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Mixed Martial Arts Through The Net Most people know the Net as somewhere you may do some investigation, buy and sell things, play some games and stay in touch. This is how most people interact with the Internet and there is nothing wrong with that. However, with a couple of adaptations to practice, you can use the Net to sell yourself rather than goods or services. I do not mean the slave trade here, I mean using the Internet to make yourself well known or even famous. This would be useful, if you were a performing artiste, a author or a fighter, say a mixed martial artist. The trick is to learn how to build a buzz about yourself and I do not mean with flies and nasty smells. The first thing to do is get a catchy, relevant name. This may not be applicable to a writer unless he wants to write under a pen name. Let us call our mixed martial artist Johnny Two Hammers. Then you require a logo. Let us use two crossed mallets like a stop sign. Now start creating your web site with plenty of photos of yourself in fighting poses (all with an alt description), a biography, a list of up-coming bouts and a list of results. Make sure that the logo is on every page and make a special image file of it known as fav.icon. Upload fav.icon to the root folder of all your websites. This makes sure that all your web pages are discernible when they are tabbed. Next, take your fav.icon (favourite icon) and make a jpeg image of it and name it something like my_avatar.jpeg. Join as many social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter et cetera as you can. Join, say, twenty every day for a fortnight. The top social media sites change quite often, but you can do a search on them as well and you will get a list of hundreds of the current hotties. As you join each social media site, fill out your profile and upload your avatar. Keep a note of which ones you have joined and try to use the same log in details for all of them. All the best SM sites will cross-post your message to other SM sites. Make certain you note which are the most well-liked and join them. These SM sites will allow you to enter an email address and at least one web site URL. Do it, but you might like to strive to get sneaky by entering some of your SM home pages into some of the SM sites. The idea being that SM1 promotes SM2, that promotes SM3 that promotes your website. With a little organization, you can make this quite magical, so that one post to say, Plurk, triggers off dozens or even hundreds of messages. Make a daily task of sending a dozen messages a day. Attempt to create a group of followers by telling them details that they cannot find out anywhere else (for a couple of days). Make your adherents feel 'in the know'. If you work on this friendship-ring building, you will soon have thousands of people recognizing your name and logo, but it has to be sincere - you have to stick with it and provide real insider knowledge.

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Mixed Martial Arts Through The Web  

Most people know the Net as somewhere you can do some research, buy and sell things, play some games and keep in touch. This is how most peo...