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Ought You To Publish Your Viral Ebook As Exe Or PDF Format? First, let us all be certain what .exe and .pdf means. They are completely different types of computer files because .exe is a computer program specific to Microsoft Operating Systems whereas .pdf denotes a document in Adobe Acrobat's own format. This makes a big difference because it means that the .exe ebook is a self-opening program that opens an ebook in systems that can run MS programs, whereas .pdf documents can be read by appropriate programs under any operating system. As the author of an ebook, you will want to make it accessible to as many people as you can. Most people use an MS operating system like Windows, so it would appear a good idea to publish your ebook using an MS program. However, you would be excluding hundreds of millions of computer users who use the Linux operating system and millions of individuals who use an Apple computer and these people are frequently the ones who take computing seriously enough to be interested in your ebook, depending on what it is written on. If you would like to compile your ebook as an Adobe Acrobat file, you are expected to buy a PDF compiler from Adobe, but you do not have to. Open Office is a colossal suite of office software to rival Microsoft Office. Lots of people say that it is much better than MS Office. Open Office is able to read (and compose) MS Office files too, so you can write your ebook in MS Word (if you like), load it into Open Office and export it as a PDF file. Open Office is free as well. PDF files compress more than EXE files and there are more functions within the Adobe format than there are in MS Word. You will also be reassured to know that PDF are not targeted for viruses like EXE files, so individuals are less suspicious of downloading them as well. Regardless of the numerous advantages of the PDF format over EXE programs, there may yet be a good reason for your wanting to go with EXE. EXE ebooks can be rebranded whereas PDF's cannot (readily). So, if you want to sell your ebook and encourage others to sell it (because it has your hyperlinks in it), you will want your customers to be able to brand it with their own PayPal address easily (without your intervention). So, the question of: ought your viral ebook be Exe or PDF? can be answered by first deciding what you are trying to do with your ebook. If you are selling it alone or if you are giving it away because it contains your links, you ought to use PDF. However, if you are selling to front line affiliates to sell on, they will need to be able to rebrand it, which means that the ebook should be an EXE (executable) file.

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Should You Publish Your Viral eBook in Exe or PDF Format?  

First, let us all be sure what .exe and .pdf is. They are entirely different forms of computer files because .exe is a computer program pecu...