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The Importance Of First Aid For The Workshop If you own a firm, you are probably obliged by law to supply some kind of First Aid to your workforce. There might well be regulations governing what level of service you have to supply, but if there are not, this article will attempt to help you work out a sensible approach to the question. However, whichever way you look at it, the provision of First Aid in the workplace is very important. There are in essence four factors involved in the equation: the administerer of the First Aid, the First Aid kit, the First Aid room and the First Aid apparatus. The factors influencing the above components are: the type of industry you are in, the number of employees, the sort of shifts and your distance from the nearest hospital. The shift factor is important because you will have to supply a health care worker (at least one) for each shift. If there are workers from numerous subcontractors on site (such as on a building site) the chief contractor ought to provide health care for all the workers on site and make a charge to the proprietors of the subcontractors' companies. Any agreements between workers and employers and main and sub-contractors ought to be put in on paper and signed by all parties involved. These agreements ought to then by photocopied and distributed to everyone involved. The employer should provide a notice in various prominent locations throughout the site or factory giving details about where the closest trained First Aider is and his or her name. The trained individual ought to be healthy, responsible, normally at work and be able to leave his or her workstation immediately when asked to help. The First Aiders should receive training from a recognized body and a certificate of competence ought to be given. If possible, the training should be given in your own workshop so that the trainers can observe any local difficulties. The First Aider should become trained in keeping records. For instance, although the First aider's obligation ceases once the paramedics arrive, the supplier of First Aid ought to keep and be able to furnish a record of any treatment given before their arrival. The First Aid box should be checked regularly. Items that have passed their sell-bydate must be disposed of and replaced and someone has to be given the responsibility for doing this and signing a register to declare that the inspection has taken place. There should be a First Aid box within a few minutes walk of dangerous locations like machinery The kits ought to contain all normal things such as antiseptic, plasters, bandages, safety pins, scissors, iodine et cetera, but they ought to also contain remedies pertaining to your industry, if there are any. It is also a good idea to put a First Aid data sheet in the box simply in case it is not the trained First Aider who has to supply the help.

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The Importance Of First Aid For The Workshop  
The Importance Of First Aid For The Workshop  

The importance of proper first aid facilities in the workplace should not be underestimated