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Skenes Creek

Our main destination for the day was Skenes Creek Camping ground. This was to be our base for the trip. From Skenes creek we were able to travel a short distance to Apollo Bay Starting off in Melbourne, We stopped off in the We chose to stop at the where we were able to purchase all we needed for our we began our journey by town of Geelong to take in town of Lorne to check stay as well as find out more about the area and the car towards the Great the sights, have some out some local attractions, way of life. Ocean Road food, and visit the bank. Segways and trampolines.

After heading back to Apollo Bay to get food for a bbq, we went back to our Skenes Creek campsite and then back to Melbourne in the morning. The commute was trouble free and quick due to the lack of traffic as well as speedy driving.


Day two also consisted of a trip to Cape Otway lighthouse. Access to the lighthouse was more expensive than anticipated so I along with 3 others chose option 2; a nature walk, where we ran into a few unexpected things along the way including a secluded campsite and a graveyard from the 1860’s, which gave us all a glimpse into the lives and struggles of people in the area over one hundred years ago.

Apollo Bay We chose to spend a large amount of time at Apollo Bay, finding out more about the area, it’s industries, and it’s people. There was much to learn and more to discover. The small town is home to the bare necessities and that was about it.

We chose to visit the local pier and a fishing co -op to get a better understanding of the other industries and practices in the area. This gave us an insight into how the area’s natural resources help the town to survive when tourism is at a low. The pier also acted as a port for other activities such as shark fishing and seal sign seeing tours. When arriving at the fishing port, we were surprised to see such a lack of boats and people at what seemed to be an ideal time of the day for fishing activity to take place. The few fishermen we did see were simple casting a line off the dock with the hope of catching a few small fish and possibly some squid.

Apollo Bay

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