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Native Remedies For Bed Bugs There are numerous historical remedies for conditions, including insect pests, that society in general has forgotten about. The funny thing is that many of the chemicals used in these circumstances are derivatives of the original native or historical remedies. For example, permethrin, onr of the best insect killers, is manufactured from chrysanthemums Bed bugs have been present in the Americas since the Eighteenth Century at least, but before that they had ticks, fleas and other insect pests and. native remedies were discovered to control the numbers of these insects and they were discovered to work on bed bugs as well. Most people forgot about these old treatments with the widespread use of DDT during and after the Second World War. DDT was so good at eradicating insects that there appeared to be no need to use the old remedies, because the old remedies frequently require continuous use to become effective, whereas chemical pesticides are much more powerful. Although bed bugs were virtually eliminated from the West, the same was not the case in Africa and most of Asia, where DDT was not used a lot. It is believed that the resurgence of bedbugs in 1995 came from Africa and Asia, due to greater long-haul travel and emigration. Proof for this theory is partially based on the fact that hotels are hit more than normal with bed bug infestations if likened to the average Western home. Most people in the West will still pick up bugs from hotels and public transport such as trains, planes, taxis and buses. Any insecticide that you use to destroy bedbugs has the same difficulty to contend with. Bedbugs have a 'thick' waxy coat which prevents the insecticide from contacting the insects' skin, soaking into it and destroying it by one means or another. If you could wash or scrape this wax off, your difficulty is a lot easier. Diatomaceous Earth or rough sand will do this, if the bugs are forced to crawl through it to squeeze into their dwellings. These coarse substances will scrape the wax off over time - a couple of days to a week - so that natural insect control agents like chrysanthemum, neem, thyme and some other oils can get at them to do their work. I do not know what the native people used in your country because I do not know where you live, but you can find out easily. Pine oil, cedar oil and teak oil are other natural substances derived from trees that repel or kill insects.. The trees use these oils to repel insect colonies boring into themselves. Owen Jones, the author of this piece writes on several topics, but is currently involved with Insect Exterminator issues. If you would like to know more, go over to our website at Bugs Infestation.

Native Solutions For Bed Bugs  

There are many historical solutions for things, including insect pests, that society in general has forgotten of. The funny thing is that lo...

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