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from the publisher Another January 1st and another set of resolutions in place. I definitely want to carve out more time for my family. I want to spend more time focusing on my finances. More time helping out at church. I want to complete another triathlon or two. And of course, find ways to improve and grow this magazine. The best way to accomplish all of these goals? Well, the first step would be to find a new year resolutions app. Because what good are resolutions if you don’t have easy access to remind yourself what they are? I should probably download a few and test them out. After all, you have to find the perfect one that allows you to setup timetables, customized alerts and goal-tracking. Maybe I should use multiple apps? One for finances, one for fitness and then one as a catch-all for the rest of my resolutions.

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I obviously need a way to sync my resolutions. I can’t have them solely on my iPhone. They need to be on my iPad. And my notebook computer, in case I’m on the road and need to see them. And while I’m at it, I might as well put them on my office desktop computer. Instant access is the key. But that’s just it. Somewhere in all this technology I seem to lose track of what’s most important. It seems I once again find my gadgets as a distraction from my original resolutions. It’s all of those “iThings” that make me lose sight of what’s important. You see, it’s not in the planning. It’s in the execution. It’s about learning to leave the iPhone in my pocket at dinner time. It’s about shutting off the computer and getting face to face time with my wife and kids.

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If there’s one resolution I want to keep in 2012, it’s to unplug. To feel like it’s OK to be disconnected. And instead, plug myself info my family. Connect with my babies and my wife. Because in the end, technology will keep changing, but so will Ethan and Ella. And I need to keep up with them, not the latest gadgets.

Henry, son of Jenny and John Busse of Owensboro. Advertise Owensboro Parent is a FREE magazine because of community support. Thank you to the great group of businesses & organizations who

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advertise with us. If you want to contribute to the success of our magazine, we would love to hear from you and will work to develop an advertising partnership that will not only benefit you, but also the parents of Owensboro.


. January 2012

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. January 2012

{ from our readers }

parent talk On Facebook, our readers shared the strategies they use to keep their family eating healthy and physically active: “For starters, we always eat as a family. We always have some

“We joined Owensboro Science Museum so that the kids

kind of veggie. We call it a fear food factor, but everyone

can enjoy the play room. It’s a great, safe place for the kids

has to try it. I try baking rather then frying. My

to run around and play. Getting

son is in karate three

the membership saves a lot of

to four nights a week

money, and we don’t have to

so he stays very active.

worry about spending money

He’s limited on video

every time we want to get

game time. If we eat

out of the house! We also

out, he has to get the

enjoy experimenting with

fruit with the meal. He’s

making smoothie drinks.

allowed one soda a day

They are nutritious and the

so he doesn’t over do it.

kids enjoy coming up with

I realize most parents say

their own flavors.”

- Brittany Boswell Woodman

no to sodas, but I feel if he isn’t allowed then he’s more likely to abuse it later.”

- Dolly Cronin Smit h

“We turn on 50’s dance tunes and have Friday Family Dance night. Our children love to get their exercise this way!”

- Lois Hausner Owensboro Parent strives to be an essential companion for parents in Owensboro.

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{ b y : d r. b r i a n g a n n o n ,



winter activities safety As we begin a new year, many families are hoping to renew their commitment to keep their children physically active. Although the colder temperatures may bring some challenges to outdoor activity, parents can encourage children to stay active and safe with a few simple tips. From unstructured time outdoors to winter organized sports, children of all ages have opportunities for wintertime fun. Don’t forget the sun still shines, even in January!

zippered coats and hats work better for younger children,

It may be shocking, but doctors often see more sunburns in

and layers will keep them warmer by keeping away moisture.

winter than in summer. The ice and snow reflect sunshine

Clothing will get wet on the outside with snow and ice, but

onto little faces, and the angle of the sun is closer to the

also from the inside as children sweat. Several well-chosen

earth, especially at higher altitudes like ski resorts. Although

thin layers will keep a child warmer and drier than one thick

most parents will pack sunscreen for a beach trip, we do

sweater that easily gets soaked by the elements.

not always remember the sunscreen or scarves and gloves. The wind on a cold day also dries out the skin, so lotion

Sledding is lots of fun, but parents should always be readily

in general can protect little cheeks and lips from becoming

available and pay close attention to avoid reckless play.

chapped. Many lip balms now include sunscreen to protect

Older kids may try unsafe sledding, like piling too many kids

against this, but it will not help unless parents remember

onto one sled, and they may not notice the incompletely frozen

to use it.

pond at the bottom of that tempting hill. And the younger kids will sometimes head straight for a hidden bump or rock,

Be careful with hoodies & long scarves or coats with cords.

or even a big tree because of their poor ability to steer the sled.

These may become caught in play equipment and strangle

Once again, remember the waterproof gloves and coats!

a toddler who may not be paying attention. Old-fashioned


. January 2012

Sports requiring equipment deserve a special mention, since children usually grow so much between seasons. Always note any requirements of the coach or league, particularly for hockey, such as helmets and mouth guards. It may seem obvious, but be sure that skates and skis fit properly EVERY TIME your child goes to play his sport. Youngsters may need new skates by the end of the season if they hit a growth spurt! And old skates can develop worn leather or torn laces that may increase the chances of ankle injury. Helmets should be worn for many winter sports, given the speeds children reach and the unpredictable nature of ice and snow. These include skiing, snowboarding, hockey and even sledding; wrist injuries are also quite common in snowboarding, so a simple wrist guard is a good investment. Most of us need refresher courses between trips to the slopes, especially children who may forget the details, even though they seem to master the basics faster than the adults, to parents’ chagrin. The wisest way to start any ski or snowboarding trip is for your child to work with an instructor on a gentle slope before cutting loose and (possibly) taking unnecessary risks. (Speaking from experience, I have an 11-year-old son. Enough said.) One last comment on supervision: NOBODY, including adults, should skate or be involved in winter activity alone. There is too much risk of a pond being partly melted or a hole hidden by a snowdrift, or a simple fall onto black ice leading to a bad head injury. Also don’t forget to keep supplies in the car in the event of an unexpected winter storm. An ice scraper, extra blanket, thermos with fluids to drink, snacks for the whole family and a full tank of gas are all very helpful when trapped by a blizzard, or just a flat tire on a cold night. Walking in a winter wonderland may be fun, beautiful and great exercise, but safety is still paramount for those of us with children!


Dr. Gannon and his wife seem to spend as much time every winter bundling their five children as they do out in the cold, since their little cheeks get red and chapped within minutes. He is a partner at Pediatric Partners in Owensboro, where the winter days are always nice and warm inside.



3 healthy ways to share control by offering choices

Why are choices important? When you offer a child a choice, you are, in fact, sharing control with them. The Love and Logic parenting program teaches “The Science of Control.” When we share the control, we get our share. When we hoard the control, we soon lose it all. Let me draw you a picture of a parent who has lost all control. This is a parent that is exhausted all the time. They make special meals just for one certain little person. They watch what the child wants to watch on television. They do the things they need to do on this itty bitty person’s schedule. Sound familiar? It’s very simple actually. We either give control or the other person takes it! Here are the

{ by: christina dalton,

mssw, csw


three rules for offering choices:


If the child does not choose, be prepared to choose yourself.


Be sure to pick two choices YOU can live with.


NEVER give a choice unless you’re willing to allow the child to live with the consequences of his/her bad choice. (Remember, you can live with either choice.) I want to illustrate the wrong way and the right way to offer choices.

{wrong way} Parent: Drink your milk! Child: NO! Parent: Ok, do you want juice or milk? (This makes you look like a wimp.)

{right way} Parent: Do you want juice or milk? Child: I want candy! Parent: Nice try. Juice or milk? (The key is after about 5-10 seconds of not choosing, make a decision for them.) 10 OWENSBORO PARENT

. January 2012

This technique of offering choices will help you, especially with younger children. I promise if you pick for them, the next time a choice is offered they will make it. Simply because they don’t want you to make it for them. You can really make this fun and offer choices that don’t matter to anyone but them. Do you want to put your pants on first or your shirt? Do you want to brush your teeth first or potty? It can really make a difference in how your mornings go because the more you tell a child what to do, the slower they move! But if you share the control and learn how to give away a little control, then I promise you will get a lot back!


upcoming: love and logic class February 28 – March 27 (Tuesdays) 5:45 p.m.- 7:30 p.m. DCPS Learning Center For more information or to register, contact Christina Dalton.

Christina Dalton, MSSW, CSW is the Family Resource Center Coordinator for Daviess County Public Schools.




. January 2012

like mother, like son { paid advertorial }


estern Kentucky University in Owensboro is home to


a diverse group of students. Many are first-generation,

“I want my children to know that an education is never to be

some are senior citizens, but Sondra Swihart, 42, and Ryan

taken for granted, and that it is one of the most important things

Ferguson, 19, are a first for WKU-O.

in life to have,” Sondra said. “One of my high school teachers

This mother and son duo are both pursuing their bachelor’s

always stressed that ‘everything a person has can be taken away,

degree at this local campus. Sondra, a student in WKU-O’s social

but knowledge--your education-- can never be taken away.’ I

work program, and Ryan, in the sport management program,

want my children to know this, and be proud to live in a country

don’t actually have any courses together, but admit that they do help each other with homework. “We both have friendly competition with each other and want to out-do each other on tests and quizzes, but if we need help then we’re there for each other,” Ryan said. According to Ryan, this competition

where we are given this opportunity. They

“I love telling people my son and I go to college together.”

benefits both him and his mom.

“I think we inspire each other to do the best we can because

should not waste it!”

It seems as though Ryan is not wasting

his opportunity and is giving Sondra reason to be proud.

“If I want to do anything with my

future, then education is a necessity,” Ryan said.

And Ryan’s diligent pursuit of higher

education helps keep Sondra motivated.

of how competitive we are,” Ryan said.

to improve his skills gives me the drive to continue working

For Sondra, obtaining her degree is a personal goal. While

she does hope it will help her find a career, she says that

“Knowing my son is getting a college education and wanting

hard for my education,” Sondra said.


showing her six children the importance of education is just as

Western Kentucky University in Owensboro has been educating students for over 40 years.

Learn more online:




. January 2012

{ by: bill anderson }

5 steps to

winning financially in 2012


e are still in a recession, and you’ll continue to hear

purchases in an envelope. Use this cash every time to shop at the

some bad economic news almost daily. Your 401K, IRA

food store. Pay cash only. This system, combined with a shopping

and other investments may still need to recover. These facts and

list each trip, will help you get a real handle on what you spend

others like them have driven lots of folks to retreat in absolute

for groceries, and it will save you 18-20 percent each month. Use

fear. I hope that you decide not to let that fear take over your life.

this same system for entertainment, gas, clothing, etc., and you

You can develop a plan now that will help you win financially

will immediately begin to save in those areas as well.

in 2012. Here are five positive steps you can take to be sure you make it through these difficult times:

4 Begin to pay off your debts. Pay off your debts from the smallest to the largest. Every time you pay off one debt, combine

1 Do a cash flow plan each month. When you approach each

that money with the payment toward the next smallest debt until

month with a plan for your money, it goes further. For married

it is paid, etc. Most folks can be completely out of debt in 12

couples, having an agreed-to cash flow plan for the month will

to 36 months using this method and good money management

eliminate nearly all money fights.


2 Set aside an emergency fund. Why? Because life happens.

5 Sell everything you don’t need. I know a couple who recently

If you are not prepared for emergencies, you will need to turn

had a garage sale and generated over $2,200. This is cash to help

to VISA to catch your slack, and they charge a bunch to do it.

with your emergency fund and to pay off smaller debts.

Married couples need to set aside about $1,000; singles need to set aside about $500. Agree on what constitutes an emergency

If you are willing to focus, you can emerge from these difficult

up front and don’t touch this money except for emergencies.

times as a financial winner. You do not need to live in fear.


Knowing that you can handle emergencies will bring peace in the middle of troubles. Bill Anderson is the founder of Anderson Financial Coaching. For over three

3 Use a simple “envelope system” for grocery store purchases. Each pay period, place the money designated for grocery store

decades, Bill has been guiding people and organizations. He and his wonderful wife, Thanna, have three children, all married to great folks. In addition, they have four grandchildren, all beautiful, bright blessings. January 2012 . OWENSBORO PARENT


advice from an

ordinary dad

healthy families in 2012 by thinking 5-2-1-0

Working as a team to change our local health is absolutely necessary – and working as a family “team” is absolutely necessary to change your child’s health outlook (and your’s). { by: dean ehrenheim }


t’s been said that this next generation can expect a lower life

action group that is working locally with public and private

expectancy than their parents, a first in the modern era of

leaders to make long-term health policy changes. Funded by

medical breakthroughs. Even these breakthroughs may not be

the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the YMCA of USA,

enough to combat an unhealthy lifestyle.

action teams have broken through turf barriers and have guided

The statistics have been pointing to this uncomfortable

the health discussion between local governments, schools,

prognosis for the past 30 years. Take a few minutes and Google

the health department, the hospital, the YMCA, the county

“CDC Obesity Trends” and click “play” on the US map. You

extension office, business leaders, local farmers and more. Now

will see an animated image of the United States, depicting the

that’s good teamwork.

percentage of overweight people over time. The change in just

20 years is striking.

necessary – and working as a family “team” is absolutely

However, there is great hope on the horizon. National

necessary to change your child’s health outlook (and your’s).

organizations like the Centers for Disease Control, the Robert

Both children and parents need to work together to make this

Wood Foundation, the YMCA of the USA and many others


Working as a team to change our local health is absolutely

are paring with local groups to make a difference at the grassroots level. In Owensboro, we have a number of impact

If health is a family priority in 2012, think 5-2-1-0.

groups, ranging from Bike Owensboro to Healthy Horizons to

5 servings of fruits or vegetables every day

Pioneering Healthier Communities.

Each group and others are worthy of noting, but Pioneering

Healthier Communities (PHC) is a newly formed, broad-base 16 OWENSBORO PARENT

. January 2012

In order for kids to eat five servings of fruits and/or

vegetables, parent(s) have to provide them. Do your part on

the family team and shop appropriately. And here’s a tip

hide and seek until dark (and even after dark) and be gone for

to make fruits and vegetables more tasty and interesting:

hours on end. In January, it may be more difficult to let your

shop seasonally. The benefits include tastier food (since

kids play outside for hours, but when there’s snow, have a snow

the fruit or vegetable is naturally ripened), cost is lower

ball fight (throw gently) or make snow angels and snow men.

(since there are greater quantities) and there is no

Consider skating at the Edge Ice Center or RiverPark Winter

chance of getting bored with seasonal foods because

Wonderland, play ball at the Y or your local church, and if you

they are only in-season for a month or two. Let me

have elementary school age kids at home, try sock wrestling.

use peaches as an example. I love peaches. The late

When my kids were young, I would put a sock in each back pant

summer peach is dense, juicy and sweet. They are

pocket and dare my kids to try and pull them out. It got tricky

plentiful and reasonably priced. However, I have

by the time I had three young energetic sons!

been disappointed more than once by purchasing a

0 sweetened drinks

beautiful looking peach out of season, only to pitch my tasteless and expensive purchase into the trash. Eat seasonally and you won’t be disappointed.

2 hours of screen time a day

Stay away from sugar-sweetened drinks like sodas and fruit drinks. That will drastically drop your family’s intake of “empty” calories. I’ll never forget when I heard a nutritionist call sweetened juice “liquid candy.” Drinking 100 percent fruit

That may sound like a lot, but according to a 2010

juice is better, but even it is full of natural sugars. At a number

Kaiser Family Foundation report, our youth take in an

of Y’s and afterschool programs water is now being served

average of 7+ hours of screen time a day. Remember, screen

instead of juices.

time doesn’t just mean TV. It includes computer time, texting

So if your family team wants to have a healthier 2012,

and personal gaming devices-- anything with a screen. Can we

remember 5-2-1-0. Even if your family only adopts part of the

expect our kids to limit screen time if we as parents don’t set the

plan, something is better than nothing. And just like the success

example? Too hard? How about just committing to the weekend

we are seeing in our local community, working as a team is the

or a couple nights a week? Start small and see how it goes.

best way for your family to win the health battle. Get Mom, Dad,

Looking for something to do? I have never known a child to

Suzie and little Johnny all to be part of the plan for a healthier

choose TV over playing a good, family game. Bring back family

2012 with 5-2-1-0.


game night. Try it, you’ll like it.

1 hour of physical activity a day

Walk, bike or play for an hour a day. This was never difficult

for me as a child. In times of long light and warm days, my

Dean Ehrenheim, with his wife Jeanette, is raising four great kids. He regularly writes about his experiences in parenting, coaching and wellness. His email is

neighbors and I were “free-range” kids. We’d play at the park down the road, touch football in the street, tag in the yard,



5 quick food makeovers

Feeding your family healthy food doesn’t mean it’s all about salads and veggie pitas. There are plenty of ways you can transform your family’s favorite dishes into healthier alternatives. Even kid foods like macaroni and cheese, pizza, and hot dogs can be relatively wholesome with a few ingredient adjustments. Here are several fast fixes, as well as some healthy family-friendly recipes to try.


peanut butter and jelly sandwich Use 1 tablespoon of natural-style peanut butter. Use 1 tablespoon of less-sugar grape jelly (such as Smucker’s Low Sugar). Use whole wheat or whole-grain bread, or fiber-enriched white bread. BEFORE: 335 calories, 10.9 g fat, 2.1 g saturated fat, 2.5 g fiber AFTER: 290 calories, 10.9 g fat, 1.7 g saturated fat, 5.5 g fiber SAVINGS: 45 calories saved, plus 3 g fiber added!

french fries Choose lower-fat frozen French fries. Bake them instead of frying. Complement this side dish with a fruit and a vegetable, so the family doesn’t overdo the fries. BEFORE: 245 calories, 12 g fat, 5.6 g saturated fat, 0.8 g fiber per 3-ounce serving AFTER: 122 calories, 4 g fat, 0.5 g saturated fat, 1 g fiber per 3-ounce serving SAVINGS: 123 calories, 8 g fat, 5.1 g saturated fat, plus 0.2 g fiber added!

hot dogs Choose a reduced-fat hot dog. (Ball Park Lite, Louis Rich Turkey Franks, and Hebrew National Reduced Fat are great options.) Look for whole wheat or higher-fiber buns. Add onions and tomato, if desired, for added nutrition. Choose lower-fat and lower-calorie condiments such as ketchup or mustard. BEFORE: 366 calories, 22 g fat, 9.1 g saturated fat, 1.2 g fiber AFTER: 325 calories, 11 g fat, 3.2 g saturated fat, 5.8 g fiber SAVINGS: 41 calories, 11 g fat, and 5.9 g saturated fat, plus 4.6 g fiber added! . January . January OWENSBORO PARENT 18 18 OWENSBORO PARENT 20122012

macaroni and cheese from the box Use 2 tablespoons of no-trans-fat margarine (choose one with 8 grams of fat per tablespoon) instead of 4 tablespoons of butter. Use low-fat milk instead of whole milk. Add a tablespoon or 2 of fat-free or light sour cream, if needed for creaminess. Add veggies on the side or in the macaroni (such as 1/2 cup of steamed broccoli per serving). SAVINGS: 72 calories and 8 g fat per serving (if four servings per box), plus 2.3 g fiber added!

mexican dishes Use reduced-fat Monterey Jack and/or cheddar cheese. Work in beans every chance you get. Use extra-lean meat (super-lean ground beef or ground sirloin, skinless chicken breast, lean pork trimmed of visible fat). Use fat-free or light sour cream instead of regular. Work in whole grains and vegetables (such as brown rice, whole wheat tortillas, tomatoes, green peppers, etc.). www.O



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. January 2012












{ by: lora wimsatt }

the pursuit of pp S

ha ine s

Maybe the problem is woven into that phrase – Happy New Year – and involves focusing too much on the notion that we need a “new me,” that there was something wrong with the “old me.”


appy New Year!

certain place we can get to – IF we could only have this, do that,

Having just begun, there’s no question that it is new …

change this, be that.

and it’s a safe bet that 2012 will last for a year.

We are all aware of our shortcomings, the areas in our

But happy? That’s the one that comes without a guarantee.

lives that need improvement. And there’s nothing wrong with

Especially if you’re measuring happiness in the achievement

wanting to do our best, be our best.

of those New Year resolutions.

Working toward goals can be a positive experience. It feels

The usual suspects: Lose weight, find a hobby, quit smoking,

great to see the dial on the scale moving in the right direction,

start exercising, spend less money on stuff we don’t need, spend

and to be able to get into our favorite jeans again without

more time with family and friends.

holding our breath while zipping. We feel better when we look

All great goals, worthy of pursuit.

better, not just physically, but emotionally too.

But also pretty daunting, and potentially discouraging.

Maybe the problem is woven into that phrase – Happy New

many ways. Not just financially, but with peace of mind.

Setting a budget – and sticking to it – is also liberating in so

Year – and involves focusing too much on the notion that we

need a “new me,” that there was something wrong with the “old

and friends. It’s a positive cycle: The happier the people around


us are, the happier we are.

Or maybe it’s the idea of having to sustain these changes for a

This issue of “Owensboro Parent” magazine offers some

year – forever.

really great information, advice, guidance and encouragement

Or maybe it’s just that we think happiness is a specific,

for how you can make this your happiest year ever.


. January 2012

And there are so many benefits to reconnecting with family

But it’s important to remember that happiness is not measured by the numbers on a scale, nor by whether your budget balances at the end of the month, or by joining a club or taking up stamp collecting. The most valuable gift we can give ourselves as 2012 begins is the gift of accepting ourselves and the people around us, unconditionally and without judgment or reservation.

The truth is, we tend to be kinder, gentler, more

forgiving with those whom we love. So let’s start by loving ourselves, just as we are right now.

Then – paradoxically – it becomes easier to treat

ourselves well by making healthy and positive choices for ourselves.

So Happy New Year to you, just the way you are.

Enjoy yourself, enjoy 2012 – and let’s make them both the best they can possibly be.


Lora Wimsatt is a mother, grandmother and writer. She enjoys the everyday blessings and adventures of life, especially her family.




. January 2012


an interview with anji edge:

through the eyes of jonah

SON HAD DOWN’S SYNDROME? We were shocked, scared, and not certain what the future held. However, this was overshadowed by his life-threatening medical issues. Jonah was air-lifted to Louisville at 1 day old, and spent 10 days in the NICU. We were too busy trying to keep him alive to dwell on what Down syndrome meant, long term, to us, him and our families. WHAT WAS IT LIKE SHARING THE NEWS WITH YOUR OTHER CHILDREN? Sarah and Jacob were toddlers (4 and 3) when we told them Jonah had DS. It really didn’t mean much to them as they were more concerned about getting him home from the hospital for us be together as a family. Jonah’s special needs became a “normal” part of their lives. In fact, when Levi was born, Jonah was 3, Sarah asked when the “toy lady” was coming to see Levi. In her mind, having a baby meant therapists came to the house weekly to play with toys. She assumed all babies received this type

{ by: jaime rafferty }

of service!

Good health for a child is what parents hope for. Happiness and success are important too, but it’s difficult for a child to have those without his or her health. The Edge family knows about this kind of hope. They know what it means to sit by a child’s bedside, hoping for health. Hoping for life.

IS PARENTING JONAH DIFFERENT FROM PARENTING YOUR OTHER CHILDREN? I would have to say no. Jonah has Down syndrome. That doesn’t

Married for 21 years, Anji and Larry Edge are the proud parents of four children, Sarah, 18, Jacob 17, Jonah 14, and Levi, 11. The Edges are a normal, happy family, involved with church and their community. But what makes their story unique is their son Jonah, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome, an issue further complicated by heart and lung disease, sleep apnea, apraxia of speech and hearing loss.

excuse him from learning manners, how to follow rules, how to complete his household chores, etc. We do interact with Jonah differently but the expectations are no different than for our other children. We help him learn January 2012 . OWENSBORO PARENT


how to fulfill expectations through visual learning. It does


no good to tell Jonah to pick up his shoes, carry them to the


door and place them neatly with the other shoes. We have to

Absolutely! Our children have grown up with Jonah, and are

show him what is expected, remembering to communicate our

extremely accepting of individuals with any disability. The

expectations via sign language when necessary. And then we

oldest two have been most impacted. They are compassionate

expect him to comply, just like our other children.

and empathetic young adults as a direct result of Jonah.


My youngest is learning some of those same lessons. Our


children are better people, better siblings and strong in their

Jonah’s biggest obstacles have been medical issues. He has

convictions for having Jonah in our family. We have all

undergone 43 sedated medical procedures in his life. These

learned that our faith shines the brightest during dark times.

include three open heart surgeries, five airway surgeries, and

We have weathered dark times, and grown our commitment to

numerous other procedures. He has spent months of his life in

Jesus Christ in ways that may never have happened, without

the hospital fighting illnesses, recovering from surgeries and

the gift of Jonah.

undergoing life-saving treatments. Larry and I are different people today than prior to Jonah’s At 3, Jonah lost the ability to speak after his second open heart

birth. We’ve spent many scary, lonely days sitting by Jonah’s

surgery. He subsequently was diagnosed with apraxia. Speech

bedside. We’ve been brought to our knees by the reality

delays have left negative impacts on his life. Jonah can speak,

that Jonah could die from illnesses and surgeries. We found

and approximate several words, but relies, almost exclusively,

strength that we never knew existed. That strength comes

on sign language to communicate. He also has significant

from God.

bilateral hearing loss that further complicates communication.


. January 2012

God blessed us with Jonah.....and God has continued to bless

My acceptance came one spring morning, when Jonah was 5 or

us with His presence, His comfort, and His peace through the

6 months old. We were sitting on the floor, practicing physical

ups and downs of Jonah’s life.

therapy “homework.” Jonah proceeded to master a skill we had been working on. He looked at me and laughed aloud.

I’m positive God knew what He was doing when He set

The pride displayed in his mastery of this physical skill finally

us on this path. I have learned that everything has merit.

penetrated the walls around my heart. I held myself apart

Everything has beauty. Spending tywo hours blowing

from Jonah - struggling through each day, each medical crisis

dandelions on a spring afternoon is a worthy use of my time.

and not allowed my mother’s heart to know him, until that

Sitting in the yard, “watching” the wind blowing through the


trees and grass is something every mom should experience. There is beauty to be found in this world - through the eyes of

The sun shone on his baby fine hair while his dark eyes were


sparkling with laughter. It was that moment, Jonah, God, and I had a long talk. And the acceptance came. And thus began


my true journey with Jonah.

I would have to say Jonah’s dreams for the future include being alive, seeing joy by finding something worthy of laughter every single day and the ability to share his love and laughter

Jaime Rafferty enjoys writing, as a hobby. She lives is Owensboro with her

with people who are important to him.

husband, Paul and their two children.


It doesn’t take much to make Jonah smile or laugh. He exudes true joy. There is a lesson to be learned in that reality for all of us. Jonah loves life, and his willingness to fight to stay alive has been amazing to watch. HOW DO YOU ENCOURAGE JONAH TO REACH THOSE DREAMS? We encourage all of our children to reach their dreams. We love them, support them and most importantly we pray for them. God’s hand is all over Jonah’s life. In the same manner, His handprint is displayed in our other children’s lives. As parents, we love, nurture and accept them for who they are, what they are capable of and what they are not. We then turn them over to God, and pray daily for His provision, His guidance and His purpose in their lives. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU SHARE WITH “SPECIAL NEEDS” FAMILIES WHO ARE HAVING A DIFFICULT TIME AND STRUGGLING WITH A DIAGNOSIS? Be kind to yourself. There is no right or wrong way to come to acceptance of a diagnosis of any type. It will come. Not without tears, sadness and heartache. But it will come.




. January 2012

{ snowdays }

familyfun! marshmallow-toasting snowmen Construct these snowmen using traditional three-snowball towers. Add bri-

MATERIALS Charcoal briquettes


quettes for eyes, carrots for noses, apple slices for ears and radishes for mouths


Toasted marshmallows

(held in place with toothpicks). Use branches to create the snowmen’s arms,

Apple slices

Hats and scarves

each displaying a handful of toasted marshmallows. Add brightly-colored hats



and scarves for extra style.


Three large candles

To build a snowball campfire, lay a circle of logs, then roll several dozen snowballs and stack them in an igloo-like shape, leaving the chinks open so light can flicker through. Generate the light with three large pillar candles.




{ snowdays }

familyfun! Downhill Skiing Snowmen To make this downhill racer, start with a standard three-ball tower. Once the snowman’s body is fully constructed, slip a pair of skis under the base snowball. Use apple slices for ears, a carrot for a nose and a row of radishes for a mouth, held in place with toothpicks (as shown).


Evergreen boughs

Apple slices

Ski goggles




Ski poles



Hat and scarf


Wire coat hange

Clear Con-Tact paper


. January 2012

To achieve a windblown look, support a hat and scarf with a wire coat hanger (or sticks) and add a shock of evergreen bough hair. Press a pair of snow goggles into the snowman’s head with the strap left inside. Add sticks for the snowman’s arms, with ski poles placed in the branches. Use the same materials and technique to construct a smaller snow child. Give the child a cardboard sign, protected from the elements with clear Con-Tact paper. OP



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Address: E-mail Address: 32 OWENSBORO PARENT

. January 2012

{ owensboro parent }

january calendar

Informing parents about fun, local events is a priority for Owensboro Parent. Our magazine compiles events from across the city and county. So when your family is looking for something to do, check out the Owensboro Parent calendar, where you will find information on local events, including event descriptions, locations, dates, times and price. Want to include your event? Contact the editor at


CHRISTMAS AT PANTHER CREEK PARK An outdoor driving lighted

WINTER WONDERLAND Watch the excitement on your child’s face

tour with 250,000+ lights winding through Panther Creek Park;

when they takea spin on the largest outdoor skating rink in the Tri-

5160 Wayne Bridge Road; $3 per carload;

State, enjoy watching your favorite holiday movies on the giant 40ft movie screen, stroll through the grand lobby and gaze at thousands


of twinkling lights or visit with Ole St. Nick himself; 12 – 9 p.m.;


event description on January 1.

RiverPark Center, 101 Daviess St.; CHRISTMAS AT PANTHER CREEK PARK See event description on FREE CHRISTMAS IN THE PARK Giant

elves, trees, toys and figures,

January 1.

not to mention Santa in his sleigh, line Legion’s half-mile walking path; Legion Park, Byers Ave and JR Miller Blvd.; 5:30 p.m. Lighting


Ceremony; Rides on the Independence Express 6:15 p.m.;

for ages 3-5; 10 – 10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020

Frederica St.;

Read for ages 2 and younger and Circle Time



JANUARY 3 U-BOUNCE OPEN BOUNCE NIGHT; All must wear socks; $7 per child, children under 2 are free, unless they are the only child, adults always free; 5 - 8 p.m.; (270) 685- 1255 or


Read for ages 2 and younger and Circle Time

for ages 3-5; 10 – 10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020 Frederica St.; FREE ARTLAND An

exciting new dimension in education, is an

interactive art studio created especially for children ages 4 to 10. It is a special place designed to challenge and stimulate the imagination while allowing children to create works of art at their own pace. ARTLAND features an art laboratory fully equipped with supplies and materials for making works of art and is complemented by childsized easels and tables; Museum open Thursday & Friday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.; Saturday & Sunday 1 - 4 p.m.; OMFA, 901 Frederica Street; 270-685-3181 or


event description on January 5.

U-BOUNCE OPEN BOUNCE NIGHT; All must wear socks; $7 per child, children under 2 are free, unless they are the only child, adults always free; 5 - 10 p.m.; (270) 685- 1255 or


. January 2012


event description on January 5.


event description on January 5.


Read for ages 2 and younger and Circle Time

for ages 3-5; 10 – 10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020 Frederica St.;

JANUARY 10 U-BOUNCE OPEN BOUNCE NIGHT; All must wear socks; $7 per child, children under 2 are free, unless they are the only child, adults always free; 5 - 8 p.m.; (270) 685- 1255 or


Read for ages 2 and younger and Circle Time

for ages 3-5; 10 – 10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020 Frederica St.; FREE ARTLAND See

event description on January 5.


event description on January 5.



U-BOUNCE OPEN BOUNCE NIGHT; All must wear socks; $7 per


child, children under 2 are free, unless they are the only child, adults

U-BOUNCE OPEN BOUNCE NIGHT; All must wear socks; $7 per

always free; 5 - 10 p.m.; (270) 685- 1255 or

child, children under 2 are free, unless they are the only child, adults always free; 5 - 10 p.m.; (270) 685- 1255 or


event description on January 5.



event description on January 5.

JANUARY 21 event description on January 5.


event description on January 5.


TAKE A KID TO THE GAME Sponsored through Parks & Rec. Come


watch Brescia University vs Berea College! Parents/guardians may receive free tickets to experience the thrill of basketball with a child


Read for ages 2 and younger and Circle Time

for ages 3-5; 10 – 10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020

at the Owensboro Sportscenter. Three ticket maximum per family (1 adult, 2 children); Women’s game 6 p.m. and men’s game 8 p.m.

Frederica St.;



event description on January 5.

U-BOUNCE OPEN BOUNCE NIGHT; All must wear socks; $7 per child, children under 2 are free, unless they are the only child, adults


always free; 5 - 8 p.m.; (270) 685- 1255 or


Read for ages 2 and younger and Circle Time

for ages 3-5; 10 – 10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020


Frederica St.;


Readfor ages 2 and younger and Circle Time

for ages 3-5; 10 – 10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020


Frederica St.;


A soul-stirring musical

based on the classic FREE ARTLAND See

event description on January 5.

Pulitzer Prize- winning novel by Alice Walker.

SYLVESTER AND THE MAGIC PEBBLE When Sylvester, a winsome

It has captured the

young donkey, picks up a shiny red pebble, its magic spins a

hearts of young and

heartwarming story that reveals to him the tru importance of

old, uniting audiences

family and friends. With life-size puppets, maksed actors, magaical

in a community of

illusions, Enchantment Theatre transforms this book into a delightful

joy; 7 p.m.; RiverPark

adaptation for the stage; 9:15 & 11:30 a.m.; RiverPark Center, 101

Center, 101 Daviess St.;

Daviess St.;


. January 2012

U-BOUNCE OPEN BOUNCE NIGHT; All must wear socks; $7 per

world through the eyes of great composers; 7:30 p.m.; RiverPark

child, children under 2 are free, unless they are the only child, adults

Center, 101 Daviess St.;

always free; 5 - 8 p.m.; (270) 685- 1255 or




event description on January 5.

Read for ages 2 and younger and Circle Time

for ages 3-5; 10 – 10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020

BRIDAL SHOW Calling all brides! Caterers, florists, jewelers,and

Frederica St.;

other vendors will be at RiverPark Center from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. to help you plan your big day. A wedding and prom fashion show will


event description on January 5.

also be presented; RiverPark Center, 101 Daviess St.; riverparkcenter. org.


event description on January 5.


Read for ages 2 and younger and Circle Time

U-BOUNCE OPEN BOUNCE NIGHT; All must wear socks; $7 per

for ages 3-5; 10 – 10:30 a.m.; Daviess County Public Library, 2020

child, children under 2 are free, unless they are the only child, adults

Frederica St.;

always free; 5 - 10 p.m.; (270) 685- 1255 or ubouncepartyhouse.



U-BOUNCE OPEN BOUNCE NIGHT; All must wear socks; $7 per


child, children under 2 are free, unless they are the only child, adults event description on January 5.

always free; 5 - 8 p.m.; (270) 685- 1255 or

OWENSBORO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA “PORTRAITS” concert will present music that paints in sound. Close your eyes and see the



{ curtain call }

sylvester and the

magic pebble

W hen Sylvester, a winsome donkey, picks up a shiny red pebble, its magic spins a heartwarming story that reveals to him the true importance of family and friends. This charming story has now been adapted for the stage by Enchantment Theatre Company, drawn from the much-loved children’s book, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. Sylvester was written and illustrated by William Steig, author of numerous popular children’s books including the famed story Shrek (inspiration for the universally known film series and the hit Broadway musical). Sylvester was honored with the prized Caldecott Medal for children’s literature. This tale has engaged the imagination and captivated the hearts and souls of children and families everywhere. In Enchantment’s production, Sylvester learns that magic works very well sometimes — he can turn the rain on and off! — but it can

also work against him — when he transforms himself into a rock to escape a hungry lion. How will he escape from the rock? How will his loving family ever find him? Will he ever get home? Enchantment, one of America’s groundbreaking producers of original theater for children and families, utilizes all its theatrical signature elements — life-size puppets, masked actors, magical illusions and original musical score, to follow Sylvester’s brave journey. Enchantment Theatre Company will debut the national touring production of Sylvester and the Magic Pebble in the fall of 2011 and tour through the spring of 2013, delighting and enchanting audiences all across America. Who will love Sylvester? Everyone from young children all the way up to their grandparents —anyone who believes in happy endings and that there is no place like home. OP

Visit for information now for Sylvester and the Magic Pebble presented by Enchantment Theatre Company

Performances at the RiverPark Center on January 19, 2012. 9:15 a.m. & 11:30 a.m.


. January 2012




. January 2012

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