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The Best Video Game Systems The most popular game before the Eighties was almost certainly football, but the most popular game nowadays is the video game. All across the world, wherever you go, you will come across people of all ages playing and talking about video games. You either love them or you hate them, but there is no denying that video games permit players to exercise their fantasies. You can be a futuristic warrior fighting demons and trolls one minute, a fighter pilot the next and a top racing driver later on. And the games are as lifelike as simulators that do not cost thousands of dollars can be. However, what is the difference between the different games machines on the market and is using your PC just as good? The most realistic games machines actually do cost thousands of dollars, but they are the ones that you see in the Arcades. These are the best simulators on the market and often they include special chairs that give bio-feedback. You can sit in a mock-up of a jet as you fly your fighter and the seat will lean over as you bank your plane to go in for the attack. However, these machines are out of most individuals's budget and even playing them has to become a special occasion - just because of the cost per minute. So, most people settle for a cut-down version that they can play free at home when they have the game and the console. The main contenders in the stakes for the best gaming machines are Microsoft's Xbox 360, Sony's PSP and Nintendo's 3DS. However, if you are expecting a straight solution to which is the best, you will have a long wait and the answers will get very confusing. This is because it is so problematic to compare like with like and everyone has their own likes. The best tactic to take is to first decide whether you want 3D or not. The Nintendo 3D is the best in this case, but are the games that you would like to play available for that machine? Most games may only be played on one or two platforms, so you might buy the machine with the best specs, but then not be able to play the games you would like. So maybe the best approach is to list all the games you like and sort them into columns of which machines will play them. The one with the most wins. However, what is the most suitable this month, might not be next quarter. If you would like to be able to play games free on line than the PS3 is for you. Its main rival the Xbox charges $60 a month for on line interaction. Despite that, Microsoft sold 430,000 Xboxes in September alone, making it likely to be the biggest selling games system of 2011. This is supported by a review that I read concerning the Xbox 360, the PS3, the Nintendo Wii, the PSP Go and the Nintendo 3DS. The Xbox 360 was the only machine to get full marks in every major category (20 stars maximum), followed closely by the PS3 with 19/20, dropping one mark for 'online community'.

You are able to use your PC for gaming, but it would have to be a very high spec computer to be able to match these dedicated games machines. Owen Jones, the writer of this piece, writes on numerous subjects, but is currently concerned with Mortal Kombat Trophies. If you have an interest in hair loss, please go over to our web site now at Mortal Kombat 4.

The Best Video Game Systems  

The most common game before the Eighties was almost certainly football, but the most common game these days is the video game. All across th...

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