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Knowing exactly what you’re putting in and taking out of the place you’re visiting isn’t the easiest of things and keeping track of the various aspects of your trip is vital. With a reference guide catered to the location of your trip, one would be able to embark on their trip knowing exactly what they’re getting into and what they’re output will or won’t be.

Australia boasts a massive diversity of landscapes and environments. The concept of zero impact travelling can be taken from the Great Ocean Road to places such as Uluru (Ayers Rock), Sydney’s Blue Mountains, and The Great Barrier Reef. All three different environments present their own challenges and areas of great interest to others.

The log book may also double as a travel diary, allowing the user to record thoughts, places, sites, and other interesting facts they may want to remember or share with others. The experience of a susutainable vacation is enhanced with the collaboration of tourists on various aspects of their jounreys.

Other areas of interest include - Victoria’s Phillip Island - Kimberly Western Australia - Whitsunday Islands (QLD) - Australia’s famous wine country

sharing your experience With technology being an integral part of all our lives, it only makes sense to share your holiday and your environmental accomplishments with all your friends. EIther bring your smartphone with you on your trip, updating everyone regularly and keeping a log via an App on the device, or upload all your memories as soon as you’re back. Inspiring people with your journeys is a great way to spread the word of sustainable travel and enhance not only your experience but that of others.

challenged based phone apps. A smartphone app may also include a challenge based network much like that of the Nike+ system where runners upload they running data online to compete with people around the world. Instead of competing over how far one has run, users would compete over their lack of impact on their environment whilst vacationing. ‘Social Networking’ worldwide. With the challenge based system in place, the user could meet new people and interact with them, establishing bonds and becoming possible travel partners helping one another with various expeditions they may have or goals they want to reach.

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