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The Advantages Of Giving Up Smoking Giving up an addiction that you have suffered from most of your life is extremely hard. lots of smokers would like to stop their unhealthy habit, but vacillate because they think that it is too late or too hard for them to give up. Luckily this is not the case. It is never too late to change a bad habit, even one of a lifetime. The complete process of stopping smoking will probably take a time and will require determination and will power on behalf of the smoker. Although at first it may be difficult to give up being addicted to nicotine, as a smoker who wants to give up, it is better to focus on the benefits of giving up smoking that you will have. It is a well-known fact that smoking causes different types of cancer and disease. Experts say that each time a person smokes a cigarette, he or she loses some of their life span, health, cash and even self-respect. We live in a world where there are so many anti-smoking agencies and institutions working against smoking that smokers are by and large not seen in a very good light. So why not think about the benefits of ceasing smoking and kick your addiction instead of losing everything for the sake of a cigarette? Health is wealth. One of the most important benefits of quitting smoking that anyone can achieve is to live a superior quality of life. It does not matter if you have smoked for a few years or have been a chain smoker all your life. What matters is that you have decided to give up. Starting from that moment, you will be able to live a richer life with fewer infections meaning less time in a sick bed. The advantages of ceasing smoking are not only the improvement in health and an increase in life span, but it may also have a positive effect on your social life - you will have more friends and more respect. Once a smoker quits this deadly addiction he or she will have a lower danger of getting cancer and heart disease. It will also mean that the ex-smoker will breathe cleaner air instead of tobacco smoke, which will mean less fits of coughing and breathlessness. The advantages of quitting smoking are virtually unlimited. For instance, smoking can have an adverse impact on sexual prowess, kicking the habit would mean an improvement in your fertility rate too. Moreover, unlike in the past, you will have whiter teeth, fresher breath and a higher energy levels. Furthermore, family and friends will have fresh air to breathe at last. Another benefit is the savings in your wallet. Cigarettes are very expensive, so, quitting smoking would mean that the money that was used for cigarettes could be used for other good reasons such as treating yourself to a little bit of what you fancy. The benefits of giving up smoking are indeed copious and the plus-points of smoking are yet to be found. For certain, it brings in much tax revenue and keeps some people in gainful employment, but then smokers take more sick days and spend more time at the medical doctor's than their non-smoking colleagues.

Smokers say it calms their nerves, but so would relaxation techniques such as yoga, even sitting down. Let's face it, public opinion has moved against smoking with smokers being vilified and pitied nowadays. Smokers also look rather pathetic nipping out of the room or pub for a cigarette each hour or less, don't they? Owen Jones, the author of this piece, writes on many subjects, but is at present involved with the reason why to quit smoking. If you have an interest in massage, please go over to our website now at Health Risks to Smoking.

The Benefits Of Giving Up Smoking  

Giving up an addiction that you have had most of your life can be extremely hard. lots of smokers want to quit their unhealthy habit, but he...

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