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Relieving The Stress Of Quitting Smoking Many smokers say that they smoke because it helps relieve stress in uncomfortable situations. Therefore, part of the task of quitting smoking is learning how to handle your stress degrees, which theoretically ought to rise if you give up smoking. Learning how to stop smoking is therefore part of a general process of avoiding and dealing with the stress in your life. Learning how to cope with stress goes hand in hand with giving up smoking. So, the first aspect of this process is to analyze your life and work out what causes you the most stress. Is it work? Is it driving? If you smoke more whilst drinking, which is a fact with the overwhelming majority of smokers, why do you do that? Are you stressed out by the social situation you find yourself in while you are drinking or socializing? Once you comprehend what it is 'that makes you smoke', you have to learn how to cope with that stress without smoking. Smoking is very likely to mean that you will have significant health worries when you are older, so ask yourself, is sacrificing your future health a fair price to pay for what you are currently getting out of life? If your career is getting you down, why not retrain in night school or by correspondence on the weekends and earn the qualifications to be able to do the career that you would like to do. If the vicinity you live in is violent causing you stress, move into a smaller dwelling in a better district. If driving in traffic gets you down, try to join, or set up, a car sharing scheme or go to work by bus. If your main manner of relaxing and socializing is drinking in a bar, you will find it difficult to quit smoking, because smokers smoke far more whilst they are drinking. Consider stopping going to the pub, until you have successfully kicked the addiction. When you have wiped out your addiction, you could go back, but it is a notorious phenomenon that smokers do not like to see one of their company giving up. If you remain with them, you will here loads of: 'Go on, one won't hurt!'. The fact is that it does. You may not be much of a sports person, but strive to do something. You will see just how short of breath you have become and keeping doing that exercise will remind you how much better you are getting. It does not have to get strenuous. Try walking, swimming or gardening. Anything that gets clean air into your lungs. Lastly, take time out to relax. There are many methods of doing this. Read a book or and get a hobby. The hobby could could anything from gardening (two birds with one stone) to Yoga to building model airplanes and flying them. In fact, anything that you have always wanted to do, but never found time for before Owen Jones, the author of this article, writes on numerous subjects, but is at present involved with free smoking patches. If you have an interest in quitting smoking, please go over to our website now at Health Risks To Smoking

Relieving The Stress Of Quitting Smoking  

Numerous smokers say that they smoke because it assists relieve stress in uncomfortable situations. Therefore, part of the task of stopping...

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