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“We want to serve others and

is humble and seeks no praise. The outcome of this humble and

If a parent

selfless act will likely be even greater growth and appreciation


for others. I came across a video that shares the value of offering

to develop a

selflessly. It’s the 100/0 paradox (

foundation of service

Expand your child’s service locally

and volunteerism, by the

In June, my daughter gave up four days of her precious summer to

or college they may have the spirit to serve

teach VBS. Not only did she invest in those four days, but took time

internationally. Whether it’s Haiti, South America, China or

to prepare and train as well. Each of my kids has helped in church

Africa, there are thousands of opportunities to change lives. And

over the years, all in different areas. And now they are ready to even

the lives changed begin with the one who hears the call to serve.

go outside their own neighborhood.

Go into the nation

can do on this earth. The Bible challenges us to serve when Jesus

My second son, Trevor, choose to attend Asbury University, a small,

these brothers of mine, you did for me.” For a parent, there is no

private Christian college outside of Lexington. He was recruited

greater lesson to pass on to our children than to give, not expecting

to swim on their team. Each year, all Asbury sport teams go on a

a single thing in return.

mission trip. This year, while most swim teams went to Florida to

train in the sun over Christmas break, the Asbury Swim Team went

how they helped unload the dishwasher and swept the kitchen floor

to Joplin, Missouri, to help families clean up after the devastating

growing up.

through our service we also grew closer as a team.”

- Trevor Ehrenheim

time their kids are in high school

Service to others is one of the most noble and Godly works we

says, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of

It could be that their mission trip to Russia has a lot to do with


tornados in spring of 2011. He says, “We went to serve others and through our service we also grew closer as a team.” Sounds like the training trip was a success!

Dean Ehrenheim, with his wife Jeanette, is raising four great kids. He regularly writes about his experiences in parenting, coaching and wellness. His email is



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