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What Causes A Yeast Infection? Yeast is a universal fungus that we would miss if it were not with us. For instance, there would be no leaven bread, no beers, wines or ciders, so no spirits or alcohol at all; no soy sauce, no tofu and numerous other things. Our food and lives would be a lot poorer if it were not for yeast. However, there are many, many variations of yeast, lots of which have not been identified yet, more than likely. numerous things would not decompose if it were not for yeast and numerous animals would die out if the animals that they feed on were extinct because they feed on a yeast of some kind. We also need yeasts on our bodies. It is to blame for body odour, directly and indirectly. Human bodily yeast tends to live and prosper in the damp regions of our bodies like the armpits and crotch. Tight, synthetic underwear does not breathe well and allows excess moisture to mount up. You ought to wear clothes - including underwear - that allow the circulation of air. Women are more likely to suffer from yeast infections than men and diabetics are more at risk than others because of the increased level of sugar in the urine, upon which the yeast microbes can feed and flourish. If you perspire much, either by nature or because of exercise, you ought to change your underwear at least once a day. If you self-treat an infection of yeast, you have to be cautious, because we all have yeast on us and it does a good job in the correct numbers. It also feeds other organisms that you need to have on you, so if you kill off all the yeast, these other microbes will die and you might be even worse off. Stay away from overly perfumed toiletries and use quite neutral soaps and shampoos. It is much better to shower more often using very little soap and no perfume than it is to shower one time a day and smother yourself with deodorant. These chemicals can cause the acid balance of the surface skin which supplies an environment more favourable to yeasts. Some drugs including steroids and immunosuppressive drugs may encourage the growth of yeasts, so under these circumstances only take drugs prescribed by your physician or check the drugs you would like to take with the doctors, making a special point of saying why you are anxious about a yeast infection. Pregnant and menstruating women are also temporarily more at danger whatever they do about the situation. Bathing is the sole real manner of counteracting the yeast problem. Dry yourself correctly. Talcum powder is better than spray-on deodorants and the less-powerfully perfumed the powder the better. Illness and medications may also escalate the likelihood of falling victim to yeast infections. The infection will pass when you are better or you could ask your physician to change your medication.

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What Causes A Yeast Infection?  

Yeast is a common fungus that we would miss if it were not with us. For example, there would be no normal bread, no beers, wines or ciders,...

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