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from the publisher I still have vivid memories of pushing that red mower up and down the weed-filled yard. My older brother trimming the fence line while my papaw was cutting some overgrown landscaping back. It was a hot summer day and I can’t say I was thrilled to be out there. Not many 12-year-olds would be. Truth is, I wasn’t even sure who’s yard we were mowing.

Account Executives Jeff Sorce Jodi Tanner Jonathan Tanner Robert Williams Graphic Designer Taylor West

We were making our weekly mowing rounds and had just finished mowing my great aunts’ yard when my my papaw learned that her neighbor was in need. So without hesitation, we walked over to her house to take care of her yard. It was overrun with weeds and grass and it wasn’t easy to cleanup. But we did it to perfection. When we finished and were headed home my papaw gave us a few dollars out of his own wallet. It wasn’t much, but it didn’t have to be. You see, he had been showing us all summer that it’s not about the money. It’s not about what we can gain for a job well done. It’s about helping others, with everything we have, and expecting nothing in return. And when we realize that, we get ever so closer to loving our neighbors as ourselves. Occassionally I drive past that inconspicuous yard and remember that summer day. All these years and I’m still trying to figure out how to give of myself like my grandparents do of themselves. And while I’m learning, I have my kids right here beside me. We’re going to help our friends, our family and our neighbors here in our own city and around the world. And if the job calls for it, we may even find ourselves pushing a red mower on another hot, summer day. Give freely,

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. July 2012

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. July 2012

july 2012

parent talk We asked you to share your family’s Independence Day traditions with us and we received a lot of great stories! Here are a few of our favorites!

Ever since our children were young, my husband I have looked forward to the 4th of July concert on the river with the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra. We would set up on the lowest level of the big steps overlooking the Ohio and lay out blankets on the grass below. Sometimes the concert would get off to a rousing start with jets flying over our heads. By the time the music and the fireworks were over, our children were full from shared meals brought by us and our friends and played out from trips up the steps to the playground and the bathrooms. We would wait until most of the other families had left before venturing up the hill, arms loaded with chairs, coolers and sleepy kids. I have high hopes that someday this tradition will be carried on with my kids and the grandchildren they bring along!

- Valerie Holcomb

We have probably 10 families that go in on fireworks at my brother-in-law’s house. We have a picnic and usually let off an hour or so worth of fireworks. Fun visiting and seeing everyone and trying each other’s best summer dishes!

- Stacy Malott McRoy Our family usually hosts a big 4th of July BBQ Bash. We always have a huge water balloon fight in the afternoon, then we grill and eat. Once it gets dark, we have our fireworks show and then there’s a bonfire and s’mores! This year we will do all of that, but we will also be hosting a week-long family reunion with about 120 people in attendance!

- Brittney Reed Edge



family life

the last cupcake { by: lora wimsatt }


et’s face it: Most children are pretty self-centered. It’s all about

ministries to support. Even little ones can take part in projects to


collect food, clothing or money to help those in need.

They don’t want to share. The last cupcake is always theirs.

If parents are members of an organization with a service

They want the shiny toy, the window seat and first pick of which

orientation, bring those conversations from the club luncheon to

movie to rent.

the family dinner table. Talk about the projects

It’s easy for parents to give in. (How does it

look to argue with a 5-year-old over who gets the biggest cookie?)

And most of these arguments will eventually

be outgrown. Well, except for the last cupcake; we all want that! But raising children is more than just navigating these battles. Most Moms and Dads understand that being a parent also involves a responsibility to instill in their children a sense of responsibility and giving toward others. Even the youngest child can participate in service to others through the everyday situations

One idea is to look for opportunities to expand your family activities beyond your own household. For example, look around the neighborhood to see if there is someone who needs assistance...

in their own families.

For example, if the family is active at church, there are numerous


. July 2012

your club is supporting, and why they are important. Be creative in finding ways for your child to contribute. However, it’s important to let the child make a real contribution – don’t just hand him a dollar to put in the kettle, or give her a can of soup to drop in the collection box. Give your child an opportunity to earn that dollar or buy the soup by doing chores around the house. While you’re at it, engage her in a conversation about what kinds of items – groceries, clothing, health and hygiene products – might be appropriate for the circumstances. Another idea is to look for opportunities to expand your family activities beyond your own

household. For example, look around the neighborhood to see if

there is someone who needs assistance with lawn maintenance. Kids can help rake leaves or mow grass. It may even be as simple as asking an elderly or handicapped neighbor if they need help moving their toter out front on trash collection day. Perhaps a neighbor has a dog but is unable to take it for walk. This is a great way to help out – and get some family exercise at the same time!

And it’s important to remember that “volunteer service” is

not limited to donations and chores. Time … time spent with another person, talking, listening – that can be the greatest gift of all. And it’s a gift that truly blesses the giver as much as the receiver.

Encouraging your child to be of service to others may very

well be the greatest lesson a parent can teach. Even better than giving up that last cupcake.


Lora Wimsatt is a mother, grandmother and writer. She enjoys the everyday blessings and adventures of life, especially her family.

Speaking of cupcakes..



family life

the amazing

adventure of adoption Adopted children tend to have predictable challenges related to adjusting to a new family, self-image, fear of abandonment, and self-doubt as they wonder why their families are different from traditional families. { b y : d r. b r i a n g a n n o n }


wensboro is a unique town for many reasons, but one

understand early on the story of his adoption, and he has access

thing I noticed soon after moving here: this town is very

to family medical history. Birth parents often agree to help pay

adoption-friendly. Since many local families are choosing to grow

for the birth mother’s prenatal care, but they have the chance to

through adoption, I would like to offer a medical perspective on

bond with her before the baby comes. This can be expensive, and

the benefits and challenges parents face as they enter the world

of the types of adoption, there is the highest risk of things falling

of adoption.


There are many types of adoption: family adoptions, private

International adoptions have become attractive to some

domestic, international and foster-to-adopt. Each has its pros

adopting couples because they are always closed. There is almost

and cons, and choosing the right fit for your family requires some

no chance of any contact with the birth parents, and often even

honest soul-searching. Family adoptions are straightforward:

the agency or orphanage will not have access to identifying

this would be the stepparent who adopts a spouse’s child, or the

information. These adoptions are frequently cross-cultural,

grandparent or other relative who takes in a child whose parents

which can be both a challenge and a blessing, as it can enrich the

are unavailable. In these situations, everything is open, and all

adoptive family’s understanding of cultures diverse from their

the parties know what they are getting into, because the new


parents know the child already.

Domestic adoptions are a bit different. Currently, most

which assist parents after they return from abroad with a newly-

adoptions in the USA are “open,” meaning the birth mothers

adopted child: UK and Vanderbilt. Depending on the country of

(and sometimes fathers) expect to keep in touch with the

origin, children may be malnourished, delayed in development,

adoptive family on some level. This scares away some potential

premature or withdrawing from maternal addiction. Some will

adoptive couples, but it can be a good thing. It allows the child to

need vaccines redone and most will need some lab work to assess


. July 2012

We are fortunate in Owensboro to have two nearby clinics

their overall health and look for common problems specific to the country of origin. Medical records may be difficult to read, misleading or simply incorrect. Families considering this option should research the country-specific issues before preparing a dossier (the documents that must be filed with the international agency before a child is identified for a given family), but adoption agencies are very helpful in guiding prospective parents through this process.

Foster children are more commonly adopted at a later age,

often at least a year old, and also tend to come in sibling groups. Families hoping to give back to the community by providing



or some time, before we were even married, Summer felt the Lord’s calling to adopt from Africa.Then, in February 2010,

care for these children should be aware that many of the children

after much prayerful consideration, we started our journey to

in their care will be reunited with their birth families within 1-2

bring our son home from Ethiopia. During the two and a half

years. Sadly, some of these parents are unable or unwilling to

years that we waited for Jude, we experienced countless peaks

make the changes in their lives that would allow them to regain custody of their children, so some kids become available for long-term placement and adoption.

and valleys. Still, throughout the entire process, we remained confident that God had a plan for us and for our son. Like the day we received an email, after nearly two years of waiting, telling us that the adoption fees had increased by 50%. Though

Regardless of the long-term outcome for children in foster

initially disheartened, we quickly reminded ourselves that God

care, this is a way loving parents can make huge difference in

had provided for us financially since the day we chose to adopt.

many children’s lives, even if the foster parents never adopt.

Minutes after giving that burden to the Lord, we received a

For some of these children, their time in foster care allows them

phone call from Atlanta telling us that we had been matched

to see how stable, loving families operate, and they take those

with a baby boy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As far as testimonies

lessons with them if reunited. Those feelings of acceptance can protect them against unrest later in life, and their experiences

gained through our adoption journey, that is only the tip of the iceberg. With much joy and thanksgiving, we brought Jude home

can positively affect their entire families, especially when

on June 22, 2012. Since the day we decided to heed God’s

dealing with older children who can model good behaviors they

calling to adopt, our lives have been indescribably enriched

may learn in foster care.

with bountiful blessings. So if you ever hear that still, small voice

Definitely, many foster children have special needs, or have

urging you to consider adoption, don’t disregard it. It is truly

suffered abuse of various kinds. These children have more

amazing what God can do, and will do, when you take that first

medical or mental health needs than the average child, but for

step in faith.

the right adopting parents, caring for a child with special needs can be extremely fulfilling, despite the challenges.

Adopted children tend to have predictable challenges related

Steven, Summer and Jude Wilson

to adjusting to a new family, self-image, fear of abandonment, and self-doubt as they wonder why their families are different from traditional families. But with a little support and prayer, these hurdles can lead to a rich and rewarding experience for the entire family. Adopting a child truly is an adventure, but one that is well worth the labor parents put into it.


As the father of a mixed family as well as a pediatrician caring for many adoptees, Dr. Gannon has first-hand knowledge of the blessings and the heartbreak involved in adopting.



family life

chores vs.

contributions { by: christina dalton,

mssw, csw


Summer is a great time of year to teach your children the value of chores. I think several of us reading this article probably had chores to do when we were children.

But today I think the average American child would pass out if you handed him a list of chores to be completed.

In the parenting classes that I teach I really embrace the way in which children see chores. The word itself, “chores,” is thrown out the window. It’s not even used. They use the word contributions. I like it. It has a nice ring to it. So it doesn’t matter if you have two in your house or ten, the idea is that everyone has contributions that they provide to make the house run properly. One other very important piece to this puzzle is: no one gets paid for his or her contributions. You are a family and a family works together. Mom doesn’t get paid to wash the dishes or pick Henry up from soccer practice. Therefore, Sean doesn’t get paid to make his bed and take out the trash. The program

“To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” Theodore Roosevelt

does believe that everyone should get an allowance. But the contributions are done because they are your part of being a member of this family. I really do love this concept. It might have to marinate with you for a bit, but when you think about it, why are you paying your children to do things like keeping their


. July 2012

room clean or picking up their stuff?! Hmmmmm…something to think about, that’s all I’m saying. The last piece of the puzzle-- When a child has completed all of his regularly scheduled contributions, then they are eligible to earn some extra cash. And only then. Henry has made his bed, kept his things picked up nicely and taken the trash out. But he really, really wants a new basketball. How can you help him out and help make him a more responsible, well-rounded, hard working individual? Easy. You offer a wonderful variety of other jobs that he normally doesn’t have the opportunity to take part in. Sometimes it’s hard to think of outside the box jobs, so I’m going to list just a few of my favorites that you might not have considered. Keep in mind which would be appropriate depending on age.

Climbing on a ladder and cleaning out the gutters Cleaning out the microwave Cleaning the mini-blinds or the ceiling fans (good one)

Taking everything out of the fridge and cleaning the fridge top to bottom Scrubbing the toilet (this is a favorite of mine…worth every penny) Weeding the flower beds Washing the windows Washing your car Going through their own toys and picking out ones to donate One other option, depending on their age, would be to have them check with your neighbors, especially your elderly neighbors to see if they have any jobs that need to be done. Summer is a great time of year to teach your children new skills, respect and the value of a hard day’s work. I hope this makes someone’s life a little easier out there. Have a safe and glorious 4th of July!


Christina Dalton, MSSW, CSW is the Family Resource Center Coordinator for Daviess County Public Schools.




facebookphotos Splish Splash! We asked you to submit photos of your little ones in the water -- at the pool, at the lake, the splash park, the backyard sprinkler -- we didn’t care! We received an overwhelming amount of photos, so we decided to run as many as we could fit! Owensboro Dermatology & Owensboro Parent would like to remind everyone to wear sunscreen this summer! Protecting your skin is important to remember as you enjoy these summer days.


. July 2012







. July 2012







family of the year award

{nomination form}

At Owensboro Parent we’re all about family. It’s the most important part of our lives and we know you feel the same. That’s why we want to honor a Family of the Year. Do you know a family that deserves this award? A family that makes Owensboro a better place? Nominate them by submitting this form. The award will be annouced at the Owensboro Parent Birthday Bash on August 5th at the RiverPark Center. The winning family will receive an award and gifts from Owensboro Parent advertisers. Additionally they will be featured on the cover of the September edition of Owensboro Parent. Send completed form to: Owensobro Parent Magazine, P.O. Box 23237, Owensboro, Kentucky 42304

Your name:

Your email:

Your phone:

[All nominations will be kept confidential. Contact information is for Owensboro Parent use only. The top 4 families will be notified before the event.]

Name of family you are nominating for OPM Family of the Year: Their email:

Their phone:

Your relation to the family:

Names and ages of the members of the nominated family:

Why do you believe this family is deserving of the title, Family of the Year? (attach additional pages if needed)

How does this family enrich the Owensboro community? (attach additional pages if needed)



discover { by: christy ramey }

easyeveryday volunteerprojects for kids Looking for ways to fight boredom this summer, while at the same time making a lasting, beneficial impact on your child’s life? Try volunteering! Nothing teaches a work ethic better than a volunteer parentchild project. Research shows that the younger the youth are when they start to volunteer, the more likely they will continue the habit throughout their lives. So what can you and your children do to help?

Bake cookies for someone who is sick, sad, or lonely. Record stories for those who have poor vision, and share with churches, libraries, or rehab facilities. Take care of your neighbor’s yard or pet while they are gone. Contact Habitat for Humanity to contribute to a build. You can even plan a vacation around a build in another city or state. Sew pillows for breast cancer patients. Contact the Daviess County Extension


. July 2012

Service for a pattern and directions. Make quilts or pillow cases for children at the Center for Courageous Kids. This is a camp where children with serious medical conditions can experience a week at camp. Check it out on the web at: Volunteering inspires others and helps children discover their own gifts, talents, and preferences. If kids are creative in the kitchen – cook for shut-ins. If your child enjoys sports, help them become an expert and teach smaller children to play, or collect used sports equipment and give to a community center in town. Maybe they enjoy hiking or fishing, so their volunteer project might involve keeping the environment clean by Adopting a Highway, planting trees or flowers to beautify a neglected area of the neighborhood; recycling, helping collect can tabs for a cause, or plastic bottle tops to build benches at a school. Also there are river and lake cleanup days that may help foster a passion for the environment. Children who enjoy writing can write uplifting stories or poems for children and the elderly. Be a pen pal to a special child or adult. Get involved with Special Olympics. This experience will go far in teaching children to respect differences and understand the effort involved in dealing with special needs individuals. Even passing water is a help to others. You may have a child who loves younger children. They make great day camp volunteers, VBS workers, or Mother’s Day out helpers. Those with musical talent can perform at area nursing facilities. Residents there do not expect perfection, but appreciate effort. Can your child play checkers, chess, or card games? Retirement homes may need you to play or plan a tournament.




Self-esteem doesn’t come from the clothes we wear or the way

Volunteer and Win!

we look; it comes from the contribution we make by giving of ourselves to others.

Youth Service America (YSA) recognizes young people, ages 5–25 who serve their community. Check it out on the web at: http://www.

Volunteering teaches youth to be helpful and kind, to develop

leadership skills and patience. There is also proof that youth who volunteer are 50%

Youth, ages 5 – 14 who donate over 100 hours of community service

less likely to abuse alcohol, smoke

are eligible to receive the “President’s Volunteer Service Gold

cigarettes, become pregnant, or engage

Award!” Just record your volunteer hours and submit them within

in destructive behavior. No one is an

a twelve-month timeframe. Check it out on the web at: http://www.

island. Volunteering puts your child in

the middle of the community and involves them in something bigger than themselves.

Be an Everyday Young Hero by making extraordinary contributions and commitment to service. What would that look like on a college or scholarship application? For more information, contact Christy Ramey, Daviess County Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences, Daviess County Cooperative Extension Office, at (270) 685-8480.


Christy Ramey is the Daviess County Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences. She has been married for 38 years and have three children and three grandchildren.


. July 2012


kids eat free

Who doesn’t love to save money? We have compiled a list of restaurants offering children discounts. If you see one we missed, Contact the editor at *Please be sure to contact the resturant for specific details. Discounts are subject to change and Owensboro Parent is not responsible for incorrect listings.



Denny’s (after 4:00 p.m.)

Applebee’s (all day)

Texas Roadhouse (11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.)

Fazoli’s (5:00 to 8:00pm kids eat for 99 cents with adult purchase)

RocaBar (11:00-2:00 p.m.)

Pizza By the Guy (all day) Salsarita’s (all day)


Denny’s (all day)

Tumbleweed (all day)

Beef O’Brady’s (4:00 to 8:00 p.m.)

Texas Roadhouse (11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) RocaBar (11:00 a.m. to 2:00 pm)


Salsarita’s (all day)

Ole South BBQ (4:00 to 8:00 p.m. 2 kids eat buffet w/ adult purchase)

Monday Shoney’s (up to 2 kids eat free with adult purchase)


T.G.I. Fridays (all day)

Bee Bop’s (after 5:00 p.m. with adult meal)

Zaxby’s (5:00 to 8:00 p.m. - kids eat for 99

Captain D’s (2 kids w adult meal)






“Helping you help others,” that’s the driving force behind helpsomeone. us. Written clearly on their website, is an effort to connect people in Owensboro with volunteer opportunities at local charities and non-profit organizations.

{ by: danny may }


ou may have heard a commercial on one of the Cromwell Radio

songs for the residents. We like to do that when we can, and the people

Group stations (WBIO, 97X, CJ105.7, WVJS), read the article

really appreciate it. A lot of times they want to hear Gospel songs and

in the Messenger Inquirer, or seen a commercial on Time Warner

hymns. Well, there was this one room we went into where the woman

Channel 8. But visiting the website lets you see what

was lying in bed and had been unresponsive for weeks. I was thinking

is really all about. The site is designed to be a one-stop source for all

we should just move on, but Wayne said, ‘No, let’s go ahead and play

things “volunteer” in Owensboro, providing an extensive list of 501c3

one’ so he started playing “Amazing Grace.” As soon as we started

organizations, describing their needs and listing contact information.

singing the first verse, she opened her eyes, and then she even started to

The layout of the website categorizes service opportunities for working

move around. Eventually this woman, who had been unresponsive for

with babies and children, those with disabilities, elderly, homeless and

weeks, sat up in bed and started singing every word in perfect pitch. …

those who are suffering from an illness. So whatever your interests

That moment changed my life. It was like I could hear God saying ‘I

are, you will be able to find a way to volunteer in that area using

can use you.’”

That moment stuck with Lanham, and it seemed everywhere he

How it all began

went after that he couldn’t help but notice so many people with so much

It all started five years ago during a visit to a nursing home. Founder

the idea behind was born. The vision grew to launch a

Randy Lanham tells the story:

website that would inspire people to volunteer and then connect them

with opportunities to serve in the community.

“It was one of those ‘God moments.’ Wayne Morris and I were

visiting a nursing home, going room to room playing music and singing 24 OWENSBORO PARENT

. July 2012

need. Randy continued to feel the nudge to do something about it, and

Last summer, received their 501c3 status, formed

a board of directors and got right to work. Thanks to the support of the

new house for Ashley and her family. That’s just one example of being

Owensboro community, they’ve already made a tremendous impact

an unsung volunteer. June’s episode was about a volunteer named

and are launching some exciting plans for the future.

George who helps at the Wendell Foster Center.

Promotional Videos is looking for more stories about unsung volunteers in our community to be featured in upcoming Unsung TV

One of the ways assists local charities is by producing

episodes. If you know of someone that you feel should be featured,

promotional videos and jingles free of charge and posting them on

email your suggestion to

their website. The videos let you hear and see first-hand how you

Advantages of volunteering as a family

can help those agencies. is currently working on a video for Mentor Kids Kentucky, but you can watch videos about

Volunteering does not have to be an “adult” thing to do. As a youth

Boulware Mission, Oasis Women’s Shelter, the Daniel Pitino Shelter,

minister for the past 12 years, I’ve seen time and again how young

St. Benedict’s and several others as well.

people can have life-changing experiences from volunteering. There is

Many of those videos were aired on Time Warner

nothing more humbling than serving others. Seeing

Channel 8 as part of their homeless campaign

people who are less fortunate or suffering from a

during the month of March. (Another promotion

disability makes you appreciate what you have.

that just finished was a teen

It cuts straight to the heart, going much deeper

poetry contest for a $250 cash prize and a chance

emotionally than just the “good” feeling you get

to put the winning poem into song to be played on

from doing something nice. Young people connect

the radio. The production crew

with that.

is putting the finishing touches on that song right


way to model humility, service, compassion and

Unsung T V

loving others than by volunteering as a family? The




From a parent’s perspective, what better

beauty is that you don’t even have to “preach” this the



lesson. Visiting a nursing home or homeless shelter has partnered with Time Warner

can be very intimidating, especially if it’s your first

Cable to produce a TV series called “Unsung TV,” which airs on

time going. But when your kids see you doing the hard work without

Channel 8. Each episode runs for a month and is shown at 8 a.m. and

complaining, they’ll learn that you think it’s important to give back.

6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

And the younger that kids start seeing it, the more it sticks.

Lanham explained, “With Unsung TV, we are honoring the

Plus, there is tremendous family bonding that comes from being

ordinary that do the extraordinary.” With real life scenarios, the stories

in the trenches together, and those are memories and stories that last a

of unsung “hero” volunteers who serve generously without expecting


anything in return are meant to inspire viewers to want to serve others believes in volunteering as a family so strongly

as well. Once they’ve experienced it, hopefully they’ll want to do even

that they are starting a new initiative to encourage families to volunteer

more and in turn inspire others. According to Lanham, “The goal is for

together. In fact, it’s so new that when Owensboro Parent interviewed

viewers to think ‘You know, I can do that too,’ and then go out and help

Randy Lanham the project didn’t even have a name yet. But basically


the way it works is this:

The May episode told the story of Ashley Johnson and her family

The family volunteer program will be set up as a six-week series,

who were the runners up for an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

where each week the family would have the opportunity to volunteer

house when the show came to Owensboro a few years ago. When Jerry

at a different agency or organization. It’s designed that way so families

Morris heard about Ashley’s situation of living in a house that was

would get a wide variety of experiences. At the end of the six weeks,

difficult to maneuver her wheelchair in, he called on friends, family

each member of the family would learn what their areas of interest are

and other builders in the community of Whitesville to build a brand

from their practical experience.




“Families these days are so busy with sports and extracurricular

Benedict’s serves a hot meal to guests when they open at 8 p.m., so you

activities, and that’s great…” Lanham explained. “So this approach

could fix supper at home and bring it in to serve. They’ll fill their bellies;

would sort of give that ‘team’ aspect to volunteering, because families

you’ll fill your hearts. If you’d rather go on a shopping spree, then load

could serve as a team.”

up a cart and drop the food off at any of the places listed above.

Think of the family discussions that might arise. Think of how that

If you’re looking for something outside, volunteer for Habitat for

might affect your family’s priorities, like how you spend your money

Humanity. There are age limitations for swinging hammers and driving

and your time. Families who are already volunteering are finding that

nails, but every house has to be landscaped. Let your kids go wild

a little bit of compassion can go along way. It doesn’t have to be drastic,

digging in the dirt so you can drop that root ball into it. Or, maybe you

life-altering change. It can be simple things.

could paint a backyard outbuilding together.

Okay, so how?

If you’ve got some Handy Manny or Bob the Builder fans in the house, you may enjoy doing an extreme room makeover at the Boulware

For example, every family does chores. Maybe you’ve experienced

Mission. Since they’ve relocated to the old convent on Wing Avenue,

yourself how some people hate to clean their room, but they sure don’t

there is an entire second floor of dorm rooms that need to be sponsored,

mind to straighten someone else’s room or house. So why not clean

updated and renovated. Now that would be leaving your mark!

a shelter as a family? You could spend a couple hours on a Saturday

Contact information for all of these organizations mentioned can be

morning cleaning St. Benedict’s Shelter or the Pitino Shelter. One

easily found at www. They are constantly updating and

person mops, one person washes the towels, one person wipes down the

adding to the website, so if you hear of any ideas or come up with any on

tables and chairs, somebody else straightens the linen closet etc.

your own, please email to submit ideas.


Or, how about preparing and serving lunch together at the Boulware

Mission or Pitino Shelter? One person makes the Kool-Aid, one person

Danny May is a husband, father of two boys (4 and 2), and works at Our Lady of

puts the rolls in the oven, someone else fills the salad bowl, etc. St.

Lourdes Catholic Church.


. July 2012


12 Creative Ways for Young People to Volunteer (taken from For more ideas, visit the website)

-Set up a web page for a non-profit agency. -Make birthday, Christmas, or Easter cards for the elderly. -Run or walk in a charity race with friends. -Volunteer to help at a Special Olympics event. -Organize a coat drive for one of the local shelters. -Celebrate a birthday by asking friends to donate items for causes instead of gifts. -Adopt a “grandfriend” and/or visit a nursing home -Record yourself and classmates reading a story and give it to a children’s hospital. -Help cook and/or serve a meal at homeless shelter. -Clean out your closet and attic to find toys and clothes to donate to a homeless shelter. -Clean a neighbor’s yard that cannot do it themselves. -Help fix up or paint a run-down playground.

You may purchase tickets for ROMP online at or by calling (270) 926-7891




advice from an

ordinary dad

foundation for



{ by: dean ehrenheim }

grew up in a middle class family. My parents were teachers. We

my plate.

were not rich, but we were not poor. I remember my parents

That experience and others like it have helped shape my

would often say things like, “Don’t keep up with the Jones” and

character. My experiences and my faith motivate me to serve

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.” But just the same, we didn’t want

those less resourced. That is why I choose to work at the YMCA,

for much…at least much of what really mattered, like food and

a place that is for youth development, healthy living and social



But I didn’t have to look very far to see others in real need. My

As a dad, I hope to pass along that spirit of service and

own cousins were very poor. Growing up, I didn’t know that. Maybe

volunteerism to my kids. Kids shouldn’t have to experience the

I should have guessed because each time we visited they lived in a

intensity of poverty for them to embrace a servant’s heart. As

different place. Poverty and welfare often encourages a transient

parents, we should foster that through teachable moments and

lifestyle, never staying in one place long.

deliberate actions. Creating a path to service can start at home.

Start young

I remember the first time I truly realized their situation. It was a

family meal at my grandmother’s house. We loved my grandmother and her cooking. She could make the best meatloaf and often did.

While it may not seem quite as “inspiring” as digging a well in

On this one occasion, my cousins were there. That was special in

Uganda, service learning should begin at home. Home is where

and of itself, since they did not visit us much. The dinner was great

you can demonstrate that not all service work is fun and exciting.

and I ate nearly every bit of it, leaving a pea here and a pea there,

Making their bed, unloading the dishwasher and sweeping the

a bite of mashed potatoes and some partially eaten bread. But I

kitchen may seem mundane, but being willing to help out with

was done, full and happy. Then I looked at my cousin’s plate. It

family chores will instill a strong foundation of service learning.

was clean…no really clean. There wasn’t a scrap to be found. This

As your child grows, so should their serving opportunities.

ordinary meal was tasty to me, but was substenance to my cousins

Take your kids outside the four walls of your home into your

and they ate like they were starving. I guess they may have been.

neighborhood. Rake the neighbors leaves, walk their dog, wash

It was the best meal they had in days, maybe months. I will never

their car, mow the lawn. Do it and don’t look for a thank you or a

forget that day and how bad I felt leaving even those few scraps on

reward. I love the idea of a “rake and run” experience. True service


. July 2012

“We want to serve others and

is humble and seeks no praise. The outcome of this humble and

If a parent

selfless act will likely be even greater growth and appreciation


for others. I came across a video that shares the value of offering

to develop a

selflessly. It’s the 100/0 paradox (

foundation of service

Expand your child’s service locally

and volunteerism, by the

In June, my daughter gave up four days of her precious summer to

or college they may have the spirit to serve

teach VBS. Not only did she invest in those four days, but took time

internationally. Whether it’s Haiti, South America, China or

to prepare and train as well. Each of my kids has helped in church

Africa, there are thousands of opportunities to change lives. And

over the years, all in different areas. And now they are ready to even

the lives changed begin with the one who hears the call to serve.

go outside their own neighborhood.

Go into the nation

can do on this earth. The Bible challenges us to serve when Jesus

My second son, Trevor, choose to attend Asbury University, a small,

these brothers of mine, you did for me.” For a parent, there is no

private Christian college outside of Lexington. He was recruited

greater lesson to pass on to our children than to give, not expecting

to swim on their team. Each year, all Asbury sport teams go on a

a single thing in return.

mission trip. This year, while most swim teams went to Florida to

train in the sun over Christmas break, the Asbury Swim Team went

how they helped unload the dishwasher and swept the kitchen floor

to Joplin, Missouri, to help families clean up after the devastating

growing up.

through our service we also grew closer as a team.”

- Trevor Ehrenheim

time their kids are in high school

Service to others is one of the most noble and Godly works we

says, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of

It could be that their mission trip to Russia has a lot to do with


tornados in spring of 2011. He says, “We went to serve others and through our service we also grew closer as a team.” Sounds like the training trip was a success!

Dean Ehrenheim, with his wife Jeanette, is raising four great kids. He regularly writes about his experiences in parenting, coaching and wellness. His email is



discover community

never look


WKU-O Student Profile: Cindy Waltz, BSN student

{ paid advertorial }


Cindy Waltz -- old My husband, Patrick Waltz -- older My son, Taylor Waltz -- 19, going on 5 or 40 depending on the day My daughter, Bailey Waltz -- 11 but will be 12 in July. She is probably the most mature of us. And Tigger Waltz, Schnauzer. He’s 8. And we have some really old goldfish from a fair over two years ago that were supposed to be dead now. I refer to them as zombie fish. Do I inspire my kids by being constantly in school? Gosh, I hope so. Do I hurt them by being constantly in school? Gosh, I hope not. I want to spend more time with them and I try to every chance I get, but it’s hard sometimes.


I attended WKU a long time ago, the first time. Took classes at Brescia and Owensboro Junior College of Business. Eventually I went to night/weekend school and graduated from Owensboro Community & Technical College in 2009 as an LPN. I then graduated from Henderson Community College in 2011, also going at night/weekends, with my RN. I started back at WKU in January 2012 to begin by BSN.

I have two Associates in Applied Science and one Associate in Arts. I always intended on getting my BSN when I first went to WKU, but life sidetracked me. But, I’m on a mission now and found that the key is to keep up momentum and not slow down. Never look down or you’ll forget how to fly this thing.


WKU-O has made it possible for me to work on getting my BSN by being flexible and designing a program for people like me. We are employed, some have kids, some have grand kids...a busy life. I did the in-class thing twice in nursing school and I don’t even know how I did it. Online classes let me work at my pace, let me work nurses’ schedule and let me actually see my husband and kids. The dog is happier, too. Don’t know bout the fish.


Someone once told me, finish college when you’re a kid, don’t be like me and work, raise a family and have to go to night school. I didn’t listen and ended up doing exactly that. Don’t know if I am the best one to give advice, but kids/people find their own way. They have to want it and hopefully will have a support system like I did. My husband did a lot of housework while I was studying for RN. When I thought I would fail a test or a course, my son never doubted my ability and (affectionately, I hope) called me a nerd. OP

Western Kentucky University in Owensboro has been educating students for over 40 years.

Learn more online: 30 OWENSBORO PARENT

. July 2012

There are thousands of families waiting anxiously for that special person to make a sacrifice in order to save a life. You can explore for yourself at www.O




first steps

taking the

The First Steps program is an early intervention service available to aid eligible families.

{ by: jaime rafferty }


t can be alarming when a pediatrician informs a parent that

eligibility and subsequently service coordination that ensures the

their child is not reaching developmental milestones.

child is receiving the necessary resources that best meets their

If unnoticed by the family, Mom and Dad may run a gambit of


emotions from sadness to anger. Though many parents realize the

Services may include speech therapy to address speech or

news could be worse, it’s still difficult adjusting to the idea that

communication delays or feeding concerns; physical therapy

your child may need services outside of parental love and care to

for gross motor delays (rolling, crawling, standing, walking);

help them to develop appropriately.

occupational therapy geared to aid with fine motor delays

(upper body or hand movements) or sensory motor issues and

Processing the information can be easier when you discover

help is just a phone call away and parents make that first step to

developmental intervention for self-help or social skills concerns.

learn more about First Steps!

Though the pediatrician may be the first to verbalize the

Mitzi Helton, First Steps Service Coordinator for the Green

concern and can take that first step to receiving intervention

River District says, “It is important for families to know that if

services but it isn’t necessary to have a medical referral for a

they have a concern their child may not be developing as expected,

child to be evaluated. This means, a parent may have concerns

or has an established risk diagnosis, First Steps is available to

themselves and can actually contact First Steps. Virtually anyone

evaluate and provide services if needed during those critical

can make the referral.

developmental years of birth to three years old.”

First Steps (FS) is the statewide early intervention for children,

established risk diagnosis. This is a diagnosis given at birth or later

birth to three, and their families who are identified with a

and may be a physical or mental condition that results in a higher

developmental delay and/or established risk diagnosis that may

probability of a developmental delay.

need assistance with improving skills. Early intervention services

are available in every state for eligible children.

Autism, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, and Fetal Alcohol

FS provides screening and evaluation that determines

Syndrome, just to name a few. Referrals for these will often be from


. July 2012

Some children automatically qualify for services by having an

Examples of established risk diagnoses are: Downs syndrome,

a NICU or pediatrician, where the physician would have to verify the diagnosis.

Not all established risk children will have a

delay, but are eligible for First Steps services should they display delay before their third birthday.

For children who do not have risk, but concern

there may be a delay, an Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) is sent to the family or caregiver to complete for initial screening. If the ASQ shows areas of concern, the child becomes eligible for an evaluation that will assess the child in the areas of communication, cognition, physical development (gross and fine motor), social and emotional development, as well as adaptive/self help skills development. If the score indicates the child is functioning below developmental level then they would be eligible for First Steps services in the area of delay.

Children begin learning and developing from birth,


however all children grow and progress differently in these critical development years. If there is a delay suspected, the sooner the child is evaluated and begins receiving early intervention services, if needed, they are more likely to reach developmental milestones than without intervention. It’s even possible for some to catch up with peers by the time they turn three. The discovery of a delay can be difficult, but First Steps provides service coordination for each family every “step” of the way. A Service Coordinator is assigned to the family from the beginning and remains with them throughout until time of discharge, either by reaching their goals or “aging out” of the program at three. Coordinators assist the family initiation of services with therapy options, Medicaid services and/or public preschool and how to transition beyond First Step services. The First Steps program is an early intervention service available to aid eligible families. Don’t be afraid. If you feel your child may have a need, let them guide your steps, in the right direction, to help your child succeed.

For more information about First Steps contact (270) 686-5982

or 1-888-686-1414.


Jaime Rafferty enjoys writing, as a hobby. She lives is Owensboro with her husband, Paul and their two children.



community How can you get your little ones to eat their peas? Here are some tips:

Shop wit h your kids

If they get to pick out the veggies for tonight’s dinner they will be more likely to eat and enjoy them.

Cook wit h your kids

Let the little ones into the kitchen to cook with you. Give them age appropriate jobs to do to help prepare the family meal.

Have a “veggie” night

Dedicate a whole night to vegetables! Make it a challenge to put as many colors on your plate as possible.

Make the healthy stuff the easy option

The manufacturers of potato chips and cookies know what they are doing. Put veggies in small baggies, making them easy snack options for your kids.

The “no thank you” rule

Implement a rule that your kids need to try one bit of any food



you put on their plate. They can say “no thank you” to the ones they do not like, but establish a rule that they must at least try everything once.

{ paid advertorial }

Top 5 Kentucky grown vegetables found at Trunnell’s Farm Market and their tips on how to enjoy them:

According to the new MyPlate food guide from the USDA, children 2 – 8 years old require at least one to one and a half cups

Tomatoes - The perfect addition to any sandwich, and also delicious when chopped for salads. Sweet Corn - Corn on the cob cooked on the grill and in the husk is the perfect summer side dish.

of vegetables a day depending on their age.

Green Beans - Try green beans wrapped in bacon and baked in

In fact, fruits and veggies are supposed to

Potatoes - Do something different with this household staple. A

the oven or on the grill. Yummy! new casserole, “baked” on the grill or make your own French fries.

make up at least half of your child’s meal. 34 OWENSBORO PARENT

. July 2012

Squash - A summer favorite...try it fried, in a casserole or grilled.






Big O music fest { paid advertorial }


or country music fans, the Big O Music Fest on August 18 is

said. “It was a great atmosphere. Fun to hang out with other

a huge event right in their own town. This year’s concert will

country music lovers. I am definitely looking forward to seeing

feature headliner, Blake Shelton, Jo Dee Messina, Tracy Lawrence,

Blake Shelton. What a big name concert for Owensboro!”

Gloriana, Locash Cowboys and Joanna Smith.

Big O is excited to host Blake Shelton, the most current,

pride in bringing these big name artists to the community.

biggest name country music star to date for the festival. Blake

is the breakout star of NBC’s The Voice, a show that gave the

Terry said. “We are helping Owensboro truly become a Festival

handsome Oklahoman the spotlight his fans have long hoped he’d


get. Week after week, millions have gotten to see the talent and

Terry said the festival boasts an impressive set up.

charisma that have made Blake one of country music’s brightest

“It looks like a huge stage was dropped in the middle of a

lights. Ever since the power and drama of his 2001 debut single,

field,” Terry said.

“Austin,” brought him to national attention, Blake has proven

Fans can enjoy activities all day and can take advantage of

himself to be one of the genre’s most versatile and accomplished

vendors selling t-shirts and merchandise or even ride a mechanical

vocalists as well as one of its most compelling entertainers.


Tickets have been sold to music-goers in over 40 states and

Gates open at noon on Saturday, August 18 and the music

12,000 fans are expected to come out to Reid’s Orchard for the

begins at 1 p.m. General admission tickets are available for $49.50

2012 Big O Music Fest.

and a limited number of VIP tickets are available for purchase.

VIP passes allow fans closer to the stage, free water, an area out of

One fan, Adam Kremer, traveled from Northern Kentucky to

Steve Terry, one of three Big O Music Fest promoters, takes “We are proud to help Owensboro become a destination city,”

see last year’s festival.

the sun and close access to restrooms. See for

ticket information.

“Even with last year’s bad weather, I had a great time,” Kremer


Visit for complete details and ticket information. 36 OWENSBORO PARENT

. July 2012


• 7:20 Lonesome River Band

• 5:00 Snap Jackson and the Knock on Wood Players

• 8:40 The Deadly Gentlemen

• 6:00 Some Rye Grass

• 10:00 Punch Brothers

• 7:00 Jesse McReynolds & Friends,Tribute to Jerry Garcia,Songs of

• 11:45 After Party: Bawn in the Mash, Belfry Fellows

the Grateful Dead • 8:15 Vince Gill • 10:00 Greensky Bluegrass • 11:45 After Party: Farewell Drifters, Renegade String Band

SATURDAY • 10:00 County Line Bluegrass • 11:00 Kentucky BlueGrass AllStars and Arnold Shultz Revival • 11:45 Snap Jackson and the Knock on Wood Players


• 1:00 The Expedition Show

• 10:00 Grandview Junction

• 2:15 Newtown

• 11:00 Higher Ground

• 3:30 NewFound Road

• 12:00 Don Stanley & Middle Creek

• 4:45 Bearfoot

• 1:00 Renegade String Band

• 6:00 Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three

• 2:15 Belfry Fellows

• 7:20 The 23 String Band

• 3:30 Monroeville

• 8:40 Carolina Chocolate Drops

• 4:45 Town Mountain

• 10:00 Old Crow Medicine Show

• 6:00 The Farewell Drifters

• 11:45 After Party: The Deadly Gentlemen, The 23 String Band



family fun

july 2012 Informing parents about fun, local events is a priority for Owensboro Parent. Our magazine compiles events from across the city and county. So when your family is looking for something to do, check out the Owensboro Parent calendar, where you will find information on local events, including event descriptions, locations, dates, times and price. Want to include your event? Contact the editor at






FREE STORYTIME Wee Read for ages 2 and

Feet 2” on the BB&T Plaza at RiverPark Center; 8 p.m.; 101 Daviess Street; (270) 687-2787 or

exciting community tradition, come and enjoy this celebration

of our freedom, liberties

younger and Circle Time for ages 3-5; 10 – 10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020 Frederica St.;

and luxuries as Americans! Held


on the riverfront, A

FREE STORYTIME Wee Read for ages

Celebration of the

2 and younger and Circle Time for ages

American Spirit is an

3-5; 10 – 10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020 Frederica St.;

evening of varied and exciting entertainment for all ages.


FRIDAY, JULY 6 U-BOUNCE OPEN BOUNCE NIGHT; All must wear socks; $7 per child, children under 2 are free, unless they are the only child, adults always free; 1 – 9 p.m.; (270) 685-1255 or FREE FRIDAY AFTER 5 Old School (Rock/R&B/


Heath & Molly Eric Performance: 5:45 - 6:45 p.m.

wear socks; $7 per child, children under 2

Symphony Orchestra: 7:30 - 8:15 p.m.

are free, unless they are the only child, adults

Second Street Big Band 8:15 - 8:45 p.m.

always free; 5 – 8 p.m.; (270) 685-1255 or

Symphony Orchestra: 8:45 - 9:35 p.m.

Fireworks Extravaganza: 9:15 - 9:35 p.m.


Grab your blanket and lawn chairs and bring


Fireworks and family fun at Panther Creek Park.

your family and friends as our community joins

Visit the library every Saturday morning from

Vendors open at 5 p.m., fireworks begin at 9:15;

together in this fun-filled celebration. Festivities

10:00—12:00 for self guided fun and educational

5160 Wayne Bridge Road; (270) 685-6142 or

will begin at 5:45 p.m. No dogs allowed in the

activities with a focus on literacy and school

park. English Park – 2 Woodford Avenue; For

readiness; Daviess County Public Library, 2020

more information about this event please contact

Frederica St.;

Motown Dance Band) on the BB&T Plaza; Aly’an in the Courtyard. Street Fair: Couples Night; 6 - 10 p.m.; (270) 687-2787 or


Angel Freels at 687-8700.


. July 2012


SKY VBS Vacation Bible School at Lourdes



Catholic Church; July 9 – 13; Ages 4 years old to

event description on Monday, July 9.

Various fun and exciting events will be held from

4th grade; To register, call drew at (270) 684-5369

July 9-14! Admission pricing is as follows: FREE

or visit

SKY VBS See event description on Monday,July 9.





wear socks; $7 per child, children under 2

The library will be visited by local screech owls,

are free, unless they are the only child, adults

Raz and Thor; For ages 6 & up; Registration

always free; 5 – 8 p.m.; (270) 685-1255 or

required; 2 – 3 p.m. & 3 – 4 p.m.; Daviess County

Public Library, 2020 Frederica St.;

KIDS IN THE KITCHEN Owensboro Junior


League brings their Kids in the Kitchen program

event description on Monday, July 9.

admission to adults and children 6-12 on Monday, July 9th. Saturday Motocross is $8 per adult and $4 per child age 6-12. Admission is $6 per adult and $4 per child age 6-12 on Tuesday, July 10th through Thursday, July 12th. Admission on Friday, July 13th and Saturday, July 14th is $8 per adult and $6 per child age 6-12; visit daviesscountyfair. com for more information. DRAMA CAMP Presented by Theatre Workshop of Owensboro; Fun and innovative learning environment, deaturing lessons in teamwork, theatre games, stage make-up, lighting and sound, costumes and character development; July 9 – 13 for grades 3 – 5; 10 a.m. – noon; $75; Please call to register (270) 683-5333 or FREE STORYTIME WEE READ for ages 2 and younger and Circle Time for ages 3-5; 10 – 10:30

to the Science & History Museum; 11:30 a.m.;122 E. 2nd Street; (270) 687-2732 or

SKY VBS See event description on Monday,July 9. WALK & TALK & LUNCH IN THE GARDEN “TOAST OF THE TOWN VINTNERS” Enjoy lunch and a great program at Western KY Botanical Garden; 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.; 25 Carter Road; (270) 852-8925 or

THURSDAY, JULY 12 FREE STORYTIME Wee Read for ages 2 and younger and Circle Time for ages 3-5; 10 – 10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020 Frederica St.;







event description on Monday, July 9.

SUNDAE SUNDAY Come celebrate National Ice

jaw dropping magical presentation will feature a

Cream Day! Enjoy ice cream sundaes, live music,

parrot and a rabbit; 2 – 3 p.m.; Daviess County

inflatable games and a monster water slide; $1;

Public Library, 2020 Frederica St.;

SKY VBS See event description on Monday,July 9.

3 – 5 p.m.; Moreland Park.






wear socks; $7 per child, children under 2

FREE STORYTIME Wee Read for ages 2 and

wear socks; $7 per child, children under 2

are free, unless they are the only child, adults

younger and Circle Time for ages 3-5; 10 –

are free, unless they are the only child, adults

always free; 1 – 9 p.m.; (270) 685-1255 or

10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020

always free; 5 – 8 p.m.; (270) 685-1255 or

Frederica St.;

FREE FRIDAY AFTER 5 Black Widow (Soul Revue

FREE STORYTIME WEE Read for ages 2 and

& Dance Band) on the BB&T Plaza; The Pits in the


Courtyard; Gospel on the River in Cannon Hall

GLEUP! What is Gleup? Is it a solid? A liquid? Is

10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020

with Southern Sound Quartet, Southland Quartet,

it really just Silly Putty? Hmmmm. Make your

Frederica St.;

and Mark Mudd; Street Fair: Daymar Day; 6 - 10

own gleup with the help of Museum Educator

p.m.; (270) 687-2787 or

Meredith Hall and find out all about non-


Newtonian materials!; 11 a.m.; 122 E. 2nd Street;


(270) 687-2732 or

OUR MICROSCOPIC WORLD Discover an entire world that lies just beneath our sight with a

event description on Monday, July 9. SKY VBS See event description on Monday,July 9.

younger and Circle Time for ages 3-5; 10 –


microscope at the Science & History Museum;

wear socks; $7 per child, children under 2

11 a.m.; 122 E. 2nd Street; (270) 687-2732 or

are free, unless they are the only child, adults

always free; 5 – 8 p.m.; (270) 685-1255 or



U-BOUNCE OPEN BOUNCE NIGHT; All must wear socks; $7 per child, children under 2

Visit the library every Saturday morning from

FREE LEGO BLOCK PARTY For kids ages 6 and

are free, unless they are the only child, adults

10:00—12:00 for self guided fun and educational

up; Registration is required; 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.;

always free; 1 – 9 p.m.; (270) 685-1255 or

activities with a focus on literacy and school

Daviess County Public Library, 2020 Frederica St.;

readiness; Daviess County Public Library, 2020 FREE FRIDAY AFTER 5 Larry Maglinger (Classic

Frederica St.;


Rock) on the BB&T Plaza; Elevated Christian Band in the Courtyard; Street Fair: Kids’ Night; 6 - 10 p.m.; (270) 687-6787 or

can learn the differences between turtles and tortoises at the Museum of Science & History;


. July 2012

11 a.m.; 122 E. 2nd Street; (270) 687-2732 or






. July 2012

family fun Visit the library every Saturday morning from

FREE STORYTIME Wee Read for ages 2 and

Learn to draw the Ed Emberley way, starting with

10:00—12:00 for self guided fun and educational

younger and Circle Time for ages 3-5; 10 –

basic shapes. All are welcome, but this program

activities with a focus on literacy and school

10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020

is recommended for ages 4 - 9. 2 – 3 p.m. &

readiness; Daviess County Public Library, 2020

Frederica St.;

3 – 4 p.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020

Frederica St.;

Frederica St.;




KIDS IN THE KITCHEN Owensboro Junior

DRAMA CAMP Presented by Theatre Workshop

League brings their Kids in the Kitchen program

of Owensboro; Fun and innovative learning

to the Science & History Museum; 11:30

environment, deaturing lessons in teamwork,

a.m.;122 E. 2nd Street; (270) 687-2732 or


theatre games, stage make-up, lighting and


sound, costumes and character development;

event description on Monday, July 23.

wear socks; $7 per child, children under 2

July 23 – 27 for grades 3 – 5 from 10 a.m. – noon;


are free, unless they are the only child, adults

July 23- 27 for grades 6 – 10 from 1 – 3 p.m.;

wear socks; $7 per child, children under 2

always free; 5 – 8 p.m.; (270) 685-1255 or

$75; Please call to register (270) 683-5333 or

are free, unless they are the only child, adults

always free; 5 – 8 p.m.; (270) 685-1255 or


FREE STORYTIME WEE READ for ages 2 and younger and Circle Time for ages 3-5; 10 –

Designed for students aged 9-12, this week-long


10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020

camp will offer the chance to solve a mystery

event description on Monday, July 23.

Frederica St.;

and learn about biotechnology through sessions at the Science & History Museum and at Western KY Botanical Garden; 122 E. 2nd Street; (270) 6872732 or


MYSTERY AT BIOTECH SUMMER CAMP See event description on Monday, July 23.



family fun FRIDAY, JULY 27

of KY; 11 – 3 p.m.; Towne Square Mall.



wear socks; $7 per child, children under 2


and learn about ice on Earth the its role in the

are free, unless they are the only child, adults

every Saturday morning from 10:00—12:00

eco-system at the Science & History Museum;

always free; 1 – 9 p.m.; (270) 685-1255 or

for self guided fun and educational activities

11 a.m.; 122 E. 2nd Street; (270) 687-2732 or

with a focus on literacy and school readiness;

Daviess County Public Library, 2020 Frederica St.; FREE FRIDAY AFTER 5 V-Groove (Funk/R&B

Dance Band) on the BB&T Courtyard; Insulated

U-BOUNCE OPEN BOUNCE NIGHT; All must wear socks; $7 per child, children under 2

in the Courtyard; Gospel on the River in Cannon


are free, unless they are the only child, adults

Hall with Conquerors Quartet, New Ground, and

event description on Monday, July 23.

always free; 5 – 8 p.m.; (270) 685-1255 or

Music City Boys; Street Fair: Young Professionals’ Night; 6 -10 p.m.; (270) 687-2787 or fridayafter5. com.

MONDAY, JULY 30 FREE STORYTIME Wee Read for ages 2 and younger and Circle Time for ages 3-5; 10 –


10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020


Frederica St.;

FREE STORYTIME Wee Read for ages 2 and younger and Circle Time for ages 3-5; 10 – 10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020 Frederica St.;

FOSTER CARE AND ADOPTION FAIR HOSTED BY PROJECT MATCH AT OWENSBORO CHRISTIAN CHURCH. The fair will feature booths manned by experienced foster parents and social workers from various agencies to share information and answer questions for those who may be interested in helping children through foster care and adoption. Community support agencies will also be on hand to provide information regarding services to help foster/adoptive families meet the needs of children in out of home care. This is a family friendly event with a children’s play area for their entertainment, food and door prizes; 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.; For more information about this event,

TUESDAY, JULY 31 SUMMER CONSTELLATIONS Come to the StarLab to learn about the stars in the summer skies at the Science & History Museum; 11 a.m.; 122 E. 2nd Street, (270) 687-2732 or U-BOUNCE OPEN BOUNCE NIGHT; All must wear socks; $7 per child, children under 2 are free, unless they are the only child, adults always free; 5 – 8 p.m.; (270) 685-1255 or

FRIDAY, AUGUST 3 MINI MOVIE – THE BODY CODE Come to StarLab and learn about DNA and how our cells function at the Science & History Museum; 11 a.m.; 122 E. 2nd Street; (270) 687-2732 or U-BOUNCE OPEN BOUNCE NIGHT; All must wear socks; $7 per child, children under 2 are free, unless they are the only child, adults always free; 1 – 9 p.m.; (270) 685-1255 or

contact Project MATCH at 1-877-994-9970. RSVP


FREE FRIDAY AFTER 5 Legally Wired (Pop Rock &


Dance Band) on the BB&T Plaza; Heath and Molly

DOG DAYS OF SUMMER A picture event where

StarLab and learn about comets, asteroids and

Eric in the Courtyard; Street Fair: Dragon Boat

pet parents can get a professional photograph of

meteors at the Science & History Museum;

Festival Preview; 6 -10 p.m.; (270) 687-2787 or

their pet taken by Dream Copy Photography and

11 a.m.; 122 E. 2nd Street; (270) 687-2732 or

the proceeds benefit Saving Paws Animal Rescue

is not required to attend this important event.


. July 2012



family fun SATURDAY, AUGUST 4




Come one, come all! The second Owensboro

younger and Circle Time for ages 3-5; 10 –

Dragon Boat Races will be fun for the whole

10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020

family. Two teams of 20 will race each other

Frederica St.;

roughly 100 meters down the Ohio River in Dragon Boats; 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.; English Park;


For more details contact (270) 926-1100 or


and expectant mothers are invited to attend want everyone to join in the party. Join us at the

on Monday, August 20! Car seat safety checks

RiverPark Center from 4 p.m. to dusk. We will

available (infant carriers and forward-facing seats),

also be announcing the winner of OPM Family

prenatal and newborn care tips, special guest

of the Year as well as signup forms for the next

speakers, local exhibitors, refreshments and

CoverKids contest. Plan to end the night with

door prizes. Mothers are welcome to bring one

the Sunday Movies On The River hosted by the

guest; 6 - 8 p.m.; Owensboro Christian Church,

RiverPark Center. Visit www.owensboroparent.

2818 New Hartford Road. Event sponsored

com/party for complete details. Also visit

by Owensboro Medical Health System, The

SUNDAY, AUGUST 5 and view the

Foundation for Health, Morrison’s Healthcare


event online.

Food Services, Green River District Health

FREE SATURDAY MORNING LIVE! Visit the library every Saturday morning from 10:00—12:00 for self guided fun and educational activities with a focus on literacy and school readiness; Daviess County Public Library, 2020 Frederica St.;

Department & UK Cooperative Extension Service.

Come help us celebrate our first birthday! It’s hard to believe that we will soon be printing our 12th


issue, celebrating one year in business serving

on the BB&T Plaza at RiverPark Center; 8 p.m.;


the Owensboro community. What better way to

101 Daviess Street; (270) 687-2787 or visit


celebrate than with a one year birthday bash? We



. July 2012




. July 2012

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