveyard visits may not be top of mind when planning an itinerary, there are many unexpected reasons to explore these open-air museums. It’s obviously interesting to learn about the famous leaders or celebrities that may be buried there, but it’s equally fascinating to reveal the stories of the families who carved out the community and economy as you see it before you today. >>

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020


A PLACE TO THINK One of the most beautiful enhancements was made at Fairview Cemetery, where Willow’s Rest, Niagara Falls’ first green burial section, is located. Currently 2 acres of natural bounty, it is home to seven Monarch Butterfly Pollinator Gardens and nearly 200 native trees designed to create a timeless enclosure for the wildflower meadow. While the term of having a green or natural burial has grown in popularity in recent years, the practice itself is not new. There is, however, a renewed appreciation for the value this practice provides. Embracing nature’s processes, green

burial sites become a naturally elegant living memorial, ensuring the eco-system is allowed to flourish well into the future.

A PLACE TO EXPLORE Amongst the rich history and culture throughout the well-kept lands of cemeteries, there is also a natural beauty worthy of indulging. In a time before art galleries, botanical gardens and museums, our cemeteries could easily be viewed as our first introduction to public parks. In the mid-tolate 1800’s, cemeteries were intentionally built with winding roads and picturesque views, providing a place to meditate and connect with


Did You Know? The word cemetery is derived from the Greek term for sleeping space.


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

spirituality. It was because of the sprawling landscapes and beautiful sculptures that they quickly became a place of both retreat and recreation. Todays cemeteries are no different, and upon exploration of the 20 cemeteries in Niagara Falls, it quickly becomes clear that these natural spaces provide the perfect backdrop for a nature walk or a jog, bird watching, and even entertaining an appreciation for the artistic values that are present throughout different properties. Many urban communities are encouraging a livelier use of cemetery property, providing an inviting space for the community to enjoy.



In the Drummond Hill Cemetery on Lundy’s Lane, you will find a commemorative monument and the grave of Canadian hero, Laura Secord. She famously walked almost 20 miles through rough terrain in order to warn British soldiers of an incoming attack. Nearby, you will also find a memorial for the Battle of Lundy’s Lane. (below) TOMB


You can find the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Fairview Cemetery located off Stanley Avenue in Niagara Falls. It is located in the Field of Honour. The tomb was recently restored to include a larger memorial, a new location with a raised crypt, and a second memorial monument. Planted nearby are two Vimy Oak trees. The Field of Honour restoration also included the refurbishing of almost 200 graves of veterans. The Unknown Soldier served with the 19th Lincoln Regiment during WW1. Every year, a service and parade is held at the Tomb and it honours not only Niagara’s own unknown soldier, but unknown soldiers all around the world who gave their lives for freedom.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020


Winter Fun In Niagara In winter, it can become very easy to never leave the house; Stay inside, stay warm, and wait it out until spring makes an appearance. And while some weekends do encourage the hibernation inclination, there is actually a lot of things going on during the winter in Niagara that we can all take advantage of. Sometimes, it’s worth it to brave the cold, and get out there and explore.


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020


Ice Skating Wayne Gretzky Estates, Niagara-on-the-Lake

While skate rentals are available, you can also bring your own skates. In addition to skating, you can take advantage of the outdoor cocktail bar, along with some great food options, then you can warm up at one of the many fire pits!

Ice Rink at Fort George

Located at the Historic Fort George, this skating rink is set in quite the picturesque place! Admission is free, and skate rentals are $5. There is a concession stand open for hot chocolate and small snacks. You can keep an eye on the Facebook page for Fort George to get updates on the ice condition, rink closures, special hours and info about any special events taking place. Open until March 22.

Frieze Box in Grimsby

This outdoor rink is a free skating opportunity, and is open until March. You can check on the rink status by visiting parks-recreation-culture/outdoor-rink.aspx. Make sure to check out the schedule on the above site, as some times are for open skates and some times/days reserved for shinny.

Also, check out these rinks: Hilary Bald Outdoor Rink (Garden Gate Terrace, Beamsville) The Lions Outdoor Skating Rink (1406 Drummond Rd., Niagara Falls) Chippawa Park Pond (First Avenue and Fitch Street, Welland) Woodlawn Bush (Woodlawn Rd, between South Pelham and Rice Rd., Welland) Civic Square Skating Rink (60 E Main St., Welland) St. George Pond (391 St. George Street)

Snowshoeing/ Winter Hiking Niagara is full of great trails to try out snowshoeing, or some winter hiking if that’s more your style. Short Hills, Niagara Glen, The Bruce Trail, Decew Falls are just some of the places you can start to explore while looking for the perfect trail. Check out for a great list of all the trails that Niagara has to offer. This year, from now until the end of March, Niagara Parks will be running what they are calling “The Great Canadian Winter Lodge”. Snowshoe trails will be open up at the Whirlpool Golf Course, and you can enjoy these self guided trails all winter long. Day passes and equipment rentals will be available on site. Trails will be available for all skill levels. Trails can take anywhere from 30 mins to 3 hours, depending which one you choose.

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Convenient pickup at your hotel. • Executive mini-coaches 14-24 also available. • Courteous, professional drivers and guides.

Niagara Falls Daily Tour Come with us and enjoy this wonder of the world ! • Enjoy a scenic drive along the beautiful Niagara Parkway and a thrilling up-close ride to the Falls aboard a Hornblower Cruise boat !

Leave the touring to us... sit back and relax!

Call your travel agent or (24 hrs)



REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

Stay Longer, By Gabrielle Tieman-Lee

natural marvels,

world-class entertainment and one-of-a-kind towns; with so much to see and do, prioritizing your Niagara vacation can be overwhelming, to say the least. This leaves many visitors with the sense that while they may have seen and done a lot, their vacation really only scratched the surface of Niagara’s many attractions. For first-timers to the Region, it’s easy to feel like you should spend all your time in the tourist heavy Niagara Falls district. But depending on your length of stay, Niagara’s surrounding pockets hold an abundance one-of-a-kind experiences you do not want to pass by. >>

Play Longer REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020


MistRider Zipline, take a one hour high speed ride upriver into the Devil‘s Hole rapids with Whirlpool Jet Boat tours.

DAY 2:


hether you’re visiting the Region for an extra long weekend, touring Niagara for five days or planning a week-long vacation, get inspired by these itineraries to carve out your own adventure.

3-Day Visit

From the jaw-dropping natural attractions of Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake to the bright carnival charm of Clifton Hill, this three-day itinerary highlights the must-see attractions for groups who want to enjoy a little bit of it all in a short span of time.

DAY 1:

When you hear Niagara what do you think? Niagara Falls of course! No matter how many times you have visited the Region, the mighty power of this natural wonder never ceases to amaze. Niagara Falls hosts an endless variety of activities, tours and attractions based solely on the history and power of Niagara Falls – all of which bring you up close and personal with the power of water and sets the tone for a perfect vacation in the Region. Get right into the action by taking a self guided walking tour alongside the waterfalls. From the sidewalk of the Niagara Parkway, you’re able to view, feel and hear the thundering


power of both the American Bridal Veil Falls and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls – you’ll even feel the mist that sprays the roadway as you get closer to the Horseshoe. Looking to get even closer than this? The Journey Behind the Falls tour takes you 125 feet down into 130-year-old tunnels through the bedrock behind the Falls – you’ll feel the vibration of the water long before you see it. Don a poncho and step out onto the viewing deck for a once-in-a-lifetime view of the thundering water. Curious where the trillions of gallons of water end up going? The White Water Walk offers a different perspective on the power of the water. Make your way down to water level on another self guided tour along the Niagara River; walk the boardwalk and come up close to class six rapids and dangerous whirlpools. TRAVELING WITH KIDS? Additional activities you may want to include in your first day: Venture into the waters of the Falls on a boat tour with Hornblower Niagara Cruises, dangle high above the Niagara whirlpool on a trip across the river on the Whirlpool Aero Cable Car, take an elevator up 775 feet for a Birdseye view of the falls from the Skylon Tower. TRAVELING WITH ADULTS? Additional activities you may want to include in your first day: Fly 2200 feet down towards the base of the Horseshoe Falls with WildPlay Niagara Falls

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

Now that you have enjoyed some of the main attractions, its time to explore the other side of Niagara Falls: Fallsview Boulevard, Lundy’s Lane and the popular Street of Fun by the Falls – Clifton Hill. These streets are filled with restaurants, shows and games for all ages. Park your car at one of the many lots and take in the sights by foot – this will allow you to fully enjoy the lights and sounds at a slower pace and pick and choose your activities as you go. Enjoy a funnel cake, ride the SkyWheel and be a kid for the day. If the weather becomes crummy? Don’t worry! Many of these attractions are indoors allowing for all season fun. TRAVELING WITH KIDS? Activities you may want to include in your second day: Drive through Canada’s first ever elevated go-kart race course at Niagara Speedway, paint your own pottery souvenir at Crock A Doodle, enjoy year-round 84-degree weather and 16 water slides at the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark, learn to skydive in the safety of an indoor wind tunnel at Niagara FreeFall, take in a Vegas caliber dinner and show at the Greg Frewin Magic Theatre. Consider purchasing a Clifton Hill Fun Pass which bundles many of Clifton Hill’s attractions [including the Movie Land Wax Museum, Dino Adventure Golf, Wild West and Zombie Attack 6D Motion Rides, the SkyWheel and arcades] together at a discounted rate. TRAVELING WITH ADULTS? Activities you may want to include in your second day: relax with a cold one at one of Niagara Falls’ many craft breweries including Niagara Brewing Company, Taps Brewhouse and Counterpart Brewing, work as a team to escape from a puzzle based room at the CRUX Escape Room, enjoy a multi-course Niagara farm-to-table meal at contemporary restaurant Weinkeller, gamble and take in a show at the Fallsview Casino Resort.

DAY 3:

Step outside the tourist heavy district of Niagara Falls and explore the quieter side of the Region – including the picture-perfect town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Tucked along the shores

of Lake Ontario, the beautiful historic town and surrounding area is the perfect spot for a day trip. A travel destination for wine lovers and foodies, if you are looking to enjoy world-class cuisine and vintages from top wine makers and chefs, you have come to the right place. Niagara-on-the-Lake is also a great area for families with kids looking to burn off the cotton-candy fun of Clifton Hill with some fresh air. TRAVELING WITH KIDS? Activities you may want to include in your third day: Burn off some energy and face your fear of heights at WildPlay Niagara’s Aerial Adventure Course – there are three courses available for ages five and up [TIP – bundle this adventure with WildPlay’s MistRider Zipline from Day 1], enjoy an ice cream cone from COWS on Queen Street, dip your toes in Lake Ontario and enjoy a picnic in Queens Royal Park. Take a tour of the historic Fort George.

high exploration by private helicopter. Explore the surrounding vineyards or savour some of the best wood oven pizzas in the quaint town of Virgil. ZOOM Leisure Bikes, a bike rental company, has over 10 bikeshare locations throughout Niagara and also offers bike delivery and pickup services – saving you from backtracking at the end of the day in order to return your rental. Explore Niagara’s calmer waters and shorelines with Niagara Kayak Rentals. Getting you and your family in the water quick and efficiently, they are one of Canada's first fully mobile kayak rental services, meaning they meet you on site at one of their launch destinations with all of the necessary equipment and training. All you have to do is show up! TRAVELING WITH KIDS? Addition-

al activities you may want to include in your fourth day: Take a bike ride to NEOB Lavender and pick-your-own lavender bouquets in the fairytale-esque purple plumed field, enjoy a wood-oven pizza on the sun-soaked patio at Bricks and Barley in central Virgil, bird watch from your tandem kayak along the shallow shores of Lake Ontario. TRAVELING WITH ADULTS? Additional activities you may want to include in your fourth day: Experience the thrill of a lifetime and sore above the turbulent waterfalls on a tour with Niagara Helicopters, cycle over to Wayne Gretzky Winery and sample whiskey flights at their tasting bar, bike to Cheese Secrets and sample the largest selection of Cana-

TRAVELING WITH ADULTS? Activities you may want to include in your third day: Wineries and breweries galore; explore, sip and sample at over 30 wineries and breweries nestled below the Escarpment and along the Parkway, shop the boutiques along Queen Street in the historic Old Town Heritage District, enjoy a traditional High Tea at the Prince of Wales Hotel, treat yourself to a spa day at the Oban Inn, take in a show at the Shaw Festival Theatre.

5-Day Visit

Have you enjoyed Niagara so much you’ve decided to extend your trip for a few extra days? We do not blame you! With a five-day visit in the Region, you have the ability and time to extend your days past the main hub of tourist activity in Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake and explore the lesser traveled – but equally beautiful and active – pockets of the Niagara Region. Take a bike tour through the town of Virgil, bask in the sun with a beach day in Port Dalhousie or enjoy a show at the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre in St. Catharines – there are so many activities to fill your visit!

DAY 4:

It’s time to ditch your car and enjoy the outer boroughs of Niagara by an alternative mode of slower transportation. Niagara is host to a variety of companies who offer equipment rentals and intimate tours via bike or kayak and sky-

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020


dian cheeses in the Region, listen to live outdoor music on Niagara Oast House Brewers’ flatbed farm truck Federal Stage.

DAY 5:

Take a quick trip down the highway from Niagara Falls and visit the city of St. Catharines for the day. Featuring a thriving alternative arts scene, lively theatre community, beautiful shoreline parks, unique boutique shopping and some of the best food in the Region, this day trip is sure to be a highlight of your vacation.

Start your day at Beechwood Doughnuts – trust us, you won’t be disappointed. The provincially famous doughnut shop is Niagara’s first and only 100 per cent vegan doughnut shop [you would never be able to tell if we didn’t tell you] offering doughnuts the size of your face in unique flavours including: birthday cake, banana bread fritter, chai latte, cookie dough and classic favourites. From here, explore the town’s independent shops selling all kinds of handmade artisanal goods. Visit the indoor/outdoor St. Catharines Farmers Market for local

produce and seasonal merchandise – housed in the glass Market Square building every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Looking for more? Venture down the road towards Lake Ontario to Port Dalhousie; known for its waterfront appeal and beautiful beach, the town is home to the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta and many beautiful boats can be found docked here. Finish your day with a show at the First Ontario Performing Arts Centre or the Meridian Centre/Arena – both located blocks from each other in downtown St. Catharines. Both venues host a wide variety of shows, concerts, interactive performances, sporting events and more multiple days of the week, all year round for all ages. TRAVELING WITH KIDS? Additional activities you may want to include in your fifth day: Take a ride on the antique Port Dalhousie Carousel in Lakeside Park [it costs only five cents to ride!], bounce off some energy at Sky Zone Trampoline Park, enjoy a hike at Decew Falls, visit the petting zoo at Happy Rolph’s Animal Farm, play in the splash pad at Lester B. Pearson Park, get competitive with a game of bowling at Parkway Social (they also have an arcade and laser tag!). TRAVELING WITH ADULTS? Additional activities you may want to include in your fifth day: Enjoy a craft cocktail and some nostalgia at Ludology Boardgame Café downtown St. Catharines, play a game of volleyball at Sunset Beach, peruse local art and take in some open mic performances at


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

Mahtay Café & Lounge, enjoy a film and a glass of wine at The Film House – the only licensed cinema in St. Catharines.

7-Day Visit

A week long visit is the ideal amount of time to experience the Niagara Region. The Region spans almost 2,000 square kilometers and is made up of a number of beautiful little towns ideal for day trips away from your hotel – the perfect getaway within a getaway! With a seven-day trip planned, you can venture out to either end of the Region; exploring the quaint towns of Ridgeway and Crystal Beach on one end and the agriculture rich Vineland, Beamsville and Jordan on the other.

DAY 6:


Pack up the car for a day long adventure and head west down the highway towards the areas of Vineland, Beamsville and Jordan. These quiet communities within the town of Lincoln and surrounding area hold quaint downtown networks, artisanal restaurants and over 50 award-winning wineries – which differ from their Niagara-on-the-Lake sisters due to the lakes and placement on the escarpment. The area also has a number of beautiful hiking trails which vary in difficulty and connect to the Bruce Trail [which crosses through the Region]. TRAVELING WITH KIDS? Additional activities you may want to include in your sixth day: Visit Pirate Ship Cove – the first in Niagara to offer an on-the-water inflatable water park along side kayak and paddle board rentals, take a walk at the Balls Falls Conservation Area and enjoy their beautiful parkland, hiking trails and education programs [run at various times throughout the year], pick your own fruit at Cherry Avenue Farms. TRAVELING WITH ADULTS? Additional activities you may want to include in your sixth day: Visit the Jordan Art Gallery which promotes original work by Niagara residents, learn the art of distilling at Dillon’s Distillers, take a cooking class at The Good Earth Food and Wine Co., search for hidden gems at Prudhommes Antique and Flea Market, enjoy five-star Mediterranean cuisine at the Lake House Restaurant.

DAY 7:

Take a drive east towards the American border and you will find yourself in the towns of Ridgeway and Crystal Beach. Though quiet in the winter months, these towns come alive in the spring and summer, filling with tourist looking to enjoy the old-school beach town vibes with their ice cream shops, batten board restaurants, gorgeous sandy beaches and overall laid-back vibes. The main street of Ridgeway is the perfect spot for grabbing a bite to eat before heading to the beach. Have a snack and a pint at Brimstone Brewery; this local craft brewery features a rotating menu and beautiful outdoor patio – perfect for a sunny day. The brewery is also attached to The Sanctuary - Centre for the Arts – a community-based event and concert space used for private functions, classes and all-ages music shows. After lunch, head towards Lake Erie and you will find yourself in Crystal Beach. Spend the day in the clean waters, walking the shoreline and sampling food truck bites. TRAVELING WITH KIDS? Additional activities you may want to include in your seventh day: Visit Safari Niagara and get up close and personal with more than 1000 native and exotic animals TRAVELING WITH ADULTS? Additional activities you may want to include in your seventh day: Sample house made chocolates at Nigh’s Sweet Shop, enjoy live entertainment at the Crystal Chandelier

Welcome to Creekside Estate, where dogs are welcome, the BBQ’s always ready, and if you want to go on a tour, you better bring your boots.


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wedded bliss N

iagara is full of beautiful locations to host a wedding, but none are quite as enchanting and unique as Ball’s Falls Conservation Area. Not only is it historic, but you’ll find unforgettable backdrops, with magnificent waterfalls, picturesque hiking trails and a historic village nestled right on the Niagara escarpment. Whether you seek natural wedded bliss, intimate vows, rustic elegance, or high-style and sophistication, our

wedding venues are the perfect answer. From engagement shoots and intimate ceremonies to reception celebrations, our distinctive properties offer majestic scenery as the perfect setting for a storybook wedding and the start to your ‘happily ever after’. When you celebrate your wedding in one of Niagara’s most unique places, you can choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that boast both elegance and romance.

Photo: DA Photography & A Night to Remember

Photo: Andrea Demery Photography


Photo: Lorie Marie Photography OUTDOOR NATURAL CEREMONY There’s something so effortlessly romantic about an outdoor wedding ceremony. Whether you’re surrounded by lush, full and beautiful green trees, gorgeous blooming flowers, or spectacularly coloured leaves, our picturesque backdrops are stunning settings all year-round. Ball’s Falls features 4 locations for outdoor ceremonies, with our V-section being the most popular, located behind the Big Barn. The guest capacity for an outdoor ceremony is 190. HISTORICAL CHAPEL A perfect setting for your dream wedding, this restored chapel features warm wood tones; both rustic and elegant, wonderful ambiance, and seating for 110 guests. Formerly known as St. George’s Anglican Church, the chapel was built in 1864. The chapel was re-opened in October 1974, and has been used for weddings and other events at Ball’s Falls Conservation Area ever since. The Ball’s Falls Historical Chapel is the perfect setting for religious and nondenominational wedding ceremonies.

THE BIG BARN If you are looking for a rustic venue with some fresh air on your big day, we’ve got the perfect space. Built in 1882, and filled with old-world charm, the Big Barn is ideal for couples wanting to add a little rustic countryside style to their ceremony and wedding receptions. With this venue, couples have the opportunity to bring the caterer and decorator of their choosing, and includes harvest tables and black Chivari chairs. The guest capacity is 190. GLEN ELGIN ROOM This high-style and elegant reception venue is perfect for any season. Surrounded by gorgeous blossoms during the summer, and frosty snowflakes in the winter, our Glen Elgin Room offers you the opportunity to bring your dream wedding to reality. Ball’s Falls is home to two of the few venues that give brides and grooms full reign when it comes to their wedding planning. Couples will bring in the caterer and decorator of their choice. The venue includes your choice of rectangular or round tables and and white Chivari chairs. The Glen Elgin has floor-to-ceiling

windows along one side of the room, overlooking the beautiful scenery, which leads to the Upper Falls. Couples will have access to a patio for an outdoor ceremony and/or cocktail hour options, or for dancing under the stars at night. The guest capacity is 150. BRIDAL SUITE Our Bridal Suite is exclusive to couples booked at one of our venues, and is available to assist with your special day. Couples and their wedding parties will have access from 8 a.m. until the end of the wedding day. We are certain that your hairdresser, make-up artist, and photographer will all love this large room, as it offers comfort, privacy, vintage glamour, and fabulous natural lighting to help capture the start of your special day. Please contact our Customer Relations Representative at, call 905-562-5235 ext.21 or visit It would be our honour to be the backdrop of your special day.

photo: Amanda McBride, Foster

. E C N A H C R U O Y S ' W O N

F I R E T S O F O T P SIGN U R O S E L G G U N S E K I L U O Y . S D N E I R F G N I V A H O T N I E R ' U O Y

well being

By Gabrielle Tieman-Lee

People worldwide

have a humble dream: to be employed in a job that brings them both dignity and joy while also allowing them to provide for their families. But this is not the reality for countless producers, artisans and farmers across the globe. Farming, the single largest employer in the world, provides livelihoods for over 40 per cent of today’s global population. Yet millions of farmers and their families live in poverty because they simply do not earn enough. Why is this? Many people do not receive a fair price for what they produce and countless businesses exploit labourers in regions without stringent labour laws or economic markets; resulting in workers who manufacture their artisanal and labour-intensive goods for little to no pay. But consumers are getting smarter and many companies are now opting to exclusively support businesses that operate with a fair trade model. Fair trade is a business model that is based on transparency, respect and an open dialogue which works to share the benefits of trade more equally between all parties involved. Fair trade not only supports and secure the rights of farmers and craftspeople – typically located in vulnerable communities within developing countries who are often socially and economically marginalized – but it also ensures craftsmen are paid enough to justify their labour and support their livelihood. >>

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020


“…They had told me their price and I said ‘No, I don’t think that’s fair—I think we need to raise that in order to get you the money to be able to pay the collectors fairly we need to raise that price.’ That floored them. They had never heard of people coming in and asking them to charge more.” – Debbie VanGrieken, CEO OF MOYAA SHEA BUTTER


ut how can we make a difference ourselves? The concept of fair trade begins by asking consumers to change the way they think about shopping: educate yourself on the products you purchase and where they are coming from and learn to be mindful in your purchases. Because even the smallest purchase can have an impact. Many businesses in the Niagara Region have adopted these smart shopping practices as the basis of their enterprises. Since being designated as World Fair Trade Certified, Ten Thousand Villages has been fondly revered as a place where you can connect with a global village under a single roof. Their business partners with thousands of talented artisans to stock their shelves with one-of-a-kind products from over 26 countries in developing portions of the world— entirely with fair trade practices. “Every single item in our store we stand behind with full confidence that the artisan that made this product has been paid a fair wage, they are working in safe conditions, there is no child labour involved, etc.” says Teresa Friesen, Manager at Ten Thousand Villages Niagara-on-theLake. Since its humble beginnings in 1946 out of the trunk of a car, Ten Thousand Villages has grown but their principles have remained the same: each piece sold in their stores is crafted from local materials and


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

time-honoured skills, operating with full transparency and the principle that trade should have a conscience. “All of our shoppers can shop with confidence and know that every item in the store we can print off a product information sheet that details how the product is made and the materials used,” said Friesen. “It also gives information on the artisan group who made it. So, they have not only the product information, but the person/people who made the product … No other retailer in Canada can give you that sort of information.” Many showcased artisans also create with an environmentally friendly initiative. “These artisans are looking at what materials are available to them in their area and making them into all sorts of neat things that us in North America would never even dream of thinking of,” said Friesen. “Pieces out of bicycle chains, recycled saris, circuit boards—they are using what is available to them. And that is huge environmentally.” The Hajiganj Project is one group that stands out to Friesen. The Hajiganj Project works with marginalized people in Bangladesh employing over 40 Hindu and Muslim women to create beautiful home décor and fashion pieces from recycled saris. “They take recycled pieces of sari, it could be the end of a bolt of fabric or used, and stitch the pieces together to create a throw out of them,” said Friesen. “Everything is hand stitched and so beautiful ... they are bright and colourful. We get all these amazing throws that are made from recyclable materials and so soft.” Apart from throws they also make baskets, pillowcases, chairs, jewelery and more. “The textile industry creates so much waste—that is a huge global issue—this is a very neat way for them to recycle material and make it into something beautiful and practical,” said Friesen. Another artistic group featured is from Burkina Faso in West Africa; creators of the The Lost Wax Statues, these sculptures and figurines are carved from wax then set with a clay mould and filled with liquid bronze to create a figure. The figures—almost always of women—are then hand painted. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and made by hand.

“It truly is a lost work of art,” said Friesen. “People are just not doing it in Africa this way anymore because there was no market for the product. So, we have created a market for them to sell this product.” Friesen said each artisan in the store has been a member of the company’s family for many years as they do not believe in turning over their suppliers frequently. Friesen said this helps build long-lasting customers throughout the community. Another company creating long-lasting customers is Moyaa Shea Butter. This Niagara based company is committed to producing skin care products that create social change. This fair trade company’s goal is to create a lasting difference through their work and partnerships that provide a positive impact on vulnerable communities. Produced in Northern Uganda, Moyaa Shea Butter is 100 per cent unrefined and cold-pressed Grade A Shea Butter and an all-natural Vitamin A & E cream that’s rich in antioxidants. Their products include rich body butters, lip balms, soaps and essential oils—all created from raw premium products harvested in Uganda. Debbie VanGrieken, CEO of Moyaa Shea Butter, first learned about fair trade over ten years ago while volunteering. VanGrieken says she was instantly inspired to educate herself on the global issue and change how her own family did their shopping. “I learned that it is all about educating our children about the items we are purchasing and how we actually have a lot of power because we can determine what we purchase,” said VanGrieken. It was years later that she came across the shea butter product while searching for organic skincare products following a personal battle against a melanoma diagnosis. The body butter, which was brought to Canada at the time by six missionaries, changed her life. “It was this incredible product,” said VanGrieken. “When I was approached to get more involved, I knew I needed to help the company get to the next level of implementing fair trade practices [they were close but were not there yet] and develop what needed to be developed.” With the help of local Ugandan entrepreneur and head of the cooperative Margaret, VanGrieken traveled to the country to ensure full transparency with the farmers. “Part of fair trade is about relationship building and trust,” said VanGrieken. “I approached the farmers and worked with the cooperative that represents the group and we discussed price. They had told me their price and I said ‘No, I don’t think that’s fair—I think we need to raise that in order to get you the money to be able to pay the collectors fairly we need to raise that price.’ That floored them. They had never heard of people coming in and asking them to charge more.” VanGrieken said when you purchase Moyaa Shea Butter not only are you purchasing an exceptional product, you are also helping support a community. Moyaa Shea Butter can be purchased at over 20 stores throughout the Region and they have big plans to grow in the future into more retail locations as knowledge of their product spreads. “The customer is the hero here,” said VanGrieken. “If [customers] do not purchase, we have no business. When the consumer purchases our product and loves our product and they come back and purchase it again, they are creating that sustainability that is providing the income for these families.”


Sommelier Trained Tour Guide takes you to experience Niagara’s best boutique wines and food pairings in Luxury.

Get Your

game ON Sport Tourism in Niagara Observing or participating in sporting events is a rapidly growing sector of the global travel industry, equating to over $7 billion. Some travelers book their trips based upon specific sporting destinations or events of interest, while others explore what’s available no matter where they are visiting - often unveiling unique and unexpected adventures.


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

Here in Canada, we’ve hosted some impressive, world-renowned events. We’ve had the distinct honour of playing host several times to the Commonwealth games, Olympic games, PanAmerican/ParaPan American games, as well as many other highly notable events like the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Vancouver. Our very own Canada Games, which began in 1967 in Quebec City, occur every 2 years and will be hosted next in 2021 in Niagara, Ontario. As a host, preparations begin well in advance and the local excitement builds early on. Since Niagara is already a secret year-round hot bed of sports leagues, events, games, and tournaments, it’s a natural contender for hosting just about any kind of sporting event you can dream of. Niagara is filled with existing state-ofthe-art facilities, and welcoming new additions that are being developed for Canada 2021 Games and beyond. The Welland International Flatwater Center (WIFC) is a fully accessible flatwater training and racing venue among the top facilities in the world. Competitive canoe, kayak, dragon boat, triathalon, and rowing all take place here,

The Meridian Centre is a 5,300-seat arena in downtown St. Catharines and is home to both the IceDogs of the Ontario Hockey League and the Niagara River Lions of the National Basketball League of Canada. It also played host to the 2017 Scotties Tournament of Hearts and is always maintaining a packed and eventful calendar. In Port Dalhousie, St. Catharines, the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta, going into its 138th year, brings in more than 2,500 people that stay for an entire week. Also announced, St. Catharines will be the proud hosts of the World Rowing Championship in 2024. >>

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020



If you’re looking for something a little more recreational, there are so many places and sporting activities to watch or join in. Check out these two well-rounded sources for what might peak your interest: NIAGARA REC SPORTS | Multiple locations offered for outdoor/indoor soccer, dodgeball, court/beach volleyball, softball, ultimate frisbee and basketball.

Cycle through stunning escarpment paths for breathtaking views of rolling vineyards. Take breaks along the way, making sure to taste delicious food and drink (I mean its still wine country, right?). Join in on group tours and see some historic sites and beautiful scenery. Take a path along the waterways and explore various lakeside or canalside routes leading you to discovering the authentic villages and towns that make up this destination. For more information on cycling, visit


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

BALLHOCKEY.COM ATHLETIC CENTRE | One facility location that offers ballhockey, soccer, tennis, court/beach volleyball, squash and pickleball. Lastly, for those enjoying an active lifestyle, it should be mentioned that Niagara does cycling on a truly grand scale. Cyclists from around the world intentionally seek out the trails across Niagara for a cycling vacation. It’s the perfect option for more active travelers, inviting you to see and explore so much through various stop-off points. There are so many events worth making that intentional trip to Niagara, but if you come for other reasons or happen to be already here, there is something for every sports enthusiast to check out. If you’re in town and want to catch an exciting game, we highly recommend one of the following, based upon the season:

Hockey WHO: The Niagara Ice Dogs WHAT LEAGUE: CHL – Canadian Hockey League & OHL – Ontario Hockey League (Logos on Drive) WHERE THEY PLAY: Meridian Centre, 1 IceDogs Way, St. Catharines Ontario MORE INFO:

Baseball WHO: Welland Jackfish WHAT LEAGUE: IBL – Intercounty Baseball League (Logos on Drive) WHERE THEY PLAY: Welland Stadium, 90 Quaker Road, Welland Ontario MORE INFO:

Basketball WHO: Niagara River Lions WHAT LEAGUE: CEBL – Canadian Elite Basketball League (Logos on Drive) WHERE THEY PLAY: Meridian Centre, 1 IceDogs Way, St. Catharines Ontario MORE INFO:

A CLOSER LOOK AT THE NIAGARA 2021 GAMES In the summer of 2021, Niagara will welcome more than 5000 athletes and coaches, as they compete in one of the largest sporting events in Niagara’s history. The whole community will have an opportunity to be involved as well, with thousands of volunteer positions needing to be filled. Not only will there be events in 18 different sports, but during the games (which will be taking place August 6th to August 21st, 2021), there will be events and entertainment throughout the Region. In preparation for the games, improvements are being made throughout the Niagara Region on various sports complexes, and a new one is being constructed especially for the games. The Canada Games Park is being built at Brock University and will play host to many of the sporting events. It will consist of 2 ice pads, a para-sport gym, health and well-being facilities, training facilities and a 200m track. Outside the centre there will be beach volleyball courts, 400m track and field facility and an outdoor cycling centre. To keep updated on everything having to do with the 2021 Games in Niagara, visit to sign up for their e-newletter!

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020


Art In the Open Series : Part Three


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

arts & culture

INUKSUIT By Megan Pasche


ou’ve definitely seen them on the side of the road while driving up to Muskoka, or maybe remember that Heritage Minute episode where a RCMP officer watches a family of Inuit build one. They’ve become a very popular Canadian cultural symbol, especially the Great Canadian North. Historically, they were found throughout Northern Canada, Greenland and Alaska, but have become more prevalent everywhere. These man made structures have been used for various things, but most notably for landmarking and navigation. They serve as markers for things such has fishing routes, hunting grounds or travel routes. For an Inuit coming across an Inuksuk, there ia a huge amount of information that can be displayed. These often large structures would require a community of people to build, due to their large size and heavy rocks. The work Inuksuk translates to “ that which acts in the capacity of a human”. The Inuksuk is an important part of Inuit culture and it can be seen on the flag and coat of arms of the Canadian territory Nunavut. They are made from different shapes and sizes of stones and boulders, and although people tend to only know the term “Inuksuk” there are actually several different types of them, and they all have different purposes and meanings. Inuksuit is the plural form of inuksuk. An inunnguag is the stone sculpture that most closely resembles a human figure and the one most people are familiar with. It has a head, body, legs and arms. An inuksuk made of only boulders is referred to as a inuksummark or a inuksukjuag and because of their height, were used most often as directional aids as they could be seen from a distance. A pirujuqarvik is used to mark where meat is stored. Tupjakangaut points to a good hiking spot. Nikisuittuq points to the North Star to aid in navigation. The niugvaliruluit frames a window to a distant point. A nalvnaikkutaq is made of one single stone, placed upright on it’s end. Tikkuuti are rocks of different shapes and sizes that can be pointed in various directions. They are usually laid down flat on the ground.

INUKSUIT IN NIAGARA Niagara has a couple of Inuksuk you can go see. One is at St. John’s United Church in Stevensville. The church itself sits on a site where people have been worshipping for almost 200 years. The Inunnguag sits right outside the front of the church. You can also find one near city hall in the City of Niagara Falls. It marks the Northern end of the Olympic Torch Run Legacy Trail, a trail connecting Clifton Hill and Downtown Niagara Falls. Art in the Open ( is a website that celebrates outdoor art in Niagara. Check it out to get a full listing of where you can see various art pieces throughout Niagara.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020


At The Crow’s Foot Medical Spa, we are dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty by providing the highest quality care and best practice techniques.

Discover a new sense of confidence under the expert care of our registered nurse and physician.

The radium girls by Kate moore This meticously researched book by Kate Moore tells the sad story of America’s “Radium Girls”, a group of women who worked in radium plants in New Jersey, Illinois and Connecticut. These factory workers were repeatedly being told there were no dangers in working with radium and not given any kind of protective gear while working in the plants. Soon, they would one by one start falling ill, mystifying doctors. What would follow was the biggest fight of their lives and a lawsuit that would forever change American labour laws.


A Thousand Lives by julia scheeres This is the untold story of Jonestown. It includes interviews with surviving members of the People’s Temple, and takes a fascinating look at how Jim Jones got so many people to follow him.


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the immortal life of henrietta Lacks by rebecca skloot This book is about somebody that changed medicine forever, but most people have no idea who she even is. She was a poor, black tobacco farmer, and her cells were taken in 1951 without her knowing. They became one of medicine’s most important tools, helping to develop the vaccine for polio, cloning, gene mapping and more. This is her story.

TOP SHELF What we're reading…

All of these books are amazing, and while they may not be brand new, we thought they all deserved a mention anyway.

i’ll be gone in the dark by michelle McNamara This true crime thriller traces the exhaustive journey author Michelle McNamara went on in her search to find the identify of the golden state killer. The book was finished before he was caught in 2019, but it is a chilling tale of a criminal mastermind who went decades without being caught.

the testaments by Margaret atwood Margaret Atwood newest novel takes us back to the world of The Handmaid’s Tale, this time, 15 years after the end of the first novel.

Shoe dog by phil knight This memoir written by the creator of Nike goes all the way back to the early days when Nike was a mere start-up and traces its evolution to one of the most recognized and profitable brands in the world.

The nightingale by Kristin Hannah If you want to get your heart broken by a book, this is a good one to start with. This historial fiction novel takes place in a small French town that is being occupied by Germany during WW2, and tells the story of two very different sisters and how they respond to the worst things that will ever happen to them.

All the light we cannot see by anthony doerr This beautiful novel by Anthony Doerr takes place in a war torn France tells the story of a blind French girl and a young German solider, and how their paths eventually intertwine.

the gift of fear by Gavin De Becker This fascinating book by Gavin De Becker is repeatedly touted as the book that every female should read–repeatedly. It examines why we should be intune with our instincts and how to do that.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020





The Mysterious Mr. Epstein This podcast from Wondery is a six part series that looks at the life of sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. It examines how he accumulated his wealth, his humble beginnings and how he managed to skirt punishment for so long.

Office Ladies For all those who were fans of The Office, this podcast hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsley goes behind the scenes, as they examine each episode of the series.

Bear Brook This podcast from New Hampshire Public Radio takes a fascinating look at an old cold case that forever has changed the way murder investigations happen. An amazing look at the what DNA profiling is capable of.

99% Invisible This podcast takes a look at the design and architecture that affect our lives, sometimes in ways you wouldn’t even think of. Things like curb cuts or the way paper money is designed, and a plethora of other insanely interesting topics are covered (there are 300+ episodes).

How Did This Get Made A hilarious podcast hosted by Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas that covers movies that are so bad, they are good.

Ologies This science podcast sees host Alie Ward interviewing a different “ologist” every episode. Just some of the episodes include Disasterology, Astrobiology and Primatology.

This Podcast Will Kill You Each episode features a different disease and covers its history, biology and if it’s something to worry about. It sounds weird… but it’s pretty great.

Mob Queens The first season of this addicting podcast covers the story of Anna Genovese, wife of one time mob boss Vito Genovese. The research is detailed and the hosts, Jessica Bendinger and Michael Seligman, are entertaining to listen to.

The Dream This podcast delves into the world of multi level marketing companies, and examines how and why people continue to get sucked into them.

1619 This podcast from the New York Times examines the history and legacy of black people in the United States of America, starting from the very first slave ship that arrived on the banks of Point Pleasant in 1619.


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

Live. Love. Jazz. In its sixth year, the TD Niagara Jazz Festival is dedicated to celebrating the art form of jazz all throughout the year in Niagara. From large annual festivals to mini musical series all year round, there is always access to incredible talent, in both live music and education. Live Learn Jazz Series Truly for all ages, this music series provides you with the opportunity to learn and love jazz on a new level, while exploring various picturesque venues such as wineries and parks all across Niagara. Twilight Jazz Series Celebrating many talented musicians of Niagara and beyond, features best local and touring ensembles runs from November to June every year. The Music of a Charlie Brown Christmas Takes you on a nostalgic journey of one most beloved holiday experiences. Performed by the Peter Shea Trio and an incredible cast of local youth performers, the show provides a wonderful tradition to delight the entire family.

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Kurt By Gabrielle Tieman- Lee Photo by Hill Peppard

Elvira Kurt knows how to make people laugh. The Canadian comedy legend has been making audiences across the globe buckle over in tears for over 30 years with her unique brand of animated comedy that pinpoints the crazy hilarity found in day to day life. A veteran of Toronto’s legendary improv and sketch comedy theatre Second City, Kurt is also a multiple award-winning comedian whose long list of credits include talk show host, guest star, writer and talent show judge – to name a few. Reveal had the opportunity to chat with Kurt about her inspirations and career after her show at the St. Catharines’ Performing Arts Centre in December. >>

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020


Did you always want to be a comedian from a young age?

ELVIRA: “I think I did. My sense of humour was first and indelibly shaped by a combo of Saturday morning cartoons and the comic strip Peanuts. I’ve come to realize that Bugs Bunny was actually a mentor to me. Bugs taught me comedic timing, to embrace absurdity and showed me how to be a dynamic performer. Charles Schulz reminded me every day that disappointment can be funny. Beyond that, the TV shows I connected with most as a little kid were comedies that had female leads, like Lucille Ball or Carol Burnett. I’d watch them, then spend hours in front of the bathroom mirror ‘starring’ in my own

Photo by Sam Moss

"…I’m an only child so comic books were my best friend and the TV ended up being my babysitter, my escape and sibling all in one.”

show. I’m an only child so comic books were my best friend and the TV ended up being my babysitter, my escape and sibling all in one.”

Is there a moment that stands out to you when you said yes, this is what I want to do with my life?

“Not really. The only thing I can say with absolute certainty about anything in my life, is that I’ve always loved being a stand-up comic. After 35 years, I love it even more now than I did when I first started and I can’t ever see myself not doing it. I for sure got a kick out of performing in my high school assemblies, doing my take of Gilda’s Rosanne Rosannadanna character; but I wasn’t as into being a character with set lines. It wasn’t until my


[University of Toronto] years, going to the comedy club up the street in Yorkville, that the light bulb went off for me that stand up was something I maybe could, probably should, try my hand at. At that point, I hadn’t yet heard of Second City or even knew we had one in town, despite being a huge fan of SNL. If I had known there was an improv/sketch factory in town, I might have gone there first instead. Though I’m not sure what it would have changed since the moment I finished my first ever set of stand-up comedy on amateur night, I was hooked. I found Second City eventually, or rather, it found me; but by then sketch and improv would only ever be ‘in addition to‘, never ‘instead of ’. I didn’t know it back then, on that first open mic night, but stand up was very much aligned with who I am as a person and a performer.”

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020


How would you describe your comedic style?

“In the moment. Authentic. Animated (as in athletic). Freewheeling, deep diving takes on life as I live it, with pretty much every human experience dissected and all the feels explored.”

Where is your favourite place to perform? Do you have a favourite city to perform in?

“Long Answer: I don’t really have a preference of venue or city per se, what I remember are audiences and the ones who come ready for anything. A full venue being ready and willing to just go anywhere, that is my dream crowd. With that kind of open and engaging energy what we create (me and the audience together) is a thrilling, rollicking, unforgettable joy ride. The best shows always come from a vibe like that and those are the shows that linger in my mind and soul for a good long time. Short Answer: St. Catharines, duh.”

What has been one of your favourite experiences as a comedian - thus

“This past July, my teenage daughter (she does not like her exact age to be revealed, which I respect but also, eyeroll) came with me to one of my shows. The details aren’t important except to say it was a really special show for me in that I really wanted to do well for this particular audience and I was doing almost the entire hour with untried material I had written expressly for them and the occasion. Taking such a huge risk (45 minutes all new!) requires every ounce of my energy to stay fully present so as to remember it all and unspool it just so, exactly the way I saw it unfold in mind while writing it. From the corner of my eye I could see where my daughter was in the audience but from the effort of harnessing my focus, I couldn’t do

hot ticket season DA NCE LEONARD COHEN’S

more than clock her presence even when I hit the bits about how impossible it is to live with a teenager (all of which she has veto power over for what goes into my set and what does not). In the end, my show went even better than I had hoped, like I KAH-rushed it, haaaaard, and was so pumped with joy afterwards. But what topped that, and I mean nothing even closely compares, is what happened later, as we walked back to our room together: we were talking about this and that when my teenager just casually drops into the convo, unprompted, that she thinks I’m really good at what I do and that she’s really proud of me. I mean, wow. Anyone with a teenager can relate. It was like not only seeing a unicorn but getting to have a moment with one. My daughter saw me as I am, being who I am, and, in that moment, she ‘got’ me. That right there, is a true highlight of my professional life.”



You have written, worked on and hosted so many television shows and comedy specials. Is there one that stands out to you as being the most rewarding? One that was a highlight of your career? “It’s funny, thinking about this answer, I could list you a few projects, but the truth is, it’s the people I’ve worked with—the ones who believed in me—who gave me the chance to shine and who trusted me to get’er done that I remember more. That’s too long a list to include here, but I’ve connected with some incredible people over the years and I know how lucky I am for it, for all of it.”

Do you prefer to perform live stand up or televised comedy?

“I enjoy both for different reasons. But, for me, stand up comedy is always better live.”

What advice would you give your own kids—and aspiring comedians —about entering the world of comedy? #1. Do every show that comes down the pike. #2. Don’t be a dick. #3. See above.”

You are known for coining the term “Fellagirly” - in your own words, what is Fellagirly?

“The OED (Only Elvira’s Dictionary) describes a ‘fellagirly’ as a female type who’s resting state of comfort is masculine of center. ‘Fellagirly’ or ‘Fellagirlie’ dates to the early-mid 90’s and I used it as a way to describe myself then, it fit me best at the time. These days I refer to myself as a ‘teacup butch’. I’ll also answer to butch mascot, lesbian figurine or lezzie collectible. Oh, and also the queer version of Elf on The Shelf, but, y’know if there was like a limited ‘dark’ edition, say, Dyke On The Shelf.”

How do you feel about being proclaimed a gay icon? “I feel pretty damn great.”

“Grandly executed tribute to Cohen.” - OT TAWA C I T I Z E N

“BJM’s most ambitious project to date.” - C B C A RTS

WINTER HOT TICKETS 2020 All tickets go on sale to the public on STRICTLY HIP & NIAGARA SYMPHONY THURS 5 SEPT at 10am. THE SYMPHONICALLY HIP FRI 28 FEB Or become a member to purchase advance & discountedWORKMAN tickets TODAY! HAWKSLEY + SARAH SLEAN WED 4 MAR

Shows sell out quickly. Become a member to access tickets early and save an average of $10 per ticket. Plus, members receive four KASHEDANCE: FACING free passes to The Film House, free ticket offersHOME throughout the FEATURING THE MUSIC ANDdowntown MESSAGES OF BOB MARLEY season and vouchers to fantastic restaurants.






SMOKE AND MOONSHINE Enjoy high-quality, slow crafted BBQ with all the best sides that are just as decadent and delicious as the main dishes. Our restaurant is modern and comfortable with service that will make you feel right at home. Be sure to save room for dessert, because you cant leave without trying our “soon-to-be-famous” angel biscuits.

This family owned and operated restaurant has been a gathering place for over 30 years, bringing people together to enjoy excellent culinary expression and service every time. With a variety of spaces to fit every dining experience, from private wine cellars to casual bar and lounge areas, Casa Mia is sure to deliver the perfect experience and ambiance for your next dinner.

5205 King Street, Beamsville • 289-237-8153 •

3518 Portage Rd, Niagara Falls • 905-356-5410

If there is one thing Niagara has in leaps and bounds, it’s entrepreneurial spirit. From the food and wine industry, to the fitness industry, our great Region owes it’s

unique character to the many small businesses that continue to thrive in NIagara, everywhere from Grimsby to Fort Erie. Here, we highlight a few of them.


Experience Niagara-on-the-Lake wine country with one of our yearround wellness day retreats. Winter wonderland wellness retreats include a gentle one hour fun yoga class, chef prepared high tea lunch with organic hot tea and coco mushroom elixirs, a mindful snowshoe or hike through breathtaking tree-lined country trails visiting three award-winning wineries and tasting their best vintages. Private, personalized and corporate team bonding wellness day retreats await you! Niagara • 437-247-2517


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

RIDGEPOINT WINES Ridgepoint Wines is an estate winery created for the sole purpose of sharing the family’s enthusiasm for good wine and good food. From our wines to our culinary experiences, we are honored to share our traditions with you. Offering a casual italian-inspired menu, locally curated to fit both the season and the wines, you will not be disappointed. Please come visit us and share in our life’s work – offering a warm and wonderful Niagara wine and food experience! 3900 Cherry Avenue,Vineland • 905-562-8853 •


FIRESIDE FRIDAYS Every Friday until end of April WESTCOTT VINEYARDS – Meet new friends

and old, enjoy incredible food prepared over the fire and sip on award winning wines in our cozy tasting room. Fireside Fridays feature visiting chefs who cook over the fire and in our 200 year old Mennonite barn converted into a winery. Guests enjoy three courses and are seated around harvest tables that seat up to 10 guests. The cost is $50/person plus HST and gratuity and wine is additional. To reserve, simply email with the date and number in your party and she will take a credit card to confirm your seats. The doors open at 6pm and dinner is served to the whole room at 7pm.

WINTER FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Running Until January 12, 2020

In addition to the breathtaking displays, the Winter Festival of Lights has several events that take place each season including Opening Ceremonies in Queen Victoria Park, weekly fireworks shows, nightly Falls Illumination, the Sparkle Lighting Awards and Niagara Falls New Year's Eve Concert. For more info and a

full schedule of events, visit

THE ICEWINE EXPERIENCE January 3 to January 26 REIF ESTATE WINERY – Friday, Saturdays

and Sundays in January, 11am to 4pm daily. Taste a flight of four Icewines paired with local culinary delights at our chic Sensory Wine Bar. Reservations not required, but strongly recommended. $40 per person. Email events@ or call 905-468-WINE


CABERNET FRANCE HOT CHOCOLATE January 4 to January 26 INNISKILLIN – Taking place 12pm to 4pm

during weekends in January. Warm up with a cup of Cabernet France Hot Chocolate prepared with our Cabernet France Icewine. $10 per person. No reservation necessary.


OH CANADA EH These theatrical performances feature fantastic Broadway songs of yesterday and today! With stunning vocals by 7 performers, you’ll get to experience a touch of Broadway, right here in Niagara Falls! Each evening begins with a family-style meal which includes soup, salad, fried haddock, roasted chicken, roast beef, potatoes, vegetables, dessert and more!

HUMANS BY C!RCA January 16 FIRST ONTARIO PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE – Explore the physical limits of the

human body with Australia’s most in-demand, fearless, boundary-pushing acrobatic circus arts company in the world!


of the best comedians in Canada! Five hilarious shows will be taking place throughout NOTL. More info at icebreakers

2020 RETRO BALL-TAKING BACK THE DECADES January 18 HOLIDAY INN & SUITES – This annual fundraiser for the Niagara Sexual Assault Centre is back for another year!Wear your favourite costume from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and up! Copeland DJ Services will be playing all the favourite songs by request. Prices will be awarded for costumes. Tickets are $70 per person and include entry, 2 drink tickets and access to food stations all night! Get your tickets on Eventbrite!


group with distinctive bass-baritone vocals who scored massive international hits “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm,”“Superman’s Song” and “The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead.”


legend Colin Mochrie, and master hypnotist Asad Mecci, comes a mind-blowing show! Hypnosis and improvisation – two art forms that have captured minds and imaginations for decades are brought together.

MOSAIQUE PROJECT January 24 FIRST ONTARIO PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE – A very special concert event by

Ensemble Made In Canada that showcases a

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020


newly commissioned suite of piano quartets by 14 Canadian composers, each inspired by a particular region of Canada, as part of a national concert tour that spans coast to coast.


performances feature fantastic Broadway songs of yesterday and today! With stunning vocals by 7 performers, you’ll get to experience a touch of Broadway, right here in Niagara Falls! Each evening begins with a family-style meal which includes soup, salad, fried haddock, roasted chicken, roast beef, potatoes, vegetables, dessert and more! Tickets cost $150 per person plus tax. More info at

THE 26 LETTER DANCE January 27 FIRST ONTARIO PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE – An interactive, multidisciplinary

alphabet primer and your child’s introduction to live dance performances. This is a not to miss kaleidoscope of colour, movement, letters and words.

ICEWINE DINNER Jan 31 MASSIMO’S ITALIAN FALLSVIEW RESTAURANT – This event focuses on Niagara's famed

Icewine. Renowned as a dessert wine, Niagara’s “Liquid Gold” is featured throughout the evening's menu to expand our thoughts and perception of the sweet wine. More information at

FOR THE LOVE OF MERLOT February 1 to February 29 JACKSON-TRIGGS NIAGARA ESTATE WINERY – Taking place 12pm to 4pm on

weekends in February. All things lovely! Lose yourself in our delectable red velvet cake with Icewine cream cheese frosting paired with our Grand Reserve Merlot. $10 per person. No Reservation Necessary.

LOVELY DUMPLINGS February 1 to February 29 INNISKILLIN – Taking place 12pm to 4pm

during weekends in February. Whether you call your sweetheart “honey” “bae” or “dumpling”, you’ll love this pairing of our pork and chive dumpling with a soy, espresso dressing paired with Reserve Cabernet France. $10 per


person. No reservation necessary.


February 5 FIRST ONTARIO PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE – A-list musicians from across the country rock classic favourites exactly as you remember hearing them. Live, note for note, cut for cut. And when an album (and concert) starts off with "Refugee," "Here Comes My Girl" and "Even The Losers" know it's going to be good! ALL NIGHT LONG: HITS OF THE 80S February 6 to April 11 OH CANADA EH DINNER THEATRE Bring out your funkiest fluorescents, the 80's are making a comeback! Don’t miss this fun, high-energy show that celebrates the decade’s most radical songs, artists and fashion trends! Before the show, guests can enjoy a family-style meal which includes soup, salad, fried haddock, roasted chicken, roast beef, potatoes, vegetables, dessert and more! ESSENTIAL COLLECTIVE THEATRE-JOHN SCHOOL February 6 to 14 FIRST ONTARIO PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE – Through this fictional full length piece of theatre we examine the history of sex work in our region. Varied perspectives are weaved through a poetic and haunting narrative to expose how Niagara might view a complex issue that comes with an interpretive law. KAUMAKAIWA KANAKA’OLE February 7 FIRST ONTARIO PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE – Seamlessly melding traditional Hawaiian culture and modern sensibilities in deeply powerful music to help warm up your winter.

SINGATHON 2020 February 8 SEAWAY MALL – Singathon is Chorus Niagara’s annual major fundraiser. This 5-hour marathon of song at the Seaway Mall in Welland entertains with special guest conductors and music from the Chorus Niagara repertoire.

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

Funds are raised through pledges to chorus members. Starts at 10am.


and gospel recording, experience poignant and uplifting stories and songs about the people and legacy of Africville, Canada’s oldest black community.

DOG MAN: THE MUSICAL February 11 FIRST ONTARIO PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE – Dog Man, the crime-biting sensation is a hilarious new production based on the worldwide bestselling series from Dav Pilkey, the creator of Captain Underpants.

TOOPY AND BINOO LIVE!! February 17 FIRST ONTARIO PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE – Life is cheerful and carefree for

Toopy and Binoo who imagine exciting and fun adventures that delight young children everywhere! Performed by master puppeteer and voice of Toopy, Frank Meschkuleit.


off the page and onto the stage with a critically-acclaimed production featuring a menagerie of 75 lovable puppets.


to preserving the tradition of New Orleans music and culture while exploring, sharing and honouring the works and authentic spirit of the city.

NIAGARA TOY AND COLLECTABLES SHOW February 22 MERRITTON COMMUNITY CENTRE – Free admission! Join for the 1st Annual Toys

and Collectables Show, featuring Funko, Hotwheels, LEGO, Disney, vintage toys and games, and much more. There is something for everyone in the family. Starts at 9:30am. LEONARD COHEN’S DANCE ME February 23 FIRST ONTARI PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE – Leonard Cohen’s DANCE ME by Les Ballets Jazz De Montreal is an exclusive and reflective creation (approved by Leonard Cohen during his lifetime) inspired by the rich and profound work of the legendary Montreal-based poet, artist, and songwriter. THE ARCHIVIST BY SHAISTA LATIF February 27 to 29 FIRST ONTARIO PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE –Latif is a storyteller who has been invited to tell a story and her time is limited. So, she will be justifying her existence and building a live archive to mark her eventual disappearance. THE SYMPHONICALLY HIP February 28 FIRST ONTARIO PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE – For 25 years, The Strictly Hip have been evangelists, spreading the good word of The Tragically Hip's far and wide. Joined by the Niagara Symphony Orchestra, this is the orchestral tribute to The Hip you’ve been waiting for! IRISH POTATO BITES March 1 to March 29 JACKSON-TRIGGS NIAGARA ESTATE WINERY – Taking place 12pm to 4pm on weekends in March. Join us at Jackson-Triggs for Irish baked potato bites stuffed with corned beef and a sprinkling of green onion paired with our Grand Reserve Red Meritage-the best way to be “Irish for a Day!”. $10 per person. No reservations necessary. DISCOVER THE IRIS IN INNISKILLIN March 1 to March 29 INNISKILLIN – Taking place weekends in

March from 12pm to 4pm. We’re celebrating the Irish spirit every weekend in March. Irish stew is back by popular demand and we’re pairing it with our Reserve Series Shiraz Cabernet. $10 per person. No reservation necessary. HAWKSLEY WORKMAN + SARAH SLEAN March 4 FIRST ONTARIO PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE – For the first time, two of the finest voices in Canadian music are set to share the stage. Sarah Slean and Hawksley Workman will perform together from their respective musical repertoires. KASHEDANCE: FACING HOME March 5 & 6 FIRST ONTARI PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE – This stunning work emerges as a conversation in African Diaspora contemporary dance and poetry, with space for community dialogue that investigates the global impact of Bob Marley’s music. WE’VE GOT EACH OTHER March 12 FIRST ONTARIO PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE – With every modern jukebox musical comes: a multi-talented cast, orchestra, opulent sets, decadent costumes, extravagant routines, and more. Paul O’Donnell has none of it. But you certainly won't miss them in this hilarious comedy about a spectacular Bon Jovi musical that you can completely imagine! BAY CITY ROLLERS March 16 FIRST ONTARIO PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE – M-O-N D-A-Y night! Les McKeown is bringing his award-winning Rollertastic show to St. Catharines. Take this unique voyage back to the 1970s when the Bay City Rollers ruled the pop charts. CLASSIC ALBUMS LIVE: ROLLING STONES’ LET IT BLEED March 20 FIRST ONTARIO PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE – Classic Albums Live and its

roster of A-list musicians from across the country who rock favourites exactly as you remember hearing them. Live, note for note, cut for cut. THE NEXT GENERATION LEAHY March 22 FIRST ONTARIO PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE – As with all forces of nature, the music and energy created by The Next Generation Leahy simply cannot be contained. These siblings are accomplished multi-instrumentalists whose live performances are filled with energy and infectious Celtic tunes. MATT ANDERSON March 25 FIRST ONTARIO PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE – A powerhouse performer with a giant, soul-filled voice and commanding stage presence, who belts out the blues, sweat-soaked soul, heartbroken folk and gritty Americana. THE GLORIOUS SONS: A WAR ON EVERYTHING TOUR March 26 MERIDIAN CENTRE – JUNO Award Winning rockers The Glorious Songs have announced their 2020 “A War on Everything” North American headlining tour. Support act are Black Pistol Fire. Tickets available via Ticketmaster. PETS ALIVE NIAGARA 7TH ANNUAL FUNDRAISER April 4, 2020 CLUB ROMA – This annual fundraiser helps us to continue to support our compassionate community of volunteers. If you wish to support our animal rescue efforts and enjoy a night of fabulous dinner and fun (and silent auction) please contact us facebook or online at Tickets are limited and must be bought in advance.

Is there an event you’d like to see in the magazine? Please email us at creative@

REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020





hile Niagara is full of fun things to do during the winter months, it’s always a huge relief when spring finally rolls around again. Not only does it mean the end of ice and snow, but the days are longer, giving us more time to take advantage of one of Niagara’s best features: nature. And by nature, we don’t just mean hiking the many trails Niagara has to offer, we also mean the quintessential warm weather activity: sit-


REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

ting on patios. And Niagara has no shortage of those. Our spring issue will be rounding up some of the best ones in the region! We’ll also be writing about beer, cheese and cider, plus tons of other warm weather Niagara goodness. Spring and Summer is festival season, and Niagara has some of the best in the country. So keep an eye out for our next issue! In the meantime though, enjoy everything Niagara has to offer in the wintertime!





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REVEAL Niagara Leisure Magazine • Volume 2 Issue 2 • 2019/2020

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