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2007 annual report

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the foundation for learning, healing and health east meets west 2007 annual report


The East Meets West Foundation provides innovative and affordable development solutions to the problems faced by Vietnam’s most disadvantaged communities. Our core program areas— providing clean water to rural populations, increasing access to education, improving neonatal and pediatric health care and building the medical infrastructure to help modernize the country’s health care system—all reflect our belief that every person deserves the opportunity to thrive.

director’s message

T H E Y E A R 2 0 07 B R O U G H T D R A M AT I C C H A N G E S F O R B OT H E A ST M E E T S W E ST A N D V I E T N A M .

Major advances were made in the growth of our programs that reach the country’s most disadvantaged communities, while economic conditions provided a year of turbulent ups and downs. We had some short-term challenges keeping all our programs on track, but thanks to our deep relationships with our local partners and our long history in Vietnam, we were able to weather some of the storms that 2007 brought.

photo: thien nguyen

One of the most significant developments of 2007 was a grant EMW received from the Global Partnership for Output Based Aid, managed by the World Bank, to expand our Clean Water and Sanitation Program. Over the next three years EMW will triple the capacity of the program, bringing clean, potable water piped directly to an additional 150,000 people living in rural Vietnam. Another major program accomplishment was the launching of our new complete mobile dental unit. This fully-functioning trailer will travel to primary schools near Da Nang, enabling the Dental Program to reach thousands more children each year; most of those treated will never have seen a dentist before in their lives.

Vietnam and EMW also faced big challenges in 2007. Skyrocketing inflation, especially in the price of building materials, pushed up the costs of many of EMW’s infrastructure projects, such as schools and largescale medical and educational facilties, forcing us to either dramatically scale back the project or to go back to our donors and ask for further funds to cover the cost difference. And these increases were not small – in general, prices for common building items like rebar, building stone, sand, cement and

fundamentals are solid. The economic reforms of the past decade in Vietnam have helped create an economy with built-in momentum, a diverse economic base, strong export program, large-scale foreign investment and a rapid growth in incomes. The forces of economic dynamism have been unchained, and with a little bit of luck Vietnam will continue to prosper. At East Meet West too, we are fortunate to have a core group of dedicated donors and a lot of support from institutions like Atlantic Philanthropies,

“East Meets West is committed to removing the barriers that prohibit all people from enjoying life’s fullest opportunities.” tiles were up 40%, while some items like structural steel were up 60%, and bricks rose an astounding 100% in just six months. Of course, inflation hit the Vietnamese people much harder than it did EMW. For people living close to the poverty line, increases in costs for essentials such as food and gasoline cut deep into family budgets. Fortunately, for both Vietnam and the East Meets West Foundation, the

the Ford Foundation and USAID. With the help of these dedicated donors EMW will continue to rise to the challenge of finding creative solutions to the development issues faced by the most vulnerable communities. Best regards,

John Anner

Executive Director East Meets West

2007 at-a-glance

east meets west 2007 annual report


The programs of East Meets West are divided into four core program areas: clean water, health care, education and infrastructure. Highlights in 2007 from these programs include: EMW invested $7.3 million on large-scale educational, medical and rural community infrastructure in Vietnam. These projects were used by 734,579 people in 2007 alone.

EMW spent $612,630 on education programs, bringing access to learning to 5,773 students from impoverished areas, including at-risk girls vulnerable to human trafficking.

EMW spent $1.5 million on health care programs in the areas of pediatric cardiology, neonatal health, dental care and treating people with disabilities, giving 49,232 people medical treatment—in many cases lifesaving and in all cases life-transforming.

EMW spent $464,602 on our clean water program, bringing an additional 9,266 people potable water piped directly into their homes. Over 110,000 rural villagers in Vietnam now receive access to safe water through an EMW village water system.

what we believe

our guiding principles

The community is involved in every stage , from planning to implementation to maintenance . We develop strong partnerships with local agencies. We are involved long term; we maintain an active presence after the project is complete . The project can be scaled to reach many more people as funding becomes available .

east meets west 2007 annual report

There is a significant, measurable impact on the beneficiaries.

Every child deserves the opportunity to be educated. Every person deserves the opportunity to access health care. Every community deserves to give its residents the basic resources to pursue a fulfilling life.


patrick alleyn

The program or project is a creative solution to a difficult problem.

core program area

good health patrick alleyn

a basic human right




Children in developing countries suffer greatly from lack of access to dental care. Left untreated, dental disease can lead to a lifetime of illness, from malnutrition and diabetes to heart disease.

Make affordable and accessible dental care available to children in poor and remote areas.

East Meets West’s Dental Program has given free, modern dental services to over 50,000 poor children almost all of whom have never seen a dentist in their lives.

health PROGRAMS 2 007 ex p enditure s: health.......... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1 , 48 8 ,663 2 007 p eop le serv ed . ................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49, 2 32

Breath of Life

Expenditures.................... $456,141 babies treated.................. 31,000 Breath of Life provides medical equipment and training to save the lives of babies suffering from respiratory distress and other serious postpartum conditions. In 2007 the program distributed 110 Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) machines and 14 phototherapy machines to 48 hospitals throughout Vietnam. Over 70 health care workers received training on how to use CPAP. An estimated 11,000 additional babies were treated by the new machines that were distributed in 2007, while about 20,000 babies were treated by machines distributed in previous years. Breath of Life is a partnership between East Meets West, KSE Medical and the International Children Assistance Network.

Dental Program

Expenditures.................... $521,774 children treated............. 10,146 The EMW Dental Program provides free modern dental care to poor children

through its Da Nang-based clinic and outreach trips that travel to rural primary schools. In 2007, the Dental Program treated 10,146 patients and provided 37,323 dental services. Twelve dental outreach trips, assisted by 98 international volunteers, treated children in primary schools in three provinces. In October, EMW launched a new mobile dental trailer, providing dental treatment to children at poor primary schools in Da Nang. In-kind services and goods in 2007 were equivalent to $356,850.

Family Emergency Relief Fund

Expenditures.................... $132,418 People Served.................. 834 The Family Emergency Relief Fund (FERF) provides financial support for impoverished people in dire circumstances. Support includes emergency medical care, scholarships and job training. In 2007, FERF served 788 beneficiaries in four provinces, assisting with medical costs and school fee payments and providing prosthetic devices and skills train-

ing to disabled individuals. The fund also paid for the reconstruction of 44 houses destroyed by Typhoon Xangsane.

Nhi Dong 1 Capacity Building

Expenditures.................... $3,577 Nhi Dong 1 is Ho Chi Minh City’s largest pediatric hospital. This capacity building project will help save children with congenital heart diseases through the distribution of key medical equipment and the training of medical staff who work in cardiac care. The total project budget will be $140,000: expendituress in 2007 included salaries and travel.

Operation Healthy Heart

Expenditures.................... $292,128 children treated............. 416 Operation Healthy Heart provides financial and medical assistance to children with serious heart defects. In 2007, the program provided 416 patients with lifesaving heart operations or medical interventions and continued to develop partnerships with government agen-

cies and other organizations to attract matching funds.

Support Network for People with Disabilities

Expenditures.................... $82,625 People Served.................. 6,836 The Support Network for People with Disabilities (SN-PWD) provides medical, educational and vocational services for people with disabilities. The program was launched in Quang Ngai Province in January 2007 and expanded to Thai Binh Province in September. In 2007, SN-PWD screened over 5,000 disabled beneficiaries and provided 55 corrective surgeries and 50 functional prosthetic hands. Educational assistance was provided to 150 children with disabilities. Eighty medical staff were trained in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The program oversaw the construction of an inpatient orthopedics ward in Quang Ngai which will benefit 15,000 disabled patients over the next three years.

east meets west 2007 annual report

People living in poverty frequently lack access to basic medical care. East Meets West’s health care programs provide newborn health care, pediatric cardiology, dental services and medical treatment for the disabled. We offer direct assistance to individuals, support families, train medical staff and improve capacity by developing improved, equipped medical facilities.


good health



Congenital heart disease is the world’s most common birth defect, affecting one in every 100 children worldwide. Without treatment, the majority of these children will die before reaching adulthood.

Provide medical and financial assistance to impoverished families who have a child born with a congenital heart defect, targeting those who have the least access to support.

East Meets West’s Operation Healthy Heart program has given over 1,750 children with congenital heart defects from Vietnam’s poorest families lifesaving surgery and medical care.

“I feel like flying again!”

- Operation Healthy Heart patient

patrick alleyn

east meets west 2007 annual report



personal profile

Through East Meets West’s Support Network for People with Disabilities (SN-PWD), Sim received corrective surgery at age 16. SN-PWD provides people with disabilities medical treatment, job training and educational opportunities. The program operates in the provinces of Quang Ngai and Thai Binh, where Sim was born. The first step is to screen every person with disabilities in the four districts in which the program operates. After an initial assessment, beneficiaries are referred for corrective treatment, prostheses, skills training, educational opportunities, job placement, or a combination. Clubfoot, a congenital defect, affects nearly one in every 1,000 babies. While corrective casts or surgery can provide a remedy, treatment is unavailable to many poor children. Afflicted children carry the disability with them into adulthood, where it limits their mobility, earning potential and life opportunities.

“My longstanding dream has been to walk well and work like ordinary people.

Now I can.”

- Support Network for People With Disabilities Patient

east meets west 2007 annual report

Ta Thi Sim was born with two clubbed feet. Her parents could not afford to pay for corrective treatment, so— like her father before her, who also had a clubfoot disability—Sim grew up barely able to walk.



patrick alleyn

SN-PWD has also funded Sim’s job training in garment making. She now works at the Nam Thai Garment Company and helps supplement the family income. Her longstanding dream, to “walk well and work like other ordinary people,” has finally come true.

core program area

clean water mark conroy

the source of life




Water-related illnesses are the leading cause of human sickness and death in the world, taking the lives of about 6,000 people a day—most of whom are children under five.

Provide a sustainable water supply to communities that lack access to safe water and ensure the local people are invested in the project.

East Meets West’s Clean Water and Sanitation Program has built 109 village water systems, providing more than 110,000 rural people with clean water.

CLEAN WATER 2 007 e xpe n d i tu re s : c l e an wat e r .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4 6 4 ,6 02 2 007 peo pl e s e rv e d . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9, 26 6

Clean Water and Sanitation Program

Expenditure...................... $464,602 People Served.................. 9,266 EMW’s Clean Water and Sanitation Program provides people in rural Vietnam with access to safe water through the construction of water systems in poor villages. The water systems are models of community involvement and sustainability.

patrick alleyn

In 2007 EMW constructed seven new village water systems, bringing clean water to the 9,266 people living in those communities. A hygiene and sanitation training component was also introduced to maximize the health benefits of the clean water systems. Through this program aspect, over 500 poor households will receive support to build septic latrines. EMW also conducted a National Water Management Workshop for 92 local water managers who run the water systems.

local resident laying water pipes quang nam province, vietnam

Much of 2007 was spent in preparation for a major increase in the number of water systems to be built over the next three years, an expansion that will be funded by the World Bank. By the end of 2007, EMW had built a total of 109 village water systems, bringing over 110,000 residents access to potable water piped directly into their homes.

east meets west 2007 annual report

One of the world’s biggest challenges is to provide access to safe, clean water to all people. Clean water, along with good sanitation and proper hygiene, leads to better health and improved economic and educational opportunities.


clean water




Inhabitants of many rural areas do not have a reliable, accessible source of potable water. Construction of village water systems can be expensive and the system itself challenging to maintain for technically unskilled residents.

Provide affordable, adequate sources of water through systems that the commmunity is fully invested in.

EMW water systems are built with full involvement from the local communities. Residents participate in digging the trenches to lay the pipes that connect to the household and pay for their monthly water consumption. Every system is operated and maintained by local water managers who are trained by East Meets West.

east meets west 2007 annual report emw built village water tower quang nam province

patrick alleyn


core program area

education david axelrad

opportunity for all




Children in rural areas lag far behind their urban counterparts in access to education, compromising their ability to pursue better life opportunities.

Assist those who cannot afford to attend school and address the underlying issues that can force impoverished students to drop out of school at an early age.

EMW has provided over 4,000 of central Vietnam’s poorest children with full scholarships guaranteed through their high school graduation.


EDUCATION PROGRAMS 2007 e xpe n d i tu re s : e d u cati o n .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $612 ,6 30 2007 peo pl e s e rv e d . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 ,7 73

East Meets West is committed to helping children from poor families get a good education. EMW’s education programs provide a comprehensive response to a common development problem: inadequate education for children who live in poverty. ADAPT east meets west 2007 annual report

Expenditures.................... $146,682 people Served.................. 1,245 The An Giang/Dong Thap Alliance to Prevent Trafficking (ADAPT) combats sexual trafficking of young girls and women in the Mekong Delta region by providing them with educational opportunities, vocational training and community support. In 2007, 495 girls were supported through educational scholarships given by the program and 750 young women were given vocational training through the program. ADAPT is a partnership between EMW, Pacific Links Foundation and International Children Assistance Network and is implemented by Pacific Links.


Scholarship Program to Enhance Literacy and Learning

SPELL student

david axelrad

Expenditures.................... $340,712 children Served............... 4,222 The SPELL program targets Vietnam’s poorest children to prevent them from dropping out of school. SPELL students are ensured a full scholarship through

high school graduation. In 2007, the program granted 4,222 scholarships, providing funds for school fees and supplies, uniforms, books, and bicycles. Over 3,000 SPELL students participated in the program’s tutoring classes at 115 schools. The program also conducted hundreds of community meeting to promote awareness of the importance of education.

Tien Phuoc Orphanage

Expenditures.................... $18,838 children Served............... 31 Located in a rural mountainous region of Vietnam, Tien Phuoc Orphanage is a refuge for 31 orphaned children. In 2007, all the children passed their yearly exams and were promoted to the next grade. One student graduated from college and now works at Da Nang General Hospital.

VA-NGO Conference

Expenditures.................... $4,842 People Served.................. 125 The Vietnamese American Nongovernmental Organizations (VA-NGO) is a

consortium of organizations providing humanitarian assistance, community development and other programs for the disadvantaged in Vietnam. East Meets West, a founding member of the VA-NGO, provides support to this yearly conference.

Village of Hope

Expenditures.................... $101,557 children Served............... 150 The Village of Hope Disadvantaged Children’s Center in Da Nang (VOH) provides shelter, nurturing, education and vocational training to orphaned, hearing-impaired and disadvantaged children. In 2007, VOH housed 150 children. The Japanese Femin Women’s Democratic Club also funded 23 former VOH students to continue their education at vocational schools or universities.

personal profile

- spell student

Since third grade, East Meets West’s Scholarship Program to Enhance Literacy and Learning, or SPELL, has provided Diem with books, supplies, and a bicycle and paid school fees and tutoring costs, allowing her to remain in school. SPELL guarantees the most impoverished elementary school students full school funding through high school graduation. Poor families are unable to afford mandatory school fees, much less supplies and transportation costs. Their children cannot attend school. Deprived of an education and the opportunities it affords, they remain mired in poverty.

patrick alleyn

Now a fully engaged seventh grader who likes math and biology, Diem rides her bicycle one hour each way to school, which does nothing to dampen her enthusiasm for education. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. In 2007, SPELL provided over 4,200 students just like Diem the education so vital to their own and their country’s future.

east meets west 2007 annual report

“When I grow up, I want to be a teacher.”

Tran Thi Thu Diem lives with her parents and three siblings in rural Vietnam. Her mother is disabled and her father works three jobs to support the family. Still, their monthly income falls short of expenses and the family is forced to rely on relatives.


core program area

infrastructure building to advance humanity

university of da nang english language institute




Lack of vital infrastructure in a developing country inhibits modernization and growth.

Build key institutions that provide a crucial link between grassroots development and large-scale capacity building.

In the past decade, EMW’s Large Construction program has invested $42 million in building libraries, universities and hospitals in Vietnam.

Infrastructure: medical projects 2 007 ex p enditure s: medi cal i n frastru ctu re .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 3 , 3 64,71 8 2 007 p eop le serv ed. .................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 642 ,768

For the past decade, East Meets West has been building and upgrading major health facilities in Vietnam that fill in critical gaps in the country’s capacity to provide comprehensive medical care for its citizens.

Expenditures.................... $58,839 People Served.................. 450,000 The Da Nang Hospital’s Emergency Building, built by East Meets West, has been in operation since 2005. In 2007, EMW performed upgrades on a procedure building, IT and multimedia systems.

Da Nang Multipurpose Hospital

Expenditures.................... $170,422 People Served.................. 32,768 The Da Nang Multipurpose Hospital opened in late 2006. The six-story hospital houses five medical departments, eight operating rooms, a 300-seat auditorium and a 240-bed inpatient unit. In 2007, EMW provided ongoing assistance for long-term sustainability.

Expenditures.................... $2,992,515 People Served.................. 25,000 The Hue Cardiovascular Center officially opened in March 2007. This state of the art hospital will greatly increase the capacity of the country to perform cardiac surgery. The six-story building has four operating rooms, an intensive care unit, a teaching auditorium, a therapy pool, 200 patient beds and a cafeteria. High-tech medical equipment was also purchased and installed as part of the completed project.

Hue Pediatric Hospital: Medical Equipment

Expenditures.................... $7,546 People Served.................. 33,000 In 2007, additional medical equipment was purchased for this large pediatric hospital in central Vietnam to enhance its operations and treatment capacity.

Medical Clinics

Expenditures.................... $38,909 People Served.................. 75,000 East Meets West partnered in the renovation of ten medical clinics with funding from the USS Peleliu, a U.S. Navy training ship on a humanitarian mission through the Pacific region.

Quang Tri Multipurpose Hospital

Expenditures.................... $96,487 People Served.................. 27,000 The Quang Tri Multipurpose Hospital is a critical piece of infrastructure for this poor province in central Vietnam. The first multifuction hospital in the province, it began operation in April 2007. The threefloor facility has seven departments and 200 inpatient beds. Expenses included construction, contract warranty and maintenance.

da nang multipurpose hospital

east meets west 2007 annual report

Da Nang Hospital Emergency Building

Hue Cardiovascular Center


photos: nam nguyen

All projects were built with funding by Atlantic Philanthropies, except where noted.

quang tri multipurpose hospital

hue cardiovascular center


Infrastructure: medical projects pro j e c t s und e r cons t ruc t ion

2007 e xpe n d i tu re s : i n f rastru ctu re u n d e r co nst ru ct ion . . . . $5 87,96 0 All projects being built with funding by Atlantic Philanthropies, except where noted.

Da Nang Eye Hospital

east meets meets west west 2007 2007 annual annual report report east

Expenditures.................... $76,398 The Da Nang Eye Hospital, Phase I, was completed in March 2006 with the construction of a 75-bed inpatient unit. Phase II will complete the six-floor hospital with outpatient and surgery facilities, 150 inpatient beds and high-tech medical equipment. Expenditures in 2007 included a feasibility study, design work and preparation of an environmental impact report.

National Hospital of Pediatrics, hanoi

Expenditures.................... $475,381 The National Hospital of Pediatrics in Hanoi is northern Vietnam’s largest and most important pediatric facility. The current structure suffers from chronic overcrowding and degraded facilities. With funding from Atlantic Philanthropies, East Meets West will rebuild the hospital over the next several years.

18 18

da nang eye hospital

nam nguyen

Phase I of the reconstruction began in 2007 with a feasibility study, geological survey and design work. Construction will begin in 2008 and be divided into three phases. Once completed, the hospital will house inpatient and outpatient wards,

newborn and emergency care units, operating rooms, high-tech equipment, full laboratory service and guest quarters.

Hue Central Hospital: Ophthalmology Department and Training Center

Expenditures.................... $28,638 In 2007, design work was completed for the Hue Ophthalmology Department and Training Center at Hue Central Hospital. Construction will begin in 2008; once completed, the four-story building will be equipped with modern ophthalmology equipment, conference rooms and laboratories for training purposes.

Da Nang Hospital Tropical Disease Department and Oncology

Expenditures.................... $6,112 Design work began in 2007 for the construction of the Da Nang Oncology and Tropical Disease Department. By the end of 2009, the $3.5 million medical facility will house high-tech medical equipment, deliver chemotherapy and radiotherapy services and treat patients infected by avian influenza and other diseases such as SARS, viral hepatitis and AIDS.

Ireland-Vietnam Blood-borne Virus Initiative, hanoi

Expenditures.................... $1,431 The Ireland-Vietnam Blood-borne Virus Initiative is a partnership between the University College Dublin and Vietnam’s National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology (NIHE) in Hanoi. EMW will build a new virology laboratory at NIHE. The facility will adhere to the highest international specifications. The project, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2008, is funded primarily by Irish Aid.


Infrastructure: education projects 2 007 ex p enditure s: educatio n i n f rastru ctu re .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2 , 873 , 599 2007 p eop le serv ed. .................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87,978

East Meets West works in partnership with the higher education system in Vietnam to fill in gaps where the education system needs assistance to become more fully functional.

Expenditures.................... $26,116 People Served yearly..... 50,000 Opened in 2004, expenditures on this project in 2007 were for maintenance.

Kon Ray Ethnic Minority Boarding School

Expenditures.................... $354,074 People Served.................. 278 This boarding school for ethnic minorities, funded by USAID, is being built in the central highlands region in Kon Tum Province. Slated to open in the fall of 2008, the boarding school will have 27 dorms, eight classrooms, a library and computer lab and two vocational training buildings. The program also provided 100 small loans to poor families whose children will be students of the boarding school. A commune savings and credit management board was founded and trained to manage the loan program. A needs assessment was conducted, and a two-day training course on animal husbandry techniques was given to the loan beneficiaries.

Thai Nguyen University Dorms

Expenditures.................... $173,401 People Served Yearly..... 1,500 These dorms for medical students at Thai Nguyen University opened in 2007. Payments in 2007 were for exteriors and landscaping.

Thai Nguyen University Learning Resource Center

Expenditures.................... $1,263,354 People Served Yearly..... 20,000 The Learning Resource Center at this large northern university is a modern library and communications center that hosts an average of 750 students a day.

University of Da Nang: English Language Institute

Expenditures.................... $581,061 People Served Yearly..... 5,000 The English Language Institute at the University of Da Nang provides a high quality English language program to university students and professionals. Opened in January 2007, the 12-story building houses classrooms, offices, multimedia labs and a 300-seat auditorium.

University of Da Nang: Guest House

Expenditures.................... $8,223 People Served Yearly..... 200 The Guest House, with eight guest rooms and a computer area, provides lodging for visiting lecturers and guest speakers at the University of Da Nang.

University of Da Nang: Sports Complex

Expenditures.................... $341,629 People Served Yearly..... 11,000 The Da Nang University Sports Complex, which opened in September 2007, is the main sports facility for the students of the University of Da Nang. This extremely popular indoor and outdoor facility offers access to a variety of sports, including soccer, tennis, ping pong and basketball.

Repairs from Typhoon Xangsane

Expenditures.................... $60,652 EMW made repairs to buildings in Da Nang that were badly damaged by Typhoon Xangsane, including the university’s sports complex, learning resource center and dorms, and one hospital. Repairs were completed in March 2007.

Other Projects

Expenditures.................... $65,089 Other expenses include additional funding for the Da Nang Learning Resource Center—a library serving University of Da Nang students and professionals—and the Hanoi School of Public Health, providing a feasibility study on the furnishings of four new buildings.

east meets west 2007 annual report

Hue University: Learning Resource Center






Ethnic minorities in remote areas of Vietnam face linguistic, cultural and geographic obstacles that leave them disproportionately impoverished and with limited access to education.

Develop educational infrastructure and opportunities that target ethnic minority students to boost their academic performance and enhance their earning potential and life prospects.

With funding from USAID, EMW is working in the remote central highlands region of Vietnam—an area heavily populated by ethnic minorities—building the Kon Ray Boarding School to serve minority secondary students.

east meets west 2007 annual report kon ray boarding school for ethnic minorities kon tum province, vietnam

nam nguyen


Infrastructure: RURAL COMMUNITY projects 2 007 ex p enditure s: rural co mmu n i t y i n f rastru ctu re .. . . . . . . $ 52 0,068 2 007 p eop le serv ed. .................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 , 8 3 3

East Meets West construction projects supplement the basic infrastructure and community services available in Vietnam: schools, bridges, houses and public spaces.


Expenditures.................... $28,613 People Served.................. 1,370 EMW builds bridges to facilitate transportation, communication and economic exchange between isolated regions. In 2007 EMW began construction on the Hoi Yen Bridge for Hoa Bac hamlet in Quang Nam Province. The bridge is scheduled for handover to the community in April 2008.

Early Care Childhood Education

Expenditures.................... $82,396 children Served............... 197 The Early Childhood Education program builds high-quality kindergarten facilities and funds innovative teacher training to help prepare disadvantaged youngsters for primary school. In 2007 the program constructed and furnished four new kindergartens with a total of seven classrooms, four bathrooms and three kitchens. In addition, EMW provided teaching aids and kitchen items to four existing kindergartens.

Rural School Construction

Expenditures.................... $350,553 children Served............... 1,636 The School Construction program improves the quality of basic educational facilities in rural Vietnam by building new schools to replace unsafe, dilapidated ones. In 2007, the program constructed seven primary schools complete with furniture, lighting, ventilation, clean water, restrooms and landscaping. Local communities contributed financially and with labor.

east meets west 2007 annual report

Expenditures.................... $44,307 People Served.................. 630 The Compassion Homes program serves disadvantaged families living in unsafe, dilapidated homes by constructing safe dwellings for them. Homes with leaky roofs and dirt floors are replaced by brick houses that have solid tile roofs, elevated concrete foundations and loft spaces for storage of goods above potential flood levels. In 2007, EMW constructed new houses for five needy families. The program also provided livestock to the families to help them generate income.

New Moon Ecological Garden

Expenditures.................... $14,199 Still under construction, the New Moon Ecological Garden is an integrated development project that is creating an ecological park and organic garden geared towards tourism and agricultural development. The garden integrates organic farming practices and green production and sets a standard for community sustainability by engaging the local community as caretakers and owners of the project. Expenses in 2007 were for organic vegetable cultivation, training and technical assistance. The garden is expected to be completed in 2009.


compassion home resident da nang, vietnam

patrick alleyn

Compassion Homes



east meets west 2007 annual report


responsible for EMW’s financial reporting. The accompanying condensed consolidated financial statements and financial information included in this report are derived from the audited consolidated financial statements that have been prepared in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America and include amounts that represent the best estimates and judgments of management. Management maintains a framework of internal controls to help ensure the accuracy and integrity of financial records, compliance with funder restrictions and instructions, and protection of Foundation assets. The consolidated financial statements have been audited by PMB Helin Donovan LLP, independent auditors, in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America. PMB Helin Donovan LLP reported that the statements are fairly presented, in all material respects, in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of

America. Their reports and copies of the complete audited financial statements are available upon request. In Vietnam, the organization was audited by Ernst & Young. In 2004, in conformance with the Nonprofit Integrity Act, the East Meets West Foundation established an Audit Committee. The members of the Audit Committee, a subcommittee of the Board of Directors, are responsible for the appointment and oversight of the audit work performed by PMB Helin Donovan LLP. Best regards,

Ann Tuyet Ngoc Truong Chief Financial Officer

east meets west AUDIT COMMITTEE Steve Reynolds, Chair Steve Gunther Linda Meier Brian Dolan

Ann Tuyet Ngoc Truong

Chief Financial Officer East Meets West





Support and Revenue Donations Grants Special events













Investment Income





In-kind Donations





























Net assets released from restrictions Total support and revenue

Expenses Program services Management and general Fundraising Total expenses Change in net assets Net assets at beginning of year Net assets at end of year

(154,814) 4,827,906 $4,673,092

(2,528,678) (2,683,492) 33,100,706


east meets west 2007 annual report


Income and expenses are for both the East Meets West Foundation and its subsidiary Reach Vietnam. “Restricted” funds are designated for specific programs or



projects, “unrestricted” funds

$30,572,028 $35,245,120


can be used for any purpose.

*Reach Vietnam is a subsidiary of East Meets West primarily responsible for managing large infrastructure projects.





east meets west 2007 annual report




Cash and cash equivalents $7,917,224 $2,710,207 Accrued interest 3,017 9,538 Prepaid expenses 66,703 65,434 Microloan receivables 11,935 15,985 Grants and accounts receivable - net 12,323,892 24,909,526 Investments at fair value 15,556,939 10,474,834 Property and equipment - net 24,397 28,959 Total Assets $35,904,107 $38,214,483

Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities:


Accounts payable and accrued expenses Accrued payroll and other benefits Deferred revenue Total liabilities

Net assets: Unrestricted net assets Temporarily restricted net assets Total net assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets

$555,627 54,704 48,656 658,987

2006 $236,085 49,786 285,871



4,673,092 30,572,028 35,245,120 $35,904,107

4,827,906 33,100,706 37,928,612 $38,214,483


transforming lives through commitment

east meets west 2007 annual report

donors, staff, board


emw donors 2007

revenue highlights In 2007, individuals and organizations donated $8.1 million to support East Meets West. Examples of major donations in 2007 are below.

east meets west 2007 annual report


Atlantic Philanthropies committed $2.38 million in 2007 to support large-scale infrastructure in Vietnam.

George Miller and Janet McKinley committed $350,000 to

Irish Aid donated $851,242 to develop a new virology testing facility in Hanoi to reduce the spread of blood-borne viruses including HIV/ AIDS and hepatitis.

Barbara and Gil Kemp donated $241,658 to fund the SPELL program and purchase a mobile dental van for the Dental Program.

Eric Hemel and Barbara Morgen committed a total of $474,647

$200,000 to support an expansion of the Clean Water program.

to fund the Scholarship Program to Enhance Literacy and Learning (SPELL) and $235,890 to expand the Breath of Life program.

The Ford Foundation awarded a grant of $370,100 to upgrade facilities, train medical staff and expand job opportunities for the disabled in Thai Binh Province through the Support Network for People with Disabilities. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded $354,610 to support the An Giang/Dong Thap Alliance to Prevent Trafficking (ADAPT) and to build an ethnic minority boarding school in the central highlands province of Kon Tum.

The Boeing Company contributed $300,000 to construct four primary schools and one Early Childhood Care and Education Center (ECCE) as well as $50,000 to build 50 homes for families affected by floods in Quang Nam Province.

support an expansion of the Clean Water program.

The Vietnamese American Scholarship Fund committed

Room to Read contributed $169,058 to fund six primary schools in five provinces in central Vietnam and to support the ADAPT program.

MAST Industries donated $116,023 for the expansion of the Breath of Life program to 14 district hospitals in southern Vietnam.

The Arcanum Foundation granted $104,340 to expand health, education and job services to the disabled in Thai Binh Province through the Support Network for People with Disabilities. The Dorrance Family Foundation contributed $100,000 to support SPELL and an expansion of the Clean Water program.

emw donors 2007

major donors Donors and partners are an integral part of the success and long-term stability of East Meets West’s programs.

$99,999 to $25,000

The Atlantic Philanthropies Arcanum Foundation The Boeing Company Dorrance Family Foundation The Ford Foundation Eric Hemel and Barbara J. Morgen IrishAid Barbara and Gil Kemp Mast Industries (Far East) Ltd. George Miller and Janet McKinley Room to Read United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Vietnamese American Scholarship Fund

Akzo Nobel Coatings Vietnam Jack and Rose-Marie Anderson Robert and Jane Bard Friends of Danang Greenfield Foundation Stephen Gunther Happy Hearts Fund Henry E. Niles Foundation. Inc. Keith & Pamela Fox Family Foundation Philip Morris International Management, S.A. Piedmont Community Church United States Navy Vietnam Education Society

These donors made a contribution to the East Meets West Foundation between January 1 and December 31, 2007.

east meets west 2007 annual report

$100,000 and above


emw donors 2007

major donors

east meets west 2007 annual report


$24,999 to $10,000

$9,999 to $5,000

Asian Development Bank Atlantis Investment Management Lee Burton and Roberta Shaw-Reeves Chutex International Lawrence and Kim Dong Jerome and Nancy Falk Charles Gilreath International Children Assistance Network Frederick Khedouri and Sarah Glazer Daniel Knox Pacific Links Foundation Dan and Paula Reingold SJ Asset Management Western Union Foundation Ken Wosk

Neil Barsky and Joan Davidson Ben Daviscourt Memorial Fund Richard Berkman and Toni Seidl CIBC World Markets Thang Do and Grace Liu William and Phyllis Draper East Bay Newborn Specialists, Inc. Embassy of Ireland Roscoe and Helen Heins Paul Huddleston and Dori Boudreau Infrastructure Capital Group Daniel Kaplan and Kay Richman Larned Rotary Club Linklaters Scott Lumsden Martha & Spencer Love Foundation Robin Povey Saigon South International School Lenny Sands Joyce Thomas and Rob Castleberry The Tietz Family Foundation Vietnamese American Professionals Alliance Merna and Don Villarejo

These donors made a contribution to the East Meets West Foundation between January 1 and December 31, 2007.

emw donors 2007

major donors These donors made a contribution to the East Meets West Foundation between January 1 and December 31, 2007.


All Around Fence Company, Inc American International Group, Inc BP Exploration Co. Ltd Bredero Shaw (Singapore) Champa Ceramics Church Communities Foundation Davis & Davis Attorneys at Law DFS Group L.P. Expo Motorcars Friends of Hue Foundation Gilbert & Carolyn Woods Family Foundation Heins Global Foundation HR2B J. Ray McDermott Asia Pacific Pte Ltd K2 Engineering Kamm Investment Co. Lotus Bleu Matching Gift Programs: bank of america Freddie Mac Foundation google nike Microsoft Corporation McMillen Engineering Mercer Island Presbyterian Church MoneyGram Payment Systems Inc. Nikko Hotel Nuplex Industries Limited Osprey Europe Ltd Osprey Packs-USA Penn Development Services, LP Pleasant Hills Middle School Rich Farms, Inc

Rotary Clubs: anchorage south, ak Fisherman’s Wharf, CA North Oakland/Emeryville, ca Pauls Valley, OK Rotary International District 5770 Shawnee Club, OK Service Interact Club of Galileo Academy Shinoda Junko Femin Spanish Embassy in Vietnam The Kevin G. Schoeler Foundation Transitory Items Assets US Training Ship Golden Bear Vietnam Airlines

$4,999 to $1,000 Individuals

Maureen and Anthony Accamando Patrick Allaway and Francine Medeiros Vigo and Paula Anderson James and Joan Andrew Mary Helen Armstrong David Axelrad and Liza Bercovici Brantly Baynes Suzanne Beers

Penny and Matt Bowman Peter and Alice Broner Marilyn and Roger Browning William Bucholtz David Burgess and Natalie Matsuno William and Anne Carver Warrick Cleine Margaret Collins Stephen and Valerie Colwell

Mark Conroy and Tam Hoang Mary Jo Cook Wendy Crisafulli Casey Culbertson and Tam Doan J B and Claire Davis Laura Davis Jack and Cathy Demos James Dietzenbach Brian Do BL and JL Dong James and Michiyo Echle Paul Feasby George Fraise Michael and Verra French Dodie Gaines Peter Galbraith Jorg and Ursula Gerner Alan Gianotti Maureen and Stephen Goldsmith Judy and Dane Gordon James Grant Stephen and Toni Guss Nathan and Amanda Hartshorne Lawrence Hogan Larry and Kim Hughes Chelsey and Ian Ingenito James Kirchner and Jane Kang

G. Marcus and Pamela Knight Jack Lief Susan Lindblade and Grant Fondo Wm. Lockard and Alix Marduel Thomas Low and Priscilla Joe Gregory and Jennifer Lyss Barbara Madden Barbara and Edward McDonald Herbert and Susan McLaughlin Margit Meissner and Ervin Bognar Jorge Mestman Takeuchi Midori Julie and Myron Moraes Joy and Don Nelson Jeffrey Newman and Mary Montella Minh Chau Nguyen and Per Ljung Lorraine Parmer Matthew Peak Colleen Potter Charles Rice Robert Riordan and Spring Hill John Robertson Joanna Schott-Kennel Fred Silverman and Gerard Buulong

David Snyder and Lorraine Shanley Geoffrey and Nancy Stack Mark and Margaret Stewart Diethard Stuerze and Petra Palmer Hong Hoa Tieu and Ansgar Simon Gail Trujillo Minh Vuong Gary and Janet Wagers Pamela and Barton Wald Townsend Walker and Beverly Mills Nancy Wang Thomas Ward John Weaver Putney and Anne Westerfield Richard Wilkerson Bruce Wilson Miriam Wosk Mimi Yu Joel and Karen Zeldin Rick and Susan Zimmerman

east meets west 2007 annual report

$4,999 to $1,000


emw donors 2007

donors up to $1,000 Organizations

east meets west 2007 annual report


5 Star Development, inc. Allegheny Financial Group AON Insurance Applera Corporation Auto Driveway Co. Bidwell Training Center Inc. Butterfield and Robinson Cammarata Professional Services, LLC Charis Financial Group Children’s Hospital & Research Center, Oakland Church Communities, New Meadow Run The City of The Lord, Zion AG Committee to Elect Bill Mullen Construx Dartmouth College Student Activities Dept of Veterans Affairs, PA healthcare System EAC Associates Inc. Ella Baker Center for Human Rights Employees of Creative Office Environments Fairfield Construction Inc. First Commonwealth Bank Ford Business Machines, Inc. The Fragasso Group Inc. Friends of Jack Wagner Friends of John Pippy George Dental Associates

Goodsearch harris masonry Heart of Hope International Information Technology International John C. R. Kelly Realty Inc. Kiwanis Club of Mercer Island KOA Books Lantern Projects Inc. Local Union No 5 Matching Gift Programs: gap foundation hsbc JP Morgan Chase foundation Juniper Networks Sun Microsystems Foundation Mellon Bank MindShare Montour Interact Club - Montour High School Old McDonalds Daycare Pittsburgh Advertising Specialties Co Positivitee, LLC Pou Yen Enterprise Co. Preston Chapter CCPOA Recktenwald Dental Lab Rotary Clubs: Purcell, OK Mendocino, CA Valley of the Moon, CA russin & veechi Saint Juan Diego Parish Shokudo, Inc. Sisters of St. Francis Sisters of the Most Precious Blood Stoller Middle School, ORegon Sunset Vista Designs Co, Inc. T & R Real Estate Services

Tom Begandy Sales Enterprises TTF Foundation Tuong Minh Co Ltd United Church of Strafford Universal SmartComp University Dental Group Upholstery Plus! Vasko Dodge Verizon Foundation Vietnam Veterans, Inc. W. E. Piper Consulting Inc. Western PA Laborers’ Building and Defense

up to $1,000 Individuals

Judith Abeles Rosalind and Robert Abernathy Joseph Acanfora Anthony and Maureen Accamando Justin Accamando William Addison Corinne and Gerald Adler Donald Adsit Safin Ahmed Paul Albergo Harrison Albert Russell and Yumi Alexia Edwin Allgair Andreas Altmann Kathryn Ambrose Linda and Robert Ambrose Richard and Heather Ames Charles Anderson John and Rosemarie Anner

Kathryn Anner Eugene Antley Thanh and Neal Armagost Tu Armagost Armagost Family Richard and Geneva Arnold Saul Aronow Ann Ash Robert and Jennifer Ashbrook Breanne and Scott Astorino Linna and Frank Atmore Jane Avinger Jerald and Virginia Bachman gordon bailey David Baker Deren Baker Ron Barker Katie Barnett Al Barnum Gordon Barron Jerry Bartelle Susan and Mark Barter jeffrey bartz Lenore Beaky Elizabeth Becker Kim Behan John and Mary Louise Beltrani Albion Bergstrom Lane Berk George and Jean Bernstein Ronald and Gailmarie Berquist Daniel Bilar Enrico Biscotti Cathyann Bixby Richard Blacher Robert Blobaum Georgia Blotzer Barbara and Henry Blyth Diane Bock

Alexander Boehler Paul Boerner Rossana and Peter Bohl Barry Booth Raymond and Verena Borton Rebecca Boulton Elizabeth Bowen and Donald Peppard Eugenie Bradford Carol and Stephen Bradley Mary Brady Gladys and Noel Bransford Susan Brattain Lewis and Miriam Braverman Richard Bready Dennis Brenkle Francine Brevetti Robert Brickner kye briesath Archie Brodsky Martine Brousse and Milissa Brockish Donald Brown Jordan Brown William and Debby Brown Gurdon Buck Brian Bui Loc Bui Hanna Bui-Eve Leona and Raymond Bunch Robert and Joan Bundtzen Helen Burgess Teresa and Kenneth Burwell carla bury Mai Cao Donald Caplin herman caldwell Y. Carrasco Nancy Casebier Lisa and Matt Cato Christine Cerri

Helen Chambers Joanne Chan karen chang Michelle Chang Joseph Chehebar Thomas Chin Brandy Christensen Rachel Clark Terri Clark and Marty Lay Michael Cloutier Bayard and John Cobb Richard and Susan Coffin Marcia Cohen and John Harris Shelley Cohen Joy Collins Travis Combs Stuart and Marcia Conston Ken and Barbara Cordier Phil Corey Tona Cornette Margarite Correa Michael and Rosemary Costanzo Robert Cotgrove Joe and Marie Cotta David and Dianne Countryman Shari Countryman John Cox Betty Craft Charles Craft Stephen Craxton Patrick Creevan and Aaron Reeves Laura and Jeffrey Critchfield James Cunningham Don Cuppett and Hisako Watanabe William Curran James Curtin Stefan Cushman Stephen Cutright George D’Angelo

Arthur and Rebecca D’Harlingue Susan Danfelt Roger Danziger and Deborah YaskinDanzinger Albert Dao Cynthia and Ross Datz Reese Mark Dauner Stuart and Sharon Davidson Benjamin Davis Julian Davis Didier Davy Matthew Day Fred and Patricia De Groot Edward Deibert J.A. and Karen Del Sole John Delaney Eric Denlinger mark devlin Dhandapani Dharumalingam Angela Dickey Rebecca Dickinson trung dinh Bruce and Bernice Dinner Leslie DiNunzio Charles Disogra and Susan Duffey C.T. Do ronald dolj Noreen Doloughty Patricia and Doug Donaldson Kathleen and Daniel Dong Heller Brian Donnelly Barry Dorfman Steve and Tram Douglass Andrew Dowdle Paul and Constance Downey John and Lois Dreelan William and J.M. Drum

Marta Drury Dean Ducnuigeen and Linda Sieidl-Ducnuigeen Maureen Dumser Bettyann Dunlap and Mollie Gallagher Frances Dunwell and Wesley Natzle Elaine Duong Hien Duong Cynthia Dwyer Joan Earle Kenneth Ebanks and Suzanne Abele-Ebanks Douglas and Barb Edema Tammy Edmonson and Ethan Schulman Lee Eiferman Albert Eisenberg Susan Eisner and Joseph Lee Neil Elliott Phillip Elrod John and Helen Engstrom Bee Epstein-Shepherd Richard and Sharon Erickson Kit Everts Sheila Ewall Robert Faine Katherine Falk Richard Falk and Francine Falk-Allen Susanna Falk and Ashley Kennedy Margaret Farring Robert Fassbender Jessica Feidt Mary Fielder Patricia Fieldsted Anita Figueredo Keith Fiman Jean Fleschute Ethan and Sari Fogel Kimberly and Ronald Fong Jean Foulston

Wil and Marilyn Fountain Craig Fox Shirley Fox Jeannie and Christopher Fraise scott and lynn frake Perry and Catherine Anne Francis Magalie Francois Anne and R. Frank Linda Fredericks Mattie and Warren French Esta and Frank Friedman Anne-Marie and Wil Fryer Ashea Fuller Charles Galley John Gannon James and Lisa Gardner Sigmund and Carol Gast VIncent Gasteb Tonya Gates Betty and William Gaudette William Gavelis Elaine Gelb Mary and William Geong James and Mary Gera Dan Getman and Janice Pickering Mia Gewertz linda ghosal Clark and Takako Gibson George Gibson Catherine Giegengack Nguyen and Le Giep Duane and V. Kellda Giles Charles Ginsberg Larry Ginsberg Gary and Virginia Godley Joseph Goenaga Homer and Bette Goldberg

Lynne Goldberg Howard and Dorothy Goldin Elaine Goldman William and Linda Goldman William Good Harvey and Cindy Goodwin Dennis Gorman Peter Gottwik Matthew Graham Paula Grassell Richard and Martha Grattan Shirley Gray Alan and Mary Jean Green Carolyn and Arthur Green Kate Gregg Don Griffin Lynn Griffin Eliott Griggs Gerald and Mary Grunert Alexandra Gruskos Judith Guffey Sanassan Gugasian Bruce and Marina Guthrie tim haegen Eugene Hafer Madeline and Robert Hall John Halloran and Ramona Zee Halloran Porter and Marty Halyburton Amanda Hamilton and Tim Hemmeter J. and Joanne Hankamer Marcy Harbut William Hardin Emily Harms Frank Harper William Harvey Jean Haskell Richard Hastie

Charlie Hatfield Krista Hattemer Gerald Haugen Les Hausrath Pamela Hawley Victor Haydel John and Mary Alice Heaney Bernhard Heck Christopher Heffner Charles Hegarty Albert and Hertha Hemel Derek and Elizabeth Henninger David Herschfeld Mark and Janet Hershey Kurt and Andree Hertz Ellen Hertzmard and S. Gedwiser Donna Herzig Stephanie Hesse Joyce Hicks and Eric Behrens Roger and Barbara Hill gerald hinrichs Terry and Michael Hintz Robert and Betty Hirsh Vicki Ho Samantha Hoang Lorraine Hofmeister Larre and Suzanne Hoke Jeanne Holleran Mark Holt and Ruth Kennedy Larry and Sandra Honomichl Fred Hornbruch Andrew and Pam Horowitz Caro Horsfall Richard Horvitz joseph howard Robert Hruby Shirley Hruby huy hua Rodney and Cornelia Hughes

Earl and Lari Hummer Converse Hunter Mary Ann Hurlimann John Huynh Richard and Odette Hyde David and Arlene Iacono Robert Ingenito Lisa Irvin James Irving Jack and Harriet Izower MaryLouise Jackson Robin Jacobowitz and Michael Sweeney Lan Jamison Chris Jaszewski stephen jefferey finis jeffery Helaine Jesse Richard Jewell Richard and Faith Jodoin Michael and Carla Johnson Richard Joseph Robert and Katherine Joyce Stacey Joyce James Jubak and Marie D’Amico Akshay Kamat Vikram Kamdar Naoyuki Kamiya D. Soosang and Chunghee Kang Sang Hun Kang Raymond Keeling Edward and Robyn Kelly John and Nancy Kempton Kenneth Kendler and Susan Miller Robert and Lucille Kennedy Barbara Kenyon Chris Keszler John and Irene Keszler

Lee Ketelsen and Adam Parker John and Phyllis Kirkwood Roger Knapper Jessica Knight Mark and Teresa Kochanowski Martha Kokes Marc and Ann Kollrack Brian and Julie Kondas Charles Koski Vicki and Donald Kramer Rachel Kroch Jeffrey Kumataka Dennis and Diane Kuzel Brian Kwong Hoang Tuan La Angelo La Bruna Richard Labuskes Burnett LaChance Ann Lafleur and Michel Coloumbe Luis and Lee Lainer Ho Quang Lam and Hop Hoang Khai Lam Lan meighan laredo William and Barbara Larsen Carol Lawson Benjamin Le Cecilia Le Chinh Le Emmie Le Huy Le Peter Le and Bich-Thuy Hoang phong le Thien Le Trinh Le Tuan Le and Huong Nguyen Chau Le Thi-Lyons Kevin and Meghan Leader Catherine Lee Francie Lehmer

Robert Leland Stanley Lelewer Nancy and Craig Leman Judith Lempel Thomas Lenk and Yen Hai Nguyen-Lenk Edwin and Judith Leonard Meyer Lerner Jeremy Levenson Stanley Levine and Barbara Weschler Leonard Leving Joe Levinger Joanne Lieberman l. liem Kok-ui Lim Jim Linder Mari Lineberry Lee and Anne Lipton Anna Liu Heather Logan Judy Lorigan Keith Loring Kenneth Louie Lorraine Louie Sherwin and Margaret Louie Fred Louis Robert Low Kieu-Loan Luc linda luckett Jaan Lumi Tienna Luong Cal and Georgie Lutz James Luu BaoChau Ly Binh Ly John Lynam Susan Lynch Thomas Lynch Russell Lyons Dee and Fred MacDonald Mark Macdonald Patricia Maclean Ira Madris Thomas Mangialino

east meets west 2007 annual report

emw donors 2007


emw donors 2007

Individuals continued

east meets west 2007 annual report


Katherine Manning Charles and Pamala Mansell Daniel and Carol Ann Marcinowski Henry and Susan Markowitz Joshua Martin Robert and Marilyn Martin Romeo Martin Rachael Marusarz Guy and Linda Mattola Marc Mauer Bernard and Ella Mazel Robert and Felicia McBarton Elizabeth and Thomas McCall Jeff and Linda McClain Jack McCombs dundas mccullough Edward McDermott Kathleen McGarvey Thomas McGarvey Thomas and Rosalind McGee Tom McGillis Richard and Nancy McGowan James and Gail McIntire Arthur and JoAnn McLendon Jane McNeil Carl and Gail Meier Linda Meier Jim and Yvonne Melling Susan Mendelsohn Charles and Amy Merrill Julie Meyer Tom Michlovic Edward and Janet Mihalacki Todd Milionis Carol Miller Forrest and Mary Miller Fred and Betty Miller

Marie and Benjamin Miller Sandra Miller Lee and Patricia Milovich Kenneth Mirch Elizabeth and Jason Misner Laila Mnad Robert and Rose Modes Anna Mok Joyce and Christopher Moore tony montes Hilary Moran Andy Morgan Sandra Morgen David Morse and Susan Shepherd William and Carole Morse Richard and Bettina Moss Ramona Mueller F. Wayne and Deborah Mullis Ronald and Barbara Nagy Fred and Grace Nakagiri Alan Nakanishi Stephen Neeley Amy Jo Neill Davia Nelson William Nelson Donald Nemchick Richard Neumans and Lou Aidukas Margaret Neville Arthur Newbold Christine and William Newsom Dai Dao Nghiem and Le Thi Phuong thu-nguyet ngo Tuan Ngo Anh Nguyen C.T. Nguyen Chi Nguyen Cuc Nguyen

Daisy Nguyen danvy nguyen Diep Nguyen Don Nguyen Foan Nguyen Frank and Cathy Nguyen Huong Nguyen John Nguyen Khoa Nguyen KimChi Nguyen leann nguyen Lisa Marie Nguyen and Jason Luo Ly Nguyen Mindy Nguyen Minh Nguyen Nam Nguyen nhuong nguyen Rosalynn Nguyen Sonny Nguyen Thai Nguyen Thai Nguyen Theresa Nguyen toan nguyen Thu Nguyen and Hung Tran Thy Nguyen Tran Nguyen Trang Nguyen Trang Nguyen Trinh Nguyen Tuan Nguyen Tung Nguyen Van Nguyen Vuong Nguyen Mark and Sandra Niblick Erik and Jennifer Niemann Stephen and Jacquelyn Norris William and Nancy Nullmeyer Ellen O’Donnell G. Daniel O’Donnell Roberta Odell Jeanne Oglesby Carol Olson-Reville

Edward Oneill John Ong Alan Pabalan David Pack Allan and Nancy Palmer Patricia Palmer Corinne and David Pang Noralyn Panganiban Theodore Pappas Lorilyn and Allen Parmer Adele Parmley Kevin and Karen Parrish Thomas Parry and Julie McDonald Fredric Parsons and Sandra Parson Jane Patullo Douglas Paxton Duncan Peabody Robert Pecci and Huong Dang Ralph and Linda Pene Charles Peterman Jennifer Peterson Ronald Petrie Jessica Petry Phillip Pham Thai Pham Theresa Pham Dat Phan Hai Phan John Phan Ken Phan Monique Phan Nicholas Phan Loi Boi Phuong and Xuong Luu Theodore Plaister Barbara Podell Kenneth Pohanic dr. and mrs. Milton Poler Melvin and Susan Potter Trudy Powers Bruce Pringle Holly and Daniel Pultz

Ivan Pusnik Cathleen and Joe Raschke Richard Rash Robert Rausch Sheilah and Bertram Rechtschaffer Richard and Gayle Rediker Steven Reifler Elsbeth Reisen and Mark Dyen Justin Resti Fariborz Rezakhanlou and Armineh Terpanchian Gareth Richard Gale Richards Marie Ridder Matthew Rifkin Eleanor and Steven Ringer Brenda Ringwald Charles Rivituso Althea and Melborne Roberts Michael Robins and Thuy Nguyen sean robinson Josie Rodberg Laura Roden Marilyn Rodgers Eric and Helen Rosenberg Wolfgang Rosenberg Keith Ross Robert Roth and Judith Lerner Karen Rudolph Richard and Nancy Rulon Gina Rumbaugh Mia and Arnold Ruppert Christopher Rupright John Russell Russin and Vecchi Dorothy Russo Dana Sachs

Dominic and Michelle Sandri Patricia Sandro Sharon Sands Frank and Rebecca Sanns Maryam Sarrafzadeh Yoshiaki Sasada John Schaefer Joanne Schell Marc and Heath Schenker Erich Franz Schimps Jeffrey Schlocker Paul A. Schmidt Gary and Michele Schneider James Schotts and Josephine Shotts David Schrier Paul and Wanda Schwab Jill Schwartz Lisa Schwartz Barbara Schwarz Scott and Lynn Frake Trust Judy Seaman Sue Seely William Seifert Sherry and Steve Seward Gretel Shanley Allison Shardell Charles Shobe Ivan Shulman James Shurlow Joan Silber Wendy Simertz Jacqueline Simoncini Geraldine Sinatra Tamara Sinats Jonathan Singer Ronald Skellenger Michael Skweir Florence Slater Jerry Smith Harriet Soares Monique Sondheim

John Sorenson Lisa Spinali Kimberly and Carl Spivey Robert Spoo Donna Sradomski daniel stackwick Stephen and Christine Stackawitz Thomas Stanton Allison Stashic and Brad Emsurak Ngoc Steele Cindy Stewart Rian and Rachel Stewart Phil Stone Murray and Pearl Strauber Lynn and Bertram Strieb John Struble Jonah Stullman John Sughrue Hyun Sung Thomas Suriano Robert and Karen Swierczewski Thomas Swigart and Sonia Ann Slobojan Swigart James and Pamela Talone Harrison Tao Vernon and Chris Tapp Vivyen Tat Melvin Taylor Eva Tenuh Tamanique and Hugo Teran Anthony Terzi Lynn Thai Lien Thanh Beatrice Thompson George Thompson John Thomson Eric and Claudia Timko Chrys Tindall Louise Todd-Cope van tong

Sarah Tonks Ron Townsend Henny and Linda Toy albert tran David Tran duong tran Iris Tran John and Irene Tran Kim Tran Ngan Tran Nhan Tran Phuc Tran Quat Tran rebecca tran Thuy Tran Tram Tran and Anthony Phan Robert and Hong Trang Donna Trinh and Wayne Gulian Quan Trinh Malcolm Tronic Chad Truong kevin truong Frederick and Jean Tuemmler Deborah Tulak William Turner Stephanie Urchick Lam Van Celia Van Gorder Daniel Vandenhengel Jack and Linda VanLoan Mary Vater Catherine Veatch Kristina Velarde Gray Velasquez Phat Vi Donna-Marie Viene Bruce Vild Amy Villarejo Virginia Visconti Hoang Bich Vo Tina Vo and Quy Nguyen demetria voyadgis angela vu David Vu

Dung Vu Hao Vu Phuong Vu Kristine Wada John Wagers Charles Wagner Florence Wagner Roger Waha Robert and Susanne Waldele Matt Wallace William Walsh Charles and Chau Walters Ben Wan Peng Wang Thomas and Joni Wannamaker Mary and Kent Warner Ira and Louise Wasserberg Donald Watlington Matthew Watson J. and Barbara Wayman Jeffrey and Lynn Marie Weil Todd and Elizabeth Weinstein Thomas Weisbach Peter and Lois Weiss Edo Weits Carole Wells John and Kanitta Wells William Westbrook Gordon White John White and Marcia Black Martha and Otto Wiederkehr Paula Wilkes Katrina Williams Richard and Cecile Willis Jens Wodschow Dennis Wolbers Dieu Thanh and Matthew Wolbert Claire Wolf James and Mary Wolf

Roy and Judy Wolff Chic Wolk Sylvia and Lawrence Wong Prudence Wong Vun Yen Alice Wooster Linda Worthington Bob and Judy Wright damon wright Donald and Norma Wright Robert and Lea Yasunaga Robyn Young Stephen Young Jennie YoungJagannathan Maimie Zee and Ramona Zee Halloran Geanne and Hyman Zelkowitz Peter and Eleanor Zerega Virginia Zwetzig

In-kind donors Edward Balchin and Pia Trinos Joanna Baraniewska Elizabeth Ann Basset Ronald and Gailmarie Berquist Gregory Birch Laura Blanco Robert Bosch Isabelle Bousquet Stephanie Brandli Devin Brice and Hanh Hoang Phillipa Brickell Carole Buxcey Claire Castle Lolita Ching David Christopher City of Da Nang Rebecca Conaghan Charles Craft

Sokunthea Craft Catherine Dang Nolan Davis Richard Dickinson Dung Diep Julie Dinh Lauren Distefano Stephanie Downes Dragon Rouge Restaurant John Duvall Simon Franks Michael and Verra French Jay GeisKemper Sophie Godbout-Parent Gary and Virginia Godley Richard Graham and Jackie Reynolds Julie Grove Kevin Haveman Todd Haworth Clarence Henning Himalayan Dental Relief Project Jess Hindson Hanh Hoang Devin Brice Jesse Hollander Minh-Nhat Huynh Mylene and Thanh Huynh Tillott Janine Yong Kay Barbara and Gil Kemp Pamela Kidd David Kinnir Sam Knipe Jasna Kun Tara Kun Richard Kunihira Kennie Kwok Dean Leck Howard Lemke Paul Lim Diana Lin Loma Linda University

Michael and Page Maher Desmarais Marie-France Laurie Mathews Melvyl Mccart Patricia McCarthy Neil McDaniel Andrew McKay Lisa McMillan and Dan Shideler Sunali Mehta Lavonne Melton George Mendoza Victoria Nahabedian Peter and Suzanne Nelson Diem Nguyen Dung Nguyen Hac Nguyen Joanne Nguyen Minh and Tran Nguyen Thanh Nguyen Tuyen Nguyen Kurt Nishiguchi Fatiha Ousalem Mikio Ozawa John Pane Matthew Park Michael Parke Dipal Patel Tung Pham and Diep Hoang Pauline Phang Piedmont Community Church Melvin Potter and Susan Potter Rosemary Power Bertram and Sheilah Rechtschaffer Maksad Mohammed Saleh Al-Nakib Thanh Lo Sananikone James Selander Southwest Airlines Morgan Steele Rian and Rachel Stewart Wesley Takahashi

Pankaj Taneja Ned Targos Brittaney Thornton Bang Tran Josephine Tran My Tran Phan Thi Quynh Trang Thi My Chau Trinh Hoang Truong The US Pacific Command USS Peleliu (LHA 5) Humanitarian Ship Kim Vu Quyen Ngoc Vu Ellen Ward Andrea Watts Carolynne Wells Paul Yu

east meets west 2007 annual report

emw donors 2007


board members

east meets west board of directors Peter A. Singer, M.D.

east meets west 2007 annual report

34 Peter A. Singer

Chairman Peter Singer was a battalion doctor with U.S. Armed Forces in Vietnam from 19661967. He received his B.S. at UC Berkeley and his medical degree from University of California at San Francisco. Peter is currently Professor of Medicine at the University of Southern California School of Medicine, where he is active in clinical practice, teaching, and research.

Brian P. Dolan, M.D., M.P.H.

Vice Chairman and Secretary Brian Dolan joined the EMW Board in 1999 after working in Vietnam as a project director of a nutrition program. Brian has served as a Peace Corps physician in Africa, has worked for the Navajo Nation in Arizona, and has participated in health-related projects in Brazil, Latvia, Bolivia, and Mexico. He previously served on the faculty of the UCLA School of Public Health. For more than 18 years, Brian has been senior medical advisor on the National

brian p. dolan

eric hemel

Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Brian is often an expert witness in toxic exposure cases.

Eric Hemel, Ph.D.

Treasurer Eric Hemel recently served as President of Alson Capital, a New York City investment firm. Eric also served as co-head of U.S. equity research at Merrill Lynch. He has been an analyst at First Boston, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. Before Wall Street, Eric worked in the Reagan Administration as staff director of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers. Eric earned his B.A., M.B.A., and Ph.D. from Stanford University.

Robert Bard Robert Bard is the founder and president of Stonecraft Homes. In 1967, Bob participated in forming the nonprofit Rural Development Corporation, funded by the federal Office of Economic Opportunity, the purpose of which was to build low-cost housing in rural areas of California.

bob bard

He became legal counsel there in 1969. Bob has participated in the development of federally assisted housing projects and commercial apartments in both California and Arizona. He received his undergraduate degree in economics and his J.D. from the University of Southern California. He is a member of the California Bar Association.

Hang Le Bourque Hang Le Bourque is a co-founder of Pacific Links Foundation where she worked as the Community Programs Director. She has been actively involved in issues of social and educational equity for linguistically and culturally diverse students and their families. During her 15-year banking career, she was in charge of business development and managed a portfolio of Asian-American high tech companies and high net worth individuals.

jerome falk Jerry Falk is a senior member of Howard Rice Law

hang le bourque

firm, where he is a Certified Specialist in Appellate Law. Jerry has received numerous awards for his litigation service, including for the past 20 years being listed in Best Lawyers in America and recognized as a Top 100 Super Lawyer by Law & Politics. Following law school, Jerry served as law clerk to Justice William O. Douglas of the U.S. Supreme Court. For 10 years, he taught constitutional law at UC Berkeley’s School of Law. Jerry received his A.B., with honors in Economics and J.D., first in his class, from the University of California at Berkeley.

Tom Low

Ly-Huong Pham

Tom Low is a partner with Bridges SF, LLC, an executive search firm specializing in the placement of senior financial executives. Tom has served as Director of Finance and Corporate Controller at Home Express. He was also the founding CFO of Restoration Hardware which he took public in 1998, one of the most successful IPOs of that year. Tom has worked as CFO with startups such as and Tom holds a B.S. from University of California, Davis and an MBA in Finance from the University of California, Irvine.

Stephen Gunther

Linda Meier, R.N., C.N.P.

Ly Pham has over twenty five years of system software management, consulting and entrepreneurial experience. She is the CEO and founder of Mobiscale, a provider of consulting and software services for the mobile industry. Previously, she held top level management positions at several hightech companies, including Apple Computer Inc. and Wang Laboratories, Inc. LyHuong is chair of the board of the Vietnamese Silicon Valley Network and a co-inventor of ten granted patents. Ly received a B.A. in Mathematics and an M.S. in Information Systems from Boston University. She is currently enrolled in a PhD program at Fielding Graduate University.

Stephen Gunther is the President and CEO of New Urban West, Inc., a developer and builder of highquality residential communities, where he has worked for over 30 years. He oversees the business side of residential, commercial and office development. Stephen was formerly the deputy attorney general for California.

jerry falk

stephen gunther

Linda Meier met EMW founder Lely Hayslip on the set of Heaven and Earth, Oliver Stone’s movie based on Lely’s life. Linda has been a member of Vista where she worked in Utah with the Ute and Navajo Indians establishing a nursing school and doing community organizing. Linda currently works at San Francisco State University.

tom low

Steve Reynolds Steve Reynolds first became familiar with EMW while consulting with Atlantic Philanthropies on their work in Vietnam in 1999. Steve was formerly a general partner for 20

linda meier

ly-huong pham

years at General Atlantic LLC, a private equity firm in Connecticut. He has also worked with Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co in New York City. Steve holds a BA in Economics from Amherst College and an MS in Accounting from New York University School of Business. Together with his wife, Dr. Susan Wolf, Steve funds EMW’s Tien Phuoc Orphanage.

Brenda Ringwald Brenda Ringwald became involved with EMW in 1995 when she was traveling in Vietnam. She raised funds for a microfinance project through EMW and joined the Board in 2000. Brenda received a BA from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, with a major in Government and International Relations. She has participated in volunteer projects all over the world. In the spring of 2006, she started a Global Giving Circle in Phoenix, Arizona, with a focus on women’s issues.

steve reynolds

brenda ringwald

emw staff

east meets west staff ANNUAL REPORT 2007 credits managing editor Rachelle Galloway writers john anner rachelle galloway CATHY NGUYEN SYLvIA TOWNSEND editors rachelle galloway CATHY NGUYEN SYLvIA TOWNSEND art direction and design Rachelle Galloway cover photo Patrick Alleyn board photos michael huynh contributing photographers Patrick Alleyn david axelrad mark conroy Nam Nguyen Thien Nguyen emw staff finances Ann Tuyet Ngoc Truong veronica turbera Ho Thi Y Nhi Nguyen Hiep Nguyen Thi Kim Vui donor info john hieu nguyen


Nguyen Hiep Senior Finance Manager


Nguyen Thi Kim Vui Finance Officer

John Anner Executive Director Nguyen Thi Minh Thu Program Development Director Cao Vu Hoang Chau Liaison Officer Le Thi To Nga Office Manager BREATH OF LIFE


Phan Thi Hong Thoi Human Resources Officer Vu Ngoc Ha Administrative Assistant Pham Thi Huong Accountant Assistant Dao Huyen Trang Receptionist Dang Thanh Canh IT Administrator Vo Thi Van Ninh Cleaner Nguyen Van Tuyen Watchman

and Site Supervisor

Huynh Viet Binh Program Assistant Nguyen Huu Toan Program Assistant Ta Ngoc Khoi Program Assistant Hoang Dat Program Assistant dental program

Dr. Charles F. Craft Program Director Tran Thi Minh Huong national Coordinator

Nguyen Van Tien Project Manager

Truong Dien Long Program Officer

Duong Thi Thanh Thuy Senior Administrative Officer

Ho Quang Minh Tung Program Assistant

Nguyen Minh Phuong Donor Information Management Officer

Pham Minh Tan Assistant Project Manager

Dang Van Thong Program Assistant

Vo Le Phu An Assistant Project Manager

Le Trung Truc Program Assistant

Nguyen Van Bi Assistant Project Manager

Tran Thi Thanh Ha Program Assistant

Nguyen Phi Hung Assistant Project Manager

Hoang Thi Thu Ha Staff Dentist

Dang Ngoc Dien Program Coordinator

Do Pham Thanh Long Staff Dentist

Hoang Thi Hang Tam senior deputy director

Nguyen Duc Thang Assistant Project Manager

Pham Minh Tri Dental Nurse

Vo Thi Hien assistant deputy director

Phi Van Duong Assistant Project Manager

Nguyen Thi Thu Hien Dental Nurse

Rick McGowan Senior Consultant

Lai Hung Cuong Assistant Project Manager

Do Thi Hong Thuy Dental Nurse

Nguyen Quy senior Program Officer

Nguyen Duc Minh Site Supervisor

Truong Thi Thuy Infection Controller

Ngo Dinh Le Dung senior program officer

Nguyen Ky Cong Site Supervisor

Nguyen Thi My Huong Infection Controller

nguyen Manh Hung Consultant

Le Hoang Luong Site Supervisor

Tran Thi Tra My office assistant

Doan Ngoc Duong Program officer

kon tum boarding school

Hoang Duc Quyen Program Coordinator

administration and finance

Cao Ngoc Canh Program Assistant Tran Kiem Huy Water Supply Engineer Cong Huyen Ton Nu To Hanh Administrative Officer

ho thi y nhi deputy director

Luong Thi Khanh Ly Administrative Officer

Nguyen Huu Nam Deputy Director

Nguyen Huy Phuc Program Officer

Nguyen Van Quang Project Manager

Mark Conroy Country Director

Cathy Nguyen Editor, communications

new moon ecological garden (hue)

clean water and sanitation program

Da Nang

Nguyen Thi Kim Hong Program Officer

Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Hoa Chief Dentist

Ronald Smith Deputy Director Nguyen Thi Thanh Xuan Administrative Officer

Nguyen Duy Phong Program officer

Vo Van Hoang Project Manager

Pham Thi Thu Hien Program Assistant large construction central region

operation healthy heart

Truong Thi Huong National Coordinator Tran Thi Khanh Van Program Assistant Pham Thi Dieu Loan Program Assistant Le Cao Dung Program Assistant school construction

Hoang Ngoc Anh National Coordinator Le Trieu Duong Site Supervisor and Program Assistant Do Truong Thinh Site Supervisor and Program Assistant scholarship program to enhance literacy and learning (SPELL)

Hoang Ngoc Tung national Coordinator

support network for people with disabilities QUANG NGAI province

Nguyen Manh Hung National Coordinator Nguyen Thi Mai Hoa Program Assistant Tran Van Long Program Assistant

Vernon Chaplin intern


Oakland administration and finance

Ann Tuyet Ngoc Truong Chief Financial Officer Ernesto Salta Accounting Manager John Hieu Nguyen Development Administrator Veronica Tubera Accountant

THAI BINH province

communications & fundraising

Tran Dinh Chien Program Officer

Rachelle Galloway Communications Manager

Nguyen Thi Huong Thuy Program Assistant

Sylvia Townsend Development Assistant and Office Manager

village of hope and compassion homes

laura ward development advisor

Nguyen Van Linh Program Manager

Ho Chi Minh City

Rad Kivette Director of Development Connie Hoang Mi Vu Development & Information Management Officer Tran Quoc Thanh Development Assistant Vu Thanh Binh office manager


Minh Chau Nguyen Chief Strategy Officer Staff are as of June 2008

mission statement The East Meets West Foundation transforms the health, education and communities of disadvantaged people in Southeast Asia by building partnerships, developing opportunities and creating sustainable solutions.

U.S.a. P.O. Box 29292 Oakland, CA 94604 Tel 1 800 561 3378 Fax 510 763 6545

DA NANG 32 Pasteur Street Da nang, Vietnam Tel +84 511 3 829110 Fax +84 511 3 821850

HANOI No. 1, Lane 40 Linh Lang St. Ba Dinh District Hanoi, Vietnam Tel +84 4 834 7790 Fax +84 4 762 4136

HO CHI MINH CITY 57 F Tu Xuong St. District 3 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Tel +84 8 290 7374 Fax +84 8 932 1502

Annual Report 2007: East Meets West Foundation  

GLOBAL CHALLENGES, INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS, PROVEN RESULTS. The annual work of the East Meets West Foundation, an international development o...

Annual Report 2007: East Meets West Foundation  

GLOBAL CHALLENGES, INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS, PROVEN RESULTS. The annual work of the East Meets West Foundation, an international development o...