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Is It Enough Just To Learn The Moves? If you are a follower of the reality TV programme Dancing with the Stars and have watched lots of the episodes of the 14 series that have been broadcast so far, so will have your own ideas why a couple wins. The name of the game is Dancing with the Stars, but is it just about dancing? Most fans of the programme will remember a time when they said to themselves: 'I cannot believe that that pair got knocked out and that one stayed on! They can't dance half as well as them!'. This is quite common, most people have their favourites in each season. But do people know enough about dancing to be capable judges of professional dancers and their partners? Probably not. Definitely not, but we all know what we like and so it goes with judging dancers on Dancing with the Stars. It is not just about the contestants' ability to dance. Personality, style, dress sense and reputation are vital reasons too. The costumes are very important. Men like to see a bit of skin and women like the costumes for the costumes themselves. Some individuals look to the suits and costumes for fashion tips. In many of these cases, viewers' opinions are partly swayed by what the contestants are wearing. Good costumes will help keep poorer dancers on the show another week, which gives them more time to rehearse. It helps if the celebrity is well-liked. A well-known film star might have an advantage over an athlete, for example. Athletes are quite famous these days, but film stars still have the edge for most people. Women still tend to prefer films and soaps to sport and this may make a lot of difference in the final score. It may depend of popularity and charisma. Ability is obviously a decent thing, but one of the side-effects of ability is that the celebrity has the time to really look as if he or she is having a good time. All the dancers are under fantastic pressure not just not to make fools of themselves but to look happy too. However, those who have to concentrate on the routines have less time to worry about their facial expression. Another factor is the chemistry between the celebrity and the professional. If the two get on well together it shines through in their presentation. If the celebrity has been a bit of a pain and made the professional's life a misery, that will show too and can spoil the performance. It does not take a psychologist to see which couples have become friends and which ones are happy to go their separate ways after the rehearsal is over. It makes the show more interesting to virtually ignore the dancing and concentrate on how the studio audience is reacting to the dancers and how the dancers are behaving towards each other both whilst waiting and whilst on the floor. Try it and see what you are able to work out.

Owen Jones, the author of this article writes on quite a lot of topics, but is currently involved with Dancing with the Stars girls. If you would like to know more go to our web site at DWTS Pictures.

Is It Enough Just To Learn The Moves?  

If you are a fan of the reality TV show Dancing with the Stars and have watched many of the episodes of the 14 series that have been transmi...