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How To Make Your Event Interesting And Exciting There are plenty of opportunities for giving an event or party during the year. There are the fixed holidays like Christmas and New Year, less 'significant' fixed events like St. Valentine's Day and all the family events like birthdays and anniversaries. You might also help with church fetes, scout jamborees, school fund raising and items like that. If you do this type of thing frequently, then you already have an concept how to go about organizing an event or party, but otherwise a good tip is to maintain a scrapbook of ideas. It is a good idea if you do it frequently too. Every time you go to a decent party or have a decent concept, write an entry in the scrapbook to be researched more carefully later. Soon you will have a portfolio of ideas fantastic, good, silly and outrageous. If you are working with others on your event, you can either share your scrapbook with the others or choose the most likely acceptable ideas and brainstorm them with your colleagues, the results of which can go back in your scrapbook. The first thing is that your event will almost certainly have a natural theme. For instance, a Golden Wedding Anniversary will have a different natural theme from a New Year's Eve Party. You might want to build on the natural theme or create one of your own. For instance, a child's birthday party may have the theme of 'pirates' or 'Treasure Island' or 'Hello Kitty' or only a colour like 'pink'. Once you have your theme the rest comes a lot more easily. The decorations will match the theme, obviously, but often you can match the food and drink to it as well. If you look through a good cook book or search on line for themed foodstuffs, you are sure to find hundreds of tips. Using appropriate theme words for everyday items helps to. For example, everyone knows that pirates drink grog and pink cocktails are called 'Pink Ladies'. There are many others too. Sausage rolls could be called 'Dead Men's Fingers' and cakes may have pink icing. Once you get into the swing of thinking in themes, you should find that ideas come flooding in particularly if you work with others and you can bounce ideas off each other. For instance, many people like dressing up for a fun party (perhaps not a retirement do), so it could be a fancy dress party. If you do not like to go that far, you could just hire a face painter. Face painting is great for young children's parties. Fireworks will help a party go with a bang and you can keep the display totally safe by hiring a professional to set up the displays (themed or not) and ignite them. Otherwise you could hire an entertainer like a musician, a clown, an after dinner speaker, a comedian, a band or dancers and karaoke or a disco-jockey. These

activities are not necessarily expensive. Sometimes, local colleges or amateur dramatic societies can supply an act. If the event is an outdoor fund raiser, you can have stalls, which will pay you a fee to be able to sell their merchandise at your event. Whatever you do begin planning early. Owen Jones, the author of this article writes on many subjects but is currently concerned with Hello Kitty face painting. If you would like to read more, please visit our web site entitled Kitten Cannon 3.

How To Make Your Event Interesting And Exciting  

There are plenty of opportunities for giving an event or party during the year. There are the regular holidays like Christmas and New Year,...

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