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Pointers For Preventing Prostrate Cancer Make no mistake about it, prostate cancer is a life-threatening disease. Not just that, but it will kill all men that it affects unless they do something to stop it. The number of deaths per annum is falling, but it still stands at just under 30,000 men a year in the USA alone. Successful treatment depends a great deal on the early detection of the illness and if caught early, the success rate of survival is as high as nearly 90%. Prostate cancer can afflict men of all ages, but the older the man, the more chance he has of developing it. The age when the danger begins to rise is 50 years of age. The occurrence of prostate cancer before 50 years of age is fairly to very rare and is considered to be associated to DNA or hereditary reasons. Therefore, if there is a history of prostate problems among the men in your family, start planning frequent check-ups when you are 40 or even 35, just to be sure. Numerous people believe that there is a strong link between cancer and smoking, because they contend that smoking is able to deform the DNA permitting cancers to grow more freely. If you believe this, then it makes sense to stop smoking or never start. Diet is a means to maintaining a healthy body and an effective immune system. The normal advice is to eat a balanced, low-fat diet which is rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, low in fat and high in fibre. To this you can add high in lycopene and quercetin, both of which are available naturally in fruit and vegetables. Lycopene is the red dye seen in many fruits such as tomatoes, dragon fruit, red cabbage, carrots, water melons, peanuts and lots of others and quercetin is discovered in many leaves that are used to make tea, both green and black teas. Some have higher quantities than others. Drinking water and exercising is an easy way of massaging the internal organs and flushing out the excess toxins that your body creates simply by being alive. Exercise is also said to boost the immune system and will help you tackle not only prostate cancer but other illnesses too. Frequent testing for (prostate) cancer remains the best method for the prevention of a life-threatening situation. A PSA test will reveal the quantity of antigens that the prostate is releasing into the blood. This is one of the first indications that there might be a difficulty on the horizon. Regular testing will supply a benchmark to see whether the amount is rising, which it may do due to no other reason than your increasing age. As with all cancers, it is vital to catch prostate cancer early. When your doctor is certain that there is a malignant growth there are quite a few methods of tackling it. Which procedure is chosen relies on you and the condition your body is in.

You can prepare for the possibility by keeping your body in passable shape; doing some research and being aware of the choices, which you will have to discuss with your medical doctor. Owen Jones, the author of this piece, writes on a number of subjects, but is now involved with the proton prostate cancer treatment. If you want to know more go to What is the Treatment for Prostate Cancer</a>?

Pointers For Preventing Prostrate Cancer