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Temporary Tattoos Tattooing is more fashionable in the West now than at any time for hundreds of years - maybe even as many as two thousand years, because women are also sporting tattoos nowadays. It has proved very fashionable for women to have a lower back tattoo or 'tramp stamp' and for young men to have a kind of martial arts tattoo on their upper arm or lower leg. There are concerns with permanent tattooing though. Or at least there can be. Aids and hepatitis can get transferred by using infected needles. This is not widespread because tattooing studios are conscious of the requirement to use a new needle on each client, but errors happen and some studio owners are deceitful. The most common difficulty, however, is infection. Disease from tattooing is not commonplace, but neither is it unheard of. This is usually the fault of the client and not the tattooer, but it can become dangerous whatever the reason. Permanent tattoos can be removed but it is a lot of hard effort and is expensive too and the results are not always all that good. This is why temporary tattoos are so well-liked. If you take care of a temporary tattoo it could last a week or more, but it is simple to remove if you would like to do so. Temporary tattoos or transfers used to be given away with chewing gum for children, but these days they are of far better quality and durability. If you are certain that you would like a permanent tattoo, why not have an identical temporary one first and try it out? If you are bored with the tattoo after a week or you do not like the feedback of your friends and family, you can remove it and test a different design until you find one that suits you better. Once you find one that you like, you can have it tattooed on permanently. This procedure of selecting a design could save you thousands of dollars in having an undesirable tattoo gotten rid of. Temporary tattoos are simple to apply, but occasionally it is simpler if you ask a friend to help. The majority of temporary transfers are put on with water. First you should cleanse the area of hair and grease. Then soak the transfer in (warm) tap water as instructed on the label, position it on the desired location and apply steady even pressure for the time suggested, which is normally a matter of minutes. If you would like to attempt to conserve the transfer for a longer time, you could spray 'Second Skin' or something similar on to the transfer once it is dry. Hairspray may also do the job, but some brands will crack, giving the design a crazed appearance like an old oil painting. Temporary tattoos are a fun manner to brighten up your wardrobe and there are so many different designs that you will always find a design to suit the occasion, your disposition and the clothing you would like to wear.

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Temporary Tattoos  

Tattooing is more fashionable in the Developed world now than at any time for hundreds of years - maybe even as many as two thousand years,...

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