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Planning and Re source Meeting | Minutes rd 21/03/2012 14:00 Atrium, 3 Floor

Present: Mary (Chair), Emma (Sec) Owen (Sec), Clare, Amy, Tim, Gwyn, Balqies, Nawwar, Gareth.

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Chair’s welcome Homemade bakery distributed

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Absent: Zheng. Meg. Rohma.

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Matters Arising None

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Introductions Made by all

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Fashion (Clare) Important decisions have been made. Opted for a low key indie/rock wardrobe and informal look. Boyish grunge – wearing tight jeans, faded tee/shirts, ray ban sunglasses A relaxed look with garments having a story behind them (tour t-shirt/charity events etc) It was suggested a trilby introduced in addition to the above. (Gwyn) All agreed

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Print (Amy) Photography and print bases media following the style of the clothing/wardro be. Suggested collaboration to be introduced between Print and Fashion with photography. All Agreed

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Breaking into New Markets (Nawwar and Balqies) Introduction into the Asian Market (Malaysia being a key player). Social Media (Twitter and Facebook) would play a huge part in success in promotion. Record distribution would be easier if collaboration with Brunei and Singapore is successful. No TV or Radio used as this is deemed unsuccessful.



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Promotion through competition – ‘10 fans can have dinner with Gareth’ be launched 1 month befor e the main proposed concert date. Merchandise at event would be suited to posters and gig t-shirts. Fan Club would be a successful option to monitor following/impact in the Asian market and to generate awareness. Translation or music lyrics not required. Suggested that the Malaysian Awards be a platform to launch from. (Gwyn to hook that up) Both will pursue magazine editorials and vials’ through billboards leading to podcasts and music via website. All Agreed Events/Technical (Gwyn) Suggested to pursue awareness in Wales first through the grass roots movements to thrive off the existing music scene. Recordings need to be spot on. Will link with Photography (Amy) to arrange access to photography at gigs and recording sessions. New studio option – liaise with externals. Promotion through Spillers Records. All Agreed Design (Timo) Suggested to purse a 4 tear approach or attach to promotion through design. Webpage Facebook Page Twin Download Guerrilla Viral Campaign to promote. (Ref made to: TED Tastemaker online lecture) All Agreed

10. AOB It was noted that the Chair’s home baked cookies were a smashing idea and it was suggested they be a regular occurrence. (Mary) Gareth requested ideas for online viral advertising – video’s linked with his music etc to get people talking. (Amy & Tim) All Agreed 11. Date/Time of Next Meeting TBC

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