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a board of directors and got right to work. Thanks to the support of the

new house for Ashley and her family. That’s just one example of being

Owensboro community, they’ve already made a tremendous impact

an unsung volunteer. June’s episode was about a volunteer named

and are launching some exciting plans for the future.

George who helps at the Wendell Foster Center.

Promotional Videos is looking for more stories about unsung volunteers in our community to be featured in upcoming Unsung TV

One of the ways assists local charities is by producing

episodes. If you know of someone that you feel should be featured,

promotional videos and jingles free of charge and posting them on

email your suggestion to

their website. The videos let you hear and see first-hand how you

Advantages of volunteering as a family

can help those agencies. is currently working on a video for Mentor Kids Kentucky, but you can watch videos about

Volunteering does not have to be an “adult” thing to do. As a youth

Boulware Mission, Oasis Women’s Shelter, the Daniel Pitino Shelter,

minister for the past 12 years, I’ve seen time and again how young

St. Benedict’s and several others as well.

people can have life-changing experiences from volunteering. There is

Many of those videos were aired on Time Warner

nothing more humbling than serving others. Seeing

Channel 8 as part of their homeless campaign

people who are less fortunate or suffering from a

during the month of March. (Another promotion

disability makes you appreciate what you have.

that just finished was a teen

It cuts straight to the heart, going much deeper

poetry contest for a $250 cash prize and a chance

emotionally than just the “good” feeling you get

to put the winning poem into song to be played on

from doing something nice. Young people connect

the radio. The production crew

with that.

is putting the finishing touches on that song right


way to model humility, service, compassion and

Unsung T V

loving others than by volunteering as a family? The




From a parent’s perspective, what better

beauty is that you don’t even have to “preach” this the



lesson. Visiting a nursing home or homeless shelter has partnered with Time Warner

can be very intimidating, especially if it’s your first

Cable to produce a TV series called “Unsung TV,” which airs on

time going. But when your kids see you doing the hard work without

Channel 8. Each episode runs for a month and is shown at 8 a.m. and

complaining, they’ll learn that you think it’s important to give back.

6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

And the younger that kids start seeing it, the more it sticks.

Lanham explained, “With Unsung TV, we are honoring the

Plus, there is tremendous family bonding that comes from being

ordinary that do the extraordinary.” With real life scenarios, the stories

in the trenches together, and those are memories and stories that last a

of unsung “hero” volunteers who serve generously without expecting


anything in return are meant to inspire viewers to want to serve others believes in volunteering as a family so strongly

as well. Once they’ve experienced it, hopefully they’ll want to do even

that they are starting a new initiative to encourage families to volunteer

more and in turn inspire others. According to Lanham, “The goal is for

together. In fact, it’s so new that when Owensboro Parent interviewed

viewers to think ‘You know, I can do that too,’ and then go out and help

Randy Lanham the project didn’t even have a name yet. But basically


the way it works is this:

The May episode told the story of Ashley Johnson and her family

The family volunteer program will be set up as a six-week series,

who were the runners up for an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

where each week the family would have the opportunity to volunteer

house when the show came to Owensboro a few years ago. When Jerry

at a different agency or organization. It’s designed that way so families

Morris heard about Ashley’s situation of living in a house that was

would get a wide variety of experiences. At the end of the six weeks,

difficult to maneuver her wheelchair in, he called on friends, family

each member of the family would learn what their areas of interest are

and other builders in the community of Whitesville to build a brand

from their practical experience.



Owensboro Parent - July 2012  
Owensboro Parent - July 2012  

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