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community How can you get your little ones to eat their peas? Here are some tips:

Shop wit h your kids

If they get to pick out the veggies for tonight’s dinner they will be more likely to eat and enjoy them.

Cook wit h your kids

Let the little ones into the kitchen to cook with you. Give them age appropriate jobs to do to help prepare the family meal.

Have a “veggie” night

Dedicate a whole night to vegetables! Make it a challenge to put as many colors on your plate as possible.

Make the healthy stuff the easy option

The manufacturers of potato chips and cookies know what they are doing. Put veggies in small baggies, making them easy snack options for your kids.

The “no thank you” rule

Implement a rule that your kids need to try one bit of any food



you put on their plate. They can say “no thank you” to the ones they do not like, but establish a rule that they must at least try everything once.

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Top 5 Kentucky grown vegetables found at Trunnell’s Farm Market and their tips on how to enjoy them:

According to the new MyPlate food guide from the USDA, children 2 – 8 years old require at least one to one and a half cups

Tomatoes - The perfect addition to any sandwich, and also delicious when chopped for salads. Sweet Corn - Corn on the cob cooked on the grill and in the husk is the perfect summer side dish.

of vegetables a day depending on their age.

Green Beans - Try green beans wrapped in bacon and baked in

In fact, fruits and veggies are supposed to

Potatoes - Do something different with this household staple. A

the oven or on the grill. Yummy! new casserole, “baked” on the grill or make your own French fries.

make up at least half of your child’s meal. 34 OWENSBORO PARENT

. July 2012

Squash - A summer favorite...try it fried, in a casserole or grilled.


Owensboro Parent - July 2012  
Owensboro Parent - July 2012  

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