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The Wheel

GRAP1054 Technology 4

Sam Leung Oscar Langley James Lacchiana

Complete Assembly

The Wheel

Construction The construction of the outer rim was the most challenging aspect of this project. We decided to use 3mm ply due to it’s bending qualities along the grain. Our mould was construction from scrap from the workshop and holes were drilled to allow clamps to be inserted along the outside of the wheel.

Small scrap blocks of MDF were inserted between the clamps and the mold to prevent damage and ensure clean end joints for rim connections.

Design Overview Our wheel interlocks at the spokes and at the rim with the use of locator pins and male to female joints. Our design features 4 identical spokes of identical size but varying locking mechanisms between them.

After the rims were glued to the spokes, they were left overnight tied together to ensure they would stay connected in a bend and dry well.


JAPAN Our task was to create a wheel using techniques acquired from experimenting with methods of woodwork and joinery native to two different regions:

The Wheel

1. Inser spoke 1 into the side opening

4. Repeat step 3

2. Twist clockwise to lock into place

5. Insert Locking Pin

3. Repeat previous steps

6. Secure with Hubcap


Wheel Zine Submission2  

The Wheel Complete Assembly Sam Leung Oscar Langley James Lacchiana GRAP1054 Technology 4

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