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Supplements For Building Muscle Whilst most people who diet in the world do so to lose weight, there are also people who diet to gain weight. There are far not so many who want to gain weight, it is true, but the number is still significant. Who would want to gain weight? The overwhelming majority of those who want to gain weight have been sick and maybe for a long time. However another group of individuals who would like to gain weight are those involved with power sports. They would like to 'bulk up' their muscles in order to be able to lift heavier weights. There are a lot of products on the market to assist athletes bulk up, but most of them contain protein and/or creatine and a host of vitamins and nutrients. The fact is that you can make extra muscle without supplements but you will still need to eat more and work out more. Dietary supplements of extra protein, nutrients and vitamins only serve to speed up the process. Protein is the preferred supplement to put on weight among body-builders, field athletes and weight lifters. Protein can be derived from many sources, but body builders prefer their foremost sources to be whey, soy and eggs. This is because these sources contain very little or no fat and especially cholesterol. Most individuals in training appear to prefer about two grammes of protein per pound of body weight. Protein can be purchased as a food additive, tablets, milkshake powder or in the form of a nutrition bar. Creatine is also a very popular source of bulking up muscles but it is more complex to use. You must be willing to read and obey the instructions on the box if you would like to try using creatine. The basic course of action of using creatine is to 'load' your body with the supplement with a precise event in mind and then to use it for that event. Some people take this to mean two activities a week! Vitamins and so-called micro-vitamins are also important supplements if you would like to gain weight in a good, healthy manner. Every cubic centimetre of your body needs its quota of vitamins, so if you would like to gain weight it just makes sense that you will require more vitamins and nutrients too. If you bulk up by eating healthy food the extra vitamins are not a difficulty, but if you attempt to take a short-cut by using bulking agents as described above, you will have to check that you really are eating everything that you require to bulk up those muscles. Muscle-building supplements do help, but they have to be used sensibly. It is not always vital to go to a physician first, but you ought to talk to someone who has some knowledge on the topic. Not another body-builder, but someone like the coach or trainer at your local fitness centre.

If you are way out of shape or have other concerns, the trainer might suggest that you go see a doctor first, in which case you would be unwise not to follow his or her advice before trying to use supplements to build muscle. Owen Jones, the writer of this article, writes on a number of topics, and is now involved with omega 6 and omega 3. If you would like to know more, please visit our web site at Omega 6 9

Supplements For Building Muscle  
Supplements For Building Muscle  

Building muscle with supplements