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NIAGARA BUSINESS MAGAZINE highlighting ECONOMIC GROWTH IN THOROLD, ONTARIO At the top of the growth charts provincially and nationally, Niagara’s fastest growing municipality is securing a bold footprint for the future. FREE VOL. 3 - ISSUE 2 ►2022 VOLUME 3 | ISSUE 2

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On behalf of the Niagara business community, we ask each of you to continue supporting one another. Continue shopping local, continue trusting one another, and continue showing patience and support as we all adopt new protocols in our business to rebuild strength and deliver quality. Change is inevitable. How we respond and adapt is key.

“The only constant in life is change.” – Heraclitus Businesses across every sector are experiencing labour-related shortages and supply chain challenges are at an all-time high. The desire to seamlessly deliver products and services at the highest level of quality has become a strenuous journey for most business owners, and it is clear that supply is not able to meet demand. What may be more challenging is the prediction for a brighter outlook when it comes to supply chain issues is not seen until late 2023 or later.

Sincerely, Rowe & Brandy from the

Since lurching headfirst into the summer season, the market has expressed a mix of optimism and trepidation. Undoubtedly, we are all excited for these next chapters to unfold, although we continue grap pling with so much change. It may feel as though the pandemic is loosening its grip on society, however, the longing to return to what was once normal is no longer an option for most. As individuals and as business owners, we have each experienced these past two years in our own unique ways, our circumstances have changed, our goals and our priorities, and for many, our guiding purpose has all shifted.


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10 NIAGARA RIGHT NOW: Get Ready – The Election Is Coming 15 ARE YOU READY? The Market is Open – But Are You Servicing It? 18 INDUSTRY HIGHLIGHT: Ontario Launches Low-Carbon Hydrogen Strategy in Niagara 22 FREE TO ROAM You’re invited. Let’s go! 27 LANCASTER, CHOWN & WELCH LLP 140 Years of Rich History 31 THOROLD, NIAGARA Opportunity At Every Corner 39 NOTABLES 40 NOTABLES IN SUSTAINABILITY 42 NOTABLES IN S.T.E.A.M. 44 MARKETING The Difference Between Earned, Owned and Paid Media 46 MY FAVOURITE TECH 49 ART AND TECHNOLOGY: Why Human-Centred Design is Essential 52 ANTIDOTE: Best Ingredients to Protect Your Skin this Summer 54 SUMMER SKINCARE Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit 57 THE IMPORTANCE OF REBALANCING YOUR INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO 59 IS A MARKET CRASH COMING? 62 THE EDGE Information for The Next Level of Success 65 TELL ME MORE The Power of Asking Questions CONTENTS the healthtechnologymarketingspecialspecialcovertravelvanguard&leisurefeaturefeatureeditorial&wellness finance,realestate, & leadershiptheinvestmentedge JUNE 2022 | 7 REVEAL NIAGARA BUSINESS MAGAZINE | VOL. 3 | ISSUE 2


O U R HO M E . O U R N I A G A R A . @ re v ea l ma g s Use #re v eal bu si n ess to showc ase your fav o ur i te l o cal busi n e s s r o c k s t ars ! READ US anywhere. Read us on issuu be y on d the pages... Click on the links to unlock access content. let's talk apply for a Position We are a growing company that is eager to support those seeking an exciting career path. With both local and international opportunities on the rise, we might just be your dream opportunity. Let’s get to know each other, shall we? First step is to scan the QR code here with your camera and follow the prompts. It will reveal which stories and ads areFindinteractive.and unlock new updates, content and even contests by interacting with our magazines. We use our own technology to offer you interactive content. THANK YOU TO CONTRIBUTORSOUR Walter Sendzi Mayor City of St. Catharines Marco Marino Manager of CityDevelopmentEconomicofThorold Mike Deprez Vice President Walker Environmental, Walker Industries Jenn Harper Founder and CEO Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics Inc Emilio Raimondo RaimondoPresident+AHssociatesArchitectsInc Ian Potter PhD, FCAE President and CEO Vineland Research & Innovation Centre Meghan Chayka Co-Founder and CEO Stathletes Inc Andrew Harber Chief Executive Officer Abatement Technologies Ericka Evans Studio Partner & Head of PhantomProductionCompass Inc. Catherine Rice Marketing, Communications + InnovateEventsNiagara Edd Scorpio KinnikinnickOwnerTrading Company Joanne Garrison CircleOwnerofHealth Dr. Christina Plaskos CEO & Founder Aegis Enterprises Adam Bosak Senior Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager Bosak Wealth Management Kristin McKenna Managing Director Darrow Wealth Management Kern Campbell Financial Advisor and Senior Wealth Strategist Ed Rempel Financial Planner & Accountant Benjamin Offit OffitPrincipalAdvisors Jimmy J. Williams Founder & Wealth Advisor Capital Management LLC Avis Devine Associate Professor York University Emily Barry Realtor and Team Lead Revel Realty Vidhu Monga National Director of Fulfillment Staples Canada Aarron Thornton Agile Coach and Consultant FoxDen Consulting Jennifer Wark Director of Human Resources Lancaster, Chown & Welch LLP Harry Korosis Senior Partner Lancaster, Chown & Welch LLP Are you planning a business event? Are you an entrepreneur? Or do you have a cool story about collaboration or an innovative product or business you'd like to share? We love knowing about all the great initiatives happening in Niagara and would love to share them with readers like Contactyou. us letstalk@revealmags.comat pensans JUNE 2022 | 9 REVEAL NIAGARA BUSINESS MAGAZINE | VOL. 3 | ISSUE 2

With a background in business, Mayor Sendzik has been a strong advocate for local business. He aims to inspire residents to take action in building a city where everyone belongs.

Lastly, an important issue that Mayor Sendzik believes candidates should be acting on is climate change. He explained that “…affordability is something you see at the gas pump, the grocery store, and in the price of housing. In terms of climate change, it happens when there’s a massive snowstorm, there’s a massive wind event that takes down trees and hydro poles, or there’s a massive flooding.”

ө Expert Contribution by:

also being discussed.”

Although cost of living in general is an issue that cannot be handled by munic ipalities alone, efforts towards creating more affordable housing as well as social housing can hopefully be expected from elected officials.

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Walter Sendzik Mayor, City of St. Catharines

A step in the right direction Despite a rather gloomy outlook on current issues in the area and across Canada, it’s safe to say that Niagara region municipal candidates are ready to step up and take care of Niagara residents. To read more on individual candidate platforms, be sure to visit your individual municipality’s government website. The importance of being an informed voter is greater than ever, so do your part, and vote wisely in this fall’s election!

With so many other issues following the pandemic and rising inflation rates, Sendzik says “it’s not always top of mind, but it’s something that you would hope is

That being said, municipal candidates should be planning to aid this crisis in whatever way they can. This also pertains to the closely related housing shortage affecting the Niagara region, and Sendzik believes that “the whole housing crisis is at the forefront of people’s minds.”


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Are You Ready? JUNE 2022 | 15 REVEAL NIAGARA BUSINESS MAGAZINE | VOL. 3 | ISSUE 2 vanguardthe

While large organizations have more structure to navigate new technology adoption, small to medium businesses have a more challenging reality. Some industry leaders report a lack of financial support required to invest, while others boldly express an unwillingness to endure the growing pains related to integrating newNosystems.matter the position, the demand for digital dexterity continues to rise, quelling the debate that integrating technology leads to job loss. The fact is that the landscape for necessary job types is simply changing, and industries need to pave the way for new technologies, new skill development and an enabled work force. It is no longer possible to remain viable in any industry by doing what has worked in the past.

Prior to the pandemic, the world was already undergoing a massive transition with respect to consumer behaviours and expectations. An ever-increasing popula tion, environmental shifts, and the move ment of people and ideas are all contrib uting factors to a continuous evolution of our societal expectations. Change is inev itable and throughout the past decade or so, nearly every industry has fallen prey to not knowing or embracing the next course of action that would deliver them a more estrictions may have lifted but the so-called return to normalcy is not quite what everyone had expected. While the ability to move forward in a less restrictive manner is welcomed, we see unprecedented challenges related to supply chain delivery, workforce fulfillment, and the ability to deliver upon exceptionally high expectations throughout the marketplace.

by Ownera Tech competitive advantage.

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The use of robust machine learning and integrated analytical capabilities allows varying skillsets to reli ably identify patterns and trends that facil itate stronger decision making. Dynamic yet intelligent, evidence-based reporting datasets are empowering organizations to gain significantly in areas of operational productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. API-DRIVEN PRODUCTIVITY Application Programming Interface (API) is a software conduit that allows two programs to talk to one another, typically by transferring specific pieces of information from one applica tion to another. As a result of clous adop tion and digital transformation programs, integration software is critical to business strategy. With remote and hybrid working environments, mobile and smart devices are used more commonly to access data, conduct business transactions, and streamline sales and support service work.Identifying what emerging solution is the most appropriate for your orga nization is critical. Begin by reviewing core operations and assessing where a streamlined approach can further mobilize your workforce. Determine the need for a particular technology and do your homework to assess the value before investing and deploying it through your organization.


ROBOTICS ADOPTION Apparent in factory advancements, similar gains can be made by integrating robotics in the service industry through automation of repetitive tasks that will allow employees to focus on more enhanced customer interactions. Hospi tality leaders have deployed robots to conduct room deliveries, assist with lobby inquiries and carry out back-office tasks in maintenance areas.

Several technologies are continuously evolving. Reviewing some of the most common may assist in determining what avenue is right for your organization.


Planting AI into software and smart devices, day-to-day enterprise practices are being reinvented. Systems can learn, think, suggest, and forecast mimicking human intelligence. This allows businesses to deploy AI to support decision specificortactics,andtranslation,making,speechfacialrecognitionsystemizingevenreplacingworkflows.

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A s the world transitions to cleaner energy production to lower Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the Ontario government plans to leverage this plan both environmentally and economically, by making the first big move right here in Niagara!

Low-Carbon Hydrogen Strategy in Niagara Ontario Launches by Hailey Coltson

18 | REVEALMAGS.COM | OWNERA MEDIA a subsidiary of OWNERA Group Inc. Industry Highlight

Following extensive feasibility studies, as well as economic and technical analyses of locations across Ontario, Atura Power has decided to launch Ontario’s green hydrogen economy with their first hydrogen production plant coming here to Niagara Falls. This new addition to Ontario’s clean power grid isn’t just for electricity purposes, it also represents one of the first steps in the provincial govern ment’s plan for economic recovery and growth. Todd Smith, Minister of Energy for the province of Ontario, stated that “When energy is clean, reliable, and affordable, our whole province bene fits. By building critical infrastruc ture for the industries of the future, including new hydrogen production projects, we are laying the groundwork for game changing investments in EV production and clean manufacturing that will create good paying jobs, grow our economy and reduce emissions”.


How will the hydrogen plant work?

Hydrogen is a versatile fuel that can be used directly in place of fossil fuels in a variety of settings. These include high-temperature industrial settings in the manufacturing sector to produce goods like cement and steel, as well as in conjunction with natural gas in the energy sector to heat homes and their water. These two energy-consuming sectors, combined with transportation, repre sented 75% of Ontario’s GHG emissions in 2019, according to the Ontario Govern ment. A large consideration for the future use of green hydrogen power is in the transportation sector specifically, which is Ontario’s largest consumer of fossil fuels, and produces 33% of the province’s total emissions.


This plant will work alongside the two nearby Sir Adam Beck Generating Stations: hydroelectricity plants which already create electricity with hydropower from Niagara Falls. This electricity will then be used to create the low-carbon hydrogen by powering a 20-Megawatt (MW) electrolyser, which uses water and electricity as its sole inputs. Electrolysis is the process of breaking H2O (water) molecules into its separate elements, hydrogen and oxygen. This hydrogen can then be stored and used to power a plen tiful array of technologies including cars, factories, and to heat homes.

The introduction of green hydrogen to the Niagara region not only represents Ontario’s and Niagara’s efforts towards a cleaner future for our planet, but also the beginning of the province’s plan to boost the economy and become a world-leader of green hydrogen technology.Theprovincial government’s Low-Carbon Hydrogen Strategy plans to capitalize on Ontar io’s geographic and economic advantages for supporting a low-carbon hydrogen economy. Not only does our province already boast a highly skilled labour force, but existing infra structure to aid immensely in supporting the development of this green energy source. Our deeply rooted industrial sectors are assets in the planned growth of this technology, as well as our already established, extensive pathway of natural gas pipelines and power storage throughout Ontario. What does this mean for Niagara? The introduction of this sustainable energy industry within Niagara enables growth in the regional economy, as well as a sizeable influx of employment into the local job market. National Resources Canada estimates that Ontario’s Low-Carbon Hydrogen Strategy could create 100,000 jobs across Ontario, while simulta neously reducing GHG emissions by 50 mega tonnes per year by 20508.

Building Science & Sustainability (Building Condition Assessment, Reserve Fund Studies, etc.) RemediationDueEnvironmentalDiligence& (Phase I & II ESAs) Hazardous Material (Asbestos, Lead, Mould & Radon) QualityIndoorHealthOccupationalScienceEnvironmental&SafetyEnvironmental LOCAL RESOURCES, NATIONAL EXPERTS | 1.855.PINCHIN Our Experts can provide you on:&ManagementProjectConsulting,EngineeringwithGuidance Pinchinsstewart@pinchin.com289.241.1988St.CatharinesOffice 386 St. Paul Street, Suite 202 St. Catharines, ON L2R 3N2 Sean Stewart Operations Manager Contact:

A Big Step Forward

On top of Niagara’s exceptional viability and skilled workforce for this infrastructure devel opment, Atura Power president Chris Fralick stated about the region that, “Large-scale hydro-electric power generation in Ontario was born here 100 years ago and it is only fitting that we would be looking here again as the place to usher in large-scale hydrogen production for a new clean-energy source in the 21st century.”9

Following the launch of this technology here in Niagara, the Ontario government and Atura Power plan to expand the green hydrogen network further to other viable areas, currently including Halton Hills, Nanticoke, Brighton Beach and Lambton10. Starting right here in Niagara is Ontario’s first major step to ease reli ance on fossil fuels, revive our post-pandemic economy, and propel our province towards a low-carbon hydrogen economy!

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hroughout the years, the firms’ lawyers were instrumental in the formation of many important institutions in the Niagara region, including the Niagara Catholic District School Board, Lincoln Trust Company which later became Canada Trust, Casino Niagara and the development of the hotel and tourism industry in Niagara Falls. Looking back 140 years by tracing records from the original trust account, the Welland office was formed in 1882, originally known as German, then becoming German, Brooks.

The roots of Lancaster, Chown & Welch run deep with history. Entering 2021 as one united firm, the combined experience of Chown Cairns LLP, Lancaster Brooks & Welch LLP, Broderick & Partners LLP and Graves & Richard P.C is uniquely impressive.

1886 Edward A. Lancaster began his firm in Grimsby in 1886, which was the predecessor of the Lancaster Mix and Welch firm. E. A. Lancaster eventually relocated his office to St. Catharines, passing in 1916 while also serving as Member of Parliament. His son Edward Hamilton, known as “Ted” Lancaster, joined the firm. He was a WW1 Colonel with active service in battle. Archibald Eugene Mix then joined the firm, becoming Lancaster & Mix located in St. Catharines. The Colonel acted as Crown Attorney during much of his career, as well as in private practice. 1935 Chown & Cairns origins began with Harry Cavers, who was called to the bar in 1935. Later in 1957, Mackenzie Chown and Roy Cairns joined Harry to form Cavers, Chown & Cairns.

editorialspecial JUNE 2022 | 27 REVEAL NIAGARA BUSINESS MAGAZINE | VOL. 3 | ISSUE 2

Lancaster, Chown, & Welch LLP YEARS OF RICH HISTORY


1985 The firms of Von Anrep & Repei, Partington Hugill & Wormald, Lancaster Mix & Welch, Thorsteinson & Edwards merge to become Lancaster, Mix and Welch.

1968 John Broderick was appointed as Queen’s Counsel. In the same year, Mackenzie Chown began his term as Mayor of St. Catharines. Throughout his tenure he was an instrumental contributor to the establishment of Brock University, while also serving as chairman of Brock's Board of Trustees. The Mackenzie Chown complex at Brock University acknowledges his great contributions.

These are merely highlights over an exemplary history of what is now Lancaster, Chown & Welch. Several members of the firm have served as judges, Federal Members of Parliament, Ontario Provincial Members of Parliament, Cabinet Ministers, municipal politicians, and community leaders. Additionally, the firm would not be what it is today without the devoted support of its long-serving staff. Honorable mentions include Dorine Chorlton who started with Lancaster and Mix in 1930 and worked until her retirement, as well as Cheryl Aulbrook, Pam Nye, Jennifer Hughes, Kim Begolo, Lisa Schafer, Andrea Greco, Annette Celestini, Julia Sajn, Angie Carluccio, and Joan Kucharic who have all shown tremendous commitment and loyalty throughout the years.

1953 Robert S. Kemp-Welch joined the Lancaster firm in 1953, and it was around the same time that P. H. Sullivan and C. H. Mahoney left the firm to begin Sullivan & Mahoney.

1949 Harry Cavers was a Member of Parliament from June 1949 to June 1957 and subsequently appointed a County Court judge. In addi tion to Harry Cavers serving as judge, other lawyers from Chown & Cairns that were appointed to the bench were the late Justice Donald Taliano, Justice Joseph Henderson and Justice Eileen Martin.

1951 Broderick & Partners was established in Niagara Falls by John Broderick. Prior to entering law school and then forming the firm that bears his name, Mr. Broderick was a fighter pilot in World War II and had also crisscrossed Canada by train working for the circus. To this day he practices law in his 72nd year as a lawyer with Lancaster, Chown & Welch and in June 2022 celebrated his 98th birthday. It has been reported that he is the longest standing member of the Ontario bar.

1991 John Broderick was awarded the prestigious Law Society Medal. At the time, he was only the 25th lawyer in the history of the Ontario bar to receive such an honour.

2012 Reid McNaughton joins Lancaster Brooks and Welch. In the same year, the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex opened. Roy Cairns was a very successful lawyer, entrepreneur, and Niagara philanthropist. The complex was renamed in 2019 to the Roy and Lois Cairns Health and Bioscience Research Complex.

editorialspecial 28 | REVEALMAGS.COM | OWNERA MEDIA a subsidiary of OWNERA Group Inc.

2003 Brooks, Bielby & Smith [Welland office] merge with Lancaster, Mix & Welch to become Lancaster, Brooks & Welch.



THOROLD, ONTARIO IS THE PLACE TO BE Thorold is amid an economic revolution. The city is experiencing tremendous growth and development, contributing heavily to the Canadian economy. At the same time, the city is well-known for its high quality of life, affordable housing, and affordable cost of living. The population has increased by more than 20% over the past decade, and it's expected to continue growing at a steady rate.



Based on 2021 census data, which reported a population of 23,816, accounts for a 26% increase since the 2016 census data compared to the provincial and national averages of 5.8% and 5.2% respectively. This data, however, does not include post-secondary students living in the community while carrying out their semesters at Niagara College or Brock University. The population growth is largely attributed to an increase in young couples and families relocating to Thorold and occupying single-detached homes, evident by the median age of 41.1, the rising residential development and strong occupancy rates. New residents and potential newcomers are attracted to Thorold’s vibrant and lively community, inclusive of the urban downtown core offering cultural cuisines, authentic retail experiences, and plenty of greenspace to unwind.


A strategic, long-term approach to economic development is a top priority for Thorold, solidifying a bold footprint for the future of the city. This commitment to the future is forged by a comprehensive network of strategically aligned partnerships, investments into entrepreneurial growth, and intentional development of key infrastructure projects that enhance the quality of life and business.

Thorold is the fastest growing municipality in the Niagara Region. opportunities at every corner, we invite you to

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District Four - Highway 20 Serving as a catalyst for growth, the existing 1.9-kilometre route is perfectly positioned for lucrative commercial and employment growth that will serve the residential densification taking place at both the north and south ends. Multimodal Hub In the past, Thorold was known for its small-scale manufacturing businesses, however, that has changed in recent years with the opening of a multimodal Thehub.Thorold Multimodal Hub is a trans portation and commercial center that is immediately adjacent to the Welland Canal, which is a key part of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway system. The hub was created to provide busi nesses easy access to both existing and emerging transportation networks, from railroads to highways and waterways. The multimodal hub is designed to connect rural areas with urban centers by providing both goods and services. It also connects cities and towns across Ontario with one another through various modes of transportation, including rail, roadways, and waterways. The multi modal hub is located on a former indus trial site that was previously occupied by a manufacturing plant. The multimodal hub offers over 500,000 square feet of highly versatile warehouse, transportation, docking and storage space. The companies currently oper ating out of the multimodal hub include: Bioveld Canada Specializing in the productive repur posing of brownfield and industrial sites. AP Products Providing businesses with supplies, chemicals, paper, plastic, foam & Eco disposables.


District One - Brock Business Park A unique urban centre, the area that also encompasses Brock University is transforming into a sophisticated mixed-use location designed to meet the market demands of growing incu bators and start-up companies. The university acts as a core economic driver centring the surrounding area of high density residential and commer cial growth.

Economic Districts

District Three - Downtown With more than 50 designated heri tage buildings, the downtown offers a historic romance as you explore the streets, shops, and restaurants. Mixed-use zoning has allowed for an urban revitalization inviting more commercialized space and services to its core while continuing to support an authentically creative and cultural side.

To position itself for strategic growth that will serve multiple critical markets, there are exclusive segments throughout the city invested in core structure designed to further fuel the calculated economic agenda.

District Two - Port Robinson Divided in half by the canal, the Port Robinson Ferry is the only ferry service operating on the Welland Canal. This vital transportation link has been shuttling pedestrians since the 1970’s and is an exceptionally fundamental component to Niagara’s sought-after cycling trails. The unique area rich in history is poised for substantial residential and supporting commercial growth.

TORA Inc Allows manufacturers to quickly contain nonconforming material and assist in resolving quality concerns through their modern warehousing and packaging facilities. Emergency Welding Operations (Niagara) Inc Provides manufacturing, custom welding & fabrication, and modification of stain less steel and aluminum products. Canadian Maritime Engineering Services all marine and industrial companies including machining, mechanical, welding, fabrication, and specialty coatings.

Sports & Recreation With a focus on growth, Thorold main tains a commitment to also invest its amenities that serve the people, such as its trails, parks, and recreation facilities. Surrounded by natural beauty, the city offers residents and visitors alike a wide variety of recreational options. With more than 300 acres of parks and greens paces, its extensive network of trails can be used for hiking, cycling, or running while the variety of parks provide the perfect backdrop for friendly gatherings, picnics, and other activities of choice. Encouragement to explore culture, heri tage and the arts also contributes to a vibrant and connected community. To maintain its commitment to contin uous enhancement of its recreational

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assets, Thorold developed an official Parks, Trails, and Recreation Master Plan to serve as an ongoing planning guide for its indoor and outdoor spaces. This plan focuses not only on maintenance and enhancement, but also to add and diver sify recreation space as the economy Thegrows.perfectly positioned waterways and canals throughout Thorold provide cyclists and recreationalists with over 12.5 km of accessible paved trails. Known to attract cyclists from all over the world, the trails are part of the Greater Niagara Circle Route that moves along the Welland Canal. Its connection with an old CN Rail Line allows cyclists to explore the entire region throughout more than 140 km of trail. With the recent opening of Canada Games Park and the Walker Sports and Abilities Centre, the $102.7-million invest ment situated at the corner of Sir Isaac Brock Way and Merrittville Highway will redefine the future of sports and recre ation not only in Thorold but throughout CanadaNiagara. Games Park will be open to the public after the conclusion of the 2022 Games, managed through a unique partnership between the City of Thorold, Brock University, the City of St. Catha rines, and Niagara Region. This incredible facility is built upon a future-forward, sustainable footprint providing accessible recreational opportunities to the entire community. This world-class event space will host a variety of sporting activities including provincial and national events, as well as cultural events and community activities for years to come. When reviewing what the city has to offer, the advantages to investing in the growing municipality are seemingly endless. It’s integral network uniquely ties together the crossroads provided by its geographical footprint leveraging these assets for a pro-active approach to economic prosperity.




Emilio Raimondo President Raimondo + Associates Architects Inc

The Bench Brewery project, which brought new life to a historic 1940’s Beamsville school house in Beamsville by incorporating sustainable concrete techniques and recycled concrete aggregate, was awarded the Sustainable Concrete Construction Award at the 2020 Ontario Concrete Awards. In association with MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architect, Canada Games Park and Henley Rowing Centre are incredible legacy builds delivering not only visually striking design but exceptionally sustainable footprints. Canada Games Park forecasts the facility to operate 35% more efficiently while producing 45% less greenhouse gas. Henley Rowing Centre is built with sustainable materials and possesses cutting-edge solar technology, meeting net-zero environmental standards. This means that the solar-powered system in place is expected to generate as much renewable electricity annually as it consumes, contributing to it being a completely net-zero facility.

Earlier this year Walker hosted its 3rd Day of Action on Litter, where Mike expressed to Niagara this Week “ The community is a pillar of our organization. Doing good in the community is something we strive for as a company and as employees. ” To maximize their community footprint, the organization provides their employees with two days of paid volunteer service each year: a true testament to Walker’s commitment to its community. As leaders in the industry, sustainability is at the core of all products and services, fuelled by their drive to continue being pioneers in all that they do through innovation. Walker’s EARTH 1st philosophy takes this commitment one step further, empowering everyone at an individual level to move beyond compliance and focus on surpassing the highest of environmental standards.

Cheekbone’s definition of success is entirely based upon what one gives back to their community. They embody this in all that they do, recently receiving its B Corp Certification, they have joined other corporations across the globe leading the way in social and environmental impact. As members of 1% for the Planet, the company is committed to donating 1% of gross sales to environmental nonprofits while also being proud members of PACT Collective, ensuring that hardto-recycle packaging is sold back to manufacturers to fulfill the circular economy. Access to clean water continues to be an issue in the indigenous communities across Canada. In response, Cheekbone launched the #GlossedOver campaign driving awareness and education. Sephora Canada will donate all proceeds from the sale of Cheekbone products throughout the month of June to Water First, a charitable organization addressing the crisis. A key mandate of Cheekbone as an organization is to give back to the community while promoting Indigenous culture. To date it has donated more than $150,000 of cash and in-kind products to organizations supporting Indigenous youth and women, focusing not only on clean drinking water, but also tree planting and solar power initiatives to name a few.

Raimondo + Associates Architects Inc.

Leading his firm for more than 25 years, Emilio has also been named fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, recognizing his excellence in areas of design, building science, research, public service, education and/or literature.

Known for several noteworthy buildings in Niagara, such as Bench Brewery, Niagara College Winery and Pathstone Mental Health, Raimondo + Associates Architects Inc (RAAI) seeks out projects with a purpose. The work of talented architects impacts our day to day lives, ensuring that the designs of new buildings and restoration of old buildings are handled with care. Creating spaces that work for people as well as the environment, that focus on efficiency and effective use of space and resources, are a key factor in delivering a more sustainable future.

Mike Deprez Vice President, Walker Environmental Walker Industries In operation for more than 130 years, Walker Industries is a fifth-generation, family-owned company. The corporate culture is rooted in community. In addition to ongoing financial contributions that support several community-based organizations, they also generously donate to key construction developments such as the Hospice Niagara expansion and the Walker Sports and Abilities Centre at Canada Games Park. Supporting the community and giving back extends far beyond its financial aid. Walker Industries embodies a culture that gives back at all levels. Known for volunteering at 20 to 30 different projects and causes each year, they also facilitate several annual community clean-up events.

An award-winning entrepreneur, Jenn Harper is making a real name for herself in the beauty industry for all the right reasons. In developing her company, she saw an opportunity to represent Indigenous faces in a beauty brand while committing a percentage of profits to benefit indigenous youth. Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics Inc.

Jenn Harper Founder and CEO Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics Inc.


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In a rapidly changing environment, the STEAM industries, which represent science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, are home to forward-thinking, ingenious leaders committed to being prepared for inevitable futures. The work being done in these fields is paving the way for future generations.

Reveal Niagara Business Magazine by Ownera Media is proud to present leaders of innovation in Niagara who do their part in forging positive change. They are leaders that recognize the importance of local engagement, support, and mutually beneficial relationships, making them truly notable in their industry, in our community, and beyond.

As a graduate of Brock University’s Goodman School of Business, Meghan has said “ Brock has always had a great focus on sports and helped me realize my potential in the industry. ” She has always been a big supporter of hockey in all capacities, and her unique crosssectional skillset has really allowed her to flourish in the data and tech space. She sets an admirable example for women to go after what they are passionate about, advocating often for women in technology. Her work has garnered her some exceptional accolades, named to the Top 100 People of Power and Influence by Hockey News, Top 40 under 40 by The Athletic NHL and 5 to Watch in Sports by George Brown College to name a few. Meghan contributes to foundational learning for our next generations in her role as data scientist in residence for Rotman School of Management through the University of Toronto.

A Canadian company, Stathletes provides deep performance data and analytics using advanced technology and data science, helping players, tams and organizations improve their performance. Serving all major North American hockey leagues, the company provides exclusive data, reports and insights that give unparalleled insight into performance management and enhancement.

An award-winning tech entrepreneur, data scientist, and fashion model, Meghan is an accomplished Co-Founder and CEO focused on creating the next era of sports technology. She has built a team based in Niagara, Waterloo and Toronto and is passionately leading the way for other women to emerge in under-represented spaces. Stathletes Inc

Abatement Technologies

Andrew Harber Chief Executive Officer Abatement Technologies

The family-owned, internationally recognized company began in 1946 when Blair Harber Sr. opened Harber Manufacturing to produce folding aluminum chairs. Shifting from chairs to aluminum boats, the company transitioned to Abatement Technologies in 1988 and now has an advanced suite of products offered under the brand.

A worldwide leader the design, performance, quality, and reliability of air abatement products that remove harmful particles from our air. Built by more than two generations of Niagara residents, the company has operations across 12 Canadian and 1 United States locations. Approximately 100 of its 170 employees in North America work here in Fort Erie. Last year the company announced their investment to remain headquartered in Niagara, with a purpose-built facility providing 100,000 square feet of innovative manufacturing space.

Ian Potter PhD, FCAE President and CEO Vineland Research & Innovation Centre

With an extensive history in the research and innovation space, Dr. Potter has held several leading roles in energy, environment, greenhouse gas technology and human resource, including his time with the National Research Council Canada (NRC) and Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures (AITF). Vineland Research & Innovation Centre

A national leader in horticulture research and innovation, Vineland Research & Innovation Centre an independent not for profit. By leveraging and growing a collaborative Canada-wide network they drive the delivery of new services, solutions and products that improve horticultures economic landscape. In 2021, the Federal and Provincial governments invested upwards of $330,000 to the Vineland Research & Innovation Centre through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. Intended to support greenhouse sector research efforts, ensuring a continued competitive footprint in agri-food research and innovation. Several automation projects have led to positive impacts related to cost reduction in both growing and manufacturing, contributing to more sufficient and affordable food sources for Canadian families. Extensive interest has been made with Vineland's World Crops, which increases the local production of fruits and vegetables from around the world, such as Caribbean, African, and Asian countries, resulting in increased farm acreage in Ontario. Understanding the importance of community involvement, the Vineland Research & Innovation Centre maintains close ties to supporting local charities when possible, such as Gillian’s Place and Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold. The strong influences and collaborative relationships built throughout our educational institutions in Niagara and across Canadian are critical to the quality of education and training provided to strengthen those entering the STEAM industries.


Working his way up through the company, Andrew began his career with Abatement Technologies in 2003. As current CEO, Andrew is proud to carry on a family legacy that continues to grow its headquarters in Niagara while making a truly global impact.

Niagara’s skilled workforce and unique geographical positioning has aided in the growth and stability of Abatement Technologies, providing agile response to market demands. Throughout the pandemic, Abatement Technologies showed tremendous leadership leveraging their products and expertise to assist Long-Term Care providers in a time of need. The donation of HEPA products enabled the facility to transition from a challenging and expensive process of creating safe quarantine spaces, to an efficient and portable solution that could leverage any available room for quarantine. The company also secured an additional $2.5 million in funding from the Ontario Together Fund to respond to the increased demand of their products, bringing additional aid to our healthcare facilities and residential homes.

Meghan Chayka Co-Founder and CEO Stathletes Inc

marketing n the 21st century, when everything from soaps to software is "shared" on social media, it's easy to forget that not everything is truly free.

Earned, owned and paid media are terms often used interchangeably to describe the various types of advertisements that companies purchase. However, the three forms of advertising aren't created equal.


Earned media refers to the buzz or word-of-mouth that a business generates simply by virtue of providing great products and services. Owned media is any type of marketing that a business controls directly, such as a website, blog or social media account. Paid media includes any type of advertising that doesn’t fall into either category, such as ads on TV, in magazines or online. All three methods can be used in combination with each other to achieve maximum results for your business as each type has its own advantages based on your business's needs and goals.

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Grab OutdoorYourGear technology M Fyavourite Tech While most of us tend to explore the great outdoors to facilitate a mental recharge by disconnecting from the world around us, there is nothing wrong with leveraging today’s technologies to make unplugging a little more comfortable. Whether you are trekking out on your own, with friends or enduring a family vacation, take a look at a few of the gadgets that our team at Ownera thinks are worthy of consideration. by Ownera Tech 44 | REVEALMAGS.COM | OWNERA MEDIA a subsidiary of OWNERA Group Inc.

Casio Pro Trek SmartwatchOutdoor Including a touchscreen,full-colouryouhave access to topography map and built in GPS navigation. Maps are downloadable so that you can still access them when offline, and the built-in sensors allow you to track altitude and barometric pressure..


Sportneer Solar Shower Bag

Tap into the world’s largest source of power with this gadget, always guaranteeing functional electronic devices whether you need to make an SOS call, or your toddler stuck inside a tent on a rainy day needs a little distraction to maintain your own mental health.

This light and compact device does not require a power source and can filter over 1,000 gallons of water without the use of harmful chemicals. No matter where you go, you will always have access to clean, safe drinking water without the need to

Turn fire into electricity and effectively facilitate grilling, making coffee or even charging your devices. This camping companion also offers many add-ons like the portable grill, kettle pot and coffee press accessories.

BioLite Campstove 2+ Complete Cooking Kit

LifeStraw Personal


Compliments of the hydrolock zipper system, this backpack is 100% waterproof and will keep your belongings dry whether you are caught in the rain or wading through an intense body of water. The shell is also puncture and abrasion-resistant, designed to act like a fortress for your stuff.

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel Charger

When empty this bag is less than 1lb making it easy to pack but has a capacity for 5 gallons of water to provide you and your family with a refreshing shower. The bag even has a handy temperature gauge so you can have a warm shower.

Using patented UV-C technology this water bottle zaps away any viruses, bacteria, and mold. Say goodbye to scrubbing and holds its charge for about a month. This stunning bottle is also light-weight and will keep your water chill for up to 24hrs.


What role does art play in technology? Why is it important to consider art when innovating?


- Ernest L. Boyer ven if you are one of the rare people who just LOVES spreadsheets, I will bet that you still use elements of art, like colour and line weight, to communicate your ideas more clearly and broadly. Art is the most universal language we have and it can enhance a person's ability to connect with abstract or hard to understand technological Art is humanity's most essential, most universal language. It is not a frill, but a necessary part communication.of Innovate Niagara, an organization that helps entrepreneurs start, grow & succeed, connects us with Ericka Evans from Phantom Compass Inc to share her professional insights about Human-Centred Design. why Human-CentredDesign is Essential art and technology E technology

concepts and products. How our human senses take in and interact with the sights, sounds and feel of the technology can strongly influence our response to the technology itself. And the marriage of good art and good technology can make the difference between whether the technology is readily adopted or actively avoided.

- Steve Jobs “Interactive content, such as apps... generate conversions moderately or very well 70% of the time, compared to just 36% for passive content.”

My industry is Interactive Digital Media (IDM) and, at its core, IDM is a fusion of art and tech nology. Whether it’s a video game, an educational app or convention floor kiosk, consumers engage their senses and make interactive choices through the creative sights, sounds and feel presented to them through the technology. This interaction could look like touching a button on your phone or turning your head to inspect an object in a fantasy world, rendered in virtual reality all around you.



“ alone is not enough - it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with humanities, that yields us the results that make our hearts sing.”


“Form follows function—that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritualunion.”

—Frank Lloyd Wright ө Expert Contribution by: a subsidiary of OWNERA Group Inc.


- Demand Metric Ericka Evans Studio Partner and the Head of Production Phantom Compass Inc. Ericka works to build a strong and vibrant IDM community in Ontario, is a part-time instructor at Brock University and volunteers as an Ambassador for Women in Games. She is also on the IDM Industry Advisory Committee for Ontario Creates, the PAC at Niagara College and on the Board of Directors for Innovate Niagara. The key to crafting compelling IDM or any other technology, is recognizing that while the technology must fulfil its specific function, the form should be shaped by the humans who will use or maintain this technology. How can you use art to enhance the design of your technology to look, feel and sound in ways that will make humans want to engage with it or understand it better? Human-centred design can make a big difference to the success of your business including outcomes such as higher workplace satis faction, company loyalty or more sales.So whether you are dealing with technology for selling,


What skincare products should you prioritize in the summer?


SUNSCREEN Experts have known for years that wearing sunscreen daily, year-round is the best way to ensure slower visible aging of the skin. Despite the presence of sunlight throughout the entire year, our Canadian Summer seasons bring in more light than ever, making sunscreen most essen tial in this time of year. Ultra-violet (UV) Rays are the largest concern in sun exposure, as they have been proven to cause an overproduction of melanin, a natural skin pigment, in cells that receive more sun exposure. This results in dark spots, sometimes called age spots, as well as early appear ance of fine lines and wrinkles. In more frequent, prolonged exposure to UV rays over many years, it is also common to become more susceptible to skin cancer.

WRITTEN BY: HAILEY COLTSON s another Niagara summer season ramps up and the weather gets warmer, it is so important to continue to take great care of your skin – even when there aren’t any dry spots to worry about anymore. There are some important skincare products to keep up with during the summer so that you can protect your skin, and keep it looking and feeling its best! SKIN



Local skincare specialist, owner of Aegis MD in St. Catharine’s and Canada’s only Integrative Aesthetic Medical Practitioner, Dr. Christina Plaskos recommends different types of sunscreens according to skin type.

“the perfect pair.” When properly used together throughout the summer, you prevent damage from UV rays throughout the day while fending off any leftover damage through the night!

Most importantly, Dr. Plaskos encour ages people to see a specialist to see what can work best for them and any potential skin conditions.

Dr. Plaskos encourages people to see a specialist to see what can work best for them and any potential skin conditions.


VITAMIN C On the opposite end of the spectrum,skin-protectionsummer-Vitamin C is believed to be a very beneficial ingredient to incorporate into a summer skin routine.

erly.mostchoicenobetter.”pigmentationpreventoftenbecauseicalbetterskin“someonearemineraltivebelievesabsorbwhiledeflectingpenetratingblocktoOxideentsemploysunscreensingredilikeZincthatworkphysicallyUVraysfromtheskin,thementirely,physicalsunscreenstheUVrays.Shethat“…forreacskinthat’ssensitive,sunscreensbetter.”WhereaswithadarkertypecanactuallydowithachemsunscreentheyhelptheHowever,thereisreasontocomplicateyourofsunscreen,asitisimportanttowearitpropDr.Plaskossaysthat“The best sunscreen is the one you’ll wear.” As long as the SPF (Sun- Protection Factor) is above 30 in the winter and 50 in the summer and reapplied every two hours, she recommends simply wearing whichever sunscreen works for you!

While sunscreen creates protection from UV rays, Dr. Plasko says that Vitamin C “…provides createsunscreencells.causecollagenthatareradicalsharmfulitertiesTheseresultingyouantioxidant,ansowhenyoudohavesomeUVdamagepenetratethrough,canfendoffdamage.”antioxidantpropofVitaminCallowtotopicallyreduceeffectsfromfreeinUVrays,whichunstablemoleculescommonlyreduceproductionanddamagetotheskin’sThecombinationofandVitaminCwhatDr.Plaskoscalls

“...the combination of sunscreen and Vitamin C helps you prevent damage from UV rays throughout the day...”

ө Expert Contribution by:

It’s important to remember though, that not all sunscreens are exactly alike.

Dr Christina Plaskos Founder, AEGIS MD Dr. Plaskos is an experienced and trusted practitioner determined to ignite change within her community and the wellness industry.




Since time immemorial, Indig enous people have concocted and used Minigan salve to treat scrapes, burns, aches, and pains, says Scorpio, who is Lakota, Mi’kmaq, Anishinaabe, and Meskwaki. It is a long-standing healing tradition that, like others across various cultures and communities, has stood the test of time. Traditional medicine, despite having often been portrayed as Exploring the wellness traditions that, across cultures, have stood the test of time.

HealingAntidote:Mind,Body, and Spirit wellness&health the antagonist of modern medicine, is an important and often underestimated part of health care around the world. Recent history has witnessed an increased demand for integrated systems of health care that draw on the wisdom passed down from ancestral generations.

“A lot of times, [our customers] use it as a general purpose medicinal,” says Scorpio. “It keeps the air clean in their home or place of work and it gives them a lightness of spirit.” Smudging is a practice whereby one or more of the four sacred medicines are burned to cleanse the mind, spirit, and environment of the burner. For customers who want a more traditional smudging experience, Scorpio sells loose leaf White Buffalo Sage. The leaves of this perennial are not only useful for clearing the air, he says, but can be consumed as a tea to promote circulation and general health and even used as a calming agent in baths. Scorpio’s line of medic inal products derived from “I had a woman once come in with what was basically full body psoriasis,” recalls Scorpio. “She used the Minigan on it, and obvi ously this was not something that her doctors were familiar with, but it worked, and they told her to keep using it. So, you know, some doctors are amenable to things that are alternative to what their knowledge is or what they've heard of.”

ө Expert

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“I think it's all part and parcel,” says Scorpio. “When you're healing your body, a lot of that has to do with your mindset. In the healing process, you have to have a good mind as we say to help your body heal.” At Circle of Health, a wellness centre in Niagara Falls, natural health prac titioner Joanne Garrison also offers her customers opportunities for achieving holistic wellness. Since 2001, Garrison has provided resi dents of and visitors to the Niagara region with a range of wellness solutions that help heal the mind, body, and soul. These include reflexology, Indian head massage—or champissage— and meridian stress testing, the latter of which is one of Circle of Health’s most sought-after services, says Garrison.“

Edd Scorpio Owner Kinnikinnick Trading Company Scorpio descends from Indigenous people on two continents and some of the first French settlers on Turtle Island.

pathologynotsometimestheeveryStresstopeoplegut,goespeople’s“Somestresstotheirforsomeitgoesmigraines.affectssystemofbody,andit’sadiseaseorthat can be fixed by medication.prescription”

The demand for provin cial care services that focus on healing the mind, body, and spirit is prevalent here in Ontario. This past spring, a new powerproductsofcarriesmedicine.bodytogovernmentEarliertraditionalbothinprimaryIndigenous-focusedcareclinicopenedCambridge,Ont.,offeringmodernmedicalcareandcaretoitspatients.thisyear,theFordreversedamovedissolveOntario’sregulatoryfortraditionalChineseAtKinnikinnick,Scorpioontheculturaltorchhisancestorsbycreatingthatdrawontheofthefoursacred

wellness&health medicines in Indigenous culture: tobacco, sage, cedar, and sweetgrass. One of his most popular health and well ness products is his smoke less smudge spray, which combines the four sacred medicines into a liquid that provides his customers with all the benefits of a smudging ceremony without the smoke.

Joanne Garrison Owner Circle of Health Garrison of Niagara Falls provides quality, alternative health service for area residents. the traditions of Indigenous cultures across Turtle Island— the continent we know as North America—creates opportuni ties for his customers to heal more than just their bodies.

Stress is the number one reason why people come,” she says.

Meridian stress testing is a modern technology that is grounded in the centuries-old wisdom of Chinese medicine. It uses a device similar to an electrocardiogram to measure the body’s meridians, or pathways through which practitioners of Chinese medicine say a person’s life energy flows. Garrison says that by deter mining where stress blockages occur throughout the body, she can help the patient restore their energy flow through homeopathy and nutrition.

“Wellness, it encompasses not only the physical, but the mental and emotional as well,” says Garrison. “It's looking at the person as a whole, as opposed to individual parts of them.” Contribution by:


To counter this natural drift, Bosak says that rebalancing can be viewed and timed in several ways to cater to an individual investor's strategy and risk tolerance. For example, active discre tionary asset managers making tactical allocation decisions may thoughtfully choose to rebalance on a more or less frequent basis to seize short-term opportunities found by increasing or decreasing the allocation to specific securities or asset classes.

As a result, you may be confident that you have constructed a portfolio that fits your individual risk tolerance and investment goals. However, it’s not enough to "set it and forget it." You may also need to monitor your portfolio carefully to ensure it stays balanced, or what is known as rebalancing.

The Importance of RebalancingPortfolio


Your Investment

Why is rebalancing important? Over time a portfolio’s allocations may drift, which is the effect that occurs in an investor’s portfolio as a result of different underlying securities growing or falling at different rates, explains Adam Bosak, PFP, CIM, FCSI, Senior Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager for Bosak Wealth Management of RBC Dominion Securities Inc. in St. Catha rines, have chosen a longterm strategic target asset allocation between equities, fixed income, and cash based on their individual situa tions and goals, explains Bosak. For example, investors with a lower risk tolerance or capacity may have decided to allocate a more significant portion of their portfolio to bonds, or fixed income, which are lower risk. Over time, as the underlying securi ties in their portfolio grow at different rates, this asset mix can change, or “drift,” from the original, ideal alloca tion, which may result in a new asset allocation that is not an appropriate fit for the investor’s objectives, time horizon, or risk tolerance, Bosak says. As a result, failing to rebalance a portfolio can increase an investor's overall risk, explains Kristin McKenna, Managing Director at Boston-based by Arthur Goldgaber ven conservative buy-and-hold investors cannot stop their carefully chosen asset allocation plan from changing or drifting dramatically over time. A portfolio that began with an allocation of 50% domestic equities, 25% fixed income, and 25% international equities will change as, for instance, Canadian stocks outperform the other holdings. That can increase the domestic equity portion of the portfolio to 60%, the international to 30%, while reducing the bond allocation to 10%. Imbalances, or sector overweights, also occur when one stock or sector, such as technology in recent years, significantly outperforms the rest of the market. Darrow Wealth Management, espe cially over the last few years with the outperformance of equities. McKenna says, “ If the individual investor didn't rebalance his or her portfolio, the over-exposure to risk assets during market volatility like we're seeing now could be significant. ”

JUNE 2022 | 55 REVEAL NIAGARA BUSINESS MAGAZINE | VOL. 3 | ISSUE 2 investment&finance

investors rebalance either based on a time period (such as once or twice annually) or based on how far it [the portfolio] has wandered from your desired allocation, such as 5% or 10% different from your target.” He explained that studies show that rebalancing less often is the most effective.Rempel advises that rebalancing every two years is most effective, though it’s generally much less often than most investors do. Rempel says that “equity market trends often persist for a period of time," Thus, rebalancing too often can mean missing out on part of a trend. In addition, “Rebalancing can also trigger taxes that can be deferred by rebalancing less often,” he says. Another professional does not subscribe to the once-a-year rebalance theory. Benjamin Offit, a Columbia, MD-based CFP, and principal at Offit Advisors, explains that he monitors for 20% deviation from a designed asset class. As an example, he says, “Suppose we want the small-cap portion of an individual’s plan to be 10% of the portfolio and it has gone above 12% or below 8% (a 20% movement), and then that triggers a rebalance for us.”

There are several views on how often a portfolio should be rebalanced, primarily based on a regular time period or based on how much the portfolio allocations have drifted from the original plan. For example, McKenna advises that “a general rule of thumb is twice per year,” but “it can also make sense to rebalance alongside the process of investing new cash or taking money out,” she adds. Kern Campbell, MBA, a Financial Advisor and Senior Wealth Strategist in Raleigh, NC, stated that his pref erence is to rebalance more often to help maintain proper portfolio risk allocations. “ However, if the account is a taxable account (non-retirement), then I normally strive to rebalance it every 14-15 months, ” he says. Campbell adds that these are general rules that investors can use to minimize the tax impact of rebalancing with the benefits of main taining a proper risk allocation in their portfolios. Ed Rempel, a fee-for-service financial planner and tax accountant, and popular blogger in Toronto, states that “many For mutual fund portfolio investors, some firms offer automated monitoring options that will automatically rebalance holdings in the portfolio based on a predetermined drift level that the investor chooses and is comfortable with, Bosak explains. Funds may also simply provide the investor with a notification when allocations have departed substantially from the original allocation. Also, some portfolios are managed with a dynamic asset allocation and may rebalance on a nearly continual basis to ensure the alloca tions remain extremely close to the original allocation strategy, Bosak says. In addition, investors should consider setting parameters for thresholds for drift since markets move daily, explains McKenna. These thresholds are initial guidelines, and there is usually a judgment call, which comes into play on the dollar size of the portfolio. “For example, in a really small portfolio, there may be large variances to target, but it may be too small to potentially justify a transaction cost on a mutual fund. In a large portfolio, there may be a rather small variance, but that could be six or seven figures in dollar terms,” McKenna explains.

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Bosak provides three guidelines to follow for rebalancing. He recom mends that it’s always advisable for an investor to seek professional advice based on their unique circumstances before making an investment deci sion. However, there are three guide lines generally to help investors make informed decisions about the right time to rebalance: } The 5% rule: This ‘rule’ suggests that investors rebalance when any part of their portfolio drifts beyond 5% of its target range. For example, if equities are meant to comprise 40% of your portfolio, you consider rebalancing if they exceed 45% or fall below 35%.

deliberate on what to sell to accomplish the goal. This also keeps us on a path of disciplined continued investing, which can help us seize an opportunity to buy more of an asset class when it has not performed as strongly as others. “In a circumstance where we are not fortunate enough to have access to additional cash to complete the rebalancing,” Bosak explains, then “selling investments from any asset class that is overweight and redirecting this cash to the underweighted areas is a suitable solution.”

HOW TO REBALANCE Bosak says that to develop a rebal ancing strategy, invest additional funds in any under-weight asset class to bring the portfolio to alignment, rather than

} Regular reviews: Annually, monthly, or quarterly – the timing depends on you and market conditions. If markets are volatile, you may need to rebal ance more often.

Bosak provides two suggestions about how to rebalance a portfolio: 1. Dollar-cost averaging: Where you regu larly invest across all market conditions. You can direct each new investment to help rebalance your portfolio as needed.

} Tax-loss selling: If you have a taxable investment account (not an RRSP or other registered account), you may want to rebalance close to year-end. The strategy allows you to use any losses to offset gains, reducing the taxes owed. Tax-related strate gies can be complex and should be carefully executed with the input of a qualified tax advisor.

Kristin McKenna Managing Director Darrow Wealth Management


To sum it up, Rempel says that “effec tive financial planning includes having your portfolio have your desired asset allocation (equities vs. bonds or fixed income) or your desired regional allocation (global vs. domestic).” He adds that these allocations should consider both your risk tolerance and the growth you need to achieve your life Asgoals.aconsequence, Rempel says, “Our focus is on what works in your long-term financial plan and based on studies, instead of the ‘conventional wisdom.'" Rempel explains that "over time, the different parts of your portfolio will grow differently and wander away from your desired allocations." Therefore, “it is important to rebalance now and then to have the portfolio you want.”

ө Expert Contribution by: 58 | REVEALMAGS.COM | OWNERA MEDIA a subsidiary of OWNERA Group Inc. investment&finance

The approach to taxable and tax-de ferred such as retirement accounts is the same, says Jimmy J. Williams, CPA/PFS, CFP®, Founder & Wealth Advisor at Tulsa, OK-based Compass Capital Management, LLC.“

“When we neglect to examine how our investment goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance are affected by the natural drift of our portfolio, the best laid plans can fall apart.” explains Bosak. He adds that regular reassessment of these factors, keeping informed about the markets and economy, and disciplined monitoring of the portfolio can help prompt us to make changes that keep us on the right track.

Ed Rempel, CPA, CMA, CFP Financial Planner & Accountant

Adam Bosak, PFP, CIM, FCSI Senior Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager Bosak Wealth Management of RBC Dominion Securities Inc

2. Professionally managed portfolios: This is a turn-key solution where professional portfolio managers manage your asset mix. You choose the type of portfolio that is right for you, and they will correct for drift when necessary.

Kern Campbell, MBA Financial Advisor and Senior Wealth Strategist

The one consideration we may elect for a taxable account is the dilution of exposure to a particular sector or posi tion from the standpoint of rebalancing equities. However, if capital gains were an issue, we might leave the over-allocation to stand until it is less costly to rebalance,” Williams explained. CURRENT VOLATILITYMARKET

Benjamin Offit, CFP Principal Offit Advisors

Jimmy J. Williams, CPA/PFS, CFP Founder & Wealth Advisor Capital Management, LLC


“Rebalancing should be done very carefully during periods of market volatility,” says McKenna because “markets can snap back the next day or drill farther down.” And with mutual funds, they don’t close until the market does at the end of the day, so when the market is swinging wildly every day, thus the investor is rebalancing blindly. “It just requires more caution," she adds, and "during bouts of vola tility, portfolio turnover can be harmful, so it’s just another factor to consider overall.”

by Jade Prévost-Manuel

JUNE 2022 | 59 REVEAL NIAGARA BUSINESS MAGAZINE | VOL. 3 | ISSUE 2 investment&finance

Canada’s housing market expected to cool down during the year’s hottest months. Plus, a look at what’s happening in commercial real estate. To buy or not to buy?

For years, low borrowing rates have set the stage for a drastic uptick in residential and commercial property costs. That uptick was exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the national average home price jumped by 25 per cent in just one year. But recent data from the Canadian Real Estate Association suggests that Canada's housing market may be experiencing a long-awaited cooling. Between March and April, national home sales dropped by 12.6 per cent—the lowest level of monthly activity on the market since the summer of 2020. It has Canadians asking their financial advisors—is a market crash coming? “A crash? No,” says Niagara Realtor Emily Barry of Revel Realty. “A much needed [market] correction? Yes.”

Is Coming?a

It’s a question that’s top-of-mind for the millions of Canadians, and tens of thousands of Niagarans, looking to buy a home or property.

In recent years, the federal government has proposed several measures to curb the major rise in home prices. Canada’s federal budget for 2022 proposes doubling housing construction over the next decade, cracking down on property flipping, doubling the FirstTime Home Buyers’ Tax Credit, and ending blind bidding, a practice where home buyers bid for properties without knowing what other interested buyers are offering.

Economists predict that the cost of homes in Canada will fall by as much as 20 per cent in 2022 in a market correction fuelled by high borrowing rates. This, coupled with a decrease in the demand for homes due to high costs and the fact that most people just want to travel for the first time in many years, suggest that this summer is shaping up to be a quiet one, says Barry. It’s a very different story from what the realtor saw during the pandemic, when demand for homes was high but supply was “extremely low.” The demand from Toronto home buyers who were able to work from home and looking to leave the city for Niagara doubled, she adds. “I also think that every time people were put into a stricter lockdown, people had more time to evaluate whether their home really worked for them in terms of their home workspace and home recreation,” says Barry. “Tighter COVID restrictions were correlated with the demand picking up.”

that has the

. -

— Jodi Livon

edgethe However

houghts, feelings, and actions all contribute towards your energy and the energy of those around you. As we move through challenges in our day to day lives, we can often feel our energy being withdrawn from us. The ability to maintain a positive vibe, however, requires more than just thinking happy thoughts and ignoring negativity. We must acknowledge that manifesting a positive aura is a mental, physical, and emotional state of being. Investing in yourself by engaging in the selective activities and routines that fuel you is key to maintaining the appropriate energy balance for yourself. vast the darkness , we must supply it with our own light Stanley Kubrick with what get power.

Life gives and takes. It’s what we do

- Erin Gruwell Always believe in the magic of a new beginning – Dido Stargaze

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It would be easyto become victim of our circumstances and continue feeling sad, scared or angry; or instead, we could choose to Deal with injustice humanely and break the chains of negative thoughts and energies, and not let ourselves sink into it.

The greatest win is walking and choosing not to engage in drama and toxic energy at all. — Lalah Delia Negative words are powerful boomerangs so be careful about what you say about people and yourself. – Mary J. Blige I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet. – Mahatma Gandhi You have powerover your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength. — Marcus Aurelius Learn to get in touch with thesilence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from. — Elizabeth Kubler-Ross JUNE 2022 | 63 REVEAL NIAGARA BUSINESS MAGAZINE | VOL. 3 | ISSUE 2

Simplify your wardrobe with a shoe you can wear everywhere –– work, weekend, wherever. The Everyday Lace Up is crafted from just ten pieces, making this minimalist sneaker as easy to wear as it is to style. For ultimate softness, these simplified tennis shoes are made with super smooth WorryFree™ leather or nubuck. Plus, each lace up sneaker has a contoured footbed with our Bounce™ Eco technology for comfy cushioning and extra energy return with every step.

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The Power of Asking Questions

they may not have visibility into currently but helps them in thinking about the business as a whole and not just a small piece of the puzzle. Good questions also help me as a leader learn and audit my decision making with the input from my team as they go on to solve the challenge or find the answer.” As Monga notes, the question or the answer itself may some times be less valuable than the curiosity and discussion that result. As a leader, you must learn what your team needs and how to create the ideal balance of support and guidance. And this balance will be unique and specific to the individuals on your team. Whether your team member is new or they are tackling a new type of project, a paired set of narrow and broad questions can help you gauge a person’s need for support or guidance.

by John Benson Tell

The subtlety and finesse at the heart of truly inspiring leadership is a thoughtful, judicious use of questions. Questions are a fundamental of lead ership used by the best leaders across industries and countries, influencing both process improvement and leader ship development. Vidhu Monga, National Director of Fulfillment for Staples Canada, leverages questions as a tool to subtly guide his team: “I use questions to lead the team not only to help with decision making but also challenging and teaching my team to think out loud on their actions. This also helps in teaching the team about things that

eaders, whether in business, community, or civic roles, strive to inspire and influence their teams. That purpose is at the root of the movement from the term manager to leader over the past several decades. And it is that inspiration and influence that builds teams that think critically and look around corners to find success. In this article, we will walk you through some fundamentals for how to use questions to guide and influence your team while inspiring their curiosity and helping to develop their skills.



As a practical example, when presented with a new project pitch or solution, you can explore the under standing of the issue and larger landscape by asking “Could you walk me through the problem you’re trying to solve?”. This question first establishes your team member as an expert and allows you to hear their understanding of the issue and align on the need. Your goal could be to determine if this project is worth pursuing or maybe to vet the proposed solution. Regardless, by encouraging the leader to present more of their thought process you’ll be able to make better decisions on how to provide support. Another benefit with this tactic is that you’ve used the question to position yourself as an ally to collaboratively facilitate further efforts to refine the concept. In the example above, the question helped establish your mentor role in the interaction and mitigated potential feel ings of conflict or antagonism. You shifted from using power to using influence. Questions can also be powerful tools to unlock curiosity. When presented with a solution or action plan, regardless of your expertise on the individual scenario, you can ask a probing question: “Help me understand how this solution prevents the problem from reoccurring in the future?”. This question intentionally uses a disarming tone and collaborative language – “how” instead of “why” – which will spark a conversation around details instead of prompting your team member to defend their idea. How you craft the question is as important as the use of the question itself to elicit the right response from your However,team.not all questions have the same effect. Some questions can spark thoughtful conversation while others can put your team on the defensive and close them off from feedback. Aarron Thornton, an Agile Coach and Consultant in Toronto, reflects on the power of how a question is crafted: “As a leader, I have a position of power and my behaviours, questions, or requests will cause a reac tion. So, I pause and think about how I ask them - consciously choosing the words, intonation, phrasing and other non-verbal elements - to elicit a reaction that aligns with what I want to create. If a culture that embraces psychological safety and trust is a goal, does what I’m about to say support this? Does it encourage healthy interactions?”Thescenarios where you can use a question to spark or enhance conver sation with your team are numerous, but keep in mind you want to use those question to align your purpose and probe your team member’s understanding and knowledge. Most importantly, your question should convey to your team that you trust their expertise and judgement while you may still be looking to hone their ideas or challenge the entire group to achieve more. This sense of trust among your team will unlock a culture where creativity and innovation thrive. As you explore the use of questions with your team, challenge yourself to start all of these conversations from an assumption of positive intent. You must start with trust in your team to really capture the value that questions can bring to your organization’s culture.

|| Expert contribution by: Vidhu Monga National Director of Fulfillment Staples Canada Developing teams of leaders with a direct yet compassionate and collaborative approach, Vidhu excels in cross-func tional team leadership and operational excellence. Aarron Thornton Agile Coach and Consultant FoxDen Consulting Aarron is an experience coach passionate about helping organizations adopt an agile mindset, challenging the status quo and transforming business culture.

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