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Think you know everything about sex? Maria Falzone says you don’t. Falzone travels the country sharing her comedic nine rules for safer sex. She stops at the Boca campus Student Union Auditorium on Tuesday, Sept. 14, at 9 p.m. Learn her rules and get condoms and goodies from FAU’s peer education team. Learn more about the show at


nside this issue may be next year’s student body president. And the next one. And the one after that. How do we know? Because nearly all our presidents have learned about Student Government while serving in the House or the Senate - and elections are next week. “Being involved in the legislative body taught me leadership skills, helped me make great connections, and showed me how to stand up for the student body,” says current President Ayden Maher, who was both a House rep and a senator. “In the House and the Senate, you have the power to decide where money goes,

PARK ON THE GRASS IN THESE AREAS To ease the parking crunch on the Boca campus, Parking and Transportation Services is temporarily letting vehicles with permits park on the grass on the east side of St. Lucie Ave. South (across from Lot 25). You can find a map at


LEARN HOW TO PUT ON A SHOW AT FAU SG’s student-run events office is looking for volunteers. Get volunteer hours and be a part of the behind-the-scenes crew that hosts comedy shows, Homecoming events, and social programming all year long. Meet in the Boca Student Union’s Palmetto Palm Room at 6 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 13.


The Good News at Florida Atlantic University


September 9-23, 2010

alter bills, build resolutions, make connections and also, meet people and make new friends on campus. It’s invaluable experience.” So Owl Times offered each candidate a chance to be photographed (or provide their own) and write 30 words directly to voters – with no editing from us. As you’ll see, not every candidate took advantage. But the ones who did, you should vote for next week – and again in a couple years. All candidates are running for the House unless otherwise indicated. CAST YOUR BALLOT NEXT TUESDAY OR WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14-15.


Coach Howard Schnellenberger addresses the Owls before their heartstopping season opener last week.

Chedline Alincy


Junior, Elementary Education/Sociology

Sophmore, Political Science

Students should vote for me because I would be a real asset to student government. I am determined, passionate, driven, and resilient when it comes to my beloved FAU.

I am a student who is genuinely interested in working for the benefit and development of the FAU community. I strongly believe in promoting health, community, and integrity on campus.

Nadar Alkoby No biography submitted.

PEDRO Amirato Sophmore, Political Science

Ashley AnastasI


Political Science

Junior, Political Science

(SENATE) My campus involvement ranges from being a club president to being an FAU tour guide and after some time in SG. I feel I’m ready for the Senate.

My name is Ashley Anastasi, I’m a Political Science major running for the House of Representatives. I promise to always let your voices be heard while representing FAU’s student body.

Since joining SG, I’ve worked to advance student causes such as LGBT rights on campus and textbook affordability. If reelected I will continue to stand up for students.

Patricio Coicou

Donald Danos

Rebecca Desir


Gilbert Jean Baptiste

Charles Berichi Senior, Criminal Justice

No biography submitted.

2 OWL TIMES | SEPT 9-23, 2010

I have been an active leader in Student Government all throughout my college career. I solve student’s problems by using the most effective strategies I know of.

Michael Brown Sophomore, Criminal Justice (SENATE) You should vote for me, because I care about each student on campus. If elected I plan to bring more scholarships to FAU, to help students remain in college and graduate.

Freshman, Biology (SENATE) The student body’s concerns are my endeavors. The student’s body’s desires are our priority. I am the conviction for your ambitions.

Junior, Exercise Major No biography submitted.

I believe the students should vote for me because I know what it takes to be a leader and there will be evident change when I am elected to office.


The office for Counseling and Psychological Services on the Northern Campuses is collecting old cell phones and the chargers. The plan is to donate them to individuals and families who are escaping from domestic violence. If you have old cellular technology collecting dust in a drawer, put it to a noble use by sending them inter-office to Dr. Phil Cromer in SR 274 on the Jupiter campus. Or email him at


The Career Development Center has invited corporate recruiters to the Boca campus on Sept. 13-14 to conduct resume critique sessions. The timing is perfect, because on Sept. 14 from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in the Boca Student Union’s Majestic Palm Room, check out a 90-minute presentation that features strategies on how to prepare for the job fair, how to network with employers, and what resources are available at the CDC. Included is a “meet and greet the recruiter” simulation and tips on dressing for success. For details, check out or call call 561-297-3533.

LAST CALL FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES Friday, Sept.17 is the deadline for School Supply Drive, sponsored by the Student Florida Education Association. Help local schools and drop off school supplies in collection bins on most FAU campuses. Details at www.fausfea, or email Dennis Burnham at

Owls Who Give a Hoot His goal for this years’ elections: “To get 8 percent of the student body to vote. We had 6 last year and that was the highest turnout ever.”

Every issue, we profile FAU students, faculty, and staffers who do good deeds. Know an Owl who gives a hoot? Email

His advice to students: “Speak up and get involved in Student Government. You have the power to make a difference and make significant changes at FAU.”

SG’s new Elections Chair is STRICT with a SMILE By Michele Boyet Owl Times staff

On his Facebook wall, Thomas Levy says he “will be the Superintendent of Broward County Schools in 12 years” and eventually, “the U.S. Secretary of Education.” But before that, the current FAU Student Government Elections Chair wants to go to grad school somewhere Ivy League. “I want to go to Columbia, Vanderbilt or Harvard,” says the senior social science education major. “My long-term goal is to move back to Florida and help inner-city kids in Miami-Dade.” Until then, Levy says he’ll focus on making this year’s elections the “best ever,” with competitive races and high voter turnout. As Elections Chair, Levy will oversee two distinct sets of races: The fall election on Sept. 14 and 15, when students will vote for open seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate on each campus, followed by the spring election next semester, when FAU will elect its next student body president and vice

Owl Times Issue Five, Volume One | September 9, 2010

president, along with the campus governors. “Last year’s elections were a train wreck,” Levy says bluntly. “This year, they are going to be run very organized and by the book. I’m a nice guy, but I am going to be strict to ensure things run smoothly.” As of press time, there were 95 eligible candidates running in this election – 68 of them on the Boca Raton campus. Levy was instrumental in getting these students to sign up. His goal: “Get more diverse, new faces involved in Student Government.” His sales pitch? He tells students this is their chance to “make a difference on campus.” “Do you know that $150 of your tuition goes to Student Government for your Activities and Services fees? That was a real light bulb to me,” Levy says. “We’re paying for what goes on around campus, and we should be involved in how it’s run and be a part of the decisions that get made.” In his free time, Levy volunteers at a foster home in Fort Lauderdale, helping high-school dropouts get their GEDs. The program, called The College Boost, is something Levy says is very close to his heart. “These kids were all left behind in the school system and they need support,” he says, adding that the program helps students study, apply for scholarships, and get involved in the community. Says Levy: “Helping them really opens your eyes and touches your heart.”

STAFF Michele Boyet Rachael Joyner Michael Koretzky

NEWSROOM: FOR ADS: Read us every other Thursday in the Breezeway or at OWL TIMES | SEPT 9-23, 2010 3


fawaaZ diliJohn

mashanda ellison

kenny fiGueroa

Biology, Freshman

Junior, Criminal Justice No biography submitted.

I’m currently a Junior at FAU pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. I’m running for House of Representative because I want to be a voice for my peers. Vote Mashanda!

denZel Gantt

No biography submitted.

The students should vote for me, why?? because I’m a great leader sure, but because I am voice for the people

sele Gordon Senior, Business Marketing and Management

kelsey Gorry No biography submitted.

I am great at leadership and problem-solving. If elected I will serve as a voice of the student body to enhance campus activities while placing the interests of students first.


aydin GoZleVeli No biography submitted.

4 OWL TIMES | SEPT 9-23, 2010

daVid Grider No biography submitted.

deVon hasan Sophomore, Pre-Med/ Biological Sciences I have been in SG for a year now and love it! Serving as the Public Information Officer and attending meetings is what I look forward to continuing to do.

erica hirsch

eliZaBeth hodaPP

houston hodGes

Sophomore, History No biography submitted.

I always try to make choices that represent the student body and that reflect what students would want.

No biography submitted.


photos by Ralph Notaro


The Owls traveled to Birmingham, Ala., for their first game of the season last week, taking home a heart-stopping victory. With just seconds left, FAU blocked a potential 28-yard field goal form the UAB Blazers, securing their 32-31 win. Highlights... QB Jeff Van Camp threw for 254 yards, RB

Willie Floyd made the final game score for the Owls on a 43-yard touchdown pass (also his first career receiving touchdown), and WR Lester Jean had nine catches for 164 yards and two touchdowns. Up next: The Michigan State Spartans in Detroit on Sat. Sept. 13. Watch it on ESPNU or listen at ESPN760 AM.

Nikolas Hurst

Caitlin Jackson

No biography submitted.

No biography submitted.

John Jarrett No biography submitted.

Rashad Khonat No biography submitted.

Moshe Kraiem No biography submitted.

Ralph LAndaU Sophomore, Hospitality and Tourism Major (SENATE) Hey guys vote for me. I’m up for reelection and I have big plans for this school year, see you guys around school. Go Owls!!!


Gardaline Macceus No biography submitted.

Guilherme Massetti Senior, Political Science/Interdisciplinary Sciences I’ve been in the House of Representatives for over a year and currently serve as the Chair for the Ways and Means Committee.

6 OWL TIMES | SEPT 9-23, 2010

Jairo Montes Junior, Biology I’m a person of faith and optimism. As a future house member I will do my best to bring a positive perspective to the table and change for the future.

Sam Moussa Junior, Mechanical Engineering Vote for me because I have a clear and positive plan to build a better learning and living environment. Inducing collaboration, reducing fixed costs, and enriching search Resources.

Stefan Napier No biography submitted.

Bola Olofin No biography submitted.


owen PakledinaZ

Brenna romano

nicholas scalice

James shackleford

Freshman, Pre-Med

Business, Sophomore

Senior, Criminal Justice

Senior, Accounting

(SENATE) I am running for Senator to be a voice the voice of the student body.

Students are my priority - solving problems is my skill. Challenges on campus (parking!) require a resourceful, dedicated individual to combat opposing forces and find innovative solutions.

Having served in Student Government for over a year, I know what it takes to get things accomplished on our campus. Please vote for me as House Representative!

I am an advocate for student’s rights and have defended First Amendment rights on several occasions in my three years of legislative work.

ella ariela tePPer Freshman, Public Communications Hey Everyone! I am running for House of Representatives and I am thrilled to be attending FAU. Vote for Ella Enchanted and a great student leader shall be granted!

michael ward

Jason wu

Sophomore, Biology

Senior, Political Science

I am an excellent candidate for the House of Representative for I posses many of the characteristics of a strong leader such as exemplary character,enthusiasm in work, and confidence.

As a House member, I promise to create and support legislation that all FAU students can benefit from. I also aim to increase ethnic awareness by supporting multicultural groups/events.

JasPer smith No biography submitted.

michale yudien

deVin Zucker

No biography submitted.

No biography submitted.

reBeca sosa Freshman, Political Science Students should vote for me because I have past experience with student government, since I was involved in this prestigious organization for the past two years in my high school.

DON’T FORGET TO VOTE NEXT WEEK ON MyFAU! Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 14-15 OWL TIMES | SEPT 9-23, 2010 7

Start unbreakable friendS friendShip hipS.

START TAKING CHARGE. Start HIGHEr. Start out on top.

START SHOWING THE WAY. Start getting ahead of the game.


Start making a mark.



There’s strong. Then there’s Army Strong. By enrolling in Army ROTC at FAU you will develop leadership skills and earn an Army Officer’s commission after graduation — two things that will help ensure you succeed in life. Army ROTC also offers full-tuition scholarships up to $24,000/year to help you pay for your college degree. With a start like that, there is no limit to what you can achieve. To get started, contact Major Harris at 561-297-7682 or email or

ADD 1 HOUR OF LEADERSHIP TO YOUR FALL SCHEDULE! REGISTER FOR MSL1001 (CRN 82871), FOUNDATIONS OF OFFICERSHIP, 1 CREDIT HOUR. ©2008. Paid for by the United States Army. All rights reserved. FAU Cadet 4C Ad 9.5x10.indd 1

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Issue 5, Volume 1  

September 9 - 23, 2010

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