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Insect Control

Mankind has to co-exist with insects becausewe could not live without them. Insects are indispensable for cleaning waste both human and natural, but occasionally they become a nuisance and that is when we have to carry out some local, temporary insect control. This is usually when insects make a nuisance of themselves within our personal space.

The most common causesof complaint are mosquitoes in the garden and ants in the home. Enjoying a drink and a t?te-?-t?te in the backyard on a warm evening can be wretched if there are mosquitoes making constant attacks and it is a constant worry if you always have to protect yourself and your food from foraging ants.

So, what can you do in the way of insect control? There are a number of ways of countering mosquitoes and it is best not to rely on only one method. Occasionally, mosquitoes are just difficult for a couple days a year, but if they are a constant difficulty you have to do more.

The best course of action of control is prevention. Mosquitoes can breed in half-an-inch of water, so the first job is to get rid of their breeding grounds. Make sure that the drains, do really drain away and that the gutters are not blocked. Then up-turn anything in the garden that can hold water: flower pots, buckets, containers and boats etc or sheet them over.

If you have a water feature place guppies or goldfish in it, becausethey like to consume mosquito larvae. This should almost solve your difficulty, but a few mosquitoes will still come in from next door, so as dusk approaches, hang one of those fly killers near where you sit.

They have a black or ultraviolet light within an electrified coil and are very efficient. Hang one roughly six or seven feet off the ground. Some devices claim to be able to clear half an acre of airspace.

Finally, on a very local level you can rub insect repellent on your skin or / and clothes and have a tennis racquet style insect zapper for the one or two determined mosquitoes.


Ants will come into your home to live occasionally, but normally they have a nest outdoors but they have discovered a decent, constant source of food in your house, so they have added it to their list of places to visit every day.

So, think about your house carefully, is it a bit grubby? Do you often leave food out? Do you do the cleaning up regularly and do you wipe the work surfaces down frequently? A small sticky patch of sugary water can feed a host of ants all day, so your kitchen does need to be kept really clean.

If that is not the causeof their visits, you will have to find their nest. That is not a problem, just follow a line of ants back to their nest which is almost certainly a hole in the ground. Buy one of those poisons which kills by poisoning and by contact. Put some on a piece of tile of glass and put it outside their nest.

The ants will consume it and die and get it on them and die. They will take it back inside and feed it to the others who will die and they will get groomed by their comrades, who will also get it on them and die. This processusually takes a few weeks to a few months, but you will see a large drop in ant numbers within a week.

Owen Jones,the author of this piece writes on a number of subjects, but is currently concerned with finding a home remedy for mosquito bites. If you want to know more, pleasego to our website at Getting Rid of Mosquito Bites.

Insect Control  
Insect Control  

How to go about insect control at home