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Stress And Heart Disease Stress and heart disease are well-known to be directly linked. How many times have you seen someone undergo a stressful moment and die in films? This is not a joke - it one of the few occasions that films are telling the truth. Of course, there are other reasons of heart disease too: obesity and smoking to name but two, but stress can be the final nail in your coffin if you do not look after yourself. There are several things you can do to reduce the risk of stress and heart disease. These include taking more exercise, learning how to relax and not smoking. Learn how to lessen your stress by other methods than smoking and drinking and perhaps you will not fall victim to stress and heart disease. Financial stress is one the most prevalent causes of stress and is also one of the most problematic to treat. The reason why financial stress is a problem to beat is that if you really care about your financial predicament, you are almost certainly already doing everything that you can. If you are already doing all you can to alleviate your financial situation and you are still experiencing financial stress, then you will feel trapped. Office stress can grow very easily, but the factors are varied. Office stress can begin because you are worried about you job or because you think that you are an outcast. Office stress can also rear its ugly head because your boss is over-demanding or because you know that your career is beyond you. There are ways of combatting office stress, but it is you who has to begin the ball rolling. A stress headache is a very real event. In fact, it is reckoned that the majority of headaches are stress related. it is not for nothing, that |when individuals feel that they are losing it, that their hands go to their head. Pain can be a result and this is probably a stress headache. Frequently a stress headache will begin with tension in the neck and shoulders and will

change into pain in the temples, behind the eyes - this is a real stress headache. The symptoms of stress take many forms and sometimes the reason for the stress dictates the symptoms of stress that the sufferer will experience. For instance. If the cause of the stress was an attack, then some of the symptoms of stress may be flashbacks and nightmares. However, if the cause of your stress is work related, indications of stress might be psychosomatic illnesses so you can get a day off or you might suffer a non-existent feeling of rejection by your colleagues. Owen Jones, the writer of this piece, writes on many topics, but is currently concerned with wholesale First Aid kits. If you have an interest in First Aid as well come over to our site now at First Aid Courses Online.

Stress and Heart Disease  

Some causes of stress and how they can result in heart disease