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The Significance Of Flower Tattoos There are fashions in tattooing, just like there are in clothing, hairstyles and most other items and one of the rising trends is flower tattoos. This has much to do with the fact that more and more women want tattoos nowadays than ever before particularly in the Developed world. The good things about flower tattoos is that you do not have to modify them if you get divorced and their meaning is not obvious. Flower tattoos can have a subtle meaning or no meaning at all, depending on the whim of the wearer. If you opt to believe that flowers have a extraordinary significance, then each type of flower or each arrangement of flowers can mean something different as well. 'Say it with flowers' is an old advertising slogan. So, what do flower tattoos mean? Well, each nationality or every continent may understand something different by different flowers but here we will take a look at what many tattoo artists and tattooees say is meant by flower tattoos. In general, flower tattoos invoke thoughts of nature, airiness, light and gentility. Flowers remind us of life and even life despite adversity. 'Per Ardua Ad Astra' as the Royal Air Force motto goes. Who does not look for the first snowdrops or crocuses in the spring as a signal that the winter is over? If you think of the meaning of the colour of roses, it might help you decide what colour flower tattoo you would like. For example, a white flower might stand for clean living, purity, modesty or chastity. Red may mean the opposite or at the very least passionate. Yellow has the meaning of friendship or 'friendly' in roses. A quick search on Google will disclose the significance of dozens of rose colours. We all have our idea of what roses mean in the Developed world, but the same sort of meaning is attributed to the waterlily or the Lotus Blossom in the East. The Lotus Blossom has the additional meaning of good fortune, peace and tranquility. In other parts of the world, the Acacia flower symbolizes love and friendship In Ireland, the Shamrock is the plant of good luck and numerous people of Irish descent wear a shamrock tattoo on their arm. Other popular flower tattoos in the developed world are Violets, which are said to represent a love of home, hearth and garden, because it is an old plant that often grew in cottages and hedgerows. The Iris is said to symbolize wisdom and perception and the Magnolia a love of nature and, in particular, flowers themselves. The favourite flower tattoo in Wales is the Daffodil, the national flower of Wales. If you are not certain what meaning you want to express with a flower tattoo, why not create a bunch of your favourite flowers and have that tattooed on? Flower tattoos are better than words or the more traditional tattoos like anchors, because their meaning is ambiguous and you never have to regret having the tattoo done, if you undergo a radical change in your life.

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The Meanings Of Flower Tattoos  

There are fashions in tattooing, just like there are in clothing, hairstyles and most other items and one of the rising trends is flower tat...