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P R O D U CT, U I & UX D E S I G N

About Me

Product, UI & UX Designer


I’m a Designer from Snowdonia, Wales, who loves a new challenge. When I’m not designing you might find me playing guitar and piano (not at the same time, though I’m trying to figure it out) or hitch-hiking the world.

I decided to become a designer because I feel that design can âœ?ď¸? have the most significant positive impact on society. It is a vital

role, especially with the social and ecological problems that we are facing in today’s world. I see design as a way of combating these problems and empowering those in need.

Constant learning and curiosity help me keep an open mind, and đ&#x;“–ď¸? so my products vary greatly. To me, good design comes from the thoughtful integration of service and physical design, and there is never a “one-size-fits-allâ€? solution. Not knowing what’s around the corner is what I find exciting about design, and what pushes me to create innovative products.


+44 7901 641482

✉ď¸? đ&#x;Œ?ď¸?

Skills đ&#x;–Ľ





CAD Video Programming Language





After Effects







Grade 8 Bb Cornet

Grade 5 Theory

Solidworks Photoshop



National National Youth Brass Youth Jazz Member Member

Logic Pro X


Adobe Xd

Content 8

Den VR


Torre Minima

28 Motus



Live Briefs


UI/UX, Packaging

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Skull Coffin


NUCreate Society

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Jake Phipps Ltd

Product, Packaging

C.V. VIDEO EDITOR & ASSISTANT CAMERA Studio Trackside, Toronto • • •

Involved in the Ingest, Assembly, Colouring and Sound Design for corporate videos and commercial social media accounts. Assisted on shoots as an Assistant Cameraman, setting up and maintaining lights, cameras and environments. Our clients included the Canadian Country Music Awards, Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards, Toronto Botanical Gardens and multiple startups.

BIO-ENGINEERING INTERN Bangor Biocomposites Lab, Wales • •

• • •

March - April 2018

Simulated products using Solidworks based on specific biocomposites that were produced in the lab. Learnt how to test materials under lab conditions and how to use the data in modelling software.


April - August 2018

May - August 2017

Involved in the ideation, design, research and manufacture of high-end furniture alongside a senior designer. Independently learnt to use Rhino for creating technical drawings to send to clients, as well as for creating finalised models that I rendered in Keyshot. Used Premier Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator for designing promotional material. Assisted with extensive research into using various resins as a construction material, as well as testing hundreds of combinations of pigments.

DESIGN FOR INDUSTRY (BA HONS) Northumbria University, UK

2016 - Current

A hands-on design course that teaches design theory, research methods, modelmaking, sketching and industrial manufacturing methods. Our projects include individual and group projects in Product, Graphics, Service, UI and UX Design.


March - June 2016

The ‘Adolescentes En El Camino’ in Oaxaca was a shelter for teenagers who were on their journey to the USA to escape poverty and involvement in gangs and drug trafficking. • Communicating with teenagers to aid their rehabilitation and education. • Cooperating with staff and migrants and diffusing high-risk situations. • Organising and leading activities and fundraisers.


March - June 2016

Taught the fundamentals of Music Theory and Songwriting to a group of Mexican children. These were interactive lessons where we created music and basic functional instruments to empower the children creatively.


2014 - 2015

This course provided me with invaluable experience in experimentation and creativity. My final major project was an acoustic pedal-powered music machine that could play whatever rhythm the user set. • Developed knowledge and creativity in the creative industries. • Showcased work in our final exhibition • Explored existing media and developing new experimental techniques

A-LEVEL Ysgol Tryfan Secondary School, Wales Maths; Physics; Product Design; Music WJEC National Innovation Award BSA CREST Award National Science + Engineering

2007 - 2014 -----------------------------

A*, A, A, A 2nd Prize Gold Finalist


How can a virtual space keep close friends close? Den is an open-sky project for an app where you can meet up with anyone in a recreation of a familiar living room. Create the perfect place for meeting up with old friends, express yourself in a safe environment and keep a permanent collection of curated memories at your fingertips.


4 Weeks

Watch the video prototype here:

Meet Geoff

How can the internet keep me close with friends?

Can I stay connected without the anxiety of social media?

1/3 of internet users miss out on spending time with friends and family.

Heavy social media users are twice as likely to report experiencing social isolation.


American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Johnny is doing research into online VR meetups

Johnny goes to Den on the App Store to find out more

Johnny uses the Den app for the first time




He wants to find a way of connecting with his old friends.

He reads the app description and some good reviews and he’s willing to try it out.

Using the app makes him feel empowered to be there for his friends and to not be scared of making new ones.

Future-looking Student • •

Age 19 Student in North East


New student who has moved away from home and is quite introverted. Wants to be fairly successful but not too motivated.



User Goals




Feel part of a community


Feel understood

Simple language that isn’t patronising but empowering and exciting. Accessible to all ages and but not childish.



Experience Takeaways

Feel part of a community Feel understood

Business Objectives

• •




Not spend too much time setting up


Feel part of a community


Wants the best app on offer so he


Feel understood

doesn’t have to keep trying new stuff


Not feel pressured to use the app

Den wants to appeal to all types of people without seeming patronising or as a wellbeing tool, but as something that can aid somebody’s everyday life.



Little use of language. Always positive and encouraging the user to try new things. Reassuring during daunting tasks.











Attract Customers

Attract Customers

User Confidence


Can you recreate a familiar space? To recreate my living room I measured the wall sizes with a laser measurer, and then put this data into Sketchup. I then managed to match the furniture and windows with a photo of the actual space using the Match Photo tool. This world was then imported into Unity where I could create and apply textures to each surface, create interactable objects using the VRChat SDK and create functioning lights. I had a lot of difficulties with this since Sketchup does not apply the correct settings for Unity - the scales and mesh normals were completely off, and did not interact well with light sources. I enjoyed creating the map, although it was a frustrating and confusing process to get every slight detail working. Even now it has many glitches. Having been through the process once I’m sure it wouldn’t take me half the time next time.

Actors and Set

3D Re-creation in Sketchup

Lighting and Physics in Unity

Self-representation through an avatar Using Adobe Fuse I managed to recreate myself and two housemates as realistic 3D avatars. In Fuse you can mould each facial feature and body feature until they are perfect matches. I also added clothing that was similar to real clothes that we had. After I’d created the models and exported them with armatures using Mixamo, I had to reduce the polygon count in Blender, then re-export it for creating the avatars in Unity. Once in Unity, I reassigned the armature and textures, set the eye-line and uploaded it to my VRChat account. Creating the avatars was a fun process, if not a bit creepy. It’s very strange seeing yourself as an avatar, and the slightest imperfections make it uncanny. Having looked at my own face for so many hours, I’ve certainly noticed some features that I wasn’t aware of previously.


3D Re-creation (Adobe Fuse)

Rigging (Unity)

Video Prototype

Room Creation

Real-life objects in 3D

Selfie to Avatar

Change Avatar

App UX Flow Sign In


Add Contacts

Edit Objects

Create World


Den VR

How could Den be used?


Medicine [Our] Virtual Iraq/Afghanistan exposure therapy approach has been shown to produce a meaningful reduction in PTS symptoms. USC Institute of Creative Technologies


Military The use of drones is rapidly transforming the way we go to war. Michael Hastings (Journalist)





Contractors have been supplied with simulator boom and scissor lifts, allowing them to rehearse operations before carrying them out for real.

Virtual reality is a technology that could actually allow you to connect on a real human level, soul-to-soul, regardless of where you are in the world.

The Construction Index

Chris Milk (Co-Founder of VR Production Company Here Be Dragons)

Torre Minima Can board games become more sculptural? Torre Minima is a sculptural board game - a reinvention of Jenga with 51 deceiving blocks made from combinations of wood, bronze, foam and Jesmonite. The different weights destabilise the tower, creating an altogether more intense and exciting experience for players.


10 Weeks

Watch the product video here:


How can you combine the fun of surrealism with the beauty of high-end materials and finishes?

From Sketches to Prototypes

User Testing Main Observations: •

Too many brass pieces make the tower way too unstable and so the games don’t last long

Brass pieces need rounded corners so they don’t dent furniture when they fall. Or cover them in a softer material.

Holes in foam don’t make any significant difference to the weight of the blocks. Fill holes.

Blocks were too thin to leave a big enough gap to push blocks through with a single finger.

Sleight height difference in blocks means that many blocks get stuck when pushing through.

Paint was coming off some pieces - especially smooth Jesmonite - and rubbing onto other pieces.

Adding non-block pieces only makes the game more hectic. Simplicity is key!

Final Blocks

Jesmonite & Acrylic Paint

MDF, Plywood


Modelling Foam

The Jesmonite was set in two stages, each stage being a different colour. It looks almost edible - as if it were a drumstick sweet.

The hand-painted wood blocks were difficult to disguise, and so to make them more confusing I made one side Jesmonite to create an unbalanced piece.

Solid brass blocks were cut to size to create the heaviest pieces of the game. I gave them a rough finish to fit with the weathered look of the whole set.

These pieces of modelling foam have been spray painted in metallic paint to disguise their true material. You can feel their insulating warmth as soon as you grab them.

Jesmonite, Sprayed

Jesmonite, Slate Dust

Half Wood, Half Jesmonite

Jesmonite, Acrylic Shards

These blocks were moulded in cling film which created an asteroidal surface. I sprayed them in metallic paint to create an alien look.

Slate dust gave many pieces a dark, organic finish which added to the natural aesthetic of the game.

I found that having some pieces heavier on one side made it difficult to judge how they would affect the balance of the tower. The Jesmonite part was poured into the mould with the wood part already in place, which was drilled into to help the Jesmonite stick.

By mixing cut shards of acrylic with the Jesmonite, these blocks came out quite beautifully. They feel like high-end kitchen worktops or bowls. Some were cut in half so that pushing the block out would leave one half stuck permanently in the tower.

Packaging I designed a colour scheme for a simple packaging that would complement the accent colours found within the set. The purple to red evokes mystery and royalty, which is balanced out by the rich natural essence of the green and yellow.

Commercialising (Batch size of 100)


Forecasted Cash Flow ÂŁ3,400 ÂŁ34 ÂŁ32

Total / Set











Raw Materials Jesmonite Wood Brass Packaging

Labour Design --per unit Assembly

ÂŁ4.30 ÂŁ0.90 ÂŁ7.00 ÂŁ1.00

Marketing Net Expenditure --per unit

ÂŁ500 ÂŁ5

Profit Net Expenditure Profit Margin

ÂŁ85 18%

Time Design Design --per unit

Total / Set Total

180:00h 1:40h

Manufacture & Assembly Jesmonite Wood Brass Packaging

1:30h 1:00h 1:00h 0:30h

Marketing Design --per unit

8:00h 0:05h

Sale Net Work --per unit

540:00h 5:25h





5 weeks

10 weeks


15 weeks

Final Working Product

A tangible guide dog monitor for the visually impaired The brief we were given was to create a product that can monitor animals. We initially began by thinking about pets, but the pet market is already inundated with noise and movement monitors, as well as anything else a pet owner could possibly imagine. So we tried thinking about this project from another angle: How can we improve the lives of animals and their owners without filling their lives with cheap plastic trash?

đ&#x;‘¤ đ&#x;•“

4 Team Members 4 Weeks


Interview đ&#x;§ “I can’t tell when my dog is sad, only when he’s happy or excitedâ€?

Depression is 2x more likely

for the visually impaired

“Sometimes I don’t know if my dog’s just distracted�

US National Institute of Health



People registered as blind (UK) đ&#x;’°


Spent on the UK Guide Dog service in 2012 Guide Dogs UK


How can a visually impaired person empathise more with their guide dog?

Development There has been very little innovation in products for guide dogs even though there are around 5000 guide dogs in the UK. We found out that the visually impaired often can’t tell if a dog is wagging its tail or raising its ears and so they miss out on a lot of visual cues that most take for granted. So how can somebody crossing a noisy road know why their dog has stopped if they can’t see these signals? The dog might be scared of an oncoming car, or there may be an obstruction, or there could even be a distracting dog there. Recognising these signals could help alleviate a lot of the anxiety that visually impaired people experience.

đ&#x;‘Ľď¸? Group Ideation

Modelling đ&#x;‘Ľď¸? Group Modelmaking

My Renders đ&#x;‘¤ď¸?

Storyboard đ&#x;‘¤ď¸? My drawings Adam needs to get to the shop...

He reaches a road crossing

Come on Jay!

Jay doesn’t want to cross. He tries to pull back.

He puts on his guide dog’s handle...

Adam feels the handle tremble. Jay must be scared!

...And head’s out.

The handle stops shaking and Adam knows it’s safe to cross!

Reading the Handle We designed the shapes of the handles to correspond with universal dog emotions that dog owners recognise. The shape changes are quite pronounced so that they can even be felt through gloves. For emotions that require more action from the owner - such as anxiety and anger - we decided that a constant movement would help the owner understand how long the emotion was going on for. The shapes relate to the emotion of the dog in an intuitive way. Neutral is featureless. Alertness and anxiety are expressed through an inflated handle. Sadness is expressed through a deflated handle. Anger is inflated and bumpy.

đ&#x;‘¤ď¸? My Renders






Technical Details Shape-Changing Handle Waterproof silicone casing with ribs that allow for a more comfortable grip and help the user recognise shape changes even when wearing gloves.

Mesh polymer tube that contracts in a peristaltic motion (like a worm) when an electric current is passed through it.

Contains a basic computer that senses RFID chip and pulses, and then uses this data to change the shape of the handle.

Pulse Monitor

Connects to computer through the handle

Tail Monitor

RFID Chip in tail can be detected by the handle computer What makes a website an experience? is my personal e-portfolio as well as an experiment in web design. The whole website was designed from scratch over the course of 4 months using HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL and is fully compatible with all devices and browsers.


4 Months

UX Development For the UX of the website, I wanted the main page to feel like a big open space and the side pages to feel like hidden corners. By allowing the content of the main page to scroll independently to the background, I tried to create a sort of parallax effect where the background was much further away. The pages for the individual projects do not have this effect, creating a more intimate feeling. Each page has a full-screen header that grounds the user by reminding them of the purpose of the page, as well as giving a monumental feeling for each page to give the user a feeling that the project has been well thought-out.


Home Find

Above the Fold

Main Content


Project Page Me



About Me Home

Programming CSS


JavaScript & JQuery


Importing data from a database

Animation and Interactive Elements

CSS was used to style the website. Since I only had a rough idea of how I wanted the site the look, it took a lot of toing and froing to get it to where it is today. SCSS, SASS and LESS are fairly new languages but had they been well-supported I would have used them instead they would have saved me a lot of valuable time.

The webpages are written in PHP, which automatically creates HTML files by extracting data from an SQL database. This was actually my favourite part - adding functions one by one and seeing these three languages work together. This part involved the most errorchecking.

JQuery is a JavaScript framework that makes writing easier. To aid the user experience there are many animations that make the site hierarchy easier to visualise. For example, the Find button stretches to cover the screen, then the drop-down options are animated to show the extent of the options, and then the site logo rotates as an affirmative animation to show that the site is working.

$ideaRow[‘Title’] $ideaRow[‘Subtitle’] $ideaRow[‘Type’]

$ideaRow[‘Title’] $ideaRow[‘Subtitle’] $ideaRow[‘Type’]








$ideaRow[‘Title’] $ideaRow[‘Type’]

$ideaRow[‘Subtitle’] $ideaRow[‘Type’]


Final Design Display: Source Code Pro Title: Source Sans Pro Black Subtitle: Source Sans Pro Light Paragraph: Georgia Regular

OWEN PICKERING Torre Minima More Information

Skull Coffin Laser-cut

The Skull Coffin is a respectful and sustainable way for children to say goodbye to a beloved pet. Inspired by the Mexican ‘DĂ­a de los Muertos’ tradition, it allows the pets to be transported to the afterlife with some gifts from their human friends. The coffin comes flat-pack, uses few materials and is fully biodegradable.


2 Weeks

NUCREATE Aa Typography NUCreate was a brainchild of a group of some fellow students and mine: A society to give students freedom, enjoyment and empowerment through art and creativity. As the society’s President I set to work to show freshers that NUCreate was something genuinely different. For several months, I developed a consistent brand that showed off the fun and creative ethos of our society. This brand is the most extensive that I’ve ever worked on and includes a full set of adaptable graphics, brand rules and a custom-made font called “NUCreate Sans�.


10 Weeks


Font Creation NUCreate Sans was the first font I’d ever designed, and the journey was a lot more fun than I’d imagined. The letters are mostly made up of single-weight lines and geometric curves. I’ve always been fascinated by modernist theories of geometric perfection, although I am been sceptical of their real-world applications. A form that cannot be found in the natural world is guaranteed to look alien, and so this is where I got my inspiration for an overly perfect font. I drew the letters on Rhino due to the program’s range of snapping options, although it was certainly not built for font creation. After that, I perfected them in Illustrator and then used the Fontself plugin to turn these shapes into a working font.

ABCDEFGHIJKLM NOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz ,(0123456789). !?@#%&*-+=<>/

Jake Phipps Ltd. High-End Furniture Design Placement For 3 Months I worked at Jake Phipps Ltd. in Richmond, North Yorkshire. As an intern, I was involved in every stage of the design process - from concept to manufacture. This placement made me comfortable in communicating with manufacturers and clients. Much of my time was spent testing the limits of various resins and pigments. I also learnt to translate sketches into final renders using Rhino, Grasshopper, Mudbox, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro and Keyshot. For some of these, I created scale models and prototypes. I also used CAD software to create technical drawings to send to manufacturers and clients.


3 Months

Please email for more information

Thanks for reading! Owen Pickering

+44 7901 641482 â&#x153;&#x2030;ď¸? đ&#x;&#x152;?ď¸? đ&#x;&#x201C;&#x17E;

Welsh Medallion Designed in Illustrator

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