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Wrapping Wedding Favours One of the most monotonous jobs of getting ready for a wedding is wrapping the wedding favours. If you have not given it any consideration yet, be aware that it can easily take a day to wrap 150 wedding favours and it is a long boring day at that. One that you will want to spread over several days or a week. With this in mind, it is vital to have your wedding favours in your custody at least two to three weeks before the wedding day comes. If you want to give extraordinary wedding favours like miniature Welsh love spoons, you will have to order them at least a month in advance, which means that you have to start organizing this aspect of your wedding about two months in advance. In this piece, we will try to offer some interesting pointers on wrapping your wedding favours whilst having some fun doing it. If you can make the task less of a chore, you will also derive more fun out of giving them. Let's stick with the Welsh love spoons example. They can be hand made and individualized, which takes a bit more time and a bit more money, but when selecting the style you want you ought to also take the cost of wrapping them into account. Therefore, you have to set a budget per wedding favour and then deduct the price of the wrapping materials. In other words, you have to think of wrapping even before you decide on your wedding favours. You could order the gifts already wrapped, but most people like to do it themselves. One well-liked theme is to use the colour of the bride's wedding dress (white?) for the wrapping and the colour of the bridesmaids' dresses for the colour of the ribbon to fasten the present. Others prefer white ribbons too. The next suggestion is to begin wrapping the presents as soon as they arrive. This way you are less likely to forget about the task and you will discover any difficulties early enough to deal with them. You really do not want to find yourself short of wrapping material or with ribbons that are too short on the eve the wedding. You could begin wrapping them alone at a rate of about 10 a day until you find the best manner of wrapping them and then invite a few friends over to get most if not all of the rest wrapped in one sitting. You could supply food and a bottle of wine and have some fun doing it and you will be able to demonstrate your friends how you would like the favours wrapped from your prior experience. If you would like to give 150 Welsh love spoons, you could have wrapped 10 a day over five days and have three friends over and wrap 25 each in an afternoon and have a good laugh doing it. The final suggestion is to get a few boxes of the kind they use for transporting two dozen small shop-purchased cakes - large shallow boxes with or without a lid. You

will be able to lay the wrapped wedding favours out in them without piling them up. This will save the bows on the ribbons from getting crushed. Owen Jones, the author of this piece, writes on a number of subjects, but is now involved with boxes and shipping supplies. If you want to know more go to Where Can I Buy Shipping Boxes?

Wrapping Wedding Favours  

One of the most tedious jobs of getting ready for a wedding is wrapping the wedding favours. If you have not given it any consideration yet,...