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FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH STAFF Bro. Brad Banks Senior Pastor

The First Family

Youth and Family Life Pastor

Newsletter of the First Baptist Church Owenton, Kentucky

Faith Clifton -

“To be found faithful as God’s people.”

Kyle Riddle -

Music Minister Rachel Johnson -

Ministry Assistant

FINANCIAL REPORT GENERAL FUND Balance 10/1/12 Contributions Expenditures Balance 10/1/12

$21,303.46 47,984.97 - 47,996.14 $21,292.29


December 2012 Parent Workshop on December 9th! Don’t forget about our special parent emphasis on Sunday, December 9 th. We will be having a guest speaker that Sunday morning. His name is Jonathan McKee. Jonathan has been in youth ministry for over 25 years, has raised and is raising teenagers of his own, and has written numerous books, including Candid Confessions of an Imperfect Parent. Every year, Jonathan travels across the country speaking at conferences and doing Parent Workshops at churches. Owenton FBC will be hosting one these Parent Workshops on Sunday, December 9 th from 2 to 4pm. If you are a parent or grandparent, whether your kids are teenagers or younger (because they will BECOME teenagers, right?), I invite and encourage you to make plans to join us for this Parent Workshop and to invite your fellow parent friends to come with you. The Parent Workshop is FREE to attend and is open to any parent or grandparent who would like to attend. It will only cost you your time. And I know that we can all agree that our kids are definitely worth our time! Blessings, Bro. Kyle

Owenton First Baptist Church 213 N Main St. Owenton, KY 40359 Sunday, December 9th, 2012 2:00PM to 4:00PM FREE


The family of Sue Sipple would like to invite you to join them in celebrating her 90th birthday. The celebration will take place on Saturday, December 15 from 1:00-3:00 at the First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall.

Our family would like to invite you to join us in celebrating the 90th birthday of Dr. O. A. Cull, to be held on Sunday, December 9th from 1:30-3:00 p.m. in the fellowship hall of First Baptist Church. Memorials C.B. Marston—Donna McDonald Rosie King—Donna McDonald Rita Craigmyle—Kim Juett Charles Ayres—Jackie Allnutt, Bentley and Kay Bush, Lucy Jacobs, Margie Marston, Ricky Jacobs, Judy Jacobs, Janice Dunavent, Greg and Connie Pierson, Bee Spicer, Donna McDonald, Tommy and Peggy Lewis, Todd and Lesa Marston, Danny and Judy Jacobs, Mary Rose, Dotty Marston, G.L. and Becky Shryock, Ina Prather, Phyllis Malcomb, John and Peggy Davis, Jim and Aileen Miller, Bernie and Judy Poe, FBC Mature Bible Class, Bob and Shirley Walker, Mike and Barbara Ramsey, Howard and Bessie Bishop, Pauline Shelton, Monta Jo Hadgins

Thank you church family for your prayers, cards, calls and words or support and concern during Buddy’s stay in the hospital and Owenton Manor. Your prayers were our lifeline during these trying times.—The Ayres Family Dear Church Family, I want to thank you for allowing me to lead in worship here at FBC over the last 7 years. You have truly blessed me. Thank you for your words of encouragement and the love you have shown me during this time of ministry. I have been involved in music ministry since I was twelve. I will always be a part of music ministry. I am looking forward to see what God has planned for us. In Jeremiah 29:11 it is written, ”For I know the plans I have for you,"declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."Our future is bright! I hope to see you during the Sunday School hour on December 2, when the Adult Choir presents “Changed By a Baby Boy.” This Christmas musical says it all. “I’m glad. So glad! I’m glad. So glad! My life was changed by a baby boy!” Hallelujah! Singing His Praises! Faith

2012 SUNDAY 2 9:30-Adult Choir 10:50-Late Service 5:30-Kidshine 6:30– Youth Guys Bible Study



6:30-Evening Service 7:30-Youth Committee Meeting

9 AM-Youth Speaker Parent Workshop 2-4 PM

II Corinthians 6-9 10

Shopping at the Manor

Psalms 138-140

6:30– Youth Guys Bible Study

6:30-Evening Service


I Corinthians 15-16 ———————— 8

Romans 4-6 13

Romans 7-9 14


Romans 10-12 15-FLC CLOSED

5:45-Trustee Mtg6:00– YCM 6:45-Business Mtg 6:45-G³, RAs, GAs, Mission Friends


Hebrews 5-8 19

Dress Rehearsal 3:30-6:30 PM


Hebrews 12-13


Hebrews 9-11 20



MOPS 6:30-Owen Co. Christian Preschool Christmas Program 6:30-Outreach

Life Screening 8:00-5:30 pm

6:00– YCM 6:45-Prayer Mtg6:45-G³, RAs, GAs, Mission Friends, BYW, WMU

I & II Peter

I Thessalonians

II Thessalonians

Psalms 141-144 23



Hebrews 1-4

Romans 13-16

SATURDAY Adult Choir Rehearsal

Romans 1-3 12

6:30-Evening Service

10:50-Kidshine Christmas Choir Musical



5:30-Kidshine 6:30– Youth Guys Bible Study



5:30-Trustee Mtg6:45-Business Mtg 6:45-G³, RAs, GAs, Mission Friends

II Corinthians 10-13 11



II Corinthians 1-5



Adult Choir Christmas Program



I Timothy 27

II Timothy 28

Titus, Philemon, Jude 29

FLC and OFFICE Closed

Merry Christmas

No Evening Service

No Service

Christmas Eve

I, II, & III John

Psalms 145-147 30


Revelation 1-4 1

FLC and OFFICE Closed Happy New Year

Psalms 148-150

Revelation 19-22

Revelation 5-8

Revelation 9-12

Revelation 13-15

Revelation 16-18

Denying yourself means dying to your self-will and choosing to do God’s will instead. As our hearts align with Jesus’, we will be led to care for people, even to the ends of the earth. There are definite risks involved, but God’s call to be His heart, hands and voice by praying, going and giving is clear. Every follower of Jesus has a personal role in God’s mission to make His name known among the nations.

FROM YOUR PASTOR MERRY CHRISTMAS! It is interesting that most often the term of choice is “Happy”; Happy New Year, Happy Birthday, or Happy Hanukkah. But when it comes to Christmas the term most often heard is “Merry”, Merry Christmas. The phrase “A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You” was used as a verse on the first commercially available Christmas card in 1843. However, it was used as a seasonal salutation that dates back to at least 1565 when it appeared in “The Hereford Municipal Manuscript”. The best known allusion to the use of the word is in the English carol “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen.” The word merry can mean jovial, outgoing, pleasant, peaceful, or agreeable. But in the carol it carries the meaning “remain peacefully content.” Isn’t it interesting that the world has taken an event that should be a time of peace, contentment, and joy and created a spirit of discontent, chaos, pressure, and weariness? We must regain and practice the real meaning. We must rejoice in the peace and contentment that we have gained due to the birth of Jesus and the salvation that he now provides. Our adult choir will be blessing us on December 2nd as they present “Changed By a Baby Boy”. This service will begin at 9:30am. This will be Faith’s final Sunday as our Music Minister and I hope you will come to show your appreciation for the faithful service she has given over these past seven years. We have a special family emphasis on December 9th with a parent workshop available from 2 to 4pm. The KidShine Choir will present their Christmas Musical on December 16th at 10:50am. Please be aware that we will be receiving our annual mission offering for International Missions throughout the month. Our goal is $7,000. Let’s all pray and give as the Lord would lead. Oh yeah, “Merry Christmas”! Bro. Brad

OCTOBER BUSINESS MEETING HIGHLIGHTS Minutes and financial report were approved. Reports from various committees were heard. Old Business/New Business/Action Items:  Deacon Report: A motion was presented and passed to receive the newly elected deacons for 2013. They are as follows: Mark Bess, Todd Marston, Bob Cull, Ken Hanson, Richard Greene, Mike Cobb, and Dallas Stafford.



12/02: Cheryl Barker Sherry Craigmyle 12/09: Susan Sutherland Beverly Marcum 12/16: Dotty Marston Teena Gamble 12/23: Suzanne Peak Susan Traylor 12/30: Carla Pennington Sherry Walker CHILDREN’S CHURCH 12/02: Heidi Williams 12/09: Theresa Chandler 12/16: No Children’s Church 12/23: Mary Ann Hanson 12/30: Lesa Marston

Bob Cull


12/2 Wilma Perkins 12/3 Jan Oakes 12/4 Marvin Keith Abby Osborne 12/6 Red Shryock Sandra Stafford 12/7 Stephen Coyle Peggy Davis Donnie Meadows Carson Williams Rusty Williams 12/9 Melissa West 12/10 Toby Bell

Margaret Forsee Martha McGibney 12/11 Carroll Bartley Glypie Grider Beatrice King 12/12 Beverly Johns L.C. Lusby David Washburn 12/13 Meg Gamm Sue Sipple 12/15 William Million Jacob Oakes Gregg Peak Caroline Smith 12/16 Isabella Cammack 12/17 O. A. Cull

12/18 Brooke Traylor Steve Wright 12/19 Jared Johnson Dalton Mertz Scott Risch 12/20 Ronnie Roberts 12/22 Conner Eades Janet Wright 12/23 Ben Bess Racheal Bihl 12/24 Katelyn Gaines Lee Ann Gamm Julie O’Banion Anna Riddle 12/25 Suzanne Bowling

12/28 Steven Heightchew Kristin Marsh 12/29 Michael Vannarsdall Gabrielle Grider 12/30 Kara Crebs Steven Small Karen Wash 12/31 Carol Burke *Please let the church office know if your name has been overlooked.

VAN DRIVERS 12/02: Bryan New 12/05: Bryan New 12/09: Don Perkins 12/12: Carroll Bartley 12/16 Bryan New 12/19: Bryan New 12/23: Bryan New 12/26: Bryan New 12/30: Bryan New MANOR TEACHERS 12/02: Lloyd Vannarsdall 12/09: Greg Brown 12/16: Dallas Stafford 12/23: Jimmy Sutherland 12/30: Richard Greene


Return Service Requested



December 2012 Newsletter  

The December 2012 newsletter for Owenton First Baptist Church.

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