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Writing An Ebook We every one have abilities, whether they be occupational skills like construction or welding; or managerial skills like working in or running an office; or sales or public relations knowledge like working in a shop or the front desk of an office. There are also other skills or experiences like parenting or having learned how to cope with a significant illness, whether it be your own or someone else's. Everyone has experiences that are either shared or unique. Like growing up - if you look, you can find both general common experiences and also (fairly) unique individual life experiences. The trick is unravelling all of these experiences and working out what people would be interested in reading (or paying to read). So, if you want to publish a book or, to a lesser degree, a short story, you have to try to discern what interests individuals. There are at least two approaches at this stage. You could: 1] just write on what you are interested in and hope for the best or 2] do some research to find out which is the issue that you know most about that will have the best opportunity of selling to a (quite) wide public It appears that most individuals who write short pieces adopt the first approach, but successful writers of larger works tend to adopt the latter. This is obviously because of the amount of time that it takes to compose a book likened with an article. Nevertheless, lots of people in both the book and article markets are almost certainly destined to failure because they have adopted the wrong approach. For example, spend weeks researching a book that may take you a year to compose, but why spend the same amount of time researching an piece that will merely take you an hour to write? You can go too far and not far enough in your study and if common sense does not counsel you, then you will have to wait for experience to let know you instead. Once you have chosen your topic and written your ebook (or had it ghost written for you - do not forget that alternative), you have to think about marketing it - bringing it to the public. This used to be the most difficult part, but now you can sell it through quite a number of online bookstores including Amazon. These people will promote your book, deliver it to your customers, collect the money and pay you out after they have taken their cut of about 30%. There has never been a safer or / and easier way for a author to get going than now and if you want to sell hard copies like paperbacks or hardbacks, Amazon, through their associates, can take care of that too. This is a magnificent time for non-established writers. When you have done your research and written your book, it costs nothing to get it out there on instant download in front of billions of people!

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Authoring An Ebook  

We every one have skills, whether they be occupational skills like construction or welding; or managerial skills like working in or running...